Wow! Yesterday I engaged in a 4 hour live chat without ONCE being told to Eff Off, or ignored, or deleted or banned. Even more shocking, Scott actually acknowledged my comments and helped me to understand the subject of EMF and antiqitech and electricity. Stay Punk :o) My gratitude is measureless.


I’m an Orphan. Just saying. Anyhoo. My traveller-in-crime and I have so much in common (which is why we should NEVER be allowed to go on holiday together. EVER again!) including a love of horror films. Once she was staying here. Just her and me and eldest son (locked up in his bedroom…jk) and we… Read More Orphan


This was our go to HARD crime drama way back in the day. I always liked Jackie. Blythe Duff – real name. Love that name for a girl. And her birthday is a day after mine. Anyhoo. Glasgow. None P.C. Hard as eff bastards. And that’s just the police :o) “There’s bin a murrderrr.”


Since before Diana died, I’ve called the man Teflon Tony. Our Illustrious PM. Barf! NOTHING STICKS TO HIM. There are many, Many, MANY Teflon people who are squeaky clean (?) There are others who have had mud thrown which sticks forever…ever…eve..ev….ECHO. Why is FEB repeating MY story of online abuse? I had to leave my… Read More Teflon

The Big Yin

This morning, I accidently got to watch something that I NEVER watch – BBC Breakfast News. I lasted a WHOLE 5 minutes and saw an announcement. Sir Billy Connolly said he does not let his Parkinson’s disease dictate who he is as he spoke of his honour at receiving this year’s Bafta fellowship. The 79-year-old comedian, known… Read More The Big Yin