The F1RST Immaculate Conception

Isis and Osiris.

Long story short Set hated his brother Osiris. Cut him to pieces and threw them all over the place. Isis, the wife of Osiris, was pretty angry and upset so she searched for all parts of her lover, all over the place.

She found every part of him except one.

Then she had a child, Horus. Without ….urm….just without “that” part of her man.

End of story.

Sound familiar???

Carry On Dick!


I live within feet of the village church and cemetery. Yews are all around me. We have rampant yews in the garden.

Yews are called The Tree of Death.

They are also called The Tree of Life.

Ooh. A divine couple!

A Savoyard History Blip

Don’t you love it when every route you take takes you back to where you’ve once been and sheds a little more light?

I do.

Recent posts here have talked about The Rusalka – Slavic mermaids, Vladimir Propp, my novel, N.C. etc etc.

On December the 31st 2019 I wrote this : The Many Hidden Mysteries of Tartaria.

A part of which contained –

Well, right now, all I have is many, many questions and many many subjects that I’m linking together. And all that I can give you, at this moment in time is a list of my mixed up knowledge and the way it is slowly (but ever so brightly) linking together.

Not a lot of this will make sense right now. These are just clues. Signposts.

But, PLEASE bear with me over the coming months as I gather in more information.

Right. Let’s take a look at the first Very Rough Guide to  —

The Greta Brookes, Hidden History Project, Guide to Grand Tartaria. 


To this day I am still linking stuff together.

We’ll start with a Weave a Garland of My Vows basic research fact. The marriages of the children of Henri IV Bourbon and Marie de Medici.

Louis XIII married the Spanish Anne of Austria, sister of Felipe IV of Spain.

Elizabeth married Felipe IV of Spain , brother of Anne of Austria.

Gaston married the Montpensier – richest woman in France

Henriette Marie married Charles I Stuart of England

Christine married Victor Amadeus I – DUC OF SAVOY.

Savoy is familiar to all as the resting place of the Turin Shroud. Which (according to New Chronology) could have originated in Constantinople and was rescued by the original owners who took it north during the Sack of Constantinople in 1204.

The image above is of a 17th century Savoyard suit of armour housed in the Royal Palace in Turin.

Another picture of the same armour :

Victor Amadeus I and his Savoyard troops took part in the 30 Years War, in Eastern Europe.

So why were his troops wearing armour not only decorated with the Slavic/Eastern European amulet of the Mermaid/Ruskala but also the Crescent Moon of the Ottoman?

We’ve been taught that the 30 Years War was a fight between Western European Catholics and Protestants.


Vladimir Propp

I bought this book decades ago. A 1975 secondhand version for about a £1.

It’s served me well :o)

A first reading when right over my head, even though I knew about Grave’s White Goddess and Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey.

It’s worth all the brain-ache …in my humble opinion. Especially if you are a writer studying your art and your craft.

Ichthys and Melusine

In my crazy head these two make perfect sense.

Ichthys (the fish) is the sign of Jesus. Melusine is half female half fish.

This legend is so old. It connects with Lorraine in France.

Lorraine connects with a virgin…Jehanne.

Jehanne connects with Rene d’Anjou.

Rene connects with Nicolas Flamel.

I could go on forever but NC connects Melusine/Sirens/Kelpies/Rusalka/The Little Mermaid with Mary – Mother of Christ.

Half woman/half ichthys (?)

If y’all actually believe in humans who live under the sea then…God help y’all.

This video is not as effed up as I want it to be.

Egypt IS important here. So are the Romany/Romani/Romean as seen in the earlier post.

But wtf do I know?

I’m just a hoosewife :o)

P.S. The image above is deliberate. Finding Nemo.

NEMO means either Nobody OR The Man.

Chew on that one !


I had no idea just how deep this went. Until yesterday.

The Rusalk(a)i. Mermaids. Myth and Folk-lore. A MASSIVE horizon of connections that spans the whole world.

It’s the Divine Feminine being manipulated via FAKE history. It’s also the Virgin Mother.

