The Great Awakening : WHY?

Even my parents-in-law, who are from that generation that OBEYED orders from above, can see what is going on now.

They, too, have lost all faith in government and “news” and society as it is now.

The Great Awakening has many layers. There were those of us who always questioned authority. Even when I served as a teenager in H.M. Forces I had this innate knowledge that respect is EARNED not given just because y’all went to Sandhurst and had shiny decorations on your shoulders.

Then there are those who gave birth to the “truth” community. They have uncovered so much, so many lies………..!

Now we have a new wave of WOKE people who see right through the “truth” community…. and so many new lies!

But, much like those whom these Truthers denigrate and verbally spit upon, this same community is STILL incapable of taking account for what they have done. I.E. Trodden the same path as those they proclaim to despise.

There is no real love there. Just numbers – subs, views, videos produced, followers, believers (Hallelujah) and ways that y’all can make donations.

They are now being seen for what they truly are. And people like me – who questioned them years ago – are now Banned. Dead. Hidden. Abused. Threatened. Humiliated.


But y’all CANNOT stop those who come behind us and question. And debunk. And disbelieve. And need answers.



If not me or those of my ilk – there will always be others demanding answers that these truthers can never confront.


I’m Scottish. We do NOT kiss arse. We confront and challenge and operate under the Divine Law of TOUGH LOVE.


Can you survive or are YOU the weakest link?

These Are The Contents of MY head :o)

Rock the Casbah to a 14th Century Tuscan Castle in the Napa Valley

Yeah. I know.

I’m still wasting my time and energy.

Olde Worlde Buildings built by Tartarians and unbuildable now.

Firkin Off.

From about 17:20 here below – SEE A 14th CENTURY TUSCAN VILLA BUILT IN CALI _ FORN_I_A in 2007.

I’ve Clashed and Punked the lot of ’em.


P.S. The very best Chardonnay I’ve ever tasted is Turning Leaf. From California. And I’m more French than U.S of A.

Altai Republic & The Old Believers

Altai is in Southern Siberia.

Old Believers are Russian who rejected the new “religion” and kept to the Old Eastern Orthodox Religion of times before the 17th century.

Mmmn. 1603. Such an important date. The date that the Romanov came to power and began to destroy the Old Believers.

I feel them. Outcast. Unwanted. Unneeded. Abandoned.


But we can keep our ancestors and our history ALIVE.

Neeps and tatties and mince. LOL!

BTW – neeps are SWEDES not turnips. You turnip-heads.

The BEST Place To Learn…

…is a quote. From a member of the Truth Community.

From a handsome (quote) clever (quote) good-looking (quote) Mr Man.

He lika da girls. Lots of them. He made them Moderators.

He da Cowboi shooting from da hip.


Heyho. Such is life.

And, thank you, my Lord. Silence is GOLDEN :o)

SOUL FOOD : Great Success

Meatloaf is not really a UK traditional dish but I had all that I needed and was a bit brain dead. So I went back to Momma Cherri and her meatloaf.

Woohoo. 12 out of 10 on the scoreboard. Though I may’ve been a bit heavy handed with the Worcestershire Sauce :o)

Spicy. Like a Bat Out of Hell….?

P.S. Years since I saw the original programme. Momma lives in Brighton, on the south coast, methinks.


This is a smell that was part of my life for a few years.

I was once told as a child that every country has it’s own smell. Well – UAE smells of oud.

Everywhere you go, they burn this incense. I bought loads home with me, along with charcoal blocks. My traveller-in-crime and I even got lost and abandoned in the souk in Old Dubai searching for the best oud. Absolute True Truth.

Recently I came across the product above on ama z on. Nag Champa has been my go to incense for almost a quarter of a century so I knew it’d be good.

WOW. The house smells like the Middle East right now :o)

I’m open to a NagChampa sponsorship vibe – LOL !


I missed this.


Watching now that the latest family drama has concluded……….with our bank account right back on the bones of its arse. Sigh.

Life is what y’all make it.

