Starforts and Elsinore

For me, the most glorious prose ever written belongs to the Shakespeare play HAMLET.

I wrote about Kronborg Castle, Denmark way back in June 2019.



Jacquelyn GreigBeautifulStar Forts1 CommentEdit”Mysterious Elsinore”

Kronborg Castle, Denmark was supposedly the model for Hamlet’s Elsinore.

Kronborg is a fecking beautiful Star Fort.

Will come back to it another time :o)


Aewar and Wooden Nickels just posted a fabulous video about Starforts.

“I’ll be with you straight. Go a little before”

Far too many of my nearest and dearest know that I have a Not So Secret Pash for KenBran.

This speech. About war. Spine-tingly.

Coryat’s Crudities

Well, now. Who’d’ve thought that research done over 20 years ago would come back to me right now?

Historical Fiction writers are unashamed plagiarist’s. They (or maybe just me!!) love to use personal accounts of the time like letters, memoires, diaries and travelogues.

I’d used Coryat’s travel impressions several times. Along with his patterns of speech and vocabulary.

For some unknown reason he is embedded in this new line of research. Not only via his timeline, his journeys, his patron… but also his closest friends.

The Game’s Afoot as Henry V said long before Sherlock Holmes :o)

Vladimir Propp

I bought this book decades ago. A 1975 secondhand version for about a £1.

It’s served me well :o)

A first reading when right over my head, even though I knew about Grave’s White Goddess and Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey.

It’s worth all the brain-ache …in my humble opinion. Especially if you are a writer studying your art and your craft.


Way back in October 2019 I wrote a post about CNN (Chicken Noodle News) in HongKong and got this comment from Ms. LOL@NO.COM


And I’m still getting these kind of BS GTFouttaHere comments to this day.


We went to Hong Kong to visit our office there. FACT.

I WAS the 49% owner and director of a multi/international UK Ltd (fully registered at Companies House – paying 70% Corporation Tax) Security Company along with my 51% husband.

YouTube HATES truth. True Truth.

YouTube IS Disney Fantasy Land where anyone can do, be, say anything that they want.

Greta Brookes was KILLED by youtube TRUTHERS.

And not a single ET TU BRUTI gives a flying fuck.

Shame on y’all.

We were given the chance to unite and fight against THE THEY. Some just fought against their own. Blue on Blue.

Sad but TRUE.

For once in my life I’ve got something to say
I want to say it now for now is today
A love has been given so why not enjoy
So let’s all grab and let’s all enjoy
If the kids are united then we’ll never be divided
If the kids are united then we’ll never be divided
Just take a look around you
What do you see

The Most Dangerous Job in History : Whistle Blower

“Quis est iste qui venit?”

Who is this who is coming?

Oh Whistle and I’ll Come to You, my lad.

Guess what?

I’ve done this before but today it is VERY apposite.


I’ve blown so many whistles these past few years and have been given MASS HATRED.

I mean. C’mon. Just how many peeps are far too scared of the truth? And why?

The WHY? is easy. True Truth completely exposes their lies and deceptions and fakery and that is uncomfortable. To be faced with your own shitty actions.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m so far from perfect. I’ve effed up many a time but……..I’ll always take the punishment.

What I will NEVER take is the false, foney, fakery of others who place their blame on me and – wilfully and with malice aforethought – spend years destroying MY life. MY reputation. MY work. MY honesty. MY everything.

SHAME on y’all.

Complete and Utter SHAME ON YOU.

John William Polidori : Following the Threads

Polidori died aged 25.

In his short life though, he had a HUGE influence. He was a physician and a writer who had many contacts with people who we are much more familiar with.

Wollstonecraft, Rossetti, Shelley, Byron (Mad, Bad, Dangerous to know)

Did he die by his own hand?

Who knows for sure but he wrote a FAMOUS story : The Vampyre in 1819.

Look it up.

I’m not storytelling :o)

P.S. He looks very romantic and handsome in his portrait. Schwoon.

‘Promote ill purposes and Flatter foul desires.’

POETS Day – of a sort.

As in Pee Off Early, Tuesday Soon :o)

My brain had convinced me that the latest Merrily book would be available on the 2nd of April.

Stupid Brain!

Phil Rickman

Next book in the MW exorcism series, out on June 2, 2022.

’I called on darkness… midnight darkness…’

At the end of the 18th century, the poet William

Wordsworth rambled, in a strange visionary 

haze, from Salisbury Plain up into the Wye 

Valley. The epic walk changed his life.

More than 200 years later, Oxford student David

Vaynor followed the same secluded route and 

still can’t explain what happened to him there.

Now he’s back, as a police detective investigating

a suspicious death and finding that, in this place of

awesome cliffs and chasms, there are crimes the 

police can’t deal with.

Meanwhile, Merrily Watkins, diocesan exorcist for 

Hereford, is being warned that in-depth investigation 

is not part of her job – a job she may not be holding 

down for much longer. At the start of the national

lockdown caused by the threatening pandemic, she’ll be 

risking her future to help Vaynor uncover the secrets of 

England and Wales’ s most revered river.

For behind the scenic beauty are elements that, as 

Wordsworth put it, ‘promote ill purposes and flatter 

foul desires.’

Need a Little Time To Wake Up, Wake Up?

Almost 4 years later – I KNOW that the many will NEVER wake up.

They call themselves woke.

Like I could call myself drop dead beautiful, sexy as F and a genius. LOL….

Sorry. Just made myself laugh there.

