A Savoyard History Blip

Don’t you love it when every route you take takes you back to where you’ve once been and sheds a little more light?

I do.

Recent posts here have talked about The Rusalka – Slavic mermaids, Vladimir Propp, my novel, N.C. etc etc.

On December the 31st 2019 I wrote this : The Many Hidden Mysteries of Tartaria.

A part of which contained –

Well, right now, all I have is many, many questions and many many subjects that I’m linking together. And all that I can give you, at this moment in time is a list of my mixed up knowledge and the way it is slowly (but ever so brightly) linking together.

Not a lot of this will make sense right now. These are just clues. Signposts.

But, PLEASE bear with me over the coming months as I gather in more information.

Right. Let’s take a look at the first Very Rough Guide to  —

The Greta Brookes, Hidden History Project, Guide to Grand Tartaria. 


To this day I am still linking stuff together.

We’ll start with a Weave a Garland of My Vows basic research fact. The marriages of the children of Henri IV Bourbon and Marie de Medici.

Louis XIII married the Spanish Anne of Austria, sister of Felipe IV of Spain.

Elizabeth married Felipe IV of Spain , brother of Anne of Austria.

Gaston married the Montpensier – richest woman in France

Henriette Marie married Charles I Stuart of England

Christine married Victor Amadeus I – DUC OF SAVOY.

Savoy is familiar to all as the resting place of the Turin Shroud. Which (according to New Chronology) could have originated in Constantinople and was rescued by the original owners who took it north during the Sack of Constantinople in 1204.

The image above is of a 17th century Savoyard suit of armour housed in the Royal Palace in Turin.

Another picture of the same armour :

Victor Amadeus I and his Savoyard troops took part in the 30 Years War, in Eastern Europe.

So why were his troops wearing armour not only decorated with the Slavic/Eastern European amulet of the Mermaid/Ruskala but also the Crescent Moon of the Ottoman?

We’ve been taught that the 30 Years War was a fight between Western European Catholics and Protestants.



When I come across someone who CAN – it always helps me to up-my-game. To try new skills. To improve.

V. Birchwood hand sews everything, just like I do. She is also a living, breathing Cossack/Tartarian posting on youtube.

A Bashlik is on my “to-do” list as of right now :o)

Obliterated History

There are so many examples.

I’ve spent a week going over the Obliteration of History via the word aka literature. But this subject is too deep and subject-ive. It’s so full of potential pit-holes and lack of evidence by me – because I have no access to any of the primary sources.

An easier (but still potentially contentious) route is via archaeology. But that can smack into the lack of written evidence too.

When a hump a manmade bump?

Did y’all know that it can take up to a year for a modern grave to settle? We live right by a cemetery and have talked to the grave diggers. At the end of the funeral day, there is a huge hump of soil over the coffin. Worms and weather do their thing for a full 4 seasons and the mound levels out.


Russia lost thousands and thousands and thousands of burial mounds in the 19th century. And bones. And grave-goods.




In [1v], ch.1:13.1 and [TsRIM], ch.9 we tell about the excavations in Central Russia conducted by the Romanov archaeologists of the XIX century. In particular in 1851-1854 count A.S.Uvarov, who today is mistakenly called an archaeologist, in the land of Vladimir and Suzdal excavated 7729 mounds. SEVEN THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY NINE! It is reported: ‘On entering the items to the Rumyantsevsky museum (re: the excavations of 1851-1854 – Author) they presented all in all a CHAOTIC PILE OF STUFF, as there was no accompanying inventory notes specifying which mound each item originated from. Mr.Uvarov AT A LATER DATE compiled an inventory of the entire collection, however using just the excavation reports and PARTIALLY BY MEMORY. The grandiose excavations of 1851-1854 in the Suzdal region WILL BE GREATLY MOURNED BY SCIENCE FOR A LONG TIME and will serve as a dreadful premonition for all the enthusiasts of MASS EXCAVATIONS. So much sadder is the LOSS OF THE VLADIMIR MOUNDS in that they present the ONLY material to answer the question about which Russian tribe in particular laid the foundation of the Velikorossy (The Great Russians – in the Pre-Soviet time the Russians were officially called Velikorossy (Great Russia), the Ukranians – Malorossy (Little Russia), the Belorussian were called the same name as today the Belorussian (White Russia) – Translator’s note) … THE LOSS OF THESE MOUNDS CANNOT BE COMPENSATED BY ANYTHING’ [305:0], p.89-90.

There were some days, when UP TO 80 OR MORE MOUNDS WERE OPENED UP. That was not the scientific research, but a deliberate demolition. Our analysis allows us to state the following:

# Count A.S.Uvarov and P.S.Saveliev over a period of at least four years in the middle of the XIX century organised and headed a deliberate destruction of the old Russian-Horde mounds in Central Russia, authorized by the Imperial Edict. I.e. at the very heart of the former ‘Mongol Empire’.

# The Russian-Horde mounds were mercilessly razed to the ground and the burials inside them were destroyed there and then. Hundreds of workers were summoned for the purpose. There was no trace of any ‘scientific research’ there.

# Almost no detailed documents reporting on this pogrom survive. They ‘disappeared’ mysteriously. A few of them which are presented to us today were written post factum.

# A small amount of unearthed items were preserved for the museums. So there was something to demonstrate and to give an account for. Purporting, that these were the results of their meticulous scientific activities. Alleging, that they have found something nonetheless, though really not a lot. Most of the genuine findings which could tell us a lot about our history, were destroyed straight away in the field. Or hidden in the deep storages.

