Ruy Lopez Opening : My World!

Ah! Compliments.

You’re looking radiant today, darling

WTF? After 3 nights of disjointed sleep.

You could pass for a teenager with those long, luscious legs

Don’t give me that gorgeous smile of yours every time you say something bad

I Know Him So Well!!!!

P.S. I have a headache and it’s not Christmas yet, love.


P.P.S. This song is from CHESS. Much of which was co-written by Benny and Bjorn. The two B’s in Abba.

The Elephant in the Room

If she’s been mentioned in the past week, I missed it.

OK. She may’ve been a blue-blood, entitled, sixpence-short-of-a-full-shilling but I kind of understood her.

All she needed was love. A true and faithful love.

Himself (the husband) met the survivor of THAT crash. They were in the same business and Trevor (to this day) is very close-mouthed about everything.

Katie wears Diana’s engagement ring.

I’ve done the “was she murdered?” research crap. I’ve spent time in the Ritz, Paris (3 times.)

She’d be in her 60’s now.

P.S. I didn’t watch the wedding. I was working double-shifts.

The Spear of Destiny vs The Spear of Longinus

I’ve spent too long doing this stuff. Just to have it all ripped apart by the “We Always Win” crew.

Nah. Not any more, mes braves.

Go back. Go way, way back to my posts from 2018/2019 when I tear the Romans apart. Especially Julius Caesar and all that crap.

HIS – story is real. It’s all HIS Story. When you dive deep into Fomenko and New Chronology and actually try to debunk them for over a decade. You’ll understand from whence I come.

Who drove a Spear into Christ’s side when he was on the cross?

And WHO one was of the killers of Julius Caesar?

Et tu Bruti?

Et tu Gaius Cassius Longinus?

And none of this has anything to do with Russia – the country as we know it today.

AEWAR has fallen down the same hole, methinks.

And yes. I’m overly sensitive right now. That’s the lot of a REAL EMPATH who FEELS every single knife/arrow/spear on their soul.

Apparently Herr A. Hitler was desperate to obtain the Spear of Destiny so that he could have magical power uber alles. And we all know how that ended. Follow a MYTH, disprove a myth.

NC postulates that the man known as Julius Caesar is a “reflection” of the myth known as “Jesus.”

I’m in my own private Circle of Hell chez Dante right now.

Or just keep on taking the piss out of me.

So over y’all :o)

P.S. Try looking into Wagner and Parsifal or Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Parzival or The Bleeding Spear of the Grail Castle or The Fisher King with his thigh stuck by a spear or Chiron the wounded or ? ? ?

The Destruction Caused by The “WOKE” Brigade

And yes – there has been a lot of improvement in certain areas in the past decade or two but…

…Nowhere nearly enough GOOD PROGRESS to silence the newly “woke.”

I grew up in a family of 5 very strong personalities. Each of us with a different point of view. Sometimes it descended in GBH (BAD) but it taught us all how to stand up and argue for ourselves (GOOD)

But today….shake my head and weep … today we are hog-tied into apologising for our own thoughts, feelings, emotions, perspective etc just in case we UPSET someone somewhere.

I feel that this “someone, somewhere” (?!) has implemented an unwritten and invisible LAW to silence all & everyone who disagrees with anyone.

Once upon a time we were allowed to state our thoughts – for better or worse. Do schools not do debating anymore? Is the Greek staple of rhetoric dead? Has every single brain in the world stopped working?

P.S. I have never watched the film The Matrix. But MATRIX is now a buzzy buzz word and I ain’t plugged into no one else’s grid. Thank you and goodnight.




I’ll do what THE THEY do and LIE my arse off.

I DID NOT just cry my heart out. Nope. Not me.


One good and bright and happy day and…….phfffftslushdraingurgle.



Truly – WHY?

I’m scrubbed and banned again. Deleted. Wiped out. Never existed. A total NON-person.

Truth will out.

Sadly :o(

The Lion of Commagene

This is a zodiac/horoscope/depiction of a certain time when the stars were in this alignment.

14th of September 1221.

BUT – MS history has no idea. They blanket bomb us with a million “facts” based on opinions.


I have zero expectations of even having this read never mind anyone believing me.

