Simon Forman & Shakespeare

I posted the other day about Dr. Simon Forman, the Elizabethan astrologer, physician.

He’s somewhat connected with the much better known Dr John Dee.

These “physicians” were also astrologers and alchemists and occultists. They were seekers of knowledge beyond the earthly realm.

For better or for worse.

I, personally, believe that there was zero evil intent to any of them. They practised what we’d call, today, Natural Magic.

Shakespeare? Wow. A journey into the Bard is life-long. Through his works, as we know them today, we enter so much. Every human emotion, so many skills and trades, the occult, magic, the philosophy of a time before ours.

Dr Simon went to The Globe Theatre on April the 20th, 1610 to watch Macbeth.

The original of this cut and paste is here : Amanda Mabillard Going To a Play in Shakespeare’s London – Dr Simon Forman’s Diary.

In Macbeth at the Globe, 1610, the 20 of April, Saturday, there was to be observed, first, how Macbeth and Banquo, two noble men of Scotland, riding through a wood, there stood before them three women fairies or nymphs, and saluted Macbeth, saying three times unto him, “Hail, Macbeth, King of Codon; for thou shall be a King, but shall beget no kings,” etc. Then said Banquo, “what all to Macbeth, and nothing to me?” “Yes”, said the nymphs, “hail to thee, Banquo, thou shall beget kings, yet be no king”; and so they departed and came to the country of Scotland to Duncan, King of Scots and it was in the days of Edward the Confessor. And Duncan had them both kindly welcome, and made Macbeth forthwith Prince of Northumberland, and sent him home to his own castle, and appointed Macbeth to provide for him, for he would sup with him the next day at night, and did so.

And Macbeth contrived to kill Duncan and through the persuasion of his wife did that night murder the King in his own castle, being his guest; and there were many prodigies seen that night and the day before. And when Macbeth had murdered the king, the blood on his hands could not be washed off by any means, nor from his wives hands, which handed the bloody daggers in hiding them, which by means they became both much amazed and affronted. The murder being known, Duncan’s two sons fled, the one to England, the other to Wales, to save themselves. They being fled, they were supposed guilty of the murder of their father, which was nothing so.

Then was Macbeth crowned kings; and then he, for fear of Banquo, his old companion, that he should beget kings but be no king himself, he contrived the death of Banquo, and caused him to be murdered on his way as he rode. The next night, being at supper with his noble men whom he had to bid to a feast, to the which also Banquo should have come, he began to speak of noble Banquo, and to wish that he were there. And as he did thus, standing up to drink a carouse to him, the ghost of Banquo came and sat down in his chair behind him. And he, turning about to sit down again, saw the ghost of Banquo, which fronted him so, that he fell into a great passion of fear and fury, uttering many words about his murder, by which, when they hard that Banquo was murdered, they suspected Macbeth. Then MackDove fled to England to the kinges sonn, and soon they raised an army and cam to Scotland, and at Dunstonanse overthrue Macbeth. In the meantime, while MacDove was in England, Macbeth slew MackDove’s wife and children, and after in the battle MackDove slewe Macbeth. Observe also how Macbeth’s queen did rise in the night in her sleep, and walked and talked and confessed all, and the doctor noted her words.


Shakespeare’s plays abound with the “supernatural.”

Which Evil IS Evil?

Always the 3

Of all the scenes in Bram Stoker’s book (and there are many that freak me out….Renfield?)

The THREE Weird Sisters (get it?got it?good!) that Harker meets on his exploration of the castle is uber creepy.

Why 3? 1 would do. IMHO.

But then Stoker is well-known for picking bits from here and there. Like we all do.

It’s called RESEARCH.

But that scene always reminds me of Macbeth’s Witches.

P.S. Done this before but the BEST audiobook book for this book is narrated by Greg Wise and Saskia Reeves. Just saying :o)


I’v always blamed Lady M for the past almost 4 years. But…

…She was also failed. Something happened over a decade before that led to her campaign of destruction. She was replaced by another. Maybe several others, for a time.

Hell hath no fury etc etc.

But – credit where credit is due. She was dealing with a man who, though outwardly saintly and gentlemanly, proved to be incapable of making the proper/good/right choices.

Their power struggle – though intensely private in nature – was performed on a world stage. All bystanders were tainted by their combined ambitions and the flowing of blood spread far and wide. Staining everyone with a vile stench.

I once had the brass neck to tell them both to stop their pathetic oneupmanship games because there was a whole world that needed healing. That was 2019. I’m still #banned. And their BS is still playing out.

Best to leave them to it and walk away. They are perfect together. True soul-mates.