Today we cannot even imagine how many mounds turned out to exist in Russia. THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS were destroyed by the Romanovs administrators. Nevertheless in the XIX century there was still a lot left. For example, ‘Mr.Nefyodov who opened up one mound in the same area and reporting that he counted up to 200 mounds over the distance of 3 versts (0.6629 mile – Tr.)’ [305:0], p.93. But soon they got to them too. Needless to say they were all ruthlessly razed to the ground.

Only vague rumours reached out time and recollections of some numerous mounds along Tver downstream of Volga, the mounds of Uglich, the mounds of Murom, etc. [305:0], p.94-95. Where are they now? They are gone. No trace of them. Not afield, not in the documents. Where are the findings unearthed from them?

CONCLUSION. In the second half of the XIX century the Romanov administrators, archaeologists and historians destroyed many thousands of the Russian-Horde burial mounds. Most likely they were razed to the ground deliberately in order to conceal the traces of the true history of the XIII-XVI cc. Today we are being cynically told with a wry smile: you see, there are no mounds and opulent burials in Russia, our history is poor, doesn’t come close to the history of the West, the East, the North or the South.

Bewildered Sadness

Finding myself still totally banned from a revered yt truther channel has left me…sadly bewildered. 3 years on? I must be either totally disgusting or nowhere near good enough.


I left a comment this morning on an overnight video about Crimea.

Crimea has been a centuries long sticking point between powers because of it’s strategic position.

tI was vital to both the Byzantine empire and the Ukraine. All I commented was – 1613 the Romanov come to power. 1775 the last Tartar Khan is murdered. And still they are fighting over there.



Moscow Tartary spanned the Urals, Siberia, Central Asia, The Far East, Alaska and North America. The conflict between Moscow Tartary and Romanov Russia (originally small in size) ended in the second half of the XVIII century with the famous, allegedly ‘peasant’, war against ‘Pugachev’. The Romanovs succeeded in agreeing peace separately with Turkey and defeating the Great Tartary. Only after this the European emigrants who had settled on the Atlantic seaboard of North America, ventured West, inland over the continent. For decades they seized the North-American territories of Moscow Tartary left without any governmental authority. Today this has been beautifully, but incorrectly narrated on in the Hollywood movies about ‘the very noble’ white frontiersmen and the ‘very bad’ Indians.

As a result, in 1776 (straight after the defeat of ‘Pugachev’) the United States of America emerged. With the Romanovs they voraciously and speedily sliced and diced the vast territories of Moscow Tartary. Ural, Siberia, the Far East. In America – Alaska and Oregon was ceded to the Romanovs. The rest of North America – to the USA. After failing to maintain these bountiful lands, distant from St.Petersburg, and unwilling to obey the usurpers, both Oregon and Alaska were given away to the USA for a notably paltry sum. The very fact of the existence of Moscow Tartary up to the end of the XVIII century and the division of its vast territories between the conquerors was wiped clean from the history textbooks – both in the Old and the New Worlds. Up until now the native Russian population of America is being persistently forced to forget their language and their past.


Pugachev was (allegedly) a scarecrow, peasant who rebelled against his betters and deserved his execution in January 1775.

The Last Tartar Khan was beheaded and then drawn and quartered. Oooh. The Romanov did NOT like him, eh?

A Short History of the Comneni

John the Good and his brother Isaac were very close.

Isaac married Kata/Irene and they had three children Andronicus, John, Anna.

My very old family tree above used the Mainstream history dates for the birth and death of Andronicus I Comnenus but….the video below blows the birth date outta the wazoo.

According to N.C. Andronicus Comnenus was born in 1152 and crucified in 1185.

A bit of maths here? C’mon.

Today is my eldest son’s 33rd birthday. Which PROVES Venus Rose’s description of me as a dinosaur. I’m over 50 years old.

Aaaaarrrrgggghhhhhhhhh! Hateful.


Loving my haters more and more :o)

Mirages of Europe : New N.C. Book

Yay. I’ve been waiting for this new book from New Chronology.

Hopefully it’ll be available in English soon.

The authors have processed important blocks in the history of Europe and Byzantium in the 11th-17th centuries. The famous Byzantine figures – Vasily Bogomil and John Ital – turn out to be vivid reflections of the emperor Andronicus-Christ, that is, Prince Andrei Bogolyubsky from the 12th century. For example, the famous gospel story is clarified: why two “thieves” were crucified next to Christ on Golgotha. It turns out that the Prudent Thief symbolizes the disciples of Christ, who continued to honor Him after the judgment. And the Mad Thief is the image of the disciples who refused Christ. Records of the trial of Christ discovered. The story of the famous Jeanne d’Arc and the French King Charles VI is a phantom reflection of the biographies of Empress Elena Voloshanka (Esther) and Tsar Ivan the Terrible (Artaxerxes). The biographies of the English kings Henry VI and Richard III (including those in Shakespeare’s tragedies) are based on the “Roman biographies” of Khan Ivan the Terrible and Khan Boris Godunov. The famous English war of the Scarlet and White Roses is a western reflection of the war of the Oprichnina and the Zemshchina in Russia-Horde in the second half of the 16th century.

I’ve posted about Andronicus & Charles VI & Jehanne d’Arc & Henry IV and & Richard III & Shakespeare & Elena & The Wars of the Roses soooooo many times. And also the Bogomils via the Cathars.

Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by this sun of York.

Oooh. I did that off the top of my head. All this Shakespeare stuff is sticking to my little brain cell – LOL.

I’ll leave the possible shape of our world and NelsonMadelaEffect and the never-ending cry of ALL HISTORY IS A LIE to the masses of masses who are “woke.”


