Altai Republic & The Old Believers

Altai is in Southern Siberia.

Old Believers are Russian who rejected the new “religion” and kept to the Old Eastern Orthodox Religion of times before the 17th century.

Mmmn. 1603. Such an important date. The date that the Romanov came to power and began to destroy the Old Believers.

I feel them. Outcast. Unwanted. Unneeded. Abandoned.


But we can keep our ancestors and our history ALIVE.

Neeps and tatties and mince. LOL!

BTW – neeps are SWEDES not turnips. You turnip-heads.

Simon Forman & Shakespeare

I posted the other day about Dr. Simon Forman, the Elizabethan astrologer, physician.

He’s somewhat connected with the much better known Dr John Dee.

These “physicians” were also astrologers and alchemists and occultists. They were seekers of knowledge beyond the earthly realm.

For better or for worse.

I, personally, believe that there was zero evil intent to any of them. They practised what we’d call, today, Natural Magic.

Shakespeare? Wow. A journey into the Bard is life-long. Through his works, as we know them today, we enter so much. Every human emotion, so many skills and trades, the occult, magic, the philosophy of a time before ours.

Dr Simon went to The Globe Theatre on April the 20th, 1610 to watch Macbeth.

The original of this cut and paste is here : Amanda Mabillard Going To a Play in Shakespeare’s London – Dr Simon Forman’s Diary.

In Macbeth at the Globe, 1610, the 20 of April, Saturday, there was to be observed, first, how Macbeth and Banquo, two noble men of Scotland, riding through a wood, there stood before them three women fairies or nymphs, and saluted Macbeth, saying three times unto him, “Hail, Macbeth, King of Codon; for thou shall be a King, but shall beget no kings,” etc. Then said Banquo, “what all to Macbeth, and nothing to me?” “Yes”, said the nymphs, “hail to thee, Banquo, thou shall beget kings, yet be no king”; and so they departed and came to the country of Scotland to Duncan, King of Scots and it was in the days of Edward the Confessor. And Duncan had them both kindly welcome, and made Macbeth forthwith Prince of Northumberland, and sent him home to his own castle, and appointed Macbeth to provide for him, for he would sup with him the next day at night, and did so.

And Macbeth contrived to kill Duncan and through the persuasion of his wife did that night murder the King in his own castle, being his guest; and there were many prodigies seen that night and the day before. And when Macbeth had murdered the king, the blood on his hands could not be washed off by any means, nor from his wives hands, which handed the bloody daggers in hiding them, which by means they became both much amazed and affronted. The murder being known, Duncan’s two sons fled, the one to England, the other to Wales, to save themselves. They being fled, they were supposed guilty of the murder of their father, which was nothing so.

Then was Macbeth crowned kings; and then he, for fear of Banquo, his old companion, that he should beget kings but be no king himself, he contrived the death of Banquo, and caused him to be murdered on his way as he rode. The next night, being at supper with his noble men whom he had to bid to a feast, to the which also Banquo should have come, he began to speak of noble Banquo, and to wish that he were there. And as he did thus, standing up to drink a carouse to him, the ghost of Banquo came and sat down in his chair behind him. And he, turning about to sit down again, saw the ghost of Banquo, which fronted him so, that he fell into a great passion of fear and fury, uttering many words about his murder, by which, when they hard that Banquo was murdered, they suspected Macbeth. Then MackDove fled to England to the kinges sonn, and soon they raised an army and cam to Scotland, and at Dunstonanse overthrue Macbeth. In the meantime, while MacDove was in England, Macbeth slew MackDove’s wife and children, and after in the battle MackDove slewe Macbeth. Observe also how Macbeth’s queen did rise in the night in her sleep, and walked and talked and confessed all, and the doctor noted her words.


Shakespeare’s plays abound with the “supernatural.”

Which Evil IS Evil?

AI = Altered Images

Altered Images were a Glasgow band from the ’80’s and their song Happy Birthday was a favourite of mine.

Day After Tomorrow is my late Mum’s birthday.

Next month BFF & I will reach an iconic birthday….though hers is exactly 3 weeks before me :o)

Yeah. She knows. Having been BFF’s since we were both 11, I may have mentioned it once or twice (!)

Bloody Scorpios. Tchss!

One day – when me and she reach 100 – we WILL celebrate like this. Because everyone’ll think we’re old and demented.

