BFF & I have a cunning plan.

We are both escaping real life, nicking a Campervan and finding a mountain and/or loch to live in the shelter off. Sans husbands, sans kids, sans drudge.

Her ancestry is wonderful. Welsh, White Jamaican, a teensy bit of Scottish and her Dad was born of a German Baron.

Why the Highlands? Nobody knows :o)

I’ve been watching these videos today in preparation for life in the wild mountainsides with a mad woman who has led me into many a madcap adventure since we were kids !!!

BTW : the image above is a Tartan Favour. My wedding cake was decorated with them and all the family was given a piece of MacGregor Tartan as a token of love and fidelity.

This one is MINE.

P.S. She may be half Red, Gold and Green.

I’m ALL Red, White and Green !

Rock the Casbah to a 14th Century Tuscan Castle in the Napa Valley

Yeah. I know.

I’m still wasting my time and energy.

Olde Worlde Buildings built by Tartarians and unbuildable now.

Firkin Off.

From about 17:20 here below – SEE A 14th CENTURY TUSCAN VILLA BUILT IN CALI _ FORN_I_A in 2007.

I’ve Clashed and Punked the lot of ’em.


P.S. The very best Chardonnay I’ve ever tasted is Turning Leaf. From California. And I’m more French than U.S of A.

The Filth & The Fury

There are many things that I love about John Lydon.

He’s an historian and a Shakespearean.

He’s a Gooner – supports Arsenal.

He blames himself for Sid Vicious’ death.

He spent many years caring for his late wife when she had dementia.

He KNOWS life is shit/hard/painful but still cracks on.

He outed Jimmy Saville years before anyone else.


I never did the safety pin, grunge, spit, foul-mouth (though I’m getting better at that) mohawk haircut thing BUT ONCE A PUNK …etc :o)

If The Kids Are United…

It was so lovely last evening.

Knock on the door. Son opens and I hear a manly hug and back slap.

His mates walk into the kitchen, arms wide open for a hug from me.

And it was a proper hug. Held for ages.

When we upgraded the pigsty to a man cave/bar and all these kids would be here every week…it was a place to speak their minds.

Aka – that actual bar was painted white with lots of felt tips in a jug on top.

The drunken messages written were brilliant. One I remember more than the rest. It started at the top with – “My Mum is better than your Mum”

Everyone chipped in.

Kids today would NEVER EVER EVEN think of writing that.

Every morning I was there with sweet hot tea, Alka Seltzers, Anadin or a bacon sandwich. Depending on the level of the hangover.

Some Ties Bind Stronger Than Others.

Thank you, kids. Love you all :o)


Way back in October 2019 I wrote a post about CNN (Chicken Noodle News) in HongKong and got this comment from Ms. LOL@NO.COM


And I’m still getting these kind of BS GTFouttaHere comments to this day.


We went to Hong Kong to visit our office there. FACT.

I WAS the 49% owner and director of a multi/international UK Ltd (fully registered at Companies House – paying 70% Corporation Tax) Security Company along with my 51% husband.

YouTube HATES truth. True Truth.

YouTube IS Disney Fantasy Land where anyone can do, be, say anything that they want.

Greta Brookes was KILLED by youtube TRUTHERS.

And not a single ET TU BRUTI gives a flying fuck.

Shame on y’all.

We were given the chance to unite and fight against THE THEY. Some just fought against their own. Blue on Blue.

Sad but TRUE.

For once in my life I’ve got something to say
I want to say it now for now is today
A love has been given so why not enjoy
So let’s all grab and let’s all enjoy
If the kids are united then we’ll never be divided
If the kids are united then we’ll never be divided
Just take a look around you
What do you see

How about A PUNK Romantic?

Punk and the New Romantics span my informative music years.


Boy George. Appeared in public wearing a wedding dress and a policeman’s helmet?


I’m not a Bowie fan but Himself has Vinyl Bowie. Originals.

Words on Stream is now the Neo Duran Duran.

P.S. My Dad saw Boy George on Top of the Pops singing Karma Chameleon and said – WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS THAT?

Fast forward to recent footballers advertising hair and beauty products.