I’ll start with a cartoon and end with N.C. And Vladimir Propp/Maria Tatar. Sometime soon :o)

Think Siren, Mermaid, Selkie, Baba Yaga, Mother Earth….SNAKE!

The Spear of Destiny vs The Spear of Longinus

I’ve spent too long doing this stuff. Just to have it all ripped apart by the “We Always Win” crew.

Nah. Not any more, mes braves.

Go back. Go way, way back to my posts from 2018/2019 when I tear the Romans apart. Especially Julius Caesar and all that crap.

HIS – story is real. It’s all HIS Story. When you dive deep into Fomenko and New Chronology and actually try to debunk them for over a decade. You’ll understand from whence I come.

Who drove a Spear into Christ’s side when he was on the cross?

And WHO one was of the killers of Julius Caesar?

Et tu Bruti?

Et tu Gaius Cassius Longinus?

And none of this has anything to do with Russia – the country as we know it today.

AEWAR has fallen down the same hole, methinks.

And yes. I’m overly sensitive right now. That’s the lot of a REAL EMPATH who FEELS every single knife/arrow/spear on their soul.

Apparently Herr A. Hitler was desperate to obtain the Spear of Destiny so that he could have magical power uber alles. And we all know how that ended. Follow a MYTH, disprove a myth.

NC postulates that the man known as Julius Caesar is a “reflection” of the myth known as “Jesus.”

I’m in my own private Circle of Hell chez Dante right now.

Or just keep on taking the piss out of me.

So over y’all :o)

P.S. Try looking into Wagner and Parsifal or Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Parzival or The Bleeding Spear of the Grail Castle or The Fisher King with his thigh stuck by a spear or Chiron the wounded or ? ? ?

The Cult of Mithras

I’m an Historian. I learned about the MSHist of this decades ago.
Recent stuff has interfered with my sleep ( makes me antsy?!) and this is about the 3rd week listening to Phil Rickman’s Merrily book The Secrets of Pain.


Because it’s slightly painful and NOT relaxing.

He goes deep, deep, deep into Mithraism as practised by the “Romans” and connects the whole myth with the SAS. Mithras was the SOLDIER’S GOD. And blood was his everything

The murderee is called Mansell BULL who is slaughtered in his own farmyard and the murderer is seen running away, covered in blood

He has a brother called Solus Bull who is tupping D.I Frannie Bliss’s estranged wife and is a popular media hero.

I call BULL shit on this Blood CULT :o)

The Perfect Way to Hide History – Part 2

Right. This was only going to be a two-parter but I’d not finished watching Milo…my bad.

He brought up soooooo much more. Dates. Theories. Lack of evidence. Looks like etc.

I also had no idea that the Baghdad Battery would take us back to Egypt. Dendera to be exact.

Just a quick thought that kept returning to me and which I finally acted on this morning. One WORD. Typhon.

Typhon took me to Set.

More blanket bombing. Did Set murder his brother Osiris and lead Isis on a quest to find a magic wand aka willie?

Why did Plutarch write about Isis and Osiris when he was Greek and he “knew” the legend of Set and also that this “god” was called Typhon by the Greeks.

Confession. I’m confusing myself now even though I’ve spent 5 years with this, read 100’s -if not – 1,000’s of pages.

What grips me so much is the ending of this is all so clean and simple. But none of y’all will believe it.


H.P Lovecraft : Cthulu Mythos

I’m not an expert on Lovecraft’s work. Just glancing blows now and again.

My youngest is a fan of his.

What strikes me most about the author is a quote he may/may not have made.

Lovecraft broke with other pulp writers of the time by having his main characters’ minds deteriorate when afforded a glimpse of what exists outside their perceived reality. He emphasized the point by stating in the opening sentence of the story that “The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents.”

If y’all have the time….HorrorBabble has a 22 and a bit hours of audio. I’ll be dipping in and out over the next forever to listen and correlate the NEW Trooth Community with the fiction that’s been laid before them :o)

And THEY(Troothers) have the Brass Neck to call the masses SHEEPLE. My God. What a joke :o(

Mixed Up History

I blame myself :o(

Last night I listening to Phil Rickman’s latest and Pagan Jane (daughter of Anglican Deliverance Minister, Merrily) had talked Gomer Parry into taking her to the Queen Stone in Goodrich.

