I Dreamed A Dream

I’ve never watched Les Mis. On film or in theatre.

When my traveller-in-crime and I went to Paris (in between getting mugged and interviewed by Les Gendarmes and spending a million hours in the British Consulate) I MADE her go to Le Place Royale with me.

There was a house that I HAD to walk inside. It once belonged to Marie de Rohan, about whom I wrote a novel. Little did I know that it is now Victor Hugo’s house.

She went all berserker on me. The original hand written book pages were there and lots more. AND – she sang to me, quite a lot.

This is her fave ever musical. And the dream she had dreamed since childhood was to be in musical theatre.

I’m more Evita…movie and theatre. Or Mamma Mia…movie and theatre.

Ruthie is fab-u-lous.

BTW – I ain’t gonna talk about my latest dreams except to say that The Orient Express turned into a slave train full of demons. Go figure (?)

P.S. Did I do a Les Mis New York post recently?

The Dane, The Irish, The West Country & The Bird!

Bill is brill.

How Very Dare I?

BTW : Stupid fact…In the Hemingway Bar in the Ritz, Paris there is a bottle of Brandy that is over 100 years old (or so they say) and it costs about £500 a dram. FACT. Seen it. Been there. Got the newspaper (70 euros for a Bloody Mary, my arse!) Was too poor :o)


P.S. The picture above is from MY kitchen. TRUE.

It’s so fake it looks REAL ?

The Expected One : K McGowan

I, stupidly, got kind of involved in an online fistycuff battle between KMcG and her readers.

KMcG “claimed” that she was a descendant of the Magdalene…red hair and all. Shit, did she get shot down in flames or what (?)


I bought all 3 of her books. Got about 2 chapters into The Expected One and sighed. She named her protag PASCHAL. Lamb ? ? ?

The Blue Apples totally sickened me.

A deadly political rivalry that ended in two brutal executions…An intricate love triangle that altered the course of history…A religious revolution that changed the world…


For two thousand years, an undiscovered treasure rested in the rocky wilds of the French Pyrenees. A series of scrolls written in the first century by Mary Magdalene, these startling documents hold the power to redefine the events and characters of the New Testament. Protected by supernatural forces, the priceless cache can only be uncovered by a special seeker, one who has been chosen for the task by divine providence – The Expected One.


When journalist Maureen Paschal begins the research for a new book, she has no idea that she is stepping into an ancient mystery so complex and dangerous that thousands of people have killed and died for it. As a long buried family scandal comes to light, she can no longer deny her own role in a deadly drama of epic international consequences.

P.S. I got mugged right outside that church in Paris and spent the rest of the holiday with les gendarmes or the British Consulate. FACT!

Steak Tartare

Myself and three other “idiots abroad” stumbled on an amazing restaurant in Paris one night.

It was also a JAZZ Club with a live JAZZ band.

Me and one other ordered burgers. WELL DONE. I’d already learned from previous experience here that French Chefs refuse to understand the Well Done meat. As in cooked and not raw.

Our Well Done Burgers came. And were RAW & BLOODY in the middle. French Well Done?

Lost in translation, methinks. Though the band was brilliant and somehow (?) the barman taught me how to make a mojito from scratch. Shrug!


One For The Road

I am NOT a Death Fetishist. Honestly.

I’ve just spent many years researching history for professional reasons.

It’s strange that I know slightly more about the Paris version of the Tyburn Tree – Montfaucon.

Of course the French have to outdo the English in style and presentation :o)

One for the road, On the wagon, Hangover makes sense to me even if it is false info. I wasn’t there at the time so can’t comment on that one.