Nothing New.

I’m going to have to do a Spandau Ballet song. Tony Hadley…..what a voice!

Love Is a Stranger & Kelvin Kyte

Annie and Dave are fabby famous. So this song is Known by many.

Kelvin Kyte? And why bring him into it?

PAY ATTENTION to the music video. Read the below. And work IT OUT yo’self. FFS.


Nah :o)

Just words.

T characters are real people with real issues and the mysteries are dissected and solved in ways that make sense for a crime fiction story. However, the books are also heavily steeped in the supernatural.

Rickman, the author, understands religions and lore and folktales, and whatever he doesn’t know he researches thoroughly. This shows in The Cold Calling.

The series revolves around the experiences of Bobby Maiden, Marcus Bacton, Sister Anderson, and Cindy.

Cindy is a cross-dressing Shaman. When readers encounter him in the first novel (The Cold Calling), Cindy is certain that a landlady’s daughter was killed by the same person who took the life of William Rufus a long time ago.

Because of a lack of concrete evidence, no one gives Cindy’s ramblings any consideration and that, in turn, drives Cindy to undertake his own investigation.

Bobby Maiden is one of the police officers that choose to ignore Cindy’s claims, and for good reason. Bobby’s life is unraveling. Not only did his marriage implode but he discovered evidence pinning his boss to a corruption case.

When the boss in question retaliates, Bobby actually dies, only to revive a little while later. For Sister Anderson, death is nothing new. And as far as she knows, most people that return to the world of the living typically report visions of a bright light.

But for Bobby, the afterlife was a nightmare, and even after he revives, he cannot find peace. Terrible dreams torment him. If that wasn’t enough, Bobby knows that his boss will orchestrate another accident the first chance he gets.

So when Sister Anderson, a nurse that was miraculously healed and whose own healing powers brought him back to life, offers him sanctuary, Bobby accepts.

It is through Anderson that Bobby meets Marcus, a student of the supernatural, and Grayle Underhill, an American journalist who writes a New Age column in the New Yorker.

Grayle, Cindy, Bobby, Anderson, and Marcus must band together to overcome the mystical source of their respective challenges.

The Cold Calling series tells their story. Each novel follows the distinct journeys of the individual characters as they pull away from one another and then snap back together, forced to reconnect by unexpected circumstances.


These novels are most commonly commended for their magnetic characters and grounded exploration of incredible paranormal occurrences, with some of the best books in the series including:

The Cold Calling: Marcus lives in the ruin of an ancient castle. His life is hardly ordinary. After all, his housekeeper saw the Virgin Mary at a prehistoric burial mound.

When a television archaeologist buys the burial mound and then attempts to acquire the ancient castle, Marcus wants to fight back.

However, distractions keep pushing their way into his life. Chief amongst them is Bobby Maiden. The DI was killed by his corrupt boss. But then sister Anderson, a nurse, and alternative healer brought him back.

Now he is plagued by frightening dreams. Anderson brings Bobby to Marcus because she thinks he can help the police officer.

Meanwhile, Cindy, a ventriloquist, is certain that a serial killer is on the loose. However, he has no proof and no one will listen to him.



I have not counted the number of times that Phil/Will has had a pop at Richard Dawkins in his many novels.

But enough to tell us what he thinks of this #famous person/darwinian/atheist.

Back to Annie and Dave AND Stranger Danger. Gotta love past insults :o)

Time To Test Myself :o)

The retail building above is now empty.

I know the owner. I know her business partner. I know the woman who owns the shop next door. But I don’t know why the business has been wound up.

I’ve loved this place since I was a kid. Back then it was the local chemist and had been family owned for generations. They were proper pharmacists but had kept all the original Victorian shop fittings.

Those fittings are long gone but the space is still gorgeous.

Jeebuth. Sooooo tempting.

Do I go back into “trade” ? ? ?

Do I have the ability to start from scratch again?

This is gonna test my leetle grey cell.

Discount for trade, love? I used to have fun saying that in happier days.

Monkey See. Monkey Do.

It’s soooo disheartening to see so many sit there, chewing the cud.

