Starforts and Elsinore

For me, the most glorious prose ever written belongs to the Shakespeare play HAMLET.

I wrote about Kronborg Castle, Denmark way back in June 2019.



Jacquelyn GreigBeautifulStar Forts1 CommentEdit”Mysterious Elsinore”

Kronborg Castle, Denmark was supposedly the model for Hamlet’s Elsinore.

Kronborg is a fecking beautiful Star Fort.

Will come back to it another time :o)


Aewar and Wooden Nickels just posted a fabulous video about Starforts.

“I’ll be with you straight. Go a little before”

Far too many of my nearest and dearest know that I have a Not So Secret Pash for KenBran.

This speech. About war. Spine-tingly.

King Hereafter

Last night I had such a vivid dream about this. And a thesis waiting to written (?)

I even saw the DD’s reply below in it.

I would like to ask Mrs. Dunnett how long it took her to research and where did she find all of the wonderful history for King Hereafter.”

A detailed answer would hold up Niccolo 8 for a month (my reading list alone was 700 books long).
Briefly(!):1975, Day 1, contract to write the first properly researched historical novel on the real Macbeth, on which there is ample academic material. (younger son then aged 11).Day 2 (virtually), discover the academic material is mostly ancient and full of gaps, the exception being the deconstruction of Shakespeare, which is popular and has been well and accurately tackled.Day 3, sort out which few areas have been updated, mostly in monograph form, and verify from the universities that absolutely no historical department is currently re-examining this period.Day 4, resign myself to collecting and analysing primary material, as soon as I have read through and noted the secondaries. This included sources (including foreign ones) for info on the Celts, the Picts, the Vikings, the Anglo-Saxons, on current laws and customs on marriage, fostering, bastardy, kingship, on the detailed politics of surrounding countries, on biographies of individuals such as Canute, Emma, PopeLeo, etc. etc. Also early charters, monastic annals, fragments of early poetry (plus linguistic studies), the Icelandic sagas, saints’ lives, early histories written under the Stewarts, and a lot about the Norman Conquest (plus Norman and Breton charters) to identify the Normans who fled to Macbeth. Also everything relevant in archaeology.Lovely discoveries about the Archbishop of Dol. Travel, including visits to Rome, Goslar, Vienna, Brittany, Normandy, the Celtic Library at Harvard and all relevant places in the UK, including many visits to Orkney, collecting published material and looking at buildings and museums. Compilation incidentally of 145 interlocking European family trees, laid out in miniscule writing on a piece of wallpaper 20 feet long. Discovery that the story still didn’t make sense. Awful dawning realisation that it did make sense if Thorfinn and Macbeth were not half-brothers but the same person. Grinding of teeth (original research is not a good idea for a novelist). Decision (courtesy of my publishers) to continue researching, and in particular track to its source every accepted fact that contradicted this theory.By the end of 1979, evident to me that the Thorfinn/Macbeth case was stronger than any other, and the investigation was now academically viable. Moment of truth; continue for ten years and exhaust all the lines of research? Take another year, and publish the case as it then stood as non-fiction? Or write, with the facts I then had, the novel I had been contracted to write in 1975? I chose to write the novel, beginning in January 1980 and finishing in March 1981 (younger son now aged nearly 17 and forgiving). The rest, as they say is history…..”

I have talked much about Macbeth here over the years.

I have Dorothy Dunnett’s masterpiece – KING HEREAFTER.

And it is an Opus Magnus.


Being 36% Scottish and 29% Scandinavian and 1% Russian – my genes are all a jiggle.


What I’ve noticed over the last 4 years since I posted my own DNA results here on WordPress….

….how many Scottish Vikings are now coming out of the woodwork.


Oscar Wilde — ‘Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but the highest form of intelligence.’

We Brits are experts at sarcasm o)

It is beyond doubt that Scotland is connected to Scandinavia. And that Scandinavia is connected to the Varangian. And that the Varangian Guard were the bodyguards of the Byzantine Emperors.

Varangian means Foreigner. Harald Hardrada married Elisiv of Kiev. His grandson was Magnus Barelegs – the Viking Ruler of Dublin.

‘k’in jumping up and down screaming to the winds….FFFFFFFFSake. IT IS ALL THERE. And here. Inside me.

My Dad had pure Irish colouring from our Dalriada ancestors. Black hair. Light grey eyes.

I have saucy doubts and fears :o)

P.S. I always schwoon in the presence of KenBran. My silly

There Is So Much We Can Learn From Iago

OK. This is NOT just another excuse to post a KenBran clip (!?)

Life is just full of the IAGO archetypes – once you understand the character and his pattern, you can’t unsee.

I’ve just experienced yet another one IRL. I swear they are lining up to spit poison – just because they feel like it.