Jane and Gomer (a brilliant character) talk a lot about The Wicker Man Film and Druids and Alfred Watkins of Ley Line fame and Pagans and Blood Sacrifice and…..I had to connect the dots.

OK. I’ve looked into Druids. They have a get-out-clause in history. As in – they kept NO WRITTEN RECORDS. Everything was oral. Like Bards. Mmmmn!

The Wicker Man was made of wood so NO examples survive in archaeology. Convenient.

Blood Sacrifice – Just look into Dracula and Elizabeth Bathory and understand how we’ve ALL been led to believe that we’d wilfully do this. I think not. Talk to any sane War Vet and ask him if he “got off” on killing or bleeding half to death.

Much of what we are spoon-fed via media today is (IMHO) a 19th century invention.

I’ve NEVER liked the Victorians. Pious Creeps.

Before you call me out – Yes. We Scots have a blood soaked history but think about this strange thing….

Somerled was Lord of the Isles.

Christopher Lee is on record as saying that this was his favourite role – playing LORD SUMMERISLE.

Shrug. My mind works in mysterious ways. But then I’m of Clan Gregor and Clan DONALD!

Black Vaughan : aka Hound of the Baskervilles

The Red Book of Hergest – Read it.

Prayer of the Night Shepherd – Read that too.

Hound of the Baskervilles – Ditto.

The people of my country have wild and vivid imaginations. Our folk-lore is rampant and entwined through every tree and blade of grass.

Which Vaughan was Black?

The main candidate is Sir Thomas Vaughan circa 1400. If he actually lived and did what is said, then there were many who didn’t like him. Hence the Legend of Black Vaughan…..the Black Bull/Fly/Dog of ancient times.


Are we in Wales or England with this? Mmmn. Probably right on the Border Marches where “the veil” is thin and many a ghosty and ghouly roams.

Spooky whooooooh!

Eliphas Levi

As the image of one of my bookshelves above shows – I don’t google my knowledge, I read deeply and have done all my life.

Eliphas Levi is an enigma to me.

Supposedly worshiped by the Templars and said to be the Horned God of the Witches Sabbat, Baphomet was the inspiration for the devil figure in the film The Devil Rides Out (A DENNIS WHEATLEY BOOK!!!!!!!!). This items are based upon the illustration of Baphomet which appeared in the book Transcendental Magic by the 19th century occultist Eliphas Levi. Levi describes the image thus:- The Sabbatic Goat. The Baphomet of Mendes.

A pantheistic and magical figure of the Absolute. The torch placed between the two horns represents the equilibrating intelligence of the triad. The goat’s head, which is synthetic, and unites some characteristics of the dog, bull and ass, represents the exclusive responsibility of matter and the expiation of bodily sins in the body.

The hands are human, to exhibit the sanctity of labour; they make the sign of esotericism above and below, to impress mystery on initiates, and they point at two lunar crescents, the upper being white and the lower black, to explain the correspondences of good and evil, mercy and justice. The lower part of the body is veiled, portraying the mysteries of universal generation, which is expressed solely by the symbol of the caduceus.

The belly of the goat is scaled and should be coloured green; the semicircle above should be blue; the plumage, reaching to the breast, should be of various hues. The goat has female breasts, and thus its only human characteristics are those of maternity and toil, otherwise the signs of redemption.

On its forehead, between the horns and beneath the torch, is the sign of the Microcosm, or the Pentagram with one point in the ascendant, symbol of human intelligence, which, placed thus below the torch, makes the flame of the latter an image of divine revelation.


I feel that he was trying to bring true knowledge to us all. Sadly his works have been read and re-directed towards “the dark side.”

Say Baphomet to any one and they’ll all cry out in horror…..Get Thee Behind Me, Satan.

Yet – Baphomet and the Green Man of British legend are (maybe) one and the same.