Jeebuth. They take something partly digested by someone else and regurgitate and chew and regurgitate and chew and share with other who regurgitate and….OK. You get the point.

But that seems to the yt TROOTHER Community T’s&C’s.

Chew the cud and be grateful and (not so small print) set out to destroy EVERYBODY who’s either purged the over-masticated BS or has come in from a left field with sweeter and better grass.




BTW – these troothers make videos entitled TESLA IS FAKE.

And people believe them … WTF?

Did you know that Competition is HEALTHY? It allows for growth and learning and new unchewed, un-puked up grass to be examined. God’s Honest Truth.

Puhlease, y’all. Get outta the Monkey See, Monkey Do rubbish and BE ORIGINAL. Slightly mad. Off topic. UNIQUE. Non-machine made, identical cookie cut zombie.

Thank you.

Oh. 3+6+9=18=9

Platinum Jubilee : He Missed That One!

Apparently, most of the workers worked out that Betty’s PlatJub would be a great way to get a few more days off work.

So – the Highways and Byways crew booked off one day before and one day after the Jubilee “Celebrations”

Himself missed that crack! He’ll be on Emergency Response the whole time.

Now – the question seems to be What Will Happen When The Queen Dies?

Enter Lindsay :o)



Yesterday I engaged in a 4 hour live chat without ONCE being told to Eff Off, or ignored, or deleted or banned.

Even more shocking, Scott actually acknowledged my comments and helped me to understand the subject of EMF and antiqitech and electricity.

Stay Punk :o)

My gratitude is measureless.

Bringing Terror to Glasgow ?

I’ve said this a thousand times before. And it’s STILL TRUE TRUTH.

My paternal Grandmother was born and bred in the Gorbals, Glasgow.

She was a force to be reckoned with, was Lily. Even my Mum was scared of her. And Mum was a scary woman in her own right!

But Lily loved me to the bone and I loved her back. I was about 7 years old when she died. Very suddenly.

Anyhoo. There are some peeps one should NEVER try to terrorise. We’ve seen & experienced too much to EVER play pretend dead at the first bombshell.

Yeh. I’m still wielding the Claymore with both hands.


OK. Click watch on yt. Yawn.

Jack Sheeeet, George!

What did you learn at yt truther school today?
Jack shit
The minute the yt teacher turns away
That’s it
How many times were you truly intrigued?
Not any
Is boredom a symptom of mental fatigue?
Not many (which means LOTS in London. Reverse Psychology?)
When have you ever been top of the class?
Not once (banned from ev-uh-re-wuhs)
What will you do when you’re out on your arse?
A dunce (That dog don’t hunt!)
What are your prospects of doing quite well?
Too small (ditto)
And what will you have at the very last Bell?
F*ck all


P.S. Tell Ian Dury that POLIO is a Fffffake disease. That his body was never crippled from it.

Oh. Shame. Too effing late!

POETS DAY : The Lady of Tartary

I did this one three years ago. But I’ll self-ref without shame.

In the little back bedroom of my Nan’s house, my room, there was space enough for a single bed and a bookcase. On the bookcase were all of my Mum’s childhood books. Blyton, Kingsley, A.A. Milne, Ransome, Walter Scott and Walter de la Mare.

I once sent a snarky reply to The Tartarian Princess on yt. She exclaimed that she was waiting for her Tartarian Prince.

I said that a Tartarian Princess didn’t need a prince. She could rule all on her. Like Tamar of Georgia.

No wonder I keep getting banned. LMFAO :o)

Forget the word LORD and inject the word LADY (?)

What You Give Is What You Get

Girl Monday is due any minute now.

She can be quite scary. But, then, so can I :o)

Last Monday she walked into a room and found me in a compromising position……my bum being the first thing on view.

She said : Oh. Jackie. I was so tempted to hit you across the arse.

I replied : You do that and I’ll hit you back.

We have a mutual bond though when any man walks in the room. Stereophonic female abuse from both of us.


Hey – the men start it. We END it !

I Have A SECRET Love…Again!

Rachel is so like me in so many ways.