Too Complicated To Talk about in One Post.

42 – or Thoughty2 has just released a video about the Knight’s Templar. And as I’m currently listening to Fabric of Sin by Phil Rickman, which deals with the Templar Church at Garway, Herefordshire – I’m being taken back 3/4 years to previous posts on a previous blog that Greta Brookes began in 2018.

For a long time AMP has been a guiding hand in my research.

BTW : the last time I mentioned him here I got a like from a person PRETENDING to be AMP. TRUE TRUTH & #Disgusting.

AMP article quote which touches on the Templars but this bit is relevant to ME.

Playing with myth and fiction, the past has been built and in turn dressed and partially erased from history, its link to real events. But the real story is written parabolically, in a very long chronology. The main axes can be deciphered and, in part, demonstrated, for three reasons. One, because there has never been an intention to hide it. Two, because there is evidence of its manipulation. And three, because it has been transcribed, despite censorship, the way to rewrite it. The New Chronology of Fomenko and Nosovskiy lay the foundation for this reconstruction, while its variant, known as the X-185 Chronology, has just shaped it. As their names point, there is another chronological map on which to understand another story, very different from the official one.

According to both works, the construction of the story in a long time context begins in the sixteenth century, accelerates in the seventeenth and has its peak in the eighteenth, being the nineteenth and twentieth centuries when it is completed with “monumental” contents for its quantity, detail and extension. And everything that happened until the nineteenth century should be called into question, in the same way as all dating methods, including Carbon-14, which is considered infallible but is not. All its methodology is based on calibration tables that consider valid the existence of samples that fit a chronological map that is not questioned. And this leads to numerous errors.


See? Complications that require too much research and brain-work. Unless y’all just skim the surface and make a video.

Year of the TIGER. Meow. Slash. Claw.

Poor Elizabeth!!!

I believe, but I’m not 100% sure, that Bailey was the first to do one of these kinds of videos.

Absolute genius.

I tend to watch Danielle, the Brummie with the Criminology Degree, but Bailey is SOOPERDOOPER famous. Over 700 MILLION views.

Such a shame that this is the first of her work that I’ve seen.

If you’ve been with me since the beginning, you’ll know that I’m very protective of Elizabeth Bathory (and, also, her distant relative Vlad Dracul)

I truly believe, through my years of research into them both, that they’ve been used as Historical Puppets to divert us all away from the TRUTH of their origins and activities.

Both Elizabeth and Vlad have traceable links to the “TARTARIAN” (blarf) history that has been and is still being SO BADLY MISREPRESENTED. In my opinion….for whatever that is worth.

No offence meant towards Ms. Sarian, who is researching the mainstream research of today but – – whenever I hear these oft quoted “facts” about Elizabeth (which have ZERO actual EVIDENCE to support them – mainly because all of the original Bathory family records have mysteriously disappeared!) I get incredibly Salty.

Imagination is a beautiful thing. Until it goes too far into Dark Fantasy.

POETS DAY : The Lady of Tartary

I did this one three years ago. But I’ll self-ref without shame.

In the little back bedroom of my Nan’s house, my room, there was space enough for a single bed and a bookcase. On the bookcase were all of my Mum’s childhood books. Blyton, Kingsley, A.A. Milne, Ransome, Walter Scott and Walter de la Mare.

I once sent a snarky reply to The Tartarian Princess on yt. She exclaimed that she was waiting for her Tartarian Prince.

I said that a Tartarian Princess didn’t need a prince. She could rule all on her. Like Tamar of Georgia.

No wonder I keep getting banned. LMFAO :o)

Forget the word LORD and inject the word LADY (?)

Mainstream View of the Livonian War

I know. I’ve done the Livonian War several times but I based those posts on my research into N.C.

It’s enlightening to see the mainstream view of this “little” war.

The date to keep in mind is 1613 – the date that the Romanov seized control of the “Empire.”

Peter the Great I Romanov married a servant girl who became Catherine I of Russia. I know very little about her, most people do. A later Catherine (the GREAT) takes all of centre stage.

Enjoy :o)

Liber Linteus

OK. Just take me back to the beginning again, why not?


13th of January 2019 to be exact!


For Etruscan read TARTARIAN!

Sunday, 13 January 2019, 12:07

There is growing evidence that the Stunning Etruscans – who, according to Fake History suddenly appeared in Italy 900BC and just as suddenly disappeared 100BC – were actually Tartarians.

The language they used has been proved to be Slavonic although this has been rather badly covered up (!)

I propose that the FAKE Etruscans were actually Tartarians who followed Batu Khan/Ivan Kalita to Italy when he founded his southern military base AKA The Vatican.

Diodorus Siculus the Greek historian (90BC-30BC) !! -said the following about the Etruscans…

[They] …”were notable for their energy from time immemorial….conquered a vast territory and founded many cities. They created a mighty fleet and were the masters of the seas for a very long time…improved on the regulation of the army…They introduced writing, zealously studied the sciences of the Deities and mastered the observation of lightning. That is why, until now, they inspire awe in us.” XIV, 113

Food for thought, methinks

SIDE NOTE: The Welsh Forensic Detectives,

Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett also decoded “Etruscan” artifacts

using the ANCIENT Welsh Coelbren Alphabet. ..

which (quelle suprise) has been declared as Fake

by yadayadawhoever (!!)


Way back then I hadn’t heard of the Liber Linteus. It’s quite easy to look up online now.

