Enter The Italians : Stage Right

I’m tracking packages today. All of them late.

A crockpot – much cheaper than £600 for 500 litres of oil.

Fabric that was meant to be here about 2 weeks ago and needed a Snot-o-Gram to get stuff moving.

And a Dame Frances Yates book.

About John Florio.

He’s the first Italian.

Spoiler : the second Italian is someone I’ve posted about many times before in the past 4 years. Giordano Bruno.

So happy to see EVERYTHING coming together to make a perfect picture.

BTW : Florio was NOT Shakespeare. In my Humble Opinion. But he was very connected to everything else about the Bard.

Currently Under the Effect of SOD’S LAW

And I’ve no idea why!!!

I don’t look for the eff-ups in life.

I’m an optimistic, positive person who always expects optimistic, positive events.

Then – some total bastard up there suddenly decides to give mea kick up the arse. Just because they can :o(

It’s been almost a full week now of complete and utter disaster domino downfall derangement.

WTF? Craptacular.

The air turned blue here and everyone has a face like a wasp chewing a bulldog.

C’est la vie :o)

My Monday Morning YT Go To

I always call her Kirsty. She is NOT a Kirsty. She’s a Danielle Kirsty.

Because Himself is on leave this week, I FORCED him to watch this.

It’s usually him making comments in the background but this Monday it was ME.

WTF is wrong with these BRITISH youngsters? Especially a Brummie like DK.

Every single time she said GOTTEN – I had to correct her out loud.

Disorient is also an American word.

And Mommy.

And – OK. I corrected ALL of her so-called ENGLISH words.

I blame US TV and youtube and Netflix for changing English English into American English.

I’ve always said that the very best way to invade a country is via their language……y’all.

WTF is going on here?

Why? Why? Why? Mummy….!

I remember (vividly) the exact time that I had no answer for my children’s constant questioning.

Up to a certain age you have a perfectly valid and sane answer to their unending questions.

And THEN………

Comes THE question that blows your brain.

No. Not sex. It can be any question about anything that you are forced to answer with – I DON’T KNOW. If you are an honest, loving caring parent.

I remember VIVIDLY the day my eldest son said to me – “Mummy. Why can’t you answer my question? I thought you knew everything.”

Me. Being ME replied. “My lovely boy, some things are not answerable by me. YOU have to find your own answer.”

That’s why I went through years of distance from the grandparents for not having either of my boys “christened” in church.

Thankfully their father agreed with the total hypocrisy of it all (church christening with all the trimmings and BS) and let me let THEM choose their own faith.

They are both grown men now and I can still threaten to slap their bums. Even though they are much taller and wider than me :o)


And it makes for great, far-ranging, uncontrolled and immensely enlightening discussions!!!!!!

The video below is about teaching his son how to TELL TIME and the difference between Hour and Our.

Jeebuth. I love a person who loves words and how to dissect them :o)

P.S. I was told this morning that I have a mannerism for when I “angry” speak. I always preface with the word ERRRR.

As in Errr – not a hope in hell. Or Errr- Of course, my darling.


I STILL pick them up on words that have 2 T’s in but neither are enunciated.


Red Gold & Green

Red Gold & Green.

Two songs.

Three Colours.

I have links to BOTH of these. Oh. Done that. Sorry to bore/boor/boar y’all



P.S. For a minute or two there was a yt commenter called Greta HOGG. True fact. Much like the DEFUNCT Venus Rose, Nordic Kitten, Rose-tinted Monocle, Scottish Restar..something, DAVID GREIG (my dead father’s name) TartarAngelRose (?) Eyes2See, starfortmudflood, amandapanda69, sarahtonen, queenbee, lill lilll and the one that someone asked if she wanted him to treat her like her ex-boyfriend et al, ad infinitum fake as yt names

All girlies pissing on THEIR property.

Vicarious Filth

Dear Mum….SHE said them. Not me.

D’y’all think I can get away with that? From a Mother who slapped me around the ear the very first time I said BLOODY in front of her?

BTW : Apart from the mildest of bloody buggering cusses, my parents NEVER swore in front of us kids.

The F-Word?

That was Flipping. They even called a F-art a Trump.


and I’ll C U Next Tuesday :o)

This girl is such a CX%^W£NY^&(*)%E!