I have a clay depiction of The Green Man hanging on my kitchen wall. To me he is the essence of nature, healing, freedom, love and beauty.

Why is his image carved into so many of our churches and cathedrals?

Why horned? Why Horny? Who was Herne the Hunter? Why is he so closely associated with Robin Hood?

D’ya not all have a teeny hint that we’ve been programmed against the Good, The True & The Beautiful? (BB quote)

I need to live another 10 lifetimes, methinks.

Oh. Pish. I’m already too tired :o(

Sir Thomas Malory

As you can see from my wonky picture above – I have an interest in the likes of Malory.

His most famous work is Le Morte d’Arthur.

I can go scholarly or Sarcastic. Both are valid.

Oh. It’s a rare and wonderful sight to find another with a slight interest in stuff that fascinates me.

P.S. I RARELY wear green. “On this earth but not of it” ? ? ?

Robin Hood : Prince of Thieves

I LOVE this film for many reasons, both personal and historical.

Personal – We were living in Gibraltar when it first came on the TV. My boys were tiny and funny and totalling maddening!

Historical – Just look at the image above and deny ME this part of my work over the last 4 years. Which hand are they going to cut off?

I could link so many previous posts to make my point but – m’eh – who cares.

According to N.C. Robin Hood is just a reflection of Christ and/or Andronicus I Comnenus.

The Turin Shroud conceals the fact that… whomever it is an image of…the right hand has been severed. Like Andronicus. Like the bloody handprints of Muhammed. Or the Red Hand of Ulster. Or the right hands carved into the Templar Church at Garway. Did y’all notice that in the Garway Templar Church post t’other day?

This film also features the “MOOR” Azeem. The Saracan. The Enemy.

BUT BEST OF ALL (for me at least) is Alan Rickman’s Sheriff of Nottingham.

And WHY the flying fluff are Robin Hood and his Merry Men so deeply associated with Lincoln Green?

Lincoln green is the colour of dyed woollen cloth formerly originating in LincolnEngland, a major cloth town during the high Middle Ages. The dyers of Lincoln, known for colouring wool with woad (Isatis tinctoria) to give it a strong blue shade,[2] created the eponymous Lincoln green by overdyeing this blue wool with yellow weld (Reseda luteola)[3] or dyers’ broom, Genista tinctoria.[4] Other colours like “Coventry blue” and “Kendal green” were linked to the dyers of different English towns.[5]

Lincoln green is often associated with Robin Hood and his Merry Men in Sherwood ForestNottinghamshire

Who Knows who knows?

P.S. Andronicus I Comnenus had several members of his extended family executed when he became Emperor. He hated that they had grown so rich by taking from the poor. So he reversed that and GAVE to the poor whenever he could.

They took their revenge by cutting off his right hand and having him crucified. Look it up…in the NOT Mainstream Sources.

Tarragon/Dragon & The Myth of Artemis

Tarragon is a herb : Artemisia dracunculus.

Said to be the herb of Artemis the Huntress and also a cure for snake bite and rabies.

All I know about it is…I grow it. I use it with chicken.

Chicken Fricassee – with tarragon.

Chicken Pie – with tarragon. Today’s meal.

The first time I ever tasted chicken and tarragon together was via a sandwich in a cafe inside the Natural History Museum in London when my boys were toddlers and their mother was edu-ma-cating them!

HERBS……Will always and forever remind me of this programme :o)

Warts in the Disney Vault

I (honestly) love this film.

It’s a crappy re-write via the Disney Vault of T.H. White’s book of the same name.

I’ve not read this one but I have read The Once & Future King by White, which is also a re-write of Thomas Malory’s Morte d’Arthur. Which is a rewrite of several other texts. Which are re-writes of the life of The Once & Future King. Look into it (?)

I’ve also read a biography or several on Thomas Malory.

And I’m sorry – not sorry – for anyone who truly believes that King Arthur really existed or that Jesus is buried in Wales.

Fact is Stranger than Fiction.




I’ve been told that someone has grown rather attached to me over the years – much like a WART.