Heyho – I gotta push through today via work. #stoic

Welcome to DisneyFantasiaBS

Bitter? Moi?

Damn right when my girl has a suicide plan all figured out. WTF?

I’m BRILLIANT at fighting for others. MY Important People.

I Know HIM So Well

It’s OK.

Apparently he has a stalker. So the vid has been cropped at the point where he “actually” thanks me. First time ever….publicly.

But now Hidden History.

But I know him so well that I took a screenshot :o)

Get outta here y’all with dark thoughts.

Once a friend. ALWAYS a friend. Despite the timing being OFF!

No matter how much he annoys/angers/frustrates/makes me want to commit murder most foul. The stinking “expletive deleted.”

Obliterated History

There are so many examples.

I’ve spent a week going over the Obliteration of History via the word aka literature. But this subject is too deep and subject-ive. It’s so full of potential pit-holes and lack of evidence by me – because I have no access to any of the primary sources.

An easier (but still potentially contentious) route is via archaeology. But that can smack into the lack of written evidence too.

When a hump a manmade bump?

Did y’all know that it can take up to a year for a modern grave to settle? We live right by a cemetery and have talked to the grave diggers. At the end of the funeral day, there is a huge hump of soil over the coffin. Worms and weather do their thing for a full 4 seasons and the mound levels out.


Russia lost thousands and thousands and thousands of burial mounds in the 19th century. And bones. And grave-goods.




In [1v], ch.1:13.1 and [TsRIM], ch.9 we tell about the excavations in Central Russia conducted by the Romanov archaeologists of the XIX century. In particular in 1851-1854 count A.S.Uvarov, who today is mistakenly called an archaeologist, in the land of Vladimir and Suzdal excavated 7729 mounds. SEVEN THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY NINE! It is reported: ‘On entering the items to the Rumyantsevsky museum (re: the excavations of 1851-1854 – Author) they presented all in all a CHAOTIC PILE OF STUFF, as there was no accompanying inventory notes specifying which mound each item originated from. Mr.Uvarov AT A LATER DATE compiled an inventory of the entire collection, however using just the excavation reports and PARTIALLY BY MEMORY. The grandiose excavations of 1851-1854 in the Suzdal region WILL BE GREATLY MOURNED BY SCIENCE FOR A LONG TIME and will serve as a dreadful premonition for all the enthusiasts of MASS EXCAVATIONS. So much sadder is the LOSS OF THE VLADIMIR MOUNDS in that they present the ONLY material to answer the question about which Russian tribe in particular laid the foundation of the Velikorossy (The Great Russians – in the Pre-Soviet time the Russians were officially called Velikorossy (Great Russia), the Ukranians – Malorossy (Little Russia), the Belorussian were called the same name as today the Belorussian (White Russia) – Translator’s note) … THE LOSS OF THESE MOUNDS CANNOT BE COMPENSATED BY ANYTHING’ [305:0], p.89-90.

There were some days, when UP TO 80 OR MORE MOUNDS WERE OPENED UP. That was not the scientific research, but a deliberate demolition. Our analysis allows us to state the following:

# Count A.S.Uvarov and P.S.Saveliev over a period of at least four years in the middle of the XIX century organised and headed a deliberate destruction of the old Russian-Horde mounds in Central Russia, authorized by the Imperial Edict. I.e. at the very heart of the former ‘Mongol Empire’.

# The Russian-Horde mounds were mercilessly razed to the ground and the burials inside them were destroyed there and then. Hundreds of workers were summoned for the purpose. There was no trace of any ‘scientific research’ there.

# Almost no detailed documents reporting on this pogrom survive. They ‘disappeared’ mysteriously. A few of them which are presented to us today were written post factum.

# A small amount of unearthed items were preserved for the museums. So there was something to demonstrate and to give an account for. Purporting, that these were the results of their meticulous scientific activities. Alleging, that they have found something nonetheless, though really not a lot. Most of the genuine findings which could tell us a lot about our history, were destroyed straight away in the field. Or hidden in the deep storages.