I’ve spent the whole of last week watching her complete madness on yt. She makes me feel soooooo NOT ALONE anymore :o)

Yep. She buys into the WWW stupids going on. But I can forgive her everything when I watch.

And she’s teaching me to be much less of a Perfect Penelope when it comes to sewing.

Even HIMSELF fell in love with her this morning.

OMG. Schwoon.

It’s the red hair.

ALWAYS the red hair!

Truth Will Out!

She’s Invincible.

That was said about me yesterday. All three men in the house are wondering why the fluff I didn’t come down with the ManFlu.

Mind over Matter was my prosaic answer. They all know that I’ve NEVER believed in it. That I have fought against the stupidity from day 1. That I’ve not done as we were all ordered to do. And that I have faced some truly disgusting people-abuse because of all that.

They are all beginning to see through the lies and fear-porn now. Because, two years later, NOT ONE THING about all this nonsense makes sense.

Himself was called into work today although said work ordered him to be tested and he was positive. i.e. he has a cold.

He’s still not been flowed laterally (or whatever) and found negative yet so he’s running around the yard asking everyone to give him a hug. Grown men, hairy-arsed gangers and pot-holers, are running away from him squealing.

The 18 year old he is training and shares a van with keeps saying, yeah whatever to everyone. Cool :o)



I went into town a bit later this morning. We have ice. And every exit from the village I live in is DOWN hill.

Anyways. I spotted a shop open and decided to go inside to get something for BFF who will be here in a couple of days.

LOTS of signs all over the door, swingy sign on the road, windows with BIG FONT CAPITAL words like mask and mandatory.

My brain said ? and I went in.

I hadn’t got 5 steps when I was asked to put on my mask.

Soz, love. I’m exemplary.

No. I didn’t. I wanted to. I just said that I was exempt.

When I went to pay the whole £1.93 of my purchase, she slipped the machine under the plastic screen and allowed me to beep.

OMG. I so wanted to have paid her in 1 pence coins so that she’d have to touch my cooties.


My bad.

THRILLER & The Magus of Hay

WTF is this OBSESSION with dead people still being alive? ? ?

I honestly don’t understand the vibe.

This week’s nocturnal audiobook is Magus of Hay by Phil Rickman.

Merrily, the Diocesan Deliverance Minister aka Exorcist, is called in to counsel and help a recently bereaved ex-head mistress whose secretary, companion, best friend (& lover?) has recently died. They shared the same bedroom, twin beds, and Merrily does her blessing thing.

But the ex-headmistress complains to the Bishop because she can now no longer see and talk to her late friend.


Once upon a time I lived in the Burj Khalifa for about 10 days. We were a few seconds walk from the fountains and the most amazing Lebanese restaurant. All public restaurants there are “dry.” No alcohol. But a few steps away are several bars.

I might’ve wandered out of the bar, leaving himself and his sister. They found me a bit later watching, listening to this and dancing with a bunch of total strangers. Shrug.

MJ – Wanted. Dead or Alive :o)

Five of Pentacles : Left Out in the Cold

I’ve been here so long – literally and physically – that I might as well move to Siberia.

Not a penny earned from years of work.

Nothing. Nowt. Nicht. Banned. Ignored. . . Feeling sorry for myself (?)


Necessity is the MOTHER of Invention and I have enough faith and imagination to INVENT my way out of the Gulag.

I have TWO saviours. The greatest HIMSELF and plenty of hot water bottles :o)

P.S. The FIVE in the Major Arcana is The Hierophant. The Highest Authority of ALL. God/The Creator/The Divine/The Father.

First Footing & Happy Hogmanay

When I was a kid, my Dad would mysteriously disappear every New Year’s Eve at about 7/8pm. He’d leave the house carrying a bottle of whisky, some food and a piece of coal.

Yes – Being tall, Scottish, with black hair and not bad-looking, he was in High Demand this night.

It’s called First Footing.

Today it would be called something totally different, sadly :o(

I’ve had many a dour adult New Year’s Eve with people who are all Xmassed out. Pooh to Party Poopers!!!!

I think Nicola Fish, Scotland’s First SeaCreature has cancelled Edinburgh AGAIN this year.