Word of the Day : Duplicity

It may be no surprise to many but – I LOVE Macbeth.

This play could be the background story of my life.

Lady Macbeth : Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair. This is duplicity. This is a woman who will do and say ANYTHING to win high honour and rewards.

Ya gotta love a good baddie :o)

How is Lady Macbeth presented as ruthless?

Lady Macbeth is even more ambitious and ruthless than her husband. As soon as an opportunity to gain power presents itself, she has a plan in mind. She uses her influence to persuade Macbeth that they are taking the right course of action and even takes part in the crime herself.

Lady Macbeth is the first source of manipulation shown in the story. Lady Macbeth uses her sexuality and words to manipulate Macbeth throughout the murder of Duncan by telling him, “When you durst do it, then you were a man / And to be more than what you were, you would / Be so much more a man”(Shakespeare1.

What does duplicity mean in English?

Duplicity comes from a Latin word meaning “double” or “twofold,” and its original meaning in English has to do with a kind of deception in which you intentionally hide your true feelings or intentions behind false words or actions.

FAIR IS FOUL AND FOUL IS FAIR – warned the witches!

What Connects Poirot & Macbeth?

Kenneth Branagh?

YES. Too Obvious though.

It’s a quote. See above.

Hercule Poirot’s Christmas is one of those books that I like slightly less than the David Suchet TV version.

Only slightly.

It is such a fitting book for me to listen to tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. Christmas Eve….!

I love Mara though.


Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow : 21/12/21

The Winter Solstice and mayhaps the date of birth of Andronicus and his twin brother, John.

It is also the wedding anniversary of my parents…and my brother and his glorious, gorgeous wife – who was born on the 21st of December.

Tomorrow is the shortest day and the longest night here in the UK.

It is also YULE.

Goddess and the Green Man :

At Samhain we honour, celebrate and welcome the descent into, and return of, the dark – the beginning of the New Year, acknowledging that all beginnings emerge from darkness. At the Winter Solstice we reach the depth of that darkness with the longest night of the year. Darkness has reached its peak.

“Now we start to wonder: will this continue? Will the Earth grow darker and colder as the Sun disappears into the south until only darkness is left? But at Yule a wonderful thing happens. The Sun stops its decline and for a few days it rises in about the same place. This is the crucial time, the cusp between events. The Sun stands still, and everyone waits for the turning.

In our heads we know the light will return. But in the darkness of Winter, can we be sure? do our hearts believe what our heads tell us? Will the light keep its promises? We all have moments of darkness, when we don’t know how much deeper we will go before the light starts to return (or even if it will). The world has moments too; it understands us, and lives as we do.

The Sun does start north again and the light comes back. In the world, in our lives, the light comes back. This is indeed something worth celebrating, and it has been celebrated throughout the Northern Hemisphere in remarkably similar ways.” (quote from The Pagan Family by Ceisiwr Serith)


OUT. Out brief candle.

Jeez. Shakespeare – whomever he was – knew more than we will ever understand!

Bear with me and my ongoing lust for … Shakespeare :o)

Quote – She WILL out Shakespeare you – Unquote

“Judge not, lest ye be judged”

My Arse!

I’ve been judged. Time after Time. By people who don’t know me and have never met me.

Ergo : The one who sows to please his sinful nature, from that nature will reap destruction.

Y’all can’t take just one Biblical Judgement to favour.



It has been MY experience to connect with the MOST TOXIC people ever via my computer.

These people are so TOXIC & POISONOUS that they truly believe that they have a complete Divine Right to steal my posts (my 7 days a week work) and SELL them for gain on youtube.

Be ALERT …the world needs Lerts. Mmmn. WHO stole that and wrote it in a comment?

I have thousands of examples…. Copycat or Real Deal?

Metropolis via UAP

The Life of Andronicus I Comnenus via Sarah Tonen via Jon Levi

Tartan Clad Mummies via FEB

These three are all PERFECT examples.

Anyhoo and apropos of NOTHING : Twin Flame is meant to be a joining of the Divine Masculine & the Divine Feminine to complete a much needed quest to help EVERYONE living today and in the future.

I truly believe this to be TRUE.

Proviso : We all contain masculine and feminine.

MY Journey is to align them within myself and NOT via an outside, toxic, egotistical, cold, self-loving, narcissist who not only thieves my light for himself but -even more disgusting- is perfectly happy to sit back and laugh as he allows his useless monkeys to follow his example.

I have all the Magician’s tools to work wonders. The VERY LAST “thing” I need is a MAN to complete me. Fact!