Yes :o)

Apropos of nothing – I HATE OCTOPUSSIES. Himself used to snorkel off the Rock of Gibraltar and catch the horrible things. Once he brought one home and put it in my freezer. The bastard sea creature squirted black ink everywhere. Calamari? I’d rather eat all four of my car’s tyres, thank you very much.

Oh and btw : Travis are Scottish too & poor wee Greta is still aLive&KicKinG arse.

Next band, next song anyone ?

Robbie Coltrane

Sad to hear about the death of Robbie.

He’s been a great part of my TV viewing life over the years.


Dr Johnson in Blackadder – YAY.

As the computer addict in the Kate Bush video, Deeper Understanding – Yup.

For me, he will always be remembered as Fitz. The Criminal Psychologist in Cracker. A brilliant role played with such pathos by the big man.


Thank you, Mr Coltrane.


I live within feet of the village church and cemetery. Yews are all around me. We have rampant yews in the garden.

Yews are called The Tree of Death.

They are also called The Tree of Life.

Ooh. A divine couple!

Ancient Hatred : My Ancestors Are Shouting

My name is Greig.

Greig is a sept of Gregor.

Children of the Mist Sir Walter Scott called us because we spent so long under ENGLISH government proscription. Anyone was allowed to kill a MacGregor and never be punished for it.

Centuries later, I’m living the nightmare.

Royal is My Race. I have ancestors known to history. I have family members named after said ancestors.

NOW : since I released all this TRUTH over 3 years ago, I’m stalked by other people with “famous” Scottish ancestors. King Amanda the Viking Kitten is a case in point.

Heads up. Here’s why me and mine ended up in Fife on the East coast of Scotland. Far away from our Hielan’ Hame.

From day dot until I was 10 years old, I grew up with my Dad being called Jock. As soon as he joined the Lincolnshire police, he slowly lost his accent. He’s also buried here in Lincolnshire.

I had MacGregor Tartan Ribbons on my wedding cake……

Nichola de la Haie

She’s a bit of a hero of mine. A local girl.

Sherriff of Nottingham? Nah. Nichola was Sherriff of the WHOLE OF LINCOLNSHIRE.

I’ve see the Magna Carta here. And walked the battlements trying to envisage just how Nichola defended her castle from the enemy.

Quite easily actually. The view is awesome. On a clear day we can see Lincoln Cathedral from here – 21 miles away. And the castle is just opposite the Cathedral.

Note to Self : Build your Castle/Home up on high ! ? !

Thank you, Neil :o)

Weird Patterns : From Sparta to Scotland

I watched 300 and had to smile. I had no idea who Gerard Butler was but his Scottish accent kept slipping through.

Himself (the man about the house) just threw me googly by saying that he ACTUALLY missed eating Jock Pies.

Jock Pies recipe.

We used to be able to buy them here, in town. I said WTF? I grew up on them.

When Lily and I went to get the messages, she’d always buy us a Scotch/Jock Pie from the Butcher. Or Baker. Sheesh. It was a long while ago :o)

I’ve made my own but…..:o(

Been There. Done That : The STIRLING MONUMENT.

Braveheart is one of my favourite films. I love it….even knowing that it’s a so historically inaccurate that it falls into the category of It Looks
So Fake

It Must Be REAL.

Opinions aside. When I went there many moons ago, this was called The Stirling Monument.

Can y’all see the POWER (power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely) of HOLLYWOOD FILMS?

William Wallace was a bandit. An outcast. A lowly thief and robber. But Neo-History will NEVER tell you such a despicable truth.


Another Loss!

My brother rang me 3 days ago and left a message. Then he rang back and I answered.

He started by giving me a huge bollocking for not answering the phone!

I listened and then said…What’s wrong?

I have talked about Auntie Christine several times here over the years. She married my Dad’s younger brother, Jim. The marriage lasted 6 weeks but she has ALWAYS been a much loved family member.

Dear Christine, the wonderful Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland girl, has gone to join Jim, my Dad, my Mum, Joy….Dad and Jim’s younger sister and all the others.

Wow. It hit me hard.

Then I had this great need (once the sobbing stopped) to watch my favourite comedian.

The very best bit of this video below (in my opinion) is the quote :

Don’t’ Vote. You Only Encourage Them.

P.S. Christine was a Penman. From Border Stock….a Reiver. But she fell in love with us bunch of Teuchters :o)

Russian Coal : Gan Yam

Gan Yam? Geordie for going home.

Russian Coal ? A much more personal story.

Dad’s brother, Uncle Jim, married a local Kinghorn Girl. They spent their honeymoon in our house in Lincolnshire.