And as I need a huge EGO BOOST, I’ll give myself one :o)

The constant bans and insults and humiliations that I’ve experienced on certain youtube channels all stem from my work and the way I tried to share it. Said work was never attacked, just me personally. Especially when I said stuff like – For Etruscan, Read Tartarian. That way of thinking just did NOT fit into the Neo-Tartarian Researchers’ Handbook. Fact! It was so much easier to call me EVIL.

Heyho. Self- confidence boost incoming.


P.S. Welsh Dracula anyone ? ? ?

Public Self-Test

I will start the video below at exactly the time that I have watched it to.

God’s Honest and NO LIES.

I know nothing of Daciabar (?) the King of the Dacians and his lost treasure. I know NOTHING about modern day Roumania.

What I see here — timestamp —

What I see here are what are known as Armbands.

The Vikings, the Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Britons and probably South Ancient Americans wore these as jewellery.

My research into 12th century Scotland, Scandinavia, Ireland, Wales, England, KIEV tells me that people once wore their wealth on their bodies. In gold and jewels.

And as I’m a VOCAL New Chronologist, I have questions about MS History dates so Dacia and the Western Roman Empire are non-starters.

Is this hoard a fake?

No idea?

Are these supposed to be Armbands. I’d say yes…and NOTHING to do with underground springy energy conductors.

Is there some Dirty Dealing going on?


I’ll be back when I’ve had time to finish the video below.

BTW – image above is of ancient Halstatt bronze armbands.

Not everyone can be right….Fact!

Unwrapping Parties

I have NEVER been a fan of the Victorian era. Always said that my sense of history ends with the ’45, aka Jacobite Rebellion.

Those Victorians were very strange and bizarre. In my opinion. And probably rather bored with life. Imagine this…

..Hey, mates. Party at my house Saturday Night. Bring a bottle and some smelling salts for the girls. We are gonna be unwrapping dead bodies.

BTW : My personal research has led me to many indications that Napoleon went to Egypt for one reason only. To DESTROY the history. He called himself Emperor. Little Man Syndrome?

P.S. The sponsor here is hilarious via Thoughty2. Do men actually do this? :o)

Away With the Fairies aka A Gigantic History Hatchet Job

For 1 : You will find very little information about Andronicus I Comnenus.

For 2 : What you do find – will be via Niketas Choniates and his editors who DESPISED the man.

I’ve posted this one before. Long ago. But few were interested!

My own sources came via the NOT Mainstream peeps but from people who had access to much more than I ever could. One of them even guided me through my own journey into this family with subtle clues and the odd elbow poke when I’d gone off course. Bless him :o)

I have nothing against this girl. She’s Scottish (!) and she has done a brilliant job of presenting the “official” history.

BTW : Comnenus means Horse.

And “The They” decided to have fun with the rewrite and place him on a donkey……..(?1?)

The Welsh Dracula ?

Anyone who has been around my work for a while knows about my journeys with Vlad and Transylvania through some strange Hidden History paths.

To me, he has always been bigger and more important than Gothic Horror or Bram Stoker. I wanted to know why he (and also Elizabeth Bathory) had been given such deeply disturbing Mythical histories.

The earlier conclusions and whatever else that was uncovered are available to read on the other blog.

Today is just another one of those SMH/Shrug My Shoulders days.

The info below makes such sense to me and further validates the past posts :o)

OK. The Welsh Dracula…

And if that is all too crazy for you, think on this…

…The British Royal Family is extremely proud of their lineage. They are related to the Welsh Tudor dynasty via Owen Tudor who married Catherine of Valois, the widow of Henry V of Agincourt fame.

They are also delighted with their blood (pun intended) links to Vlad the Impaler.

We ALL know this. Yes?

Dido’s Ox-Hide

Which came first? The ox or the hide?

In the UK, in the days of yore, a hide was used as a measurement of land. About 120 acres – enough for a family homestead.

You will see evidence of this throughout the Domesday Book.

So – was this English word taken from the history of Dido of Carthage?

The alternative story of Dido/Elissa concerns Andronicus I Comnenus, just before his execution, when he gives a male relative called John to his mother saying – He is now your son and she is now your mother.

The Mother of Andronicus fled Byzantium after the murder of her son, accompanied by family members and friends. They went north to Crimea where she stayed and finally died.

The rest of the family went even further north.

This journey is described in Virgil’s Aeneid, the flight of Aeneas/John from Troy.

Was Elissa John’s wife/daughter?

Just asking. I can’t prove a single thing but the thought is here :o)

Which Library Is Which?

I have done this before but it’s still too bizarre from many.

The Pharos. The Library of Alexandria. One of the 7 Wonders etc.

What is it really?

I know what N.C. think…

The Lost Library of Grozny III=IV is a well-known story in Russian history. We have repeatedly spoken about this library, for example, in the book “Seven Wonders of the World”, ch.3:1. Briefly, the essence of the matter is this. Under Ivan III=IV, a huge and valuable library was created, containing ancient books, manuscripts, papyrus scrolls and, in general, documents of world history. She was, of course, in the metropolis of the Empire, that is, in Vladimir-Suzdal Russia. But then she “disappeared”. It is still not known for certain what happened to her. According to one version, she was hidden in “underground Moscow”. Recall that even today, under modern Moscow, the remains of a huge underground city are still preserved. This building has been shrouded in myths and legends for several centuries. Consists of numerous underground corridors, galleries, rooms, vast halls, storehouses, wells, stairs, passages, hiding places, collapsed chambers, immured doors, flooded passages. Some scientists believe that the famous book depository of Ivan the Terrible is hidden somewhere here. The history of underground Moscow and its research is described in an interesting book by I.Ya. Stelletsky “Searching for the Library of Ivan the Terrible” [815:1].

I now have a secondary source for research.