Lesson Well & Truly Learned, Hamlet & Wifey :o)

Lady Godiva & Freddie

There is a local legend that Lady Godiva was a local woman. From Bardney. About 10 miles from here.

Dorothy Dunnett wrote about her in King Hereafter – her novel about Macbeth.

Who knows which tale is TALL?

Don’t Stop Me Now. I’m having such a good time, having a ball :o)

Dwarfie Stane

I could go so deeply into this but I’m all organised out, right now.

Maybe tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.

Dorothy Dunnett : King Hereafter.

Ken Bran being Gorgeous (why did I NOT meet him?)

Phil Rickman’s obsession with healing barrows and stone thingamebobbies.



Dry Stane Walling – I grew up with this phrase and will forever use it.


……OK. I can’t help myself and my yearnings. Ken first….and always :o)

Side Note : Is there not another story of a rock chamber and a boulder somewhere in history?

Noli Me Tangere.


Or – the South Land of the Vikings.

Whichever. Seeing as they share the same latitude.

This place is as far north west as y’all can go on mainland GB/UK.

Having read every single Hamish Macbeth book by Marion Chesney aka M.C. Beaton, from thence comes my only knowledge of the place. Apparently it’s…beautifully harsh. Mountaineers fall from on high onto the roads by the dozen. You can get every weather system ever invented in just one day.

I’d still like to go there. In the summer.

BTW : there are many veiled ways to get revenge for wrongs done. These books were televised and the series became very popular. I enjoyed them, slightly, because I knew that the TV company had totally shafted the writer out of every right.

Plockton. This was the pretty TV location.


The series was filmed on location in the village of Plockton, the town of Kyle of Lochalsh and the surrounding area.
Hamish Macbeth (TV series) – Wikipedia

M.C. Beaton dissed the entire, disgusting experience in just one sentence. Props, hen :o)

The REAL Sutherland. Savage beauty.

Banquo’s Ghost

I’ve come to terms with the reality. I will always be the Ghost at the Banquet. The unwelcome guest. The spirit of a murderee.

Never the Queen but one day – my children may have peace and honour. Nothing wasted. It has been ALL for them :o)


Lord Banquo /ˈbæŋkwoʊ/, the Thane of Lochaber, is a character in William Shakespeare’s 1606 play Macbeth. In the play, he is at first an ally of Macbeth (both are generals in the King’s army) and they meet the Three Witches together. After prophesying that Macbeth will become king, the witches tell Banquo that he will not be king himself, but that his descendants will be. Later, Macbeth in his lust for power sees Banquo as a threat and has him murdered by three hired assassins; Banquo’s son, Fleance, escapes. Banquo’s ghost returns in a later scene, causing Macbeth to react with alarm during a public feast.


A Shining Light in the darkness of LIFE?

THE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE of a mother for her children!

Mordred to Macbeth

I’ve spent a few days trying to unravel the 13 Swords of King Arthur. And it’s given me one big, bad headache.

History is a PERFECT confusion of False Facts and Supposition and Outright Lies.

Anyhoo – apropos of nothing – I decided that Mordred owned the 13th sword. He was, after all, the arch-traitor of the gang. Like Judas.

The multiple confusions start with Modred’s parentals. Were they Morgause (Queen of Orkney) and Loth (King of Lothian?)

OR – Morgause (Queen of Orkney) and her own brother (King Arthur of Sainted Name?)

If you know anything about ancient Celtic and Scandinavian practices, you’ll know that the FOSTERING system was incredibly important. Young, noble sons were fostered out to the best man/family available to teach them the Arts of being Noble.

In many sources Mordred was not only King Arthur’s nephew but also his FOSTER-son…not bastard son by his sister.

Sigh. Gotta love how they spice stuff up with incest etc.


Aha. Macbeth was also an Orkney man. Again, the family tree is muddled and muddy. Especially when you know that Macbeth and Thorfinn (Jarl of Orkney and pronounced TORRIN) may have been one and the same person.

Like Modred, Macbeth was also not so pure as the driven snow (?)

P.S. Murray is Moray. A famous Noble Name and kingdom/county.

The 3,6,9 of Goddess – ness

The number 3 has an infinite number of connotations.

Today I’m doing the Tesla Trilogy with reference to my own 9 personal favourite Goddesses.

Staring in Greece, we have the Moirai. In, Scandinavian, there are the Norns and in Macbeth, the Weird (WYRD) sisters.

All Fates representing Past, Present and Future.

There are many other female trios world-wide with the same roles but I’m more familiar with these 9.

The life of man is usually measured in 7 ages but women get just 3. Virgin. Mother. Hag.