Everyone is a comedian. SMH :o(

Uncontrolled Clothing Historian

Lots of views here these past 2 weeks but virtually zero Piddle Takes on yt.


Because I’ve moved into a subject that very few “truthers” know about…The History of Clothing.

Point in FACT!

The image above is of alleged “PRIMITIVE” people in front of Novgorod ( the capital of the Tartarian Empire!!!)

Primitive? Peasants? Found-finders?

One look at the clothing says otherwise.

No primitive peasant could or would EVER have been able to wear top coats with braid and buttons. Or afford to trim their fashionable hats with fur.

They’d’ve worn whatever they had to hand.

Only the ELITE could afford tailoring like that. The underclass wore clothes constructed of squares and rectangles of material, cinched with (at best) a belt…(at worst) some spare string.

And as for the horses…………yeah. Very primitive and peasanty!

Like everything else in life – History is 360.

A true historian researches every angle of the whole. Not just the 3 degrees they wanna see. FACT!


Departure Lounge

I’ve had to pause in my night-time listens with this book!

Rap twice if you believe in ghosts.

Saddled with Siân Callaghan-Clarke and Nigel Saltash, an ambitious cleric and a publicity-hound psychiatrist recently appointed advisors to her office, Anglican vicar Merrily Watkins is wary of helping out retired copper Andy Mumford, who comes to her in despair when his nephew Robbie plunges from a tower of Ludlow Castle and Robbie’s grandmother insists she sees her grandson’s ghost. When another youngster catapults from the castle and granny winds up face down in the river, Merrily and Mumford must decide whether young Robbie committed suicide to unite with his 12th-century love Marian de La Bruyère or was murdered. Mumford focuses on a gang of Robbie’s druggie tormentors while Merrily and her musician lover Lol watch eccentric Belladonna, a rock star turned town benefactor, who often wanders the Ludlow cobblestones in the company of Robbie and Jonathan Scole, founder of the local Ghost Walk. The cryptic Belladonna is the bane of fusty mayor George Lackland, whose son wants to marry Belladonna’s stepdaughter. A paean to Welsh border history and its spirits that will undoubtedly put Ludlow Castle on many to-see lists. Nor is Rickman (The Prayer of the Night Shepherd, 2004, etc.) any slouch when it comes to contemporary church politics, Internet chat rooms or village rumor mills.

WHY? I hear y’all not cry. I’ll tell you anyways.

At a certain point in the story Jane, Merrily’s 17 year old daughter, gets involved in the investigation. She spends time on the internet trying to find out why kids keep throwing themselves off Ludlow Castle.

Enter the “Departure Lounge.” An internet chat room aimed at effed up teenagers with shitty lives. The MODERATORS encourage these teenagers to seek the sanctity of “eternal rest.”

Self-euthanasia. In dramatic ways. Just to piss off every person who ever pissed them off in life.

Too creepy and close to truth?

Phil wove the all too real and still extant MYTH of the 12th century Marian de La Bruyère into the book. Along with a fictional punk singer and total weirdo called BellaDonna.

I’m loving Lol (Laurence) Robinson. Merrily’s lover. He’s a musician with a dark past and old connections to BellaDonna.

I believe it was Sir John Betjeman who once said that Ludlow was prettiest town in England. Maybe.

Elissa or Dido?

Moved on to somewhere new.

I’m doing the AltHist of Dido of Carthage now and I was brought up short by the name Elissa.

What the fluff? Dido aka Elissa?

Then it got into bull skins/ox hides and snake skins/ dragons on leads and defensive walls and….I stopped.

Then I started again with yt. Expecting a bunch of nonsense.

My bad.

Here is The Story of Elissar Queen of Tyre and Carthage

OK. Fine. Just show me up for a numpty, why not?

Pout :o(

One SNAKE or Two?

The Rod of Asclepius and the Caduceus of Hermes are two very different things.

Which came first?

The rod with one snake or the staff with two snakes and wings?

