Autumn & Apple Wood & Mongolia

A few days ago we were all sweaty and salty. Now the season has changed with a vengeance.

I put the wood burner on this morning and tried out the wood that himself had emergency rescued on a highway and/or byway of Lincolnshire.

I swear it’s apple wood. The smell is amazing. It fills the whole house.

Anyhoo. As the wood struggled to catch light and throw out anything close to Warm – we put Amazon Prime on and watched this.

I’m only wear 5 layers of clothing today :o)

Been There. Done That : The STIRLING MONUMENT.

Braveheart is one of my favourite films. I love it….even knowing that it’s a so historically inaccurate that it falls into the category of It Looks
So Fake

It Must Be REAL.

Opinions aside. When I went there many moons ago, this was called The Stirling Monument.

Can y’all see the POWER (power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely) of HOLLYWOOD FILMS?

William Wallace was a bandit. An outcast. A lowly thief and robber. But Neo-History will NEVER tell you such a despicable truth.


The Romance of The Rose : Brain Killer

Image above of MY IRL bookshelf?

Yes. Not photo-shopped or fake or mandela or…!

This book has killed my brian (!) for years.

It’s dense and tangled and thorny. Fact!

But it is HUGE part of my literature/history/hidden journey.

Allegory can be as confusing as eff.

The Romance of the Rose was written in two stages by two authors. In the first stage of composition, circa 1230, Guillaume de Lorris wrote 4,058 verses describing a courtier’s attempts at wooing his beloved woman. The first part of the poem’s story is set in a walled garden, an example of a locus amoenus, a traditional literary topos in epic poetry and chivalric romance. Forty-five years later, circa 1275, in the second stage of composition, Jean de Meun or Jehan Clopinel wrote 17,724 additional lines, in which he expanded the roles of his predecessor’s allegorical personages, such as Reason and Friend, and added new ones, such as Nature and Genius. They, in encyclopedic breadth, discuss the philosophy of love.

I’m a rose grower. I have about 20 rose bushes in my garden. All but 2 planted by me.

A ROSE by any other name etc…….

Oh. And. DO NOT get onto the book to the left of Romance of the Rose. Delta of Venus by Anaïs Nin.

I’m feeling feisty and tigerish today.

Catherine de Medici’s Time Travel Society

I love it :o)

When we can take a totally crazy “mainstream” history FACT and play with it. Something I may’ve been guilty of. Once or Twice. Just to make a point. Over & Over & Over Again.

The corset vid I shared yesterday that had them all falling off their chairs….Part 2.

I researched Catherine many years ago. She comes with baggage and then some!

But then I’ve also deeply researched New Chronology and understand WHO she may’ve/could’ve/probably might’ve been.

MS Catherine de Medici followed by another ROAST by les gals !

John William Polidori : Following the Threads

Polidori died aged 25.

In his short life though, he had a HUGE influence. He was a physician and a writer who had many contacts with people who we are much more familiar with.

Wollstonecraft, Rossetti, Shelley, Byron (Mad, Bad, Dangerous to know)

Did he die by his own hand?

Who knows for sure but he wrote a FAMOUS story : The Vampyre in 1819.

Look it up.

I’m not storytelling :o)

P.S. He looks very romantic and handsome in his portrait. Schwoon. : Saturday, 15 June 2019, 10:58

MY POST from almost 4 years ago……Stolen History Saturday, 15 June 2019, 10:58

It was seen and sent to others. Who now promote this site as the be all and end all.

Call me any name that you want. Steal as much as you want. Get as much credit for your brilliance as you need………..

I was HERE long before yt Troothers. FACT.

THE HIDDEN HISTORY PROJECT – June 2018. Created by ME and still here.

Or not – as some witty wit once posted – So Hidden That No One Can Find IT.




Saturday, 15 June 2019, 10:58

Ihave taken this from

The whole page is interesting but this caught my eye – from whitewave.

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Tartary was nuked.
THE morning of 29 August 1949 dawned sunny and clear in the Altai mountains in southern Siberia. Most of the region’s 2.3 million people, which included Tartars, immigrant Russians and displaced Germans, were out in the fields working the soil. Some of them remember seeing “a light in the sky” to the west, but they had no idea what it was. They just carried on working.

