A Guide To Living in Dubai

Well. It’s different.

I learned a lot.


This one is just outside The Atlantis on Palm Jumeirah (stayed there 3 times)

Then I spent a few days in Abu Dhabi with “The Prince.”

My traveller-in-crime and I had the honour of being driven around Abu Dhabi by the prince in his custom made BMW.

Roundabout etiquette? Nah. White lines and lanes. Nah. He blasted us with rock music and scared us half to death by his driving.

“the Prince” is a son of Mohamed bin Zayed bin Sultan bin Zayed bin Khalifa bin Shakhbout bin Theyab bin Issa bin Nahyan bin Falah bin Yas.

My youngest used to have his mobile phone number. I liked him even though he was clueless about real life and could not hold a conversation.


Making a Toile aka Getting All Professional-Like!

I have a personality fault (?)


It’s called IMPATIENCE.

Seeing the bigger picture is a wonderful gift to have….it’s just all the teeny details that are extremely annoying.

I sew my garments with a devil-may-care, totally optimist zeal that can cause a few issues. But then again – too few to mention.

But this next “dream” project is SERIOUS.

A 15th century Persian woman’s outfit, all hand sewn and made to be wearable by me.

Hence…..OMG. I’m going to have to make a toile.


But as I want the real thing to be all velvet and silk and lined with more silk – I NEED to know what I’m actually doing.

*wry/hysterical grin*

Pattern is being assembled and the toile material is en route.

Wish me luck :o)

Rub A Dub Dub

If we are TRULY honest with ourselves, there are a fair few of our dearly beloveds (by blood or marriage or accident) whom we just rub along with.

I often look at members of the wider family, acquaintances etc and ask myself a question – based on past experiences.

Q : Would I have chosen you as a friend?

OMG. The answer is REVEALING.

We rub along with so many people. For the sake of being polite, socially accepted, left out of their personal hatreds. For peace and serenity.

The butcher – yup. Have one of them. Female

The baker – Same

The candlestick maker – a person who breathes fire…..Oooh. Schtum!

Peeping Tom meets his mates (?)

P.S. All and every Aussie I’ve ever known swears in English. Bloody is a fave cuss. Apart from a soi-disant Aussie (LMFAO) who wants me dead. FACT!

Double Gauze : Meadow Skirt

The perfect marriage.

Remember, a while ago, I bought some double gauze? A beautiful Mulberry colour.

I’ve been waiting for the perfect pattern and this morning I found it.

The Meadow Skirt.

Side Note: Is this lovely girl Anglo/American or American/Anglo?

The accent changes mid-sentence. And the biggest clue is ZIP.

We call it a ZIP here in the UK. In America it’s always ZIPPER. Hence and heretofore … I claim Anglo-American/Canadian.

At 10:10 (love the synch) is the Meadow Skirt. I’m making the Maxi (ankle length – no knees showing here but plenty of SWOOSH) with the tie. Far Right photo.

The Tower of London : A Bastion Fort?

I’ve been back researching the 16th and 17th centuries via the Tower of London and came across a timeline/construction anomaly.

In the image above, from the 17th century, we can clearly see similarities with the now famous and much discussed “star fort” formation. Lots of walls and angles and water. But it did not look like this in the further back past and doesn’t look the same today.

I’ve never done the Tower though I’ve been across the river to see HMS Belfast, the docked ship that my Dad once served on, with my Mum and seen the incredible size of the place.

So…were the canals dug first and then filled in? Was the original William the Bastard Conqueror Tower built on a natural island like the one Notre Dame de Paris stands on?

I’m slightly confused and watching Dr Kat always helps to confuse me even more.

Tempus Fugit and I’m too up to my ears in other stuff to look deeper right now :o)

Men Behaving Badly

When this series first started the man of the house loved it. I HATED it.

A few years later – when we’d both grown up a bit – HE hated it and I LOVED it.

I also loved the fact that he’d been cherishing a secret crush on Dorothy. Aaaah. Sweet.

He actually worked with a soldier who is Caroline Quentin’s cousin and got a personally signed and xxx love photo from his Babe :o)

I like Caroline too.

‘Specially as Dorothy.

Arbroath Abbey (?)

I was deep into researching a fairy tale about the King/Bishop/Peasant and ended up here.

Strange but beautiful. I no longer kwuestion this stuff. (My kew key is still not working!)

We lived in Arbroath. I was there from the age of 6 to 8. Dad was stationed at 45 Commando and we were just an hour or so train ride away from his parents in Kinghorn. And a half hour longer to Edinburgh.

I went to Inverbrothock School and we were taken here one day on a school trip. So I was taught, at a very young age, about the Bruce being excommunicated by some Pope for not kissing English arse.

Or so they say. OK. Even I’m totally confused now and I lived there.

Anyhoo. Whether Robert the Bruce had the sniffs at a fake Pope or not. The abbey is wonderful :o)

F R E E D O M!

Modern Hijack

Tartary Empire – A Modern Hijack (?)

Thursday, 24 January 2019, 16:23

The great BUZZ subject today seems to be Tartary. The enigmatic Tartarian Empire.

Yes. It is intriguing. And the most intriguing part of it – for me – is the fact that it has been deliberately HIDDEN from all of us who live here today. Why?

By whom?


There is so much brilliant, insightful, ground-breaking  research being done right now to uncover this whole subject, But….

I repeat. BUT…

Uncovering the TRUTH through deliberate, systematic, heartfelt research is not a bandwagon to jump on and exploit.

Uncovering the TRUTH through deliberate, systematic, heartfelt research is not a bandwagon to jump on and use to gain a popularity vote.

Uncovering the TRUTH through deliberate, systematic, heartfelt research is not a bandwagon to jump on and dis/mis/inform.

Uncovering the TRUTH through deliberate, systematic, heartfelt research is not a bandwagon to jump on and  deliberately and publicly UNDERMINE others.

It saddens me greatly to see so much, so violated, by so many.

It’s my website and I will rant if I want to.