Today we cannot even imagine how many mounds turned out to exist in Russia. THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS were destroyed by the Romanovs administrators. Nevertheless in the XIX century there was still a lot left. For example, ‘Mr.Nefyodov who opened up one mound in the same area and reporting that he counted up to 200 mounds over the distance of 3 versts (0.6629 mile – Tr.)’ [305:0], p.93. But soon they got to them too. Needless to say they were all ruthlessly razed to the ground.

Only vague rumours reached out time and recollections of some numerous mounds along Tver downstream of Volga, the mounds of Uglich, the mounds of Murom, etc. [305:0], p.94-95. Where are they now? They are gone. No trace of them. Not afield, not in the documents. Where are the findings unearthed from them?

CONCLUSION. In the second half of the XIX century the Romanov administrators, archaeologists and historians destroyed many thousands of the Russian-Horde burial mounds. Most likely they were razed to the ground deliberately in order to conceal the traces of the true history of the XIII-XVI cc. Today we are being cynically told with a wry smile: you see, there are no mounds and opulent burials in Russia, our history is poor, doesn’t come close to the history of the West, the East, the North or the South.

High Functioning Anxiety

The day before this was uploaded I posted this…

Falling In Love with Geekdom

Yep. I’m honestly beginning to love these two :o)

Jeebuth. If she drives through London – Mucho Kudos to her.

I did it once. In a Landrover Defender….to Chelsea Barracks and the stress-o-meter was off the scale.

I even get panic attacks here, in Lincolnshire, now, decades later. FFS.

It matters NOT how good a driver you may be – there’s always some arsehole willing to risk it all because he/she is in a hurry.

My brother used to be a Traffic Cop. He HATED it. Fast cars. Yay? Going to the homes of loved ones after a tragedy….not fun :o(

So he became an emergency armed response cop. Shrug. At least someone else did the driving

I have quiet but very expletive-full road rage.


And so …


That’s what my Nan used to call the radio. But then she was born in 1911 or thereabouts. She was in her 30’s when my mother was born.

Wireless. Wi-fi. Ether messages. Inexplicable. Antiquitech. OR TELEPATHY?

Hamlet got it right when he said ….

“And therefore as a stranger give it welcome. There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

We seem to’ve lost that wonder of the awesome, innate, magical side of life. We seem to’ve lost FAITH.

How? Why? When? Where? Who? What?

I’m tele-pathetic-ally connected to an ego so big that he’ll NEVER admit to the magical, strange etc above his gi-effin’-nor-mous EGO.

Shrug. So be it.

Wealthy Mrs. Harter has a heart condition. Her nephew, Charles, who lives with her, buys her a radio for amusement, but strange messages come from it. Could her dead husband really be sending her messages? And why is he warning that her life is in danger?

F1RST story here. I prefer Christopher Lee reading it but – m’eh.

It’s Not Just an Oirish t’ing, ya ken?

It’s a fault (or gift) of the Scots too. Especially Highlanders.

P.S. I was not ever the favourite child either. I was a girl. The other two were boys. My mother was not good at hiding this but Dad was just….A David.

I got over it the day we cleared out his flat, after his funeral.

My father had kept every single Xmas and birthday card I’d sent him since leaving home at 17.

The feckin’ eedjit :o)

Four Candles

I lived through the 1970’s UK power cuts.

OMG – so much ammunition here.

Edward Heath was PM. I’ll post a post about Ted Heath’s extra-curricular activities one day! So – we are being threatened with the good ol’ bad ol’ blackouts again because of something about something (fill in the new BS blank)

I still carry a supply of candles in the pantry, along with torch batteries. We live in a village subject to regular power cuts. Some can last a few seconds. Some can last a whole 24 hours or more.

Once I could rely upon the good ol’ oil fired Rayburn to give us heat and hot water but the price of oil has gone way beyond our pay grade.

BTW : The video below the 1970’s video below will explain the title. Four Candles :o)

Note To Self : Re-learn how to make candles !

Heaven – I’m In Heaven

I was #destroyed by certain family members for my love of leggings.

Hey, gals. Once you’ve given birth, you need comfort, yes.

I’ve worn them for years. Until about 5 years ago. When mine kinda fell apart in the wash.


I’ve just received an Amazon delivery of leggings. Which I will wear under a dress and with my bovver boots.

Stylish as…….when I was a youngster.

Jeebus. What goes around, comes around.