IK-PTZ – for the full article.

Meanwhile :

The network of Kremlin dungeons, striking in its size, is rooted in the history of the reign of the ancient family of princes of Rurikovich, and in particular of the sovereign of all Russia Ivan the Terrible. The network of tunnels, with which the king dug almost the entire city, was kept in the strictest secrecy, and still keeps many secrets, beautiful and terrible. It was through them that eminent residents of the Kremlin palaces could get to anywhere in the city, as well as beyond. It was there that creepy dungeons were set up, not inferior to the dungeons of medieval European castles. And it was in them that the royal treasuries were located. The inhabitants of the Moscow undergrounds, who guarded the innumerable palace riches, lived and died in their dungeons, without seeing sunlight for decades and taking great secrets with them to their graves.

In addition to gold reserves, the Kremlin dungeons, apparently, store another, no less valuable, treasure – the world-famous library of Ivan the Terrible, containing several thousand folios and scrolls that previously belonged to the Byzantine emperors, as well as the Grand Duke of Kiev Yaroslav the Wise. Experts from far abroad came to see them. The library disappeared without a trace 15 years after the death of the autocrat, and there are suggestions that it was safely hidden by Grozny himself. One day, a group of diggers found the entrance to the Kremlin’s underground chamber filled with chests that looked like ancient descriptions of precious books, but the entrance was too narrow and the subsequent collapse completely closed it.

But even Tsar Ivan the Terrible never dreamed of the extent to which the construction of underground passages in Moscow would expand in the 20th century. 


Has she FINALLY gone round the bend and down the pipe?

From DAY 1 I’ve said that Tartaria was something truly special. And it should NEVER be used as an excuse to gain fame & fortune.



This has to do with depiction found in a painting done in the 15th century. A seal on a tomb. And a memory of times past.


At the same time, the beginning of the inscription TARTAREMVINXIREGIM is placed in the picture above, occupies the upper half of the circle, and therefore is clearly the beginning of the text. Further, in the first line, the letters MVIN (after TARTARE) are slightly obscured, but they are quite readable. The left vertical stick of the M at the end of the word TARTAREM rests on the base of the previous E. The left oblique stick of the M and its second vertical right stick are clearly visible. Immediately behind it is the letter V, the left stick of which touches the right vertical stick of the letter M.

Second line (inner circle): .SVRGO.MORSQVIGILQIAGEI. or .SVRGO.MORSO.VIGILO.IAGEI. . Deal in is that “tails.” standing next to two letters O mean here, probably, not the Latin letter Q, but a separating sign between adjacent words, something like a dash.

So the first line says:

TARTAREM – Tatar, Tartar.

VINXI is a well-known form of the Latin word VINCIO = to tie around, tie, enchant, fasten, hold.

REGIM (regimen) – management, ruler, board, command.

PATRES (patrice) – master, patrician (patricius), paternal (patrie). See also padre, pater = father.

QREDEM (credem) – I believe, creed, “creed”. Recall that the Latin C is also read as K, and therefore it could be depicted in this inscription with the letter Q.

CAPTIVOS (captivus) – a prisoner taken prisoner, a prisoner of war, captured.

The second line says the following (the word break in the middle of the inscription is ours):


SVRGO may be a corruption of the Latin SARGO or SARGUS meaning “fish”.

MORSO = to tear, bite, sting, torment.

VIGIL or VIGILO = awake, vigilant, sentry, watchman, night guard.

IAGET may be a slight corruption of the Latin AGET from AGO = to agitate, drive, move, excite, disturb, disturb, torment, annoy, cast off.

See also Latin-Russian Dictionary [237].

The meaning of both inscriptions is quite clear. The first line says something like this: Tartar. Connected. Ruler. Father. I believe (probably the one I believe in, the Creed). Captured.

Second line: Fish. To torment. Night guard. Brought into excitement.

Let’s just say that both lines perfectly correspond to the essence of the matter. The meaning of the first line is this: Christ, the emperor-ruler, the Father in whom Christians believe, was captured by Roman soldiers and Jewish high priests, the Pharisees.

The presence of the term TARTAR here is striking. It categorically does not fit into the Scaligerian version of history, but it is in perfect agreement with the New Chronology. According to our results, Andronicus-Christ, aka Grand Duke Andrei Bogolyubsky, was the ruler of Russia-Horde, which at that time was also called TARTARIA. As we can see, in the XV-XVI centuries, for example, Rafaellino del Garbo remembered this. Maybe he’s not the only one. It would be interesting to collect other ancient images of the seals and inscriptions on the tomb of Jesus who rose from the dead.

The meaning of the second line is also absolutely clear. Recall that “Fish” is one of the most common symbols of Christ. It turns out that Christ (by his Resurrection) “tormented” the night watch at His tomb, led the guards into excitement, into horror. Or, the “Tormented Fish”, that is, the Christ who suffered and rose from the dead, frightened, led the night guard around the tomb into excitement.

Back With The Blood Countess : For the Millionth Time!

No offence intended to Dr. Kat.

The fact that I watch her means that I have respect for her knowledge of our “history.”

But – there are certain subjects that totally get my Dander Up!

 Erzsébet  Báthori is one of them. She is, to me, in the same MS History mould as Vlad the Impaler aka Dracula.

I’ve posted about both Beth and Drac many, many times. I’ve posted MY research into their backgrounds and the links, hinted at by others better than me, that I’ve made.

In my humble opinion both Elizabeth and Vlad are the best known subjects of the 17th century re-write of History – that OLD CIVILISATION that once existed and whose name I will not type because it’s been so bastardised by so many.