Or what y’alls dearly beloved make it and you cop the backdraft :o)

The Spear of Destiny vs The Spear of Longinus

I’ve spent too long doing this stuff. Just to have it all ripped apart by the “We Always Win” crew.

Nah. Not any more, mes braves.

Go back. Go way, way back to my posts from 2018/2019 when I tear the Romans apart. Especially Julius Caesar and all that crap.

HIS – story is real. It’s all HIS Story. When you dive deep into Fomenko and New Chronology and actually try to debunk them for over a decade. You’ll understand from whence I come.

Who drove a Spear into Christ’s side when he was on the cross?

And WHO one was of the killers of Julius Caesar?

Et tu Bruti?

Et tu Gaius Cassius Longinus?

And none of this has anything to do with Russia – the country as we know it today.

AEWAR has fallen down the same hole, methinks.

And yes. I’m overly sensitive right now. That’s the lot of a REAL EMPATH who FEELS every single knife/arrow/spear on their soul.

Apparently Herr A. Hitler was desperate to obtain the Spear of Destiny so that he could have magical power uber alles. And we all know how that ended. Follow a MYTH, disprove a myth.

NC postulates that the man known as Julius Caesar is a “reflection” of the myth known as “Jesus.”

I’m in my own private Circle of Hell chez Dante right now.

Or just keep on taking the piss out of me.

So over y’all :o)

P.S. Try looking into Wagner and Parsifal or Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Parzival or The Bleeding Spear of the Grail Castle or The Fisher King with his thigh stuck by a spear or Chiron the wounded or ? ? ?

Weird Patterns : From Sparta to Scotland

I watched 300 and had to smile. I had no idea who Gerard Butler was but his Scottish accent kept slipping through.

Himself (the man about the house) just threw me googly by saying that he ACTUALLY missed eating Jock Pies.

Jock Pies recipe.

We used to be able to buy them here, in town. I said WTF? I grew up on them.

When Lily and I went to get the messages, she’d always buy us a Scotch/Jock Pie from the Butcher. Or Baker. Sheesh. It was a long while ago :o)

I’ve made my own but…..:o(


I’ve had them in my face for 4 years now.


And every single yt comment of WAW has come from an Americano.

Americano’s who’ve spent 4 years telling ME to STFU and DIE.


BTW – Not one single true Scottish Viking would EVER publicly call themselves a FRENCH St. Clair. The Auld Alliance is twisted history ?!

Thanks, AB-USE.


Thank you for the Music….via the Scottish Viking Clans


P.S. I spent time working with Americans in Berlin and have visited the good ol’ US of A twice.

F A C T!

Words Words Words says Hamlet – who married an Aussie !


I Do NOT Do Religion : Fact!

Not as it’s “taught” or “programmed”

I’m a FREE spiritual being who is willing to learn from others who have different takes on different things. Be it food or fashion or football teams or fast cars or funny.

I’ve always been a fan of SitA from his very first appearance way back when I first “appeared.”

Knock ’em bandy, Jared :o)

Another Loss!

My brother rang me 3 days ago and left a message. Then he rang back and I answered.

He started by giving me a huge bollocking for not answering the phone!

I listened and then said…What’s wrong?

I have talked about Auntie Christine several times here over the years. She married my Dad’s younger brother, Jim. The marriage lasted 6 weeks but she has ALWAYS been a much loved family member.

Dear Christine, the wonderful Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland girl, has gone to join Jim, my Dad, my Mum, Joy….Dad and Jim’s younger sister and all the others.

Wow. It hit me hard.

Then I had this great need (once the sobbing stopped) to watch my favourite comedian.

The very best bit of this video below (in my opinion) is the quote :

Don’t’ Vote. You Only Encourage Them.

P.S. Christine was a Penman. From Border Stock….a Reiver. But she fell in love with us bunch of Teuchters :o)

Russian Coal : Gan Yam

Gan Yam? Geordie for going home.

Russian Coal ? A much more personal story.

Dad’s brother, Uncle Jim, married a local Kinghorn Girl. They spent their honeymoon in our house in Lincolnshire.

Aunty Christine was only 11 years older than me so aboot 23. Tension? OMG. My brothers and I’d come home from school and scoot upstairs with the “homework” excuse.

Jim and Christine’s marriage lasted 6 weeks. Pillows and knives involved. Not pleasant.


Even today she is our Aunty Christine. We love her to pieces.

Years later my brothers and I were invited to stay with her and her parents in Kinghorn. She and her Mum shouted at me for knocking on the front door.

You are family…just walk in!

Her Dad was a Fife coal miner and one afternoon he told me his story of the mines. And how he’d travelled Russia to meet other Coal Labourers.

He was a “died in the wool” socialist. I was 18 and a sponge.

A few years back, living here, we got our winter coal delivery – Coal Man told us it was Russian Coal.

This is all true and verifiable.

We’ll Keep The Red Flag Flying ?


Conservative. Labour. Liberal. Green. All the same to me.

BTW – are these melted buildings or open cast mines in Fife, Scotland?

Why? Why? Why? Mummy….!

I remember (vividly) the exact time that I had no answer for my children’s constant questioning.

Up to a certain age you have a perfectly valid and sane answer to their unending questions.

And THEN………

Comes THE question that blows your brain.

No. Not sex. It can be any question about anything that you are forced to answer with – I DON’T KNOW. If you are an honest, loving caring parent.

I remember VIVIDLY the day my eldest son said to me – “Mummy. Why can’t you answer my question? I thought you knew everything.”

Me. Being ME replied. “My lovely boy, some things are not answerable by me. YOU have to find your own answer.”

That’s why I went through years of distance from the grandparents for not having either of my boys “christened” in church.

Thankfully their father agreed with the total hypocrisy of it all (church christening with all the trimmings and BS) and let me let THEM choose their own faith.

They are both grown men now and I can still threaten to slap their bums. Even though they are much taller and wider than me :o)


And it makes for great, far-ranging, uncontrolled and immensely enlightening discussions!!!!!!

The video below is about teaching his son how to TELL TIME and the difference between Hour and Our.

Jeebuth. I love a person who loves words and how to dissect them :o)

P.S. I was told this morning that I have a mannerism for when I “angry” speak. I always preface with the word ERRRR.

As in Errr – not a hope in hell. Or Errr- Of course, my darling.


I STILL pick them up on words that have 2 T’s in but neither are enunciated.


Time To Test Myself :o)

The retail building above is now empty.

I know the owner. I know her business partner. I know the woman who owns the shop next door. But I don’t know why the business has been wound up.

I’ve loved this place since I was a kid. Back then it was the local chemist and had been family owned for generations. They were proper pharmacists but had kept all the original Victorian shop fittings.

Those fittings are long gone but the space is still gorgeous.

Jeebuth. Sooooo tempting.

Do I go back into “trade” ? ? ?

Do I have the ability to start from scratch again?

This is gonna test my leetle grey cell.

Discount for trade, love? I used to have fun saying that in happier days.

Independence Day

YAY. The day y’all declared yourselves Independent of Mad King George of Britain. Or aliens ? ? ?

OK. I’m gonna upset many here but – wtf. That’s what I do :o)

Hey. The man in the video above the video above used the word. NOT ME.

It’s Not Just an Oirish t’ing, ya ken?

It’s a fault (or gift) of the Scots too. Especially Highlanders.

P.S. I was not ever the favourite child either. I was a girl. The other two were boys. My mother was not good at hiding this but Dad was just….A David.

I got over it the day we cleared out his flat, after his funeral.

My father had kept every single Xmas and birthday card I’d sent him since leaving home at 17.

The feckin’ eedjit :o)

A Short History of the Comneni

John the Good and his brother Isaac were very close.

Isaac married Kata/Irene and they had three children Andronicus, John, Anna.

My very old family tree above used the Mainstream history dates for the birth and death of Andronicus I Comnenus but….the video below blows the birth date outta the wazoo.

According to N.C. Andronicus Comnenus was born in 1152 and crucified in 1185.

A bit of maths here? C’mon.

Today is my eldest son’s 33rd birthday. Which PROVES Venus Rose’s description of me as a dinosaur. I’m over 50 years old.

Aaaaarrrrgggghhhhhhhhh! Hateful.


Loving my haters more and more :o)

Switch Flipped – Silly to Serious : Battle of the Bibles

Sheesh. Everyone seems to be so stuck on the KJV. WHY?

I have no understanding. Because I was not brought up in churchian stuff.

The Bible is the Bible.

I’m also an Historian and not afraid of looking into alternative narratives.

History is all about OPINION & PROGRAMMING now. When you are so far removed from all that – your mind is open to the many other avenues.

What I always loved about Jordan Tabov was his way of giving me a text and leaving me to draw my own conclusions.




My tiny little Market Town at the arse end of Lincolnshire once thrived on the canals. They are still here but…..

It’s dead water.

20 years ago the canals were teeming with life. My boys (influenced by their fishing father) could identity all the fish and creatures that lived by the water.

We still have so many buildings by the canals with the marks of lofts and cranes that once pulled cargo from the barges to store and sell. Wool. Coal. Hemp. Cotton – et al.

But now they’re all turgid and dank and dark and prone to flooding. Or floating beer cans or Tesco trollies or rubber johnnies. Nary a boat to be seen.


The Union Canal via BRUCE


The Last Wilderness of Scotland

The image above is an academic paper that I’ve had for a while now.

I posted about it either here or on my previous (now buggered) Greta Brookes blog.

So – when this came up on the TV I had to watch.

I’ve done the canoe bit in Scotland. For a whole day. That was enough for me. Thanks for the experience!

A portage is….?

Never mind.

P.S. I’d love, LOVE a melted buildings expert analysis on the Scottish Highlands. Plenty of mountains there :o)

Writing The Hero’s Journey

I am first and foremost a writer.

I’ve studied both the art and the craft of writing for decades but everything I’ve read and/or written boils down to one single Universal Truth.


This is the meaning of life. To live that journey.

Joseph Campbell was a great mentor via his books. Robert Graves too. And Myth & Legend. And the Tarot.

Everything in our lives is predicated on The Journey and how we choose to travel.

This journey ALWAYS starts with THE FOOL. The blithe young soul wearing the motley, with a bindle on his shoulder, the rose of love in his hand and a faithful dog at his heels as he steps over the cliff into the unknown.

The Journey always ends with The World. A circle. A Naked Woman and the Tetramorph (the four elements or the Four Evangelists or…)

It is a completed cycle.

Within this journey we face so much. So many trials. The Magic. The Spirit. The Love. The Strength. The Forward. The Backward. The Death. The Rebirth. The Devil. The Angel. The Destruction. The Rebuilding. Justice. Judgement. Light. Dark. Hope. Failure. Loss. Gain.


George Lucas wrote Star Wars based on Joseph Campbell’s Hero With a Thousand Faces.

Luke is the fool. The little man with a strange voice (Obi wan?) is the Magician. Leia is the High Priestess. Darth is just one letter away from DEATH. And Vader is an anagram of RAVED.


I see this within my own life. Though – I just keep going back to The Sacred Fool (Heyoka) and Death is a given.

Don’t Bring Me Down…….

Thanks :o)

2 vs ONE

That’s how it started for me.

Narc + Narc ua-vs Little ME.

Then it GREW.

Hundreds of Narcs vs Little ME.

There is too much darkness in this world but one small light will always shine. FACT!

My greatest weapon was used the day that I revealed my EMPATH Soul. In 2019.

LOL. It brought them ghosties, ghoulies and long legged beasties right into – not just MY life but also – my most dearly beloveds’ lives.

And for that single eff-up…I HAVE become extremely Old Testament.


Destroy me all y’all want.

Leave my loved ones alone.

Thank you.

My light left on is NOT for demons. It’s for the love we bear each other.

NO – THING will destroy that.

Get it. Got it. GOOD :o)

Aonach Eagach Ridge

OMG & Jeebus. I felt sick and dizzy just watching this.

Way back in the 80’s we (our platoon from Londonderry) travelled to Stirling for a week of anti-glamping.

Somehow – I talked myself into climbing in Glencoe. Good idea at the time, yes?

NO, you twit.

If it was not this exact ridge we walked, it was one very similar. In our army boots, issue denim trousers and dinky t-shirts.

Half way across, I froze in absolute terror. The ground beneath my size 5 boots was only wide enough to walk by putting one foot in front of t’other.

Never been fond of heights since that day. FACT!

We survived. Though Carol, the only other girl with me, decided to do her descent through the scree, on her back. Ouch.

Poor lass was in agony for weeks after :o(

Nvr 4g3t

Never forget where you’ve come here from
Never pretend that it’s all real
Someday soon this will all be someone else’s dream
This will be someone else’s dream


Because not one single person has had the balls to tell me why I’m so hated in utoobia, I’ll think mine own thoughts.

Because I KNOW exactly where I come from. I KNOW my family history and I’m incredibly secure in that knowledge.

I KNOW my DNA – which just comfirmed what my own family had told me throughout my life.

36% Scottish.

29% Scandinavian

11% English

The rest Russian/Italian/German/Caucasian.

I can trace family into Russia, Italy and Germany. The Caucasus….now that’s the smoking gun :o)

I’m a peasant. Always have been. Always will be. Brought up with the worth ethic.

I came here from generations of underclass/poor/persecuted/working ancestors.

He Knows Me Too Well!


We watched the video below very early this morning.


My comment : 28 hours…I’d not even bother to sleep. Too much to see.

His Comment : You’d NEVER eat all that food.

His eyes were huge watching. Caviar on tap. Lobster. Caviar. And a whole caviar menu.


But French bread and saffron butter and croissants and Veuve Cliquot are nice!

I’d be so high on champagne, running up and down the whole train and looking into everything and quoting scenes from all three Murder on the Orient Express films + book that I may’ve been thrown off about 5 miles outta Calais.


P.S. One single word came up with us throughout the entire video.


Watch and see.

CopyCat or Real Deal

I’ve known, since childhood, about our close links with Admiral Sir Samuel Greig and the Russian Navy.

I did NOT make it up.

The links between Scotland and Russia are sometimes very HIDDEN!

Why, therefore, do I, Me, Myself have Russian DNA?

The journey from Russia(1%) to Scandinavia(29%) and Scotland(36%) is not so hard to trace.


My thanks to Bruce :o)

BTW : Dad’s brother was called James.

The Worm That Turned

A Two Ronnies Sketch from 1980. See below!

We watched a yt video yesterday about Diana Dors. See below, below!

She is kind of a Brit Icon. On the surface. I only really know her work from The Worm that Turned but IRL….omg. She was a person I’d NEVER want to’ve met.

I’m a girl. I’m autonomous. I have rights. I’ve done wrongs. Some used to call me Miltant Millie because I never swooned at the feet of Mach Masculine (?) Men.

I’m also a wife and a mother.

A Divine Feminine who WILL fight for herself and can live by herself but kinda likes to have a man around…..even though I threaten him with malice aforethought every single day.

Keeps him on his toes :o)

Oh. And my sex life is PRIVATE and not open for discussion. Behind a locked door, lights off and 11 layers of clothing to fight through. LMFAO !



Instructing Q and Bill Tanner to leave an electronic trail for Silva to follow, Bond uses his Aston Martin DB5 to take M to Skyfall, his childhood home in the Scottish Highlands. They meet Skyfall’s gamekeeper Kincade, and together the trio set up a series of booby traps throughout the house. When Silva’s men arrive, Bond, M, and Kincade kill most of them, but M is wounded. Silva arrives by helicopter with more men and heavy weapons, so Bond sends M and Kincade through a priest hole to hide in a nearby chapel, and rigs propane tanks to explode. As the house and the helicopter are destroyed, Bond escapes down the same tunnel.