So comfortable and forgiving. #iloveleggings

The Scold’s Bridle Times 2

I’d’ve been made to wear this – if was real historical fact.

Yeh. I’m what we call here…a bit gobby. As in say stuff that no one wants to hear.


I’ve read the book, seen the TV adaptation (Miranda Richardson aka Queenie in Blackadder)

A world of hurt and silence aka STFU, Jackie.

Once more. Same as before.

That’s why I’m banned from speaking in the yt troother community.

Nvr 4g3t

Never forget where you’ve come here from
Never pretend that it’s all real
Someday soon this will all be someone else’s dream
This will be someone else’s dream


Because not one single person has had the balls to tell me why I’m so hated in utoobia, I’ll think mine own thoughts.

Because I KNOW exactly where I come from. I KNOW my family history and I’m incredibly secure in that knowledge.

I KNOW my DNA – which just comfirmed what my own family had told me throughout my life.

36% Scottish.

29% Scandinavian

11% English

The rest Russian/Italian/German/Caucasian.

I can trace family into Russia, Italy and Germany. The Caucasus….now that’s the smoking gun :o)

I’m a peasant. Always have been. Always will be. Brought up with the worth ethic.

I came here from generations of underclass/poor/persecuted/working ancestors.

The Worm That Turned

A Two Ronnies Sketch from 1980. See below!

We watched a yt video yesterday about Diana Dors. See below, below!

She is kind of a Brit Icon. On the surface. I only really know her work from The Worm that Turned but IRL….omg. She was a person I’d NEVER want to’ve met.

I’m a girl. I’m autonomous. I have rights. I’ve done wrongs. Some used to call me Miltant Millie because I never swooned at the feet of Mach Masculine (?) Men.

I’m also a wife and a mother.

A Divine Feminine who WILL fight for herself and can live by herself but kinda likes to have a man around…..even though I threaten him with malice aforethought every single day.

Keeps him on his toes :o)

Oh. And my sex life is PRIVATE and not open for discussion. Behind a locked door, lights off and 11 layers of clothing to fight through. LMFAO !

Learning To Walk

There is NOTHING more heart-swelling than when your baby first learns to walk.

I gave up a career to be a stay-at-home mum. Third time lucky, my first son was born.

I’d never left him to go away for 8 hours to earn a wage. I never left second baby to go away for 8 hours to earn a wage.

So many people that I once followed on yt are like those baby toddlers. They need someone to run to and praise them. They need stabilisers on their bikes and Dad or Mum holding on to the back.

NOT A SINGLE ONE of the og’s from 2019 can stand alone. On their own two feet.

Spiritually crippled?


Socially Driven?



Just asking!

I have ZERO www buddies. ZERO www income. ZERO www validation.

aka – www INDEPENDENT.

Oooh yeah :o)

How To Start & Build a LIE

It started for me in 2018. I’d spent almost a year watching videos by certain yt creators. Then I joined the “trooth” community via FEB in January 2019

Stuff went viral. See image above.

Woohoooooo! Not :o(

I was given the label of Desperate Chick on yt in search of a babe.

It got so much worse from there. Banned. Trolled. Insulted. Threatened. Humiliated. Ignored. Ghosted. Blocked. Demonised. Hated. Patreon account destroyed. New website destroyed. Work destroyed.

Some of ’em even quoted MY OWN WORK at me and called me evil.

Y’all can see how my life turned from a respected writer to a toxic know-nothing nobody.


Here’s what I’m still seen as all these years later …A Desperate Housewife.

Yay. That’s me. Married to the same man since 1483 and now searching for a yt boy toy.



All his mates and Fellows and collaborators?

Has a single one posted a video in support of a man clearly in pain and anger and disillusionment?

When the money and the subs were rolling in, they were happy to be seen with him.


Who has failed whom?

I believe in Jade. I was skewered at the sharp end of this person’s (these men’s, including JL) dicky ego. But – c’mon. You’d’ve thought his mates would supported him. Yes? No?

BTW – they all failed me too.

Some men just can’t take on a Sagittarian Woman :o)

Ravens of Dinefwr

This is the basis of my next novel – that’ll have to wait. As long as I have to battle fake history.