To take a slight diversion – I’m also an armchair psychologist and Psychic Vampires are another favourite subject. Blood is energy. Sucking either is theft/bodily intrusion and WRONGWRONGWRONG.


Check out the althist of dragons? Or heraldry? Or Bram Stoker’s sources? Or the Basarab? Or Gary Oldman?

? ? ?

Oh. Yes. Immortal Beloved……aka A New Vampire like Lucy Westenra.

I’m ranting. Again. Ooops :o)

The “New Chronology” is crazier than you might think 🐻

Opinions are like arses – everybody has one!

Well. I may or MAY NOT have wasted a good proportion of the last 20 years of my life testing the CRAZY New Chronology “Pseudo – Science.”


I’ve gained more than I’ve lost. Time included :o)

I take their pseudo-whatnots and test them rigorously against my own, small, knowledge of history, hoping to find a boo-boo or several.

On New Year’s Eve 2018 I wrote the post below :


The Many Hidden Mysteries of Grand Tataria.

Monday, 31 December 2018, 6:36

Have you heard of Grand Tartaria?

Did they teach you about this immense Empire at school?

Do you know where it was?

I’ve known about Tartaria/Tartary for quite a while now but it stayed on the outskirts of my research until about 6 months ago. Then all of a sudden, everywhere I look, I’m finding mentions of this Empire. It is being deeply investigated right now by many amazing researchers, from multiple angles.

So – where do I come in?


For any of this information here to be understood, you HAVE to KNOW

that our whole history has been deliberately falsified.

This is a MAHOOSIVE area of study and the subject of future posts.

Well, right now, all I have is many, many questions and many many subjects that I’m linking together. And all that I can give you, at this moment in time is a list of my mixed up knowledge and the way it is slowly (but ever so brightly) linking together.

Not a lot of this will make sense right now. These are just clues. Signposts.

But, PLEASE bear with me over the coming months as I gather in more information.

Right. Let’s take a look at the first Very Rough Guide to  —

The Greta Brookes, Hidden History Project, Guide to Grand Tartaria. 


  • Grand Tartaria existed but has been deliberately wiped from our knowledge.
  • Grand Tartaria was a HUGE, interlinked Empire that covered much of the known and unknown world.
  • Anything concerning Grand Tartaria is -today- reported by the mainstream ‘know-it-all’ establishment NEGATIVELY.
  • The structure of this society has been systematically erased over the last few centuries. On the ground as well as on paper.
  • What are the reasons for all the above?


  • The truth about WHO WE REALLY ARE.
  • The truth about religion.
  • The truth about why our history has been put into the washing machine, cleaned, rinsed, spun about and then hung out on the line all shiny new, muddled up, and smelling sweeter (!)
  • Andronicus I Comnenus (killed in Constantinople)
  • Byzantine Empire
  • Crusades
  • Kievan Rus
  • Magnus Barefoot, King of Norway (killed in Ireland)
  • Harold Hardradr, King of Norway, Magnus Barefoot’s Grandfather (killed at Stamford Bridge in England)
  • Anne of Kiev.
  • Vladimir the Great and his wife.
  • Yaroslav the Wise
  • Elisiv, daughter of Yaroslav the Wise
  • St Magnus of Norway
  • Yaroslav Osmomysl of Galicia
  • Thrace
  • Phrygia
  • Paphlagonia
  • Anatolia
  • Kashka people
  • Aromanian
  • Romean
  • Vlachs
  • The Tsar of the Slavs
  • Margaret of Scotland
  • White Mummies found in Western China
  • The Fisher King and his wounded thigh
  • The Sack of Constantinople 1204
  • The Turin Shroud
  • The Mandylion
  • Constantinople=Jerusalem=Rome=Troy
  • The Haga Sophia/Temple of Solomon
  • Vlad the Impaler
  • Elisabeth Bathory
  • Red-haired, blue eyed people.
  • Trebizond
  • The Vatican
  • Great Fire of London
  • Romanov book 1648 “Book about Faith”
  • The Number of the BEAST 666
  • Birth by Cesarean Section
  • Pantera the Roman Soldier
  • The Comet, Solar Eclipse and Earthquake of 1185
  • Resets
  • Mud Floods
  • WHY, in Jean de Courcy’s Global Chronicle pictures are the FOUNDERS of TROY wearing WOOL LINED WINTER HATS WITH EAR FLAPS????

More to come…….

Happy New Year to ALL x


In another post I wrote – If what I’m doing turns out to be a complete waste of time, no worries. I’ve had fun :o)

I’m still having fun. With Xenia Borisovna and a Prince of Denmark…but not Hamlet! Shame.

Mudflood vs Subsidence

This is not theory but a fact that can be determined by anyone who goes there and looks.

In Istanbul there are three Temples. The main and well-known Hagia Sophia, a much smaller Hagia Sophia and the Temple of St Irina.

The latter two temples are what is commonly known now as MUD-FLOODED. As in, there are levels below ground and a door that you enter by going DOWN some steps.

But the much larger Hagia Sophia is not MUD-FLOODED.

How did this happen in one city with three buildings quite close to each other?

Could it be that the Little Sophia and St Irina were early buildings that had not been constructed with enormous concrete foundations and time and circumstance has caused them to subside?

NC :

The first oddity is that there are no obvious traces of the immersion of the temple in the ground. The excavation made in front of him does not reach the walls of several meters, so it does not allow us to be sure whether the walls of Big Sophia have sunk into the ground. The temple is not dug around. The walls of Big Sophia are plastered, therefore it is difficult to say if there are traces of re-laying of windows and doors in order to raise them, as in other churches that have really sunk into the ground. In the same places where there is no plaster – and there are such places on the walls – no traces of re-laying due to immersion in the ground are noticeable. Why, by the way, was the plaster applied? For example, the one standing nearby – and more ancient! – Irina’s temple is not plastered. It is also not noticeable that in Bolshaya Sofia there were windows located too low or going into the ground.