Aunty Christine was only 11 years older than me so aboot 23. Tension? OMG. My brothers and I’d come home from school and scoot upstairs with the “homework” excuse.

Jim and Christine’s marriage lasted 6 weeks. Pillows and knives involved. Not pleasant.


Even today she is our Aunty Christine. We love her to pieces.

Years later my brothers and I were invited to stay with her and her parents in Kinghorn. She and her Mum shouted at me for knocking on the front door.

You are family…just walk in!

Her Dad was a Fife coal miner and one afternoon he told me his story of the mines. And how he’d travelled Russia to meet other Coal Labourers.

He was a “died in the wool” socialist. I was 18 and a sponge.

A few years back, living here, we got our winter coal delivery – Coal Man told us it was Russian Coal.

This is all true and verifiable.

We’ll Keep The Red Flag Flying ?


Conservative. Labour. Liberal. Green. All the same to me.

BTW – are these melted buildings or open cast mines in Fife, Scotland?

Dry Stane

Years back I commented in a live chat about dry stane walling. That’s how I know it. Dry Stane. As in no mortar just stanes…stones.

Great Britain has thousands of miles of dry stane walls. I’ve even built my own small one in my garden. Simples.

4 years on and I’m STILL banned from said channel.

LOL :o)

Bruce is in the Shetlands doing Jarl stuff. Up Helly Aa, mes braves.

Mmmmn. Until I came along the yt trooth community had zero idea about how close the “Viking” and the Scot were/still are.

Now everyone is claiming a piece of the action. Retro-engineering via DNA.

Maybe because one of the easiest routes from “Tartaria” to Great Britain was/is through Scandinavia ? ? ?

Love From a Stranger : Lost in Translation

Being a restless and busy person, I have little time to sit and read nowadays. But I love books.

The PERFECT solution for me is audiobooks. I still have a little original ipod that’s easy to carry around in a pocket as I whizz back and forth.

I’ve been listening to many free Agatha Christie short stories on youtube. Philomel Cottage is one that I really liked.

The story became a play. The play became several films. I like the version below because it has Basil Rathbone in (a great Sherlock) and Joan Hickson – whom Mrs Christie herself saw as a perfect Miss Marple…when she was old enough.

Plot Twist coming. After a few minutes from about 48 mins to 52 mins in the film below.

I KNOW that music quite well. And I’ve always hated it when my name was spelled Grieg. Even though I knew the connection. From childhood……or before. 36% Scottish, 29% Scandinavian :o)

Edvard Hagerup Grieg was born in Bergen, Norway (then part of Sweden–Norway). His parents were Alexander Grieg (1806–1875), a merchant and the British Vice-Consul in Bergen; and Gesine Judithe Hagerup (1814–1875), a music teacher and daughter of solicitor and politician Edvard Hagerup.[6][7] The family name, originally spelled Greig, is associated with the ScottishClann Ghriogair (Clan Gregor).[8] After the Battle of Culloden in Scotland in 1746, Grieg’s great-grandfather, Alexander Greig (1739-1803),[9] originally of Aberdeenshire,[10] travelled widely before settling in Norway about 1770 and establishing business interests in Bergen. Grieg’s paternal great-great-grandparents, John (1702-1774) and Anne (1704-1784),[11] are buried in the churchyard of the abandoned Church of St Ethernan in Rathen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.[12]

My thanks to a Wonderwall who showed the very worst of man’s ability to cause pain and anguish.

It’s Not Just an Oirish t’ing, ya ken?

It’s a fault (or gift) of the Scots too. Especially Highlanders.

P.S. I was not ever the favourite child either. I was a girl. The other two were boys. My mother was not good at hiding this but Dad was just….A David.

I got over it the day we cleared out his flat, after his funeral.

My father had kept every single Xmas and birthday card I’d sent him since leaving home at 17.

The feckin’ eedjit :o)

Mixed Up History

I blame myself :o(

Last night I listening to Phil Rickman’s latest and Pagan Jane (daughter of Anglican Deliverance Minister, Merrily) had talked Gomer Parry into taking her to the Queen Stone in Goodrich.

Jane and Gomer (a brilliant character) talk a lot about The Wicker Man Film and Druids and Alfred Watkins of Ley Line fame and Pagans and Blood Sacrifice and…..I had to connect the dots.

OK. I’ve looked into Druids. They have a get-out-clause in history. As in – they kept NO WRITTEN RECORDS. Everything was oral. Like Bards. Mmmmn!

