I Use Tagliatelle : My Choice

When traveller-in-crime and I went to Italy – Rome and Venice – I was DETERMINED to eat authentic, made-on-the-spot Italian food. And I did :o)

Apart from the pizza. It was mass-produced and frozen. Said so on the box that we took back to the hotel room for a midnight snack.

The BEST meal I had was a Carbonara. On the street. From a restaurant less than 5 minutes walk from the hotel.


I always use tagliatelle. Dunno why. And bacon……..we don’t have an Italian butcher close by. And parmigiano reggiano. From Tesco.

MY kids love it too. Good job. We have it for tea tonight :o)

Did I just drool again?

And….R E L A X : Porcini Risotto

Those glorious, wonderful people at Tesco (?!) sent me some money off vouchers today so I went mad in the aisles and bought porcini mushrooms and a huge bag of arborio rice.

There is something so relaxing about cooking a risotto.

I can take a good half hour or more just stood, standing, stirring. Watching those little grains of rice puff up and make the stock all creamy and delicious. MammaMia.

Making too much is the Name of the Game.

Youngest son will snaffle some later tonight and I may have enough left over for lunch tomorrow.

Good Food. Made with LOVE :o)

Pendulums & Dyeing

The pic above is mine. My computer. My copy of the book. My dyeing paper.

Side Note : I’ve been dyeing paper for weeks now. I’ve got Tea Dye down to a … T (!) But surely red and blue make purple. Add a touch of yellow and it makes browny purple.

So Why the Fluff is my paper green ?

Another Umberto Eco book that I’ve not read.

But will do NOW that a sexy Italian bookworm has told me to :o)

Angels & Demons & Ambigrams

Dan Brown is very proud that his book titles are ambigrams.

Look it up!

I bought the DVD of this because my traveller-in-crime and I had not long come back from Rome. We made her mother sit and watch it as we shouted – BEEN THERE – and maybe drooled slightly over Ewan McGregor. We are NOT shallow and easily distracted. Oops!

CERN? My arse!

A Tale of The HORDE in Italy : Florence

I refuse to use the word Tartary anymore.

For reasons of purity and because this word has been SO misused, abused and degraded – it will be THE HORDE.

Now that tantrum of mine is over…a Tale of The HORDE in Florence.

Once upon a time (in the 14th century) the Horde conquered Italy and made their capital at Florence. A small swampy town on the Tiber became their military base where they built a fortified city called The Vatican.

In Florence they created a beautiful place full of gardens and palaces and the people thrived in this community. Rome was not a threat to them. No popes existed. No other powerful families existed.

Everything changed in the middle of the 1400’s when refugees from the newly Ottoman – ised Constantinople converged in the fortified town on the Tiber and named the place Rome.

Enter the History ReWriters of the 16th and 17th centuries and you get the likes of the PAZZI Conspiracy.

I’ve shown the video below on my old blog. I love his style :o)

Well. That’s MY Life Ruined!

Or maybe not :o)

But it’s a shock to the system, that’s for sure.

The Villa Farnesina is a famous Renaissance building filled with beauty and history, constructed at the beginning of the 16th century and worked on by the most venerated artists.

Or is it?

Apparently not. I’m reading a new history of the place (sources withheld) that states categorically and undeniably that it was built in 1656 and that the most famous of the famed painters – Raphael – did not actually exist.

OMG. He’s my favourite ever :o(

But there is one bright spark in this. The entire Historical Forgery was not done by the Jesuits or the Freemasons or the Quackademics. It was done by one single family over several generations and with malice-aforethought.

WOW. The millions and billions they must have made. The mind boggles. Imagine them selling just ONE original RAPHAEL from there.

This brings the ENTIRE Art World down in one second. And is probably why it’s all still HIDDEN HISTORY.

A part of me can admire the bald-faced gall of it all.

Oh. And it’s not just confined to this place. They pulled the same stunt with one of the Roman churches that was actually built (to family specifications) in the mid-19th century but is also touted as a Renaissance Beauty.

Stunned, is me!


Check out the year above and don’t just believe MY word it.

This is interesting because that date is in plain sight in the Vatican as the date of construction of the Coliseum in Rome.

It was constructed as we see it today?

The image above is of a fresco in the Vatican. I may have seen it on my tour there and not even noticed :o(

Pope Pius VII.

Without delving into the intricacies of the translation, we note that the BUILDER OF THE RUINS OF THE COLOSSEUM here is unambiguously named Pope Pius VII. Moreover, it is said that the beginning of construction – or perhaps only the approval of the project – happened in dot.dot.dot.

Like I know for sure. But, if true, this place has SFA to do with a mudflood reset (?)