1093. Rhys ap Tewdwr and his son, Gruffydd ap Rhys who married Gwenllian ferch Gruffydd. She’s the one who was beheaded. Gruffydd died less than a year later. In unknown circs. Both of them were OUTLAWED and spent their lives moving from pillar to post.

There’s a thread that runs through all these stories.

Lute of the Frome

Poor Lol.

That’s Laurence Robinson, Merrily Watkins lover. He’s a musician with issues and in Fabric of Sin his biggest issue is the unholy destruction of his prized Boswell guitar by paid thugs.

The “Boswell” is a lovingly created guitar from the hands of Al Boswell who treats each instrument as a child of his loins.

The guitar cost Lol £4,000. (The book was written in the late ’90’s, early 2000’s if I remember correctly)

Boswell’s guitar making business is called – The Lute of the Frome.

Frome pronounced FROOM.

Can’t make this shit up. Catch me if you can :o)

The TRUTH about 1850 : Something Significant Happened?

Damn bloody RIGHT it did.


That was the “reset.”

Machines took over from man. Much like the film METROPOLIS. Which was the point that I tried to make way back in January 2019. But that got hijacked and sent down the silly road.


And again, I can go back to something as basic as FOOD or CLOTHING.



The Industrial Revolution changed the world every bit as much as the Gutenberg Press did.

We no longer relied on each other for life. We began to rely on outer sources. Like mass print/media/machines.

Time no longer belonged to us. WE WERE TIMED BY OTHERS.

Once upon a “time” we all lived by natural time. Sunrise. Sunset. Spring. Summer. Autumn.Winter. Feast and famine time. A time so sow. A time to reap.

Then we were given 24/7.

Time had been stolen by the MORE/FASTER/CHEAPER merchs.


The Height of the Industrial Revolution.

Want to spend a week travelling from a to b? No worries. We now have trains that will do it in a day.

Fast forward to 2022.

Want to research a subject? No worries. We now have Google.

Want to go to the moon? No worries. Oh. Rewind. Ooops. We destroyed the tech. Oh. Ignore that. We can go to Mars instead. YAY :o)

Comfort Zone vs Run From What’s Comfortable

For the longest time…my tagline for my blog has been from Rumi. Whom I Love.

“Run from what’s comfortable. Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious. I have tried prudent planning long enough. From now on I’ll be mad.”

I have even had that line quoted at me in an FE live chat. They obv’s knew my blog but would not admit it.

Comfort Zone. What is?

I have many. But I’m also very good at breaking them. Yup – I’ve done that. I’m pretty good at it. What’s next? What else do I need to learn?

I can self-ref many times but that bores me. Been there. Done that. Moved on. What is there that is NEW to me? How can I evolve ?

This is so NOT so for so many. They absolutely prefer to stay with what they already “know” – aka what they’ve done a million times before and got praise and kudos for.

Step outside the box? Nah. They say they have but they’ve only created a slightly bigger box that brings them exactly the same results as before.

And these are our Neo-Pioneers? They do what they’ve done a squillion times, they follow those they’ve followed a gazillion times.

Their boxes are slightly more roomy now but still comfortable. Still home. Still friendly and supported by many.

Hey, guys… about y’all burn that fucking box and do something totally different?


SomeTHing SHOCKING & Uncomfortable & Unexpected. That will get you so many HATES that you want to die…….OR PROVE those self-satisfied COWARDS WRONG?

Oh. Whot a Whimiscal Whish I have.

It’ll never happen. Money and social standing…….. so much more important. Sadly.


A Very Polite Battle

For two days now I’ve been in contact with an ebay seller who may have (?) mis-sold me something.

Several messages. All extremely polite and cordial. Then I retired with dignity after experiencing a Man – da – loop effect.

I NEVER deal in half measures.

It was sold as 3 metres. I’d NEVER have bought anything by a half metre.

Mmmn. Overnight – after several hours of silence – the post is now FULL of references to how this purchase is by a HALF metre.

I bought 3. Got 1 and a half.

I could’ve had a brain fart. Not impossible. Happens quite often.

I could’ve been finagled outta a few pounds of cash money…..!


Life is a bitch. Always on heat and looking for a quick route (root not rout ) to satisfaction.