And this is quite understandable. Old buildings are gradually sinking into the ground. Therefore, they have to be dug in so that the walls do not collapse, including due to dampness in the ground. In addition, doors, windows, etc. have to be repositioned and lifted. All these signs of antiquity are clearly visible both at Little Sophia and at the temple of Irina , fig . 1.14 , fig . 1.15 . Pay attention to the traces of the doors and windows of Irina’s temple that have sunk into the ground and therefore have been blocked. Those windows that are not laid are today already practically at ground level .

BTW : The Hagia Sophia is made of BRICKS. Erected sometime in the 16th century when building techniques were more advanced.

P.S. Istanbul has mad weather systems. Himself was there for 3 months, Jan, Feb, March and it either snowed or rained the whole time!

Giovanni Antonio Canal (18 October 1697 – 19 April 1768)

It was this time when me and he spent 3 days in London over Hogmanay. We arrived the day before New Years Eve and stayed at the Savoy. We split the trip into his stuff and my stuff.

Part of my stuff was going to the National Gallery to see the paintings. I had no idea that the Canaletto Exhibition was on – Bonus!

As an apology for frog-marching me around the entire place at break-neck speed, he bought me the official Canaletto brochure.

Moving on to Hidden History. The Colosseum, Rome.

I’ve posted about this many times before because I visited the building when in Rome. It was a lovely day…apart from the brutal sunburn.

Despite recent yt althist truther channels “discovering” that the Colosseum was actually and truly an aquatech installation, there is something extremely hidden about this place.

Canaletto painted it in the 17th/18th century from real life.

Study the image above. And then study the image below and ponder this : until the 19th century, the Roman Colosseum was KNOWN to have been built and rebuilt from the 1400’s until the 1800’s as a CHRISTIAN TEMPLE for the worship of Christ. The original had a proper dome on top.

No gladiators, lions or Christians or boats or Russell Crowes were ever butchered here as entertainment for the masses.


Romulus and Remus

When you decide to add thousands of years to the History of the World, you run out of stories.

I have the book in the image above. It has been part of my writer’s life.

This is a monumental work of breath-taking originality – the fruit of a lifetime’s research and reading that will unlock the secrets of stories through the ages for all. From The Epic of Gilgamesh to Jaws and Schindler’s List, Christopher Booker examines in details the stories that underlie literature and the plots that are basic to story-telling through the ages. In this magisterial work he examines the plots of films, opera libretti and the contemporary novel and short story. Underlying the stories he examines are seven basic plots: rags to riches; the quest; voyage and return; the hero as monster; rebirth, and so on. Booker shows that the images and stories serve a far deeper and more significant purpose in our lives than we have realised hitherto. In the definition of these basic plots, Booker shows us entering a realm in which the recognition of the plots proves to be only the gateway. We are in fact uncovering a kind of hidden universal language: a nucleus of situations and figures that are the very stuff from which stories are made. With Booker’s exploration, there is literally no story in the world that cannot be seen in a new light. We have come to the heart of what stories are about, and why we tell them. Here, Christopher Booker moves on from some of the themes he outlined in his best-selling book The Neophiliacs. Seven Basic Plots is unquestionably his most important book to date.

I have a souvenir from my trip to Rome. It is a tourist trinket of Romulus and Remus (twins) suckling the She-Wolf.

They, the two brothers, founded Rome.

NC :

So, at the beginning of the XIV century, the kings-khans of the Great Empire were two brothers – Ivan (Batu Khan) and Georgy (Genghis Khan) Danilovich. The creation of the Empire was reflected in many documents of “antiquity”. In particular, it contributed to the legend of the founding of the famous “ancient” Rome, allegedly in the 8th century BC, by the brothers Romulus and Remus, descendants of King Aeneas-John.

Only seven story plots over a billion (!?) years. Mmmn. Repetitive, much?

What If – Romulus and Remus were Christ and John the Baptist and the SHE-WOLF was their mother Mary?

Food for thought.

The One World Tartarians

This is even worse than I knew.

I have no gripe against anyone who writes a History book. Even amateurs.

And no – I have not read this one but, according to the reviews posted, I don’t need to.

To some who have read it there are zero studious references, zero historical academic facts to be disputed and many cut and paste opinions about the subject from Facebook and other internet platforms. The Flat Earth bits are added (had to be of course as this is foundation of most yt channels about Tartary) to bolster the narrative.

This is a huge train wreck. In my opinion. Just one more rewrite of the already rewritten.

Even the blurb is wrong. The Empire ceased in 1775. This is one of the most basic facts about the subject. Also – the map used is a fake.

The REAL Empire began expansion in the 1320’s by going south and west from Veliky Novgorod to include Italy, Scandinavia and The British Isles. These countries became Hordian before China or India or Northern Siberia.

PLUS : The TRUE origins of this family’s history began in Egypt. Romean.

FFS. I’m beyond sad.