It is relatively common, especially in the United States, to find the caduceus, with its two snakes and wings, used as a symbol of medicine instead of the Rod of Asclepius, with only a single snake. This usage was popularised largely as a result of the adoption of the caduceus as its insignia by the U.S. Army Medical Corps in 1902 at the insistence of a single officer (though there are conflicting claims as to whether this was Capt. Frederick P. Reynolds or Col. John R. van Hoff).[32][10]

The Rod of Asclepius is the dominant symbol for professional healthcare associations in the United States. One survey found that 62% of professional healthcare associations used the rod of Asclepius as their symbol.[33] The same survey found that 76% of commercial healthcare organizations used the Caduceus symbol. The author of the study suggests the difference exists because professional associations are more likely to have a real understanding of the two symbols, whereas commercial organizations are more likely to be concerned with the visual impact a symbol will have in selling their products.

Who knows?

Echo & Narcissus

I grew up on myth and legend books.

Oh. Done that one.

This myth has so many interpretations but they all say, essentially, the same thing.

She talked too much. She was silenced. He fell in love with his own image.

There is a message or many there :o)

Back With The Blood Countess : For the Millionth Time!

No offence intended to Dr. Kat.

The fact that I watch her means that I have respect for her knowledge of our “history.”

But – there are certain subjects that totally get my Dander Up!

 Erzsébet  Báthori is one of them. She is, to me, in the same MS History mould as Vlad the Impaler aka Dracula.

I’ve posted about both Beth and Drac many, many times. I’ve posted MY research into their backgrounds and the links, hinted at by others better than me, that I’ve made.

In my humble opinion both Elizabeth and Vlad are the best known subjects of the 17th century re-write of History – that OLD CIVILISATION that once existed and whose name I will not type because it’s been so bastardised by so many.

To take a slight diversion – I’m also an armchair psychologist and Psychic Vampires are another favourite subject. Blood is energy. Sucking either is theft/bodily intrusion and WRONGWRONGWRONG.


Check out the althist of dragons? Or heraldry? Or Bram Stoker’s sources? Or the Basarab? Or Gary Oldman?

? ? ?

Oh. Yes. Immortal Beloved……aka A New Vampire like Lucy Westenra.

I’m ranting. Again. Ooops :o)

Kampe/Campe : Guardian of TARTARUS

NC :

THE WAR LASTED FOR TEN YEARS, UNTIL GAYA-EARTH FORECASTED VICTORY TO HER GRANDSON ZEUS ON THE CONDITION THAT HE WOULD TAKE THOSE ALLIES, WHOM THE CROWN SHARPENED IN TARTARUS. Therefore, he secretly went to Kampa, the aged guardian of Tartarus, killed her and, taking the keys, FREED THE CYCLOPES AND THE Hundreds of Hands … For this, the CYCLOPES HANDED ZEUS A LIGHTNING WEAPON AS A WEAPONS OF ATTACK, HADES GIVED HIM A HELMET THAT MAKES HIM INVISIBLE, AND POSEIDON THE TRIDENT. When the military council of the three brothers ended, Hades quietly entered the abode of Cronus to steal his weapons, and while Poseidon brandished his trident and distracted Cronus’s attention, ZEUS SHOCKED HIM WITH LIGHTNING. THEN THREE HUNDRED ARMS SEIZED STONES AND STARTED THROWING WITH THEM THE REMAINING TITANS, who turned in disorderly flight after the UNEXPECTED SCREAM OF THE GOAT-LEGS PAN. The gods rushed to pursue them. Cronus and all the defeated Titans, except Atlantis, were expelled TO THE WEST OF THE BRITISH ISLANDS (others, however, say that they were imprisoned in Tartarus) and left under the protection of the hundred-armed.


We can go back to Vulcan and the Anvil that took 9 dyas to descend into Tartarus. Or – we can move forward to K/CAMPE the F1RST Guardian of Tartarus.

D’yall see where this has gone?

O, What a Tangled Web etc

Apparently (yt confirmed) we are now in the year 1022.

SMH and sob :o(

Mudflood vs Subsidence

This is not theory but a fact that can be determined by anyone who goes there and looks.