The Wicker Man was made of wood so NO examples survive in archaeology. Convenient.

Blood Sacrifice – Just look into Dracula and Elizabeth Bathory and understand how we’ve ALL been led to believe that we’d wilfully do this. I think not. Talk to any sane War Vet and ask him if he “got off” on killing or bleeding half to death.

Much of what we are spoon-fed via media today is (IMHO) a 19th century invention.

I’ve NEVER liked the Victorians. Pious Creeps.

Before you call me out – Yes. We Scots have a blood soaked history but think about this strange thing….

Somerled was Lord of the Isles.

Christopher Lee is on record as saying that this was his favourite role – playing LORD SUMMERISLE.

Shrug. My mind works in mysterious ways. But then I’m of Clan Gregor and Clan DONALD!

The Last Wilderness of Scotland

The image above is an academic paper that I’ve had for a while now.

I posted about it either here or on my previous (now buggered) Greta Brookes blog.

So – when this came up on the TV I had to watch.

I’ve done the canoe bit in Scotland. For a whole day. That was enough for me. Thanks for the experience!

A portage is….?

Never mind.

P.S. I’d love, LOVE a melted buildings expert analysis on the Scottish Highlands. Plenty of mountains there :o)

Please, Sir. I Want Some More

I’ve never really been a fan of Dickens but he has been a part of my life for decades.

Bleak House – Gibraltar.

The Charles Dickens Pub – Portsmouth.

Great Expectations – School.

One of his sons was a lawyer/Queens Council, Henry, who tried some famous criminal.

Monica Dickens – a great granddaughter who wrote about Follyfoot Farm.

Anyhoo and not the point.

GRUEL is the subject.

P.S. My Dad always made porridge with salt and not sugar. Water and not milk. Bloody Scots peeps :o)

2 vs ONE

That’s how it started for me.

Narc + Narc ua-vs Little ME.

Then it GREW.

Hundreds of Narcs vs Little ME.

There is too much darkness in this world but one small light will always shine. FACT!

My greatest weapon was used the day that I revealed my EMPATH Soul. In 2019.

LOL. It brought them ghosties, ghoulies and long legged beasties right into – not just MY life but also – my most dearly beloveds’ lives.

And for that single eff-up…I HAVE become extremely Old Testament.


Destroy me all y’all want.

Leave my loved ones alone.

Thank you.

My light left on is NOT for demons. It’s for the love we bear each other.

NO – THING will destroy that.

Get it. Got it. GOOD :o)

Aonach Eagach Ridge

OMG & Jeebus. I felt sick and dizzy just watching this.

Way back in the 80’s we (our platoon from Londonderry) travelled to Stirling for a week of anti-glamping.

Somehow – I talked myself into climbing in Glencoe. Good idea at the time, yes?

NO, you twit.

If it was not this exact ridge we walked, it was one very similar. In our army boots, issue denim trousers and dinky t-shirts.

Half way across, I froze in absolute terror. The ground beneath my size 5 boots was only wide enough to walk by putting one foot in front of t’other.

Never been fond of heights since that day. FACT!

We survived. Though Carol, the only other girl with me, decided to do her descent through the scree, on her back. Ouch.

Poor lass was in agony for weeks after :o(

Why Does It Always Rain On Me?

Is it because I lied when I was 17?

Oh. The BIG UK day has been a bit of a wash-out :o(

AND – I left my washing on the line overnight!!!

Heyho. It’s been washed again.

At one point I went with the flow and opened the kitchen wide to smell and feel the rain. Glorious :o)

BTW: Love this band. Hi, Franny!

Rosslyn Chapel – 9th of April 2019

Way back I posted this…..


Jacquelyn GreigResearchSymbolsThe Hidden History ProjectLeave a commentEdit”Rosslyn Chapel – Hiding it All in Plain Sight?”

Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland.

This place has baffled people for a long time.

For me, personally, I kind of lost faith when it was so heavily depicted in Dan Brown’s book The Da Vinci Code and the movie that followed.

I think I’ve re-thunk that thought.

Take a look at this source.

What do you see/think/feel?



D’ya know. For a long time I truly believed the shit was thrown at me. As in – I’m a copy-cat, just a housewife, what do I know?, a mason, a wannabe…..EVIL.

yup. I searched my soul for answers to why so many hated me so much for so long.


Over it now.

It had NOTHING to do with ME, Jackie. Everything to do with THEM, IT.