I’m (so the internet says) EVIL, OLD and pig shit ignorant.

Oooooh. Am I projecting MY faults on others as FEB so publicly posted ?

I’m just an ordinary girl trying my hardest to help my family and myself. F A C T.

And I’m soooooo not chained to the mirror. That reflection is just False, Fake, Foney and the total opposite of ME!

P.S. For those expert gematria peeps. The number 10 on the door – that means THE END in tarot. When you reach 10, y’all go back to 0. THE FOOL. And start the stupid again…and again…and again.

Check it out. I’ve seen it far too many times to ever go back there.

Ascetic vs Aesthetic : More Word Problems

I’m becoming increasing irate about these two words.

They sound similar but mean totally different things.

Ascetic : characterized by severe self-discipline and abstention from all forms of indulgence, typically for religious reasons.

Aesthetic : concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty.

OR – a set of principles underlying the work of a particular artist or artistic movement.

They are pronounced differently too.

One of ’em has a “th” in there. FFS!

The Unbearable Heaviness of Being

The quote above belongs to ME now. As in, I’ve come to fully own it through experience.

And I WILL stand by it.

To be hated for what we ARE is so much better than the lie. In my opinion.

Something that I’ve never talked about fully is being psychic, or whatever label you want to call it. I prefer the old label – SEER.

Clairsentience is real.

It is also a road to hell when you blurt out unwanted truths…like me. All the time. Ooops.

Growing up with other family members who denied their “real” because they were too afraid to step away from Societal Norms might’ve made me swing the pendulum a bit too far the other way.

When you are having a wonderful conversation with someone and you suddenly, innocently blurt out – How many Children Have You Had? Things start to get very tricky. Very fast. That’s how I know about her appalling childhood.

It opened a wound deeply buried yet still raw and bleeding at the time.

She’s all but healed from it now that it’s no longer a dark secret. TRUTH.

I’d rather be hated or avoided than FAKE LOVED. Thank you :o)

Frances Yates and The Art of Memory

I had a wonderful comment this morning. Thank you :o)

It took me back to the bookshelves and (not unconnected with the previous post) back to The Art of Memory.

WikiWhatNot :

The Art of Memory is a 1966 non-fiction book by British historian Frances A. Yates. The book follows the history of mnemonic systems from the classical period of Simonides of Ceos in Ancient Greece to the Renaissance era of Giordano Bruno, ending with Gottfried Leibniz and the early emergence of the scientific method in the 17th century.

According to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, its publication was “an important stimulus to the flowering of experimental research on imagery and memory.”[1]

Modern Library included The Art of Memory on its list of 100 best nonfiction books.[2]


Most of us “moderns” will know this system via Tony Buzan or Sherlock.

Nothing New Under The Sun???

No Rest for the Wicked…LOL :o)

Bite Size Chunks is all I’m allowed lately.

I started at 6am and I’ve just gone back to the beginning of my formulating hypothesis, theory, doobery whatnot.

I’m NOT up on the Shakespeare Sonnets. A part of his works that I’ve neglected for a long time. But I was sent back to them at stupid o’clock this morning. Also to something that I’d read a couple of days ago…see quote below :

Please note that all researchers of the “Shakespearean question”, including I.M.Gililov, are absolutely convinced of the stability and correctness of the general picture of the events of the 16th-17th centuries, drawn to us today by Scaligerian textbooks. They think that the mysteries surrounding the identity of the Great Bard concern only him, and are built into the generally reliable history of the 16th and 17th centuries. But they do not understand that in reality the entire historical building of the 16th-17th centuries is very shaky and needs to be substantially rebuilt. Moreover, starting from the foundation! For example, for Shakespeare scholars, trained in Scaligerian history from childhood, the identity of Queen Elizabeth does not raise any doubts. There was, they say, such a real famous queen on the island of England. But after all, we already understand that the “English Elizabeth” is, basically, a phantom reflection of the Russian-Horde queen Sophia Paleolog. And that a significant part of the “English island events” actually unfolded in a completely different place – in the metropolis of the Great Empire, in Russia-Horde. The same should be said, for example, about Henry VIII, see chapter 5. And about Catherine of Aragon. And about Mary Stuart…

As we have shown in this book,

Shakespeare’s works are even more important and interesting than is commonly believed. 

That is, their high assessment adopted today should be strengthened. After all, many of his texts turn out to be not just plays on “very ancient themes”, but in fact – chronicles of the formation and development of the Great = “Mongolian” Empire. For example, the poet talks about Andronicus-Christ (calling him Hamlet), Judas Iscariot (Timon of Athens), the Virgin Mary, John the Baptist, King Herod (Macbeth), Queen Herodias, Sophia Paleologus (Cordelia and Catherine of Aragon), Ivan the Terrible (Henry VIII ), stories of Esther (Anne Boleyn)… Shakespeare scholars did not even suspect this, since the true essence of some of the poet’s fundamental works was distorted by later layers.


They have a point, NC. We are all so conditioned to fit our theories around the “SOLIDITY” of the History that we’ve been taught.

Did the likes of Scaliger know, when he was first commissioned to rewrite HIS- story, that he was creating a HYDRA that would grow a million heads throughout the decades and centuries without him?

Was that the plan?

To fiddle with the compass bearings and just sit back and watch the chaos of their descendants’ travels?

I so badly want to debunk the theory that Rutland and Elizabeth Sidney were the man we call Shakespeare but… I have so much more work to do :o)

Meanwhile – whomever wrote the words – here is something beautiful.