BFF & I have a cunning plan.

We are both escaping real life, nicking a Campervan and finding a mountain and/or loch to live in the shelter off. Sans husbands, sans kids, sans drudge.

Her ancestry is wonderful. Welsh, White Jamaican, a teensy bit of Scottish and her Dad was born of a German Baron.

Why the Highlands? Nobody knows :o)

I’ve been watching these videos today in preparation for life in the wild mountainsides with a mad woman who has led me into many a madcap adventure since we were kids !!!

BTW : the image above is a Tartan Favour. My wedding cake was decorated with them and all the family was given a piece of MacGregor Tartan as a token of love and fidelity.

This one is MINE.

P.S. She may be half Red, Gold and Green.

I’m ALL Red, White and Green !

Stormy Weather

My home is surrounded by trees. We live in a secluded oasis, not visible from the roads or fields.

This morning, Himself took all his chain saw gear out with him to work. He’s on the third week of Emergency Response/Rescue and when the weather is like this – they can spend all night clearing fallen trees.

I love the sound. It’s much like living by the sea.

Very relaxing :o)

Oh. And free wood for the burner makes up for 3 weeks of seeing each other for less than an hour each day.

AI = Altered Images

Altered Images were a Glasgow band from the ’80’s and their song Happy Birthday was a favourite of mine.

Day After Tomorrow is my late Mum’s birthday.

Next month BFF & I will reach an iconic birthday….though hers is exactly 3 weeks before me :o)

Yeah. She knows. Having been BFF’s since we were both 11, I may have mentioned it once or twice (!)

Bloody Scorpios. Tchss!

One day – when me and she reach 100 – we WILL celebrate like this. Because everyone’ll think we’re old and demented.

Yes :o)

Apropos of nothing – I HATE OCTOPUSSIES. Himself used to snorkel off the Rock of Gibraltar and catch the horrible things. Once he brought one home and put it in my freezer. The bastard sea creature squirted black ink everywhere. Calamari? I’d rather eat all four of my car’s tyres, thank you very much.

Oh and btw : Travis are Scottish too & poor wee Greta is still aLive&KicKinG arse.

Next band, next song anyone ?

If The Kids Are United…

It was so lovely last evening.

Knock on the door. Son opens and I hear a manly hug and back slap.

His mates walk into the kitchen, arms wide open for a hug from me.

And it was a proper hug. Held for ages.

When we upgraded the pigsty to a man cave/bar and all these kids would be here every week…it was a place to speak their minds.

Aka – that actual bar was painted white with lots of felt tips in a jug on top.

The drunken messages written were brilliant. One I remember more than the rest. It started at the top with – “My Mum is better than your Mum”

Everyone chipped in.

Kids today would NEVER EVER EVEN think of writing that.

Every morning I was there with sweet hot tea, Alka Seltzers, Anadin or a bacon sandwich. Depending on the level of the hangover.

Some Ties Bind Stronger Than Others.

Thank you, kids. Love you all :o)

Thoda Bweath aka Soda Bread

I’ve been promising for days now and finally got round to making it today.

I have Paul Hollywood’s book and love it.

Today we doubled all the ingredients to make a HUGE loaf.

Thoda Bweath?

Youngest and I couldn’t wait to taste so we ate some – straight out of the oven.

Ouch. Burn. Stupids :o)

P.S. I use semi-skilled milk (yup!) with a splash/dash of lemon juice to sour it….much like buttermilk.

P.P.S. The Irish say that you cut the cross in the top to bless it and prick all four quarters to let the fairies out. How wonderfully Christian/Pagan !

An Alien Invades Our Garden!

Washing up at 7pm this morning, I do the usual and look out of the window to the back kitchen garden to see who is visiting today.

We’ve had pigeons, sparrows, tits, blackbirds, mallards, muntjac deer, pheasant, quail, owls, sparrowhawk, buzzard, partridge, RATS (!!) & rabbits galore.

This morning we had an alien enter.

About the size of a 6 month old kitten with dark brown almost black fur, cat like tail, upright ears and…..a white BANDIT mask around the eyes.

Three of us have been playing guess the alien. We tried ferret, stoat, mink, pine marten.


It is a – – –

1840’s Morning Dress

Flightly? Moi?

Oh yes!

The project has changed from the 16th century to the 19th century.

Because I can.

The image above is a pattern that I downloaded yesterday. No idea why, other than because I liked it.

Then I read all the pages and pages of instructions.

OMG. The lining has a boned corset that HAS TO BE MADE before the main dress. Whatever. I can do that (?!)

Today it all makes sense.

My house was built in 1839 and the vicar’s wife would have worn something very similar to this when they first moved in. The Romantic View.

Also – around the beginning of October – this place starts to get VERY COLD. Come January and we are all wearing at least 7 layers of clothes. The Practical View.

Another also – I could wear this in private here. With my leggings and thigh high thick woolly socks and possibly not go blue. Yay.

Crow’s Eye Productions is a local film company. I’ve met them. They shot scenes in this village and the lane to my house for their film about the Crowder Family and WW1 (true story.)

Pauline Loven is an amazingly talented costumier/dress-maker. She made me a 1914 skirt and I made a 1918 knitted jacket.

Keeping it local and personal for now :o)