Anyway. DID YOU KNOW that there has been a huge revival in the appreciation of Shakespeare’s works?

Mmmmn. How strange.

First Ken doing the bad guy.

Put Money in Thy Purse.

Followed by a guy talking about the Bard.

I’m all smiley :o)

Was That a Ghost?

I’m still stunned by that comment to my son…about me!

I’ve been rather pale (but always interesting!) for over a week now.

Something doesn’t like me eating. Use your imagination.

So, yes, I did look like an effing ghost :o(

The ghost of Jacqueline de Bellefort?

I’ve just seen an advert for this. February….Wooohooo !

P.S. I once told the French Gendarme girl who was taking a statement from me in Paris, for a judge, that she’d spelled my name wrong. She told me that this was the way they spell it in FRANCE.

That shut me up :o)


Agatha Christie. Wow. She KNEW how to use words.

Murder on the Orient Express.

The link?

Youngest son needed a set of socket ratchets. Today his S3COND delivery came. With the right sizes.

Effing computer blowing pictures up and lying about the measurements. Anyways – his job accomplished…finally :o)

OMG. 2017? This was my son’s birthday present to me. Tickets to watch the film in Lincoln……see image above (?)

David Essex : Teenage Crush Fess

Yes. I did…..and still do (?) have a bit of a crush on David Essex.

I’ve always known that he was of Gypsy (Irish Traveller) descent. He never made a secret of it. But – as he has grown older, he’s come to appreciate his heritage more and more. Like I have.

I know him best through War of the Worlds. He was the Artillery Man.

P.S. Somewhere in MY soul I have a Gypsy past. FACT!

BTW : New Age Travellers are not real TRAVELLERS. They are tax dodgers and drop-outs and tieves (Spelling meant) and pretenders who have NO connection to their past. They even reject their own families.

I’ve met both true Romany and the New Age ones.

HUGE difference.

Sorry. Got distracted and slightly confused by a Thunderchild. Did I see a KenBran here. Doing Dunkirk?


What Connects Poirot & Macbeth?

Kenneth Branagh?

YES. Too Obvious though.

It’s a quote. See above.

Hercule Poirot’s Christmas is one of those books that I like slightly less than the David Suchet TV version.

Only slightly.

It is such a fitting book for me to listen to tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. Christmas Eve….!

I love Mara though.


Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow : 21/12/21

The Winter Solstice and mayhaps the date of birth of Andronicus and his twin brother, John.

It is also the wedding anniversary of my parents…and my brother and his glorious, gorgeous wife – who was born on the 21st of December.

Tomorrow is the shortest day and the longest night here in the UK.

It is also YULE.

Goddess and the Green Man :

At Samhain we honour, celebrate and welcome the descent into, and return of, the dark – the beginning of the New Year, acknowledging that all beginnings emerge from darkness. At the Winter Solstice we reach the depth of that darkness with the longest night of the year. Darkness has reached its peak.

“Now we start to wonder: will this continue? Will the Earth grow darker and colder as the Sun disappears into the south until only darkness is left? But at Yule a wonderful thing happens. The Sun stops its decline and for a few days it rises in about the same place. This is the crucial time, the cusp between events. The Sun stands still, and everyone waits for the turning.

In our heads we know the light will return. But in the darkness of Winter, can we be sure? do our hearts believe what our heads tell us? Will the light keep its promises? We all have moments of darkness, when we don’t know how much deeper we will go before the light starts to return (or even if it will). The world has moments too; it understands us, and lives as we do.

The Sun does start north again and the light comes back. In the world, in our lives, the light comes back. This is indeed something worth celebrating, and it has been celebrated throughout the Northern Hemisphere in remarkably similar ways.” (quote from The Pagan Family by Ceisiwr Serith)


OUT. Out brief candle.

Jeez. Shakespeare – whomever he was – knew more than we will ever understand!

Bear with me and my ongoing lust for … Shakespeare :o)

Quote – She WILL out Shakespeare you – Unquote

“Judge not, lest ye be judged”

My Arse!

I’ve been judged. Time after Time. By people who don’t know me and have never met me.

Ergo : The one who sows to please his sinful nature, from that nature will reap destruction.

Y’all can’t take just one Biblical Judgement to favour.



It has been MY experience to connect with the MOST TOXIC people ever via my computer.

These people are so TOXIC & POISONOUS that they truly believe that they have a complete Divine Right to steal my posts (my 7 days a week work) and SELL them for gain on youtube.

Be ALERT …the world needs Lerts. Mmmn. WHO stole that and wrote it in a comment?

I have thousands of examples…. Copycat or Real Deal?

Metropolis via UAP

The Life of Andronicus I Comnenus via Sarah Tonen via Jon Levi

Tartan Clad Mummies via FEB

These three are all PERFECT examples.