Fact :o)

I’ve not had to chance to go here so I’m living vicariously through Bruce.

Shoot me down for that too, mes braves. It’s your usual vibe & You ALWAYS WIN.

What Are Mason’s Marks?

I did a short research project about these for a novel (now defunct) that I was plotting.

I even dropped a comment on someone’s latest video about them. Because – if a stone has a Mason’s Mark, that means it’s been CARVED by a stonemason. It’s not melted brick or petrified wood or DEW’d concrete or….whatever the latest BS theory may be.

But wtf do I know???

The MARK belongs to the mason and they marked every single stone they carved so that they would get paid and the payer would know that they’d not been cheated out of money. Or something like that – LOL.

Mmmn. Fife – the land of my father. Greig – the name of my paternal family.

Not that the video below has biased me in any way, shape or form.


DIGNITY : How Long Will This Word Stay In a Dictionary?

Maudie – the cat that deigned to live with us after months of living wild and surviving – walks with dignity.

You have a cat?

Have you seen how dignified and collected they are?

If they want nothing to do with you….then they want NOTHING to do with you.

If they want love and attention – cat owners know how that goes.

Maud will walk over my keyboard and xjdhjebhcgyreswghdop[ck78462£”£T?^7j6i


until I kiss and hug her. Then she’ll turn her back and go :o)

And she has made a nest right in the middle of my bed. God help me if I move in the night!!!!

I love this voice. This song. This band.

And my dignified but slightly annoying cat xxx

CopyCat or Real Deal

I’ve known, since childhood, about our close links with Admiral Sir Samuel Greig and the Russian Navy.

I did NOT make it up.

The links between Scotland and Russia are sometimes very HIDDEN!

Why, therefore, do I, Me, Myself have Russian DNA?

The journey from Russia(1%) to Scandinavia(29%) and Scotland(36%) is not so hard to trace.


My thanks to Bruce :o)

BTW : Dad’s brother was called James.

DNA & MY Journey

My test was done 2016/17.

I wrote about it FEB 2019. Read the comment from AB?

And then watch Bruce on his DNA quest.

BF is waaaaay below this cut and past :o)


Jacquelyn GreigGrand TartariaResearchScotlandThe Hidden History Project9 CommentsEdit”The Hiding of Tartaria – A Very Personal Quest”

The Tartan above is my family Tartan. My father’s Tartan. And it was displayed as ribbon favours on my wedding cake.

Last year, I had my DNA “done.”

It came back –

36% Scottish = 36% Scythian =36% Tartarian.

29% Scandinavian = 29% Nova Scythian = 29% Tartarian.

11% English = 11%  “Anglo-Saxon” = 11% Tartarian

And the rest is Caucasian, Russian, Italian and German.

That makes it as close to 100% as no-never-mind.



Just saying :o)