Modern tellings of the Fates almost always show them as the last manifestation of womanhood. HAG. Witch. Evil-doer.

Is this because they control the inevitable that will always end with the thread of life being cut?


3, 6 or 9 guesses about who is in the video below ? ? ?

LOL :o)

Hamish Macbeth…Twice

I love this book. Death of a Scriptwriter.

Patricia Martyn-Broyd, now in her seventies, has retired to the Highlands. She hasn’t written a word in years and her books are out of print. But now a television company is about to film her last detective story, featuring the aristocratic Scottish detective Lady Harriet Vere. Even better, a London publisher is bringing the book into print. Even though the snobbish Miss Martyn-Broyd doesn’t care to mix with the locals she can’t help but share her excitement with local policeman Hamish Macbeth. Imagine her horror when Miss Martyn-Broyd discovers that Lady Harriet Vere is portrayed as a pot-smoking hippy, that the screenwriter is known for his violent and scurrilous scripts and that Lady Harriet is going to be played by the scene-stealing trollop Penelope Gates. But a contract is a contract, Ms Martyn-Broyd quickly learns and when she is accused of murdering the scriptwriter and the leading lady, she turns to her one friend in Lochdubh, Hamish Macbeth, to help her.

And the narrator – Davina Porter – is so amazing that she became the voice of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander books.

Listen to the author’s vision of Hamish.

Then watch the Hamish Macbeth TV series.

M.C. (Marion Chesney) Beaton was well and truly shafted by the TV company that made this series. She HATED it.

Robert Carlyle is a 5 ft 7 Glaswegian with dark hair.

Hamish is a 6ft 5 Highlander with flaming red hair, calm and lazy but with an attitude :o)

P.S. I wonder just how this audio – yt- book will be available. I give it a week at best !

P.P.S. Robert Carlyle is a good actor. I like much of his stuff.

Sometimes I STUN Myself : Go With the Flow

The point that I was here to make was this:

Go With The Flow is how I live. I go where the four winds blow me. That’s my FAITH.

So. My stupid. I think of a river in spate and the land of my fathers and I type “scotland river in spate” into youtoob.

A river does NOT flow backwards and forwards at will. Especially when in spate. This is a NATURAL driving force that will take you from mountain to sea despite what you want.

Cawdor too?

WTF : The Thane of Cawdor. Witches. Three. When shall we 3 meet again, in thunder lightning or in rain?

Shaking MY Spear or Going with the spate of a Tempest?

P.S. F*ck Findhorn. BAD vibes there :o)

Highland Tradition

Something that my Dad did (me also) that freaked my Mum out.

The eldest ALWAYS sends half of his/her wages back to the family until the second eldest is old enough to earn a living.

Mum always said that the only person she ever feared was Lily, Dad’s Mum. The TARTAR supreme :o)

She was 20 and Dad 21 when they got married and she had to talk to Lily about all the money going to his new family.

BTW – I was born less than a year later!!!

Lily agreed. Because Uncle Jim, Dad’s younger brother was also out earning a living wage.

M.C. Beaton uses this tradition brilliantly.

Hamish is always 35 in the books and his parents had no more kids until he was in his teens. His next eldest brother is still in school and wants to go to University.

I think his parents birthed at least 5 kids in later life. The number changes in the books.

This is why Hamish poaches fish and wins hill runs and shooting competitions to supplement his wages.

Death of a Gossip & Death of a Cad

I was early for my dentist appointment several years back and went to the local newsagents.

I bought Agatha Raisin & the Haunted House to read whilst waiting.

I read on at home and then threw the book across the floor in a tantrum at the bad writing. My bad :o(

I now have every Agatha Raisin book and every Hamish Macbeth written.

Death of a Gossip is brilliant.

When society widow and gossip columnist Lady Jane Winters joins the local fishing class she wastes no time in ruffling feathers – or should that be fins? – of those around her.Among the victims of her sharp tongue is Lochdubh constable Hamish Macbeth, yet not even Hamish thinks someone would seriously want to silence Lady Jane’s shrill voice permanently – until her strangled body is fished out of the river.Now with the help of the lovely Priscilla Halburton-Smythe, Hamish must steer a course through the choppy waters of the tattler’s life to find a murderer. But with a school of suspects who aren’t willing to talk, and the dead woman telling no tales, Hamish may well be in over his head for he knows that secrets are dangerous, knowledge is power, and killers when cornered usually do strike again.

Lady Jane is a fancy pants fat woman who collects shit on other people and uses it against them.

The Cad is done in by ……something to do with shotguns and the number on the rounds used in shotguns.

No. 6 or No 7 ?