This book could very well be the greatest revisionist history book ever written in modern times to date about the Greatest Lie about our common world history. The Tartary civilization encompassed most of the World we know today. From Russia to China to Africa to India to Australia and New Zealand to the North and South America’s. There have been swept from modern his-story books and were likely destroyed in the 19th-20th centuries along with many of their amazing buildings. There are numerous documents proving that there were also Giants amongst them. The people of Tartary were destroyed by the same advanced technology that controls our weather were flooded, fire bombed, earthquaked and likely had directed energy weapons (DEW) used against them and many of their bones are buried under our cities today. Their “Old Word Order” was a benevolent society where they used sacred geometrical designs, pipe organs and catillion bells to help and to heal and to achieve higher consciousness. All of the architecture and technology we know of today was developed by the Tartar’s. The 18th and 19th centuries were final book burning and removal from historical knowledge of this once great civilization that flourished up until just 100 years ago.

400 Years of Deception : History Repeats

There is much to be said for the 400 year marker. Static in the Attic mentioned this number a few times. He was right.

400 years ago, Scaliger helped to re-write the previous 400 years of history. Today we have Neo-Scaliger and his cohorts times many thousands rewriting the previous 800 years of history.

SO : Phoenicians and Venetians are exactly the same thing ?

Really. Divided by about 1000 years yet still exactly the same.

Because they SOUND the same?

What about the Russian word VENETS, which means ROYAL CITY?

What we have today are non-spiritual spiritual people who are also without empathy empaths and are (in my humble opinion) totally crap Historians.

In Western European sources, Russia-Horde of the XIV-XVI centuries was reflected as the Habsburg empire of the XIV-XVI centuries. In the name Habsburg, that is, Habsburg, the second part – BURG – means CITY. And the first part of HAB is probably a Latinized reading of the Slavic word HAB, written in the usual Cyrillic alphabet. That is, NEW. Latin N is written as Slavic N. And Latin B – as Slavic B. In this case, HABSBURG is just a NEW CITY, NOVGOROD. This name carried the memory of the capital of Russia-Horde – Veliky Novgorod = Yaroslavl. By the way, the very name of the capital of the late Habsburgs of the 17th-18th centuries – VIENNA, in Austria, apparently comes from the Russian word VENETS. That is, the CROWNED, or ROYAL city. Then the Habsburgs were forgotten about the Horde origin. After the split of the Empire in the XVI-XVII centuries, Western Europeans began to re-write their “

With an audience of millions, just a button click away, this new FAKE HISTORY is spreading like wildfire.


Not just my own life’s work is being fucked up but also that of far too few, absolutely dedicated, other people.

To have such little regard and respect for just one person is disgusting, but to diss everyone who has actually done the DEEPEST work is beyond VILE.

So there :o)

Gatekeepers & Chicken Pies

Mrs. “Melisha” Tweedy is the main antagonist in Chicken Run. She is an exceptionally cruel farmer that will stop at nothing to make money by killing the chickens and making them into pies, running a “farm” that is more akin to a death-camp.

Melisha ? Antagonist?

800 pies?

She is the one controlling the Gatekeeper?

Dunno. Bovvereth me not :o)

Killers are always gate kept by a weak and scared man ?

Fecking Moldavite in my bra :o(

Impossible Task?

I’m deep into debunking the debunkers. An Hysterical Historical task that I set myself a few weeks back.

The notebooks are full of abbreviated swear words like WTF! Hey. It happens. Frustration at the layers that have to be waded through.

OK. The Ravens of Dinefwr, the book in progress – for the past 100 years – has a fictional character called Aleksandr. A Kievan Rus’ who becomes extremely close to Magnus Barelegs, King of Norway and eventually gets involved with the Welsh family at the centre of the story.

Where did I get that idea from? Jeez. Wales and Kiev fall in love, WTF?

Links : the new non-fiction task started in Egypt in stupid B.C. but migrated to………….Kiev in the 14th century A.D!

Always the twins. TWINS. Two.

Apropos of nothing – Scythian = Scotia = Scotland. I’m chasing that 1% Russian DNA of mine via Scandinavia again :o)

BTW : No offence, personal opinion only, but the vid below is filed as Hysterical Historical in my brain!

P.S. Novgorod on the Volkhov River is a 17th/18th century distortion. Veliky Novgorod aka Yaroslavl was on the VOLGA river. It was the supreme capital of the Horde Khans. FACT! Despite videos made by people who say that the capital of Tartary was in Kazan :o)

Borgia : Especially Lucrezia Borgia

Alexander Borgia was one of the OG Popes.

When you take a tour of the Vatican Museum – as I did – and you enter the Borgia rooms, you are told that the original walls are now covered over. The Borgia was too bad, too sexual, too deviant to be shown in all his ugliness.

The same is said about his son, Cesare, and his daughter.

Links have been made between Constantinople in the 12th century and Aragon via the Languedoc region in France.

Borgia is from Aragon. So he, and his entire family, HAD to be vilified and destroyed.

Ask any one about Cesare and Lucretia and y’all’ll get just one word…POISON. Fact!

Same old. Same old.

Patterns? Much?

A Tale of The HORDE in Italy : Florence

I refuse to use the word Tartary anymore.

For reasons of purity and because this word has been SO misused, abused and degraded – it will be THE HORDE.

Now that tantrum of mine is over…a Tale of The HORDE in Florence.

Once upon a time (in the 14th century) the Horde conquered Italy and made their capital at Florence. A small swampy town on the Tiber became their military base where they built a fortified city called The Vatican.

In Florence they created a beautiful place full of gardens and palaces and the people thrived in this community. Rome was not a threat to them. No popes existed. No other powerful families existed.

Everything changed in the middle of the 1400’s when refugees from the newly Ottoman – ised Constantinople converged in the fortified town on the Tiber and named the place Rome.

Enter the History ReWriters of the 16th and 17th centuries and you get the likes of the PAZZI Conspiracy.

I’ve shown the video below on my old blog. I love his style :o)