Bet she’s getting pished in private tonight and laughing her Manolo Blahniks off.

Happy Next Year and Slainte to all those who pretend to be…..

Christmas Food Shopping Day

It was all worked out, discussed, lists written and agreed last night.

By 8am we’d all be ready (ALL of us) to go and buy food for Christmas Eve and Day.

I leave this shop as late as possible because of the vegetables (no, not the other house peeps) FRESH vegetables. Why buy them a week before so that they’re all manky and dry by the Big Day?

TahDah. I’m up at 6. All chores done. Fire lit. Coat on and……zzzzzzzzzzz!

Fast forward to long past 8 am and we enter a War Zone of trollies, screaming kids and pissed off old age pensioners with Aisle Rage.


Oh. I will judge the girly below. Her kids have had a McDonald’s breakfast and she’s showing us her chocolate and crisps horde ? ? ?

I had to fight a masked marauder for some parsnips and carrots, FFS!

P.S. Ooops. I bought myself a Terry’s Chocolate Orange too. Shame on ME!

Man Friday vs Girl Monday

I have a Girl Monday…Man Friday be not wanted :o)

My girl Monday has been with this house for almost 20 years. We decided to inherit her from the previous owners in 2008.

Apart from a sabbatical of a couple of years when our life went all Neil de Grasse Tyson – pear-shaped – she has been my helper and my comrade.

We are exactly the same age with two grown up sons and the same philosophical outlook on certain areas of life.

Jeebuth : You think I’m gobby and confrontational?

She outclasses me in every area :o)

Himself is scared to death of her but will still try. Bless ‘im.

Scathing is not a strong enough word for her replies to him.

I laugh a lot when she’s around. Which will be in a couple of hours.

Oh. And she’s not averse to putting me in my place either. I just tell her how much I missed her those years we spent apart *grin*

Fomenko : A New Chronology via Static in the Attic

I first came across the works of Fomenko and Co in 2000. But as I was in the middle of writing a series of novels that I truly dreamed of being published, I could not dive in too deep.

Many publishers and literary agents rejections later – I self- published Weave a Garland of My Vows on Amazon in 2014.

That was when I KNEW that my “series” was a dead duck and I went back to New Chronology.

I made a solid and permanent choice to NEVER produce youtube videos to promote my work or my views so I wrote them all down. This is my 6th wordpress blog.

The last one before this and the one before that are linked above.

BUT – only youtube Historians get any (ALL) validation now with their videos. So – with that in mind – watch Static’s latest.

He WILL be viewed and complimented and TROLLED.

I’m staying here. Behind the scenes. Working hard and trying to do the best I can.

Thanks, SitA :o)

When I Was 17…It Was a Very Good Year

September, the start of the 6th Form, we had a new pupil in the Common Room called Jim.

We all had great fun. He was a comedian then. At the end of term, Christmas, I dropped out of school and left home to earn a living “down south.”

We met again when I was almost 18, walking home from my job in a local restaurant. A car squealed to a halt beside me and he jumped out, leaving his parents bemused. We had a quick chat, he’d just got the job as our local theatre manager. Weeks later he came to my 18th birthday party. He met my Mum and flattered her to heaven and back and then, on the 3rd of January, I left to join the army without telling him.

The Kid Did Well. He was always meant to be a Star :o)

Sweet to reconnect with old and much loved mates.

Gatekeepers & Chicken Pies

Mrs. “Melisha” Tweedy is the main antagonist in Chicken Run. She is an exceptionally cruel farmer that will stop at nothing to make money by killing the chickens and making them into pies, running a “farm” that is more akin to a death-camp.

Melisha ? Antagonist?

800 pies?

She is the one controlling the Gatekeeper?

Dunno. Bovvereth me not :o)

Killers are always gate kept by a weak and scared man ?

Fecking Moldavite in my bra :o(

Empty vs Emptiness

I have met too many empty people. Those with a void, a black hole inside themselves that they will fill with….ANYTHING.

I’ve even been there myself. It’s called The Dark Night of the Soul when we have to reach into unchartered depths to fill in this blank. When EVERYTHING becomes NOTHING. And NOTHING becomes EVERYTHING.