Uncontrolled Clothing Historian

Lots of views here these past 2 weeks but virtually zero Piddle Takes on yt.


Because I’ve moved into a subject that very few “truthers” know about…The History of Clothing.

Point in FACT!

The image above is of alleged “PRIMITIVE” people in front of Novgorod ( the capital of the Tartarian Empire!!!)

Primitive? Peasants? Found-finders?

One look at the clothing says otherwise.

No primitive peasant could or would EVER have been able to wear top coats with braid and buttons. Or afford to trim their fashionable hats with fur.

They’d’ve worn whatever they had to hand.

Only the ELITE could afford tailoring like that. The underclass wore clothes constructed of squares and rectangles of material, cinched with (at best) a belt…(at worst) some spare string.

And as for the horses…………yeah. Very primitive and peasanty!

Like everything else in life – History is 360.

A true historian researches every angle of the whole. Not just the 3 degrees they wanna see. FACT!


Note To Self…

…Do NOT proudly proclaim that you have gone back to making your own clothes to certain female family members. Especially when you tell them that you are using old linen sheets.


The laughter. The scorn. The total disbelief.

I left the conversation there and started talking about the weather. A much safer subject until you say that you’ve got hazy sunshine as someone else is sitting in a conservatory fearing that the glass will fall in because of the strength and quantity and long-lastedness of the rain.

Wow. I wasn’t trying to piss her off. Just telling the truth.

The dress is coming on a-pace. She will only be worn in my house and garden. I’m relearning how to do all this stuff after a long time.

I will be forever stunned by how many people absolutely REFUSE to be happy with their lot in life. Shit Happens…just keep calm and make a cup of tea FFS!

Stunned :o(

P.S. True talent is needed to take completely rubbish photos like mine :o)

Conjugals & Combos

I’ve always been the same since childhood.

I NEED to be warm in bed.

Bedwear : From under the chin to wrist to ankle. Plus a hot water bottle. And several layers of covers.

Conjugal Rights?

Not even Steve McQueen could get over that fence…… :o)

Hey. I’ve done THAT at least twice. I’ve got 2 kids. Fact.

I Have 2 Speeds When I Drive…!

No. 1

Christian – as my son calls it.

Mother – you’ve kept to the exact speed limit and then just let all those people push in front and smiled at them. Bloody Christian Driver, you.


And then there’s My Robert Louis Stevenson Mrs Hyde driving persona.

A bit like this person below.

P.S. LOVE THAT SONG–No, no. No, no, no, no. No, no, no, no. There’s NO LIMIT.

Hey. Just being honest. I’m a girl. I have mood swings


Pendulums & Dyeing

The pic above is mine. My computer. My copy of the book. My dyeing paper.

Side Note : I’ve been dyeing paper for weeks now. I’ve got Tea Dye down to a … T (!) But surely red and blue make purple. Add a touch of yellow and it makes browny purple.

So Why the Fluff is my paper green ?

Another Umberto Eco book that I’ve not read.

But will do NOW that a sexy Italian bookworm has told me to :o)

Scottish Vikings : Who Ever Heard of Such a Stupid Thing?

Err. Me !

I’ve spent so many years now with a different Chronology that I struggle sometimes to watch “History” stuff.

It’s not the programmes’ fault. It’s what we’ve all been taught for generations and these teachings run deep.

I’ll always watch Bruce though 😮 )

P.S. Did you know that the Callanish Stones on Lewis align with the sun and the moon at specific times?

P.P.S. Did Diana Gabaldon research Callanish when writing Outlander?

P.P.P.S Anyone see the Celtic/Cathar or even Odin’s Cross in the image above? ? ?


This may explain the John Barrowman – GO WEST ref in the image above.

My family in South Wales used to see him quite regularly walking about. He and his husband lived in Cardiff.

I only know him from TV.

I always thought he was an American living in the UK.

NAH. He’s Glaswegian.

This is the first time that I, Me, MYSELF has ever heard him speak Glasgow.

BTW : I’m the Teuchter…the Glaswegian word for Highlander.

As for Lorraine Kelly. She’s an Anglicised Glaswegian.

Which is Worse?

That’s me. A Scot with an English Accent :o(