Anyhoo and apropos of NOTHING : Twin Flame is meant to be a joining of the Divine Masculine & the Divine Feminine to complete a much needed quest to help EVERYONE living today and in the future.

I truly believe this to be TRUE.

Proviso : We all contain masculine and feminine.

MY Journey is to align them within myself and NOT via an outside, toxic, egotistical, cold, self-loving, narcissist who not only thieves my light for himself but -even more disgusting- is perfectly happy to sit back and laugh as he allows his useless monkeys to follow his example.

I have all the Magician’s tools to work wonders. The VERY LAST “thing” I need is a MAN to complete me. Fact!

Lesson Well & Truly Learned, Hamlet & Wifey :o)

Picture This : Frankenstein & KenBran

Way back in time when we lived in a secret location in Hampshire (Longmoor) and himself was training the newbies on their Close Protection course – they were short of a Principal one night.

I Can Do That…my mouth shouted before my brain was out of neutral (!)

His youngest sister was living with us at the time. Secret. We were living in an Army Quarter. Bad thing. Naughty…. (?)

Anyway – the entire exercise was set up around me as a PRINCIPAL aka VIP (lol) and I was asked where I wanted to go.

Uuurm. Oooh. Aaaah. Portsmouth. Cinema. Film. KenBran.

Me and sis-in-law had an entire row to ourselves surrounded by armed bodyguards. I kind of forgot all about that. Can’t remember why ! :o)

Dwarfie Stane

I could go so deeply into this but I’m all organised out, right now.

Maybe tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.

Dorothy Dunnett : King Hereafter.

Ken Bran being Gorgeous (why did I NOT meet him?)

Phil Rickman’s obsession with healing barrows and stone thingamebobbies.



Dry Stane Walling – I grew up with this phrase and will forever use it.


……OK. I can’t help myself and my yearnings. Ken first….and always :o)

Side Note : Is there not another story of a rock chamber and a boulder somewhere in history?

Noli Me Tangere.

The Cult of IAGO

For some reason, of all the Shakespeare characters, Iago fascinates me the most. And I don’t mean that in a good way!

Iago-ism is RAMPANT in the world today. Well, it always has been been but TODAY this energy is suffocating.

We all know many an Iago-ist.

The ear whisperer with gilded tongue and poisoned kiss and empty promise and ….BOOM!


I’ll approach this character by two routes. KenBran is self-explanatory to those who know me…… :o)

BUT – what about Agatha Christie’s final Poirot book?

She wrote Curtain very early and locked it in a safe for 3 decades because her readers loved Poirot so much. And she hated him so much.

Curtain contains an Iago whose whispers result in the most UNEXPECTED murder EVER!

WARNING ; Mara does spoilers in the video below the video below.

Banquo’s Ghost

I’ve come to terms with the reality. I will always be the Ghost at the Banquet. The unwelcome guest. The spirit of a murderee.

Never the Queen but one day – my children may have peace and honour. Nothing wasted. It has been ALL for them :o)


Lord Banquo /ˈbæŋkwoʊ/, the Thane of Lochaber, is a character in William Shakespeare’s 1606 play Macbeth. In the play, he is at first an ally of Macbeth (both are generals in the King’s army) and they meet the Three Witches together. After prophesying that Macbeth will become king, the witches tell Banquo that he will not be king himself, but that his descendants will be. Later, Macbeth in his lust for power sees Banquo as a threat and has him murdered by three hired assassins; Banquo’s son, Fleance, escapes. Banquo’s ghost returns in a later scene, causing Macbeth to react with alarm during a public feast.


A Shining Light in the darkness of LIFE?

THE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE of a mother for her children!

Cordelia Banished

Saturday. I’m having a nice easy day, unlike yesterday when I might’ve (!) been a bit crabbity.

I’m catching up and to my complete and utter delight and gratitude, The BB has been talking about King Lear.

Thank you x

I’ve always said that there is not a human emotion or circumstance that is not covered in this body of work.

I’m so far beyond the WHO Wrote Shakespeare Fannying About. I don’t care.

We’ve been gifted an amazing treasure via a series of writings that will resonate throughout time.

I adore King Lear…..KenBran is quite lovely too.