Most people have neither the will nor the wish nor the strength to this.

They are the ones who are truly void.

Contrast that with wilful emptiness. When we have reached a place where only WE fill our own void. Without the zillions of external distractions. From BMW’s to World Fame to a FULL Bank Account.

Yup. I’m on this journey too. With so much being taken away from me through time and circumstance – I’m learning the True Value of Emptiness :o)

P.S. Take my chocolate away though and I WILL fight back :o)

The 11:11 Journey

Anyone STUPID enough to have fallen for this (myself?) will understand my anti-patriarchal society post.

All women who truly believed have been …

Ghosted, Lied to, Lied about, Destroyed, Humiliated, Left out, Publicly damned, Ignored, Insulted, Stolen from, Taken advantage of, Been replaced, Laughed at, Fucked over, Optioned, Murdered, Cheated on/by/out of, Blamed for ?, Denied, Copied, Over ruled, Under Written, Demonised, Ditched etc etc etc by a so called Divine Masculine.

I’m NO MAN’s Pazzi. No one OWNS me.

Thank you.

And if you’ve been hurt…suck it up, act like a REAL MAN and take responsibility for your OWN actions and choices.

We can die many times in life, at the hands of other people. But sometimes our Spark of Life is just too strong. FACT!

This is NOT an Advert but…

All of our vehicles in Dubai were White Toyota Land Cruisers.

When my traveller in crime and I did this Safari…I totally understood why.

Hours after scaring the crap out of us all, he dropped us off beside some camels to ride and then an enclosure deep in the desert where we watched the most amazing shows, got ourselves some Mendhi tattoos and sweated almost to death until way after midnight.

A Scary but Memorable Adventure :o)

Freaking camels are weird but wonderful !

Happy BFF Day :o)

She & I met at school when we were 11 years old. We connected because we were both outsiders.

Her Dad was RAF, my Dad had been Royal Marines and then Lincolnshire Police.

Everyone else around us in class were “locals” in every sense of the word.

We got together again a year after leaving school – aged 17 – when she was working in London and I was working about a half hour train ride away. I’d go there every weekend that I had off. Sometimes on a Friday, when I’d meet her in Holburn where she worked full time. But if it was Saturday, I’d meet her at Harrods, where she had a Saturday job.

Happy Birthday, darling girl. So many beautiful memories :o)

Shut My Mouth…ZIP

Yesterday I wrote about our Rayburn, the price of kerosene to fill it and being surrounded by trees.

Oh. I pulled something bitchy into MY reality.

The Rayburn ran out of oil today. Sulk.

And a huge tree fell down, over the pond and crushed my fave bench. And the chainsaw is broken.


My bad ?

Another crazy arse twist….THIS song kept Ultravox’s Glorious masterpiece Vienna from the No.1 spot on the UK pop list.



He makes a bargain with Faust: Mephistopheles will serve Faust with his magic powers for a set number of years, but at the end of the term, the Devil will claim Faust’s soul, and Faust will be eternally enslaved. During the term of the bargain, Faust makes use of Mephistopheles in various ways.

Isn’t it a wonderful and divine gift when one can keep going back to everything one has ever done and re-talk about it.

OMG : The girl has gone all posh :o)

My theory – 99.9% made the same deal as Faust. And none of them realise it.

Sad :o(


I call my traveller in crime Blondie sometimes.

She is the EXACT opposite of me in looks.

Less tall, blonde, blue-eyed. And every so often the WELSH in her comes out when she speaks.

Like – I’ve got my appointment now. In November. Or. There’s no bread, You’ll have to have toast. Or. That’s lush. Or. I’ll be there now, tomorrow.

Do YOU feel lucky, Punk?

Dirty Harry :o)

To Madness & Beyond


I’m obv’s manda-ella afflicted.

I watched a video earlier from a channel that I’ve been subbed to since the beginning of his quest.

It was very informative. I learned a few things that I didn’t know but which make sense.

Now that video has gone.

Hey, Guys. All I did in between was cook a Shepherds’ Pie. Then come back to watch again… which is something I rarely do on yt.