Only now is the real story of what happened that morning beginning to emerge. Russian scientists have revealed that tens of thousands of Altai people suffered sickness, cataracts, cancers and premature deaths because of one of the world’s worst nuclear disasters – and one of its best-kept secrets. The unfolding tragedy is already yielding new insights into the dangers of radioactivity.

The light in the Altai sky was a sign that, more than 170 kilometres away, the Soviet Union had surprised the world by exploding its first atomic bomb. Ruled only by Stalin’s urgent need to prove that he could do what the Americans had done in Hiroshima and Nagasaki four years earlier, Soviet bomb technicians had designed a crude nuclear test that was almost bound to be an environmental catastrophe.

They hung the bomb 33 metres above the ground on a gallows-shaped rig at the Polygon test site, just to the west of the city of Semipalatinsk (see Map), which is now part of Kazakhstan. The rig was nicknamed “the goose” because of its resemblance to the bird’s neck and beak. Crucially, nobody worried about the weather forecast or the wind direction. Apart from a few communities in the immediate vicinity, which were evacuated, nobody seemed to care about how the rest of the region’s population might be affected.

Uncontrolled Clothing Historian

Lots of views here these past 2 weeks but virtually zero Piddle Takes on yt.


Because I’ve moved into a subject that very few “truthers” know about…The History of Clothing.

Point in FACT!

The image above is of alleged “PRIMITIVE” people in front of Novgorod ( the capital of the Tartarian Empire!!!)

Primitive? Peasants? Found-finders?

One look at the clothing says otherwise.

No primitive peasant could or would EVER have been able to wear top coats with braid and buttons. Or afford to trim their fashionable hats with fur.

They’d’ve worn whatever they had to hand.

Only the ELITE could afford tailoring like that. The underclass wore clothes constructed of squares and rectangles of material, cinched with (at best) a belt…(at worst) some spare string.

And as for the horses…………yeah. Very primitive and peasanty!

Like everything else in life – History is 360.

A true historian researches every angle of the whole. Not just the 3 degrees they wanna see. FACT!


Infamy – Infamy…

…they’ve all got it in for me!

Something truly bizarre in the atmos today. Another total rando. On the phone.

He had the nerve to ask me if I was over 50….yeeeees. Why?

Apparently I’m eligible for a medical alert bracelet. Just in case I fall down and can’t get to the phone.

He was a polite young man so I said…”Sweetheart. Being over 50 does NOT automatically mean you fall down all the time. I’m NOT interested. Goodbye.”

Oooh. Young man. How Very Dare You ask me personal questions over the phone.


Do you think I look like these two?

LOL :o)

Liber Linteus

OK. Just take me back to the beginning again, why not?


13th of January 2019 to be exact!


For Etruscan read TARTARIAN!

Sunday, 13 January 2019, 12:07

There is growing evidence that the Stunning Etruscans – who, according to Fake History suddenly appeared in Italy 900BC and just as suddenly disappeared 100BC – were actually Tartarians.

The language they used has been proved to be Slavonic although this has been rather badly covered up (!)

I propose that the FAKE Etruscans were actually Tartarians who followed Batu Khan/Ivan Kalita to Italy when he founded his southern military base AKA The Vatican.

Diodorus Siculus the Greek historian (90BC-30BC) !! -said the following about the Etruscans…

[They] …”were notable for their energy from time immemorial….conquered a vast territory and founded many cities. They created a mighty fleet and were the masters of the seas for a very long time…improved on the regulation of the army…They introduced writing, zealously studied the sciences of the Deities and mastered the observation of lightning. That is why, until now, they inspire awe in us.” XIV, 113

Food for thought, methinks

SIDE NOTE: The Welsh Forensic Detectives,

Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett also decoded “Etruscan” artifacts

using the ANCIENT Welsh Coelbren Alphabet. ..

which (quelle suprise) has been declared as Fake

by yadayadawhoever (!!)


Way back then I hadn’t heard of the Liber Linteus. It’s quite easy to look up online now.

And as I need a huge EGO BOOST, I’ll give myself one :o)

The constant bans and insults and humiliations that I’ve experienced on certain youtube channels all stem from my work and the way I tried to share it. Said work was never attacked, just me personally. Especially when I said stuff like – For Etruscan, Read Tartarian. That way of thinking just did NOT fit into the Neo-Tartarian Researchers’ Handbook. Fact! It was so much easier to call me EVIL.