Ooops :o)

Henry V’s Ugliness

In 1403, during the Battle of Shrewsbury, Prince Henry was struck on the left side of his nose with an arrow that burrowed six inches into his skull. The arrowhead broke off, remained lodged in the bone of Henry’s skull, and had to be extracted in a remarkable moment of pre-modern maxilla-facial surgery. In the English chronicles, the wound from that arrow became the sign of Henry’s maturation from capricious youth to national hero: John Speed, for example, called it the “marke of his manhood.” As the chronicles relate, a severely wounded Prince Henry refused to leave the battlefield, lest his retreat strike fear in his soldier’s hearts; he fought on where the battle was hottest, an exchange Shakespeare staged at the end of 1 Henry IV, although Shakespeare didn’t mention the arrow specifically. In the case of war wounds, physical abnormality is a sign not of vice (as it is with, say, the deformity of a Richard III or the obesity of a Falstaff) but of virtue (as with the wounds of Coriolanus), an aesthetic of stigma that points back ultimately to the stigmata of Christ, the hideous body signifying the hero who wars against evil to his own suffering.

Shakespeare made even more hay of Henry’s face at the end of Henry V, when the king woos Katherine, apologizing for his ugliness, blaming his father, whose warlike thoughts in the moment of Henry’s conception, he says, resulted in a warlike face in the child conceived. Here Shakespeare is satirizing the notion – originally argued by Empedocles, but also at work in the Biblical story (recounted by Shylock) of Jacob’s manipulation of Laban’s flock – that the mental images of parents during conception (usually the mother, but in Henry’s case the father) can be imprinted on a deformed, monstrous child. While Shakespeare satirized the outmoded figural, magical, spiritual model of stigma on the one hand, he also offered a new theory to take its place on the other, one that draws upon the “devouring Time” of the Sonnets. Henry tells Kate that his ugliness is only ugliness in the context of the traditional beauty associated with youth, that his ugliness will not be ugliness when seen in the context of the decay of old age. In other words, Shakespeare presented a theory of stigma that is fundamentally circumstantial, one showing that stigma acquires meaning only in relation to a situation, which is ultimately the keynote of Shakespeare’s career with stigma.

Sorry but #NOT SORRY :o)

The 3,6,9 of Goddess – ness

The number 3 has an infinite number of connotations.

Today I’m doing the Tesla Trilogy with reference to my own 9 personal favourite Goddesses.

Staring in Greece, we have the Moirai. In, Scandinavian, there are the Norns and in Macbeth, the Weird (WYRD) sisters.

All Fates representing Past, Present and Future.

There are many other female trios world-wide with the same roles but I’m more familiar with these 9.

The life of man is usually measured in 7 ages but women get just 3. Virgin. Mother. Hag.

Modern tellings of the Fates almost always show them as the last manifestation of womanhood. HAG. Witch. Evil-doer.

Is this because they control the inevitable that will always end with the thread of life being cut?


3, 6 or 9 guesses about who is in the video below ? ? ?

LOL :o)

The Sling and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune

Even as I child I understood – deep inside – that I was NOT the lies told about me.

Or the thoughts that others had of me.

Or the expectations others had of me.

Or the fulfilment of another person’s broken dreams.

Or a puppet to be manipulated.

Or someone else’s fake hope and dream come to life.

I’m just me.

A me that does what I do. Says what I say. And suffers the slings and arrows of……..some total twisted twit.

I can ALWAYS spare time and space for Hamlet and KenBran :o)

Pilar Estravados 

Yet again, I’m being shown my total slowness and stupidity.

It has been there in front of me the whole time time.

SMH and bow it in shame.

Hercule Poirot’s Christmas is a wonderful book. And the TV adaptation is too.

What I failed to see was that KenBran’s film changed the Swedish Greta Ohlsson (brilliantly played by Swedish Ingrid Bergman years before) with Penny Cruz (Spanish) named after the Spanish imposter in the book mentioned above.

Clever. Very clever.

Sheisters. Merde :o)

Slave vs Slav : Always the letter E

There ARE some books that can change lives.

I have one. I will not name it because it IS so special to me.

Anyhoo :

When we read verses like Ephesians 6:5Colossians 3:22, and 1 Peter 2:18, we hear the common English translation “slave” in light of our own historical context. We typically think of race-based, chattel slavery in which the slave is the property of the master and lacks any legal rights. This kind of slavery is manifestly among the most despicable institutions ever to disgrace human civilization. It is not, however, what is in view in these texts.

[Race-based, chattel slavery] is manifestly among the most despicable institutions ever to disgrace human civilization. 

The Greek word (doulos) can be translated “slave,” or sometimes “servant” or “bondservant,” and often referred to people who had a surprising level of legal and social status in the first-century Greco-Roman world. Most were not “slaves” from their birth, or for their whole life, or because of their race—for instance, the Roman jurist Gaius (second century) claimed that most slaves were prisoners of war who actually would have been slaughtered if not made slaves.

I’m speaking in tongues :o)

Words. Words. Words.

P.S. Words and spelling have ZERO to do with Black Magic. Unless y’all WANT then to. FACT?

P.P.S. And if you refuse to SEE a single TRUTH in this clip then…I cannot help. Apart from starting with 0:07 and the SKULL MASK!