In Istanbul there are three Temples. The main and well-known Hagia Sophia, a much smaller Hagia Sophia and the Temple of St Irina.

The latter two temples are what is commonly known now as MUD-FLOODED. As in, there are levels below ground and a door that you enter by going DOWN some steps.

But the much larger Hagia Sophia is not MUD-FLOODED.

How did this happen in one city with three buildings quite close to each other?

Could it be that the Little Sophia and St Irina were early buildings that had not been constructed with enormous concrete foundations and time and circumstance has caused them to subside?

NC :

The first oddity is that there are no obvious traces of the immersion of the temple in the ground. The excavation made in front of him does not reach the walls of several meters, so it does not allow us to be sure whether the walls of Big Sophia have sunk into the ground. The temple is not dug around. The walls of Big Sophia are plastered, therefore it is difficult to say if there are traces of re-laying of windows and doors in order to raise them, as in other churches that have really sunk into the ground. In the same places where there is no plaster – and there are such places on the walls – no traces of re-laying due to immersion in the ground are noticeable. Why, by the way, was the plaster applied? For example, the one standing nearby – and more ancient! – Irina’s temple is not plastered. It is also not noticeable that in Bolshaya Sofia there were windows located too low or going into the ground.

And this is quite understandable. Old buildings are gradually sinking into the ground. Therefore, they have to be dug in so that the walls do not collapse, including due to dampness in the ground. In addition, doors, windows, etc. have to be repositioned and lifted. All these signs of antiquity are clearly visible both at Little Sophia and at the temple of Irina , fig . 1.14 , fig . 1.15 . Pay attention to the traces of the doors and windows of Irina’s temple that have sunk into the ground and therefore have been blocked. Those windows that are not laid are today already practically at ground level .

BTW : The Hagia Sophia is made of BRICKS. Erected sometime in the 16th century when building techniques were more advanced.

P.S. Istanbul has mad weather systems. Himself was there for 3 months, Jan, Feb, March and it either snowed or rained the whole time!

Númenor : 1914/1916

The dates vary as to when Tolkien started his Legendarium. Anyways – it was way before the film Metropolis but even the novel.


Mary Gentle has written several “steampunk”/”alternative history” novels. Some are collected in the book White Crow.

I have to confess that I’m not a Tolkien – ist. I know his novels from them being read to me at Junior School by Mrs Bagguley, our teacher. The last half hour of the school day we had The Hobbit and another one.

I know he was an Inkling at University.

I know that he was Steeped in myth and legend.

This video here has been a true eye-opener for me.

Lancelot du Lac

I’ve been doing this NC stuff for so long now that little surprises anymore.

I grew up on Myths & Legends. Greek, Norse, British. And I’ve always enjoyed the Legends of King Arthur and his Knights. The romantic in me, I guess :o)

The one reason why I have never fully bought into the work of Wilson and Blackett is their timelines. Their research is beyond question, it’s just the chronology that we disagree on.

Lancelot du Lac – The Greatest Knight & The Greatest Betrayer. We all know the story of his forbidden love affair with Guinevere.

But why is he Lancelot of the Lake? Why was he raised in the Faerie Realm under the lake? What is all this watery stuff about?

For me : Arthur and his 12 knights is one of the easiest of all reflections of Christ and the Apostles.

In my research (based on better minds than mine) Christ’s closest friend and ally was his twin brother, John the Baptist. The greatest betrayal was the untimely beheading of John.

Ooooh. Controversial, much?

Why are these tales set in Wales?

Commentators note that “the name Lancelot is considered a distorted and Romanised Welsh nickname LUGA … As for the nickname LAKE, it even more unequivocally testifies to Lancelot’s genetic connection with Lug. As a common noun Welsh. LLUCH means “LAKE”, hence all lake motives: … childhood at the bottom of the lake, upbringing by the Lady of the Lake >>, p.849. Note that the Welsh word LLUCH = lake is most likely derived from the Slavic LUZHA.

Food for thought.

Or not.

Your choice !