Heyho. Self- confidence boost incoming.


P.S. Welsh Dracula anyone ? ? ?

WTFluff is HAARP?

We are the Great Britain or the United Kingdom or….whatever. An island with lots of other islands around us AND…

…Since the year dot we have had WEATHER. Lots of it.

Live in Scotland or the Isles for a couple of minutes and you’ll feel WEATHER in all it’s glory.

Yes. Thanks. We know that Eunice and Dudley are incoming.

Just as himself has started another week of Emergency Response/Rescue.

Haarp? Is that a word?

I’d google the meaning but I can’t be bovvered :o)

Boston Tea Party aka Storm in a Teacup

I’ll push a point beyond the norm.


Builder’s Tea : Hot. Strong. Two Sugars.

I’ve had enough builders around my home to know this.

In Berlin, on cold and frosty mornings when we’d been up since 4am, the most welcome sight of all was the TocH van with liverwurst rolls and BOILING HOT builders tea.

You could tell the gorgeous old ladies that you didn’t take sugar in English and German and they’d just pass you a polystyrene cup full of STRONG, SWEET tea.

Life-savers, those women. LIFE SAVERS :o)

Can You Hear Me Over Storm Malik?


There are certain, urm, tribulations we go through when the weather gets feisty.

Living surrounded by trees – many within falling distance of a roof or window or wall – can be slightly disconcerting.

I’ve even had to turn the TV up to hear.

Himself is chasing temporary traffic lights down a road somewhere and also rescuing people trapped in cars with trees atop.

Weather manipulation? Nah. Windy winds happen. Always have. Always will. FACT!

IT Was ONLY A Joke!

Heard this too many times.

Had MY Sense of Humour questioned out the wazoo.

Been manipulated into feeling STOOPID too many times and that totally Worthless vibe.

Mmmn. The Truly Tragic FACT is…

…More times than not these are our family and friends doing the manipulations.

When y’all get onto the www. Times that by several hundred thousand and you WILL begin to question your own sanity.

But then.

I’ve never been “normal.” Never followed The Crowd. Never cucked mine own belief and faith and sense of honour for a quick buck or a quick bit of UKnowWhat.

Once an outsider – ALWAYS an Outsider.

‘S’not the easiest road to walk but it’s MY road, in MY world, and MY life.

Oooooh. Birley Shassy vibe on the horizon :o)

A Brief History of the Gallowglas

That’s how I know them. Most write Gallowglass but…whatever. We are all Different.

I’M NOT :o)

Sorry. That’s my immediate response to the phrase, We are All Different.

Anyway and whatever. Let’s go to the font of ALL Knowledge for a description.

The gallowglasses (also spelled galloglassgallowglas or galloglas; from Irishgall óglaigh meaning foreign warriors) were a class of elite mercenary warriors who were principally members of the Norse-Gaelic clans of Ireland between the mid 13th century and late 16th century. Originally applied to Scots, who shared a common background and language with the Irish, but as they were descendants of 10th-century Norse settlers who had intermarried with the local population in western Scotland, the Irish called them Gall Gaeil (“foreign Gaels”).


That’d be Scottish. Norse. Irish. Warriors.

And Albrecht Durer? ? ?

What Connects Poirot & Macbeth?

Kenneth Branagh?

YES. Too Obvious though.

It’s a quote. See above.

Hercule Poirot’s Christmas is one of those books that I like slightly less than the David Suchet TV version.

Only slightly.

It is such a fitting book for me to listen to tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. Christmas Eve….!

I love Mara though.


Man Friday vs Girl Monday

I have a Girl Monday…Man Friday be not wanted :o)

My girl Monday has been with this house for almost 20 years. We decided to inherit her from the previous owners in 2008.

Apart from a sabbatical of a couple of years when our life went all Neil de Grasse Tyson – pear-shaped – she has been my helper and my comrade.

We are exactly the same age with two grown up sons and the same philosophical outlook on certain areas of life.

Jeebuth : You think I’m gobby and confrontational?

She outclasses me in every area :o)

Himself is scared to death of her but will still try. Bless ‘im.

Scathing