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  1. A BROWN EditHi Greta,The earliest trace of the our Hebrew race ancient ancestors as a civilisation is Sumaria. Note race, not any particular religion. They were pagan. Look up the Sumarian statuettes with their large blue eyes.
    From there to what became Ur, pre persion Iran, Mesopotamia. Around the Rivers Tigris and EUphrates, over the CAUCUS Mountains into what became EUrope.Others went into what is now China. See ‘mummies of the tarim basin’ and ‘the beauty of Loulan’. Mathildasanthology and Crystalinks (one L) are quite good sources as well as yt, and other websites.Others went throughout the fertile crescent, became the orignal Egyptians and Israelites and others. As well as into and around ancient Greece, Turkey etc.Also into what is now Pakistan, Afghanisan, India. When I was young there were still a lot of white blue eyed blonds in Northern India. Now, most are at least a bit admixed and have chestnut or darker hair and brown eyes, some are slightly brown but do not look like what we expect Asian Indians to look like.Ancient Egyptians and others used sea currents to travel vast distances, as Thor Heyerdahl and his handful of inexperienced men proved the Peloponese also travelled (which proved academics wrong when they said it couldn’t be done). Seafaring people knew the stars, seasons, winds and currents.One of Akhenaton’s daughters, Princes Scota (Meretaton) and her large entourage settled in Ireland where she married the King of Tara. Not legend only, although for some reason it is being covered up that her remains and renowned jade neclace were found in Tara only a year or two ago.The first Berbers, the first of most tribes along the East Coast of Africa were Caucasions (Hebrews/Aryans/Admamites – same thing then). Robert Sephyre on yt is worth subbing to.
    Later, they must have admixed and somehow formed the Arab peoples who bought black slaves from ultra rich ultra powerful black kings such as Mumsa and THE Ghana. The Arabs were the oldest peoples of non blacks to slave trade, the worst, and they still enslave any race and colour openly in the UAE, tempting people in with offers of good work then taking their passports from them. Those who became white European types had the least to do with black slavery, but we get the blame due to similar appearance to those who conducted the Tranratlantic slave trade (which covered only a relatively very short span of slave history). See “we thought they were white” by Dontell Jackson, a black American who did his research (Thor Heyerdahl and others found and wrote of the same evidence in not widely enough read books). Those particular culprits did the same to European whites and particularly the Irish. The first slaves to Jamaica were little white Irish children. There were 6x more white than black slaves in America. The culprits try to brush that off as they would no longer be able to blame white Europeans if it became known they did the exact same to us but on a far larger scale. Tiny 4/5 yr old stolen children were not ‘willing indentured servants only’, obviously. However, the culprits had enough power to have it made law that 6yr olds would be classed as ‘indentured. The records being unearthed shows their plight was far worse than that, and many children and adults, ripped from their families and homelands, were cruelly beaten, raped and starved and worked to death because there were so many white slaves they were a lot less expensive and disposable than blacks. Adults were often coshed over the head and dragged aboard slave ships. Coastal and port living was very dangerous as that was where most white slaves were stolen from. Neptunes Lagoon yt has some informative videos amongst his work from a few months ago, although there is quite a lot of American type racism in his videos (he was provoked by black supremicists and seems to have become their polar opposite), and the same both ways in comments. Despite that, his historical videos are accurate (from my own research) and worth watching for that. He covers Irish slavery and Arab enslaving very well with reference to historical records as sources.In Britain at the same time, slavery was termed transportation. A word against the monarch from the time of King James onward, or a word against Cromwell when he ruled was treason punishable by death of transportation. Even 7yr old were hung. In actuality mistreated the same as Irish slaves although that is even more hidden. A relative few lived to be given a grant of money and parcel of land and set free after seven years, as per the law. Not when those they were ‘indentured servants’ to could ensure they died within seven years and so not have to pay the grant and give the land.Mind, whites, blacks and all inbetween were enslaving each other as well as their own throughout history, world over.Oh, dark history. There never was a golden age where all lived in tolerance, equality and peace.I wonder if you have read of the Kalergi Plan? Whether or not it is based on an insane idea doesn’t matter. What matters is that the psychopaths in global power believe in it and ensure it takes place.Same with Agenda 2030 which has been lifted straight out of the ‘fake'(?) protocols of the elders of zion.The ’13 ‘illuminati’ bloodlines, including those who grafted their way onto the other 12 by way of bribery and blackmail. Some heavy stuff but well written books, articles on websites such as and bibliotech files often refer to known fact, pulling them together and to sources for verification. Not conspiracy theories but conspiracy facts, sadly.As for tartan, some were found with the mummies of the Tarim Basin. Circa 5/6 thousand years old. One is identical to one of the plaids of my paternal paternal Scottish line. My Aunt traced their paternal line to a Pictish area, and their father fitted the description to a T. I don’t wonder why the Romans built Hadrians Wall when they saw enraged tall, musular, long armed and long legged blue eyed blonds running toward them with claymores and clubs. Lol.A piece of ancient tartan was also found in Iraq a few years ago. Again, 5/6 thousand years old.
    Old stories amongst the now darker peoples in the area of fair white tribes who suddenly left. Why did they leave? Maybe some had already gone, found somewhere better and sent word.Anyway, you have lots of pointers to look up if you want to.Your family aren’t stolen. It is only that a great many of your family forgot who they were. A lot are realising though. Take heart 🙂Liked by youREPLY
    1. GRETA EditThank you very much, A. Brown for your comment. It was much appreciated but…..!
      If you read all around this one post you may (hopefully) understand my next comments and not take any offence to it. No offence is intended on my part.
      Right. First off – I kinda know my history-as-taught-by-school. All the work here comes from the Controversial yet increasingly verifiable stance that WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO ALL OUR LIVES. History is not what is written in the books. Dates are not what we have been taught. People are not what we are constantly being told to think they are. There WAS a Golden Age.
      I ask you, humbly, to dig deeper into ALL the posts here.
      With love and respect, GretaLikeREPLY
      1. A. BROWN EditHi Greta,Thank you. I shall keep a link to this page and if it is ok with you, shall post it when appropriate in comments on social media.Whether people in a room as friends, or on any website discussing this topic of history, agree or not isn’t the point to me. What is important is civility, as you are civil, and exchanging information aod some views – particularly views which can be substantiated. How else are we ever goin to find enough of the truth than to sometimes disagree and then revisit what we thought we knew?I started my new learning last year, and traced migrations of British and Europeans back rather than going with the now known to be wrong out of Africa theory and coming forward. I did it the right way around, as if i’d done it the other way i’d never have found that Sumaria was indeed the earliest found civilisation of indo-Europeans/Hebrew race/Adamites/Caucasions or the other terms used for our same ancient ancestors.Wise Up on yt is excellent, btw. He doesn’t go into peoples but focuses on the ruins of even pre catastrophy building and imprints. Unusally, I agree with 95% of what he points out. You would have to watch a few of his videos from about a year ago to make enough sense of his later work as he keeps his videos short by not repeating himself too much. My favourite channel by far, that one.
        He throws off the race supremacists too. Doesn’t let the comments become a battle ground for topics he doesn’t cover.Best wishes,Liked by you
    2. A. BROWN EditBtw, this is in no way to be racist against any group, as from what I have witnessed myself and learned from others in my quite long life, it is obvious most people now are much more admixed than others. Also, all or almost all groups have the same potential to be outlandishly cruel. The better fact is that the same groups also share the potential to be amazingly good, kind and decent. The human race, or human races are a curious creation.LikeREPLY
  2. A. BROWN EditThe email link to sub won’t accept even the unlikeliest username I try. I have attempted five or six. Maybe WordPress has a problem.LikeREPLY
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    I also follow Wise Up :o)
    All the best,
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The Big Yin

This morning, I accidently got to watch something that I NEVER watch – BBC Breakfast News.

I lasted a WHOLE 5 minutes and saw an announcement.

Sir Billy Connolly said he does not let his Parkinson’s disease dictate who he is as he spoke of his honour at receiving this year’s Bafta fellowship.

The 79-year-old comedian, known as the Big Yin, will be celebrated for a career spanning more than five decades at the awards ceremony on 8 May. The fellowship is the highest Bafta accolade given to recognise outstanding and exceptional contribution in film, games or television.

I adore, love and adore again this man. He’s been part of my upbringing for so long. Yes, I agree. He went all establishment. He’s an atheist (or something close to an unspiritual person) and he accepted THE highest “common person’s” validation award – A SIRSHIP.

But – he’s an ex-Catholic who grew up in poverty and was severely physically, emotionally and sexually abused as a young boy. And turned all that trauma into a career that has brought many laughs into our lives.

Not all good is good. Not all bad is bad (?!?)

Dangerous Brian & The NC 500

I’ve known DB since 1984. He’s married to a crazy woman whom he lets travel with me across Europe and the Middle East! Despite knowing how totally stupid she and me are when we get together.

In all that time, he and I have NEVER had anything even approaching a bad word to say to each other. Until he told me that he’d just come back from the NC500.

I pouted quite a bit and demanded why he didn’t take me with him.

Something about motorbikes, slashing rain, freezing cold and very uncomfortable accommodation.

That made me feel a whole lot better….LOL :o)

One day. I will. But in a van with a roof and a comfy bed with about 14 duvets and cooking facilities and a proper loo, a shower with hot water, an open fire. Fact!

But then I’d still need a DB who is an amazing mechanic and can make anything work. He’s only allowed here to stay if he brings his tool box, chainsaw, ropes and pulleys, electrical kit, spanners, hammers and nuts. And his wife – who will be as guilty as me of doing something totally unexpected.

Bringing Terror to Glasgow ?

I’ve said this a thousand times before. And it’s STILL TRUE TRUTH.

My paternal Grandmother was born and bred in the Gorbals, Glasgow.

She was a force to be reckoned with, was Lily. Even my Mum was scared of her. And Mum was a scary woman in her own right!

But Lily loved me to the bone and I loved her back. I was about 7 years old when she died. Very suddenly.

Anyhoo. There are some peeps one should NEVER try to terrorise. We’ve seen & experienced too much to EVER play pretend dead at the first bombshell.

Yeh. I’m still wielding the Claymore with both hands.


OK. Click watch on yt. Yawn.

Healing The Family Tree.

In the early 1980’s, Dr Kenneth McAll wrote a book titled as above.

It was incredibly controversial. In far too many ways.

I’m new to the book and the author but I’m feeling it!

From my early years, both sides of my family have been heavily invested in those that came before us.

We acknowledged our ancestors – the good, the bad, the ugly.

When you know a bit about your family tree and have listened to real people talk about others, it all gets very overwhelming. Then you meet and listen to the same people that have been talked about.

Then you WONDER.

Like any house that you live in, over a couple of years old, there will have been another family living there. With all their angst and dreams and anger and love and everything else. The same with a family tree. We all come from a long line of goodness, greatness, evil, poverty, wealth, deception, heartbreak, abuse and murder……somewhere along the line.

Today, everyone of us lives with no just our own pains and patterns, but those pains and patterns of previous generations.

When the pain becomes too much, we repeat the patterns that we were taught. Only the truly strong can break that cycle. And sometimes. Sometimes, even the strong need help from a Higher Power.

From my first impressions, this is a book about “deliverance.” We live with the dead every day. FACT! As John Donne said : No Man Is An Island. We all came from some-two.

My own family, the Scottish Greig’s, end with my generation. IN NAME ONLY. I’m female. I have two boys who bear their father’s name. I have two brothers. One has a daughter. The other has no children.

Dad’s brother had no children. His sister had three daughters. Born with the surname Cook.

P.S. Being a descendant of both Gregor and Donald clans, my ancestors are soaked in blood and misery and vengeance and outlawry.

Time to STOP.


Thanks for listening. Or not!

Hadrian’s Wall : Part…?

She’s here!

4th July 2019 | Greta Brookes wrote…WHO BUILT HADRIAN’S WALL?

Who Built Hadrian’s Wall?

Thursday, 4 July 2019, 4:04

And did those feet in ancient time

Walk upon England’s mountains green…

Oh. I’ve done that!

But it is a very good question.

Looking at Hadrian the Roman.

Prior to Hadrian’s arrival in Britannia, the province had suffered a major rebellion, from 119 to 121. Inscriptions tell of an expeditio Britannica that involved major troop movements, including the dispatch of a detachment (vexillatio), comprising some 3,000 soldiers. Fronto writes about military losses in Britannia at the time. Coin legends of 119–120 attest that Pompeius Falco was sent to restore order. In 122 Hadrian initiated the construction of a wall, “to separate Romans from barbarians”. The idea that the wall was built in order to deal with an actual threat or its resurgence, however, is probable but nevertheless conjectural. A general desire to cease the Empire’s extension may have been the determining motive. Reduction of defense costs may also have played a role, as the Wall deterred attacks on Roman territory at a lower cost than a massed border army, and controlled cross-border trade and immigration.A shrine was erected in York to Brittania as the divine personification of Britain; coins were struck, bearing her image, identified as BRITANNIA .By the end of 122, Hadrian had concluded his visit to Britannia. He never saw the finished wall that bears his name.

Those bloody savage, marauding Scots. Tsk!

We have the year 122 for Hadrian in Britain. NC calculates the historical chronological shift to be 1050 years. Pax Romana.

Add that to 122A.D, and you get…1172.

1172 (!)

Fast forward to April 2022 and a Bruce :o)

Auld Reekie aka Edinburgh

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been back in this city but – as far as I know – it has escaped some of the extreme cases of modernisation that have blighted so many.

Side Note : I learned last week that many of the oldest and most beautiful buildings (medieval, Tudor Black&Whites) in my home city, Lincoln, are now owned by multi-squillionaire UAE families. Strange but true! And rather worrying.

Anyhoo – Edinburgh is still pretty ancient. The high tenements still exist as well as the many underground homes and streets. There is no mystery about underground Edinburgh. You can even tour it – I have. Fascinating.

Auld Reekie comes from the black sooty look of the buildings and the old smell it used to be so well known for.

Scotland’s Crown Jewels & The Musgrave Ritual

The best Musgrave Ritual adaptation, for me, was the one done by Jeremy Brett. If you know the show, you’ll see the link.

Whose was it?’
‘His who is gone.’
‘Who shall have it?’
‘He who will come.’
(‘What was the month?’
‘The sixth from the first.’)[3]
‘Where was the sun?’
‘Over the oak.’
‘Where was the shadow?’
‘Under the elm.’
‘How was it stepped?’
‘North by ten and by ten, east by five and by five, south by two and by two, west by one and by one, and so under.’
‘What shall we give for it?’
‘All that is ours.’
‘Why should we give it?’
‘For the sake of the trust.’

Allegedly – Scotland’s Crown Jewels had a merry dance too.

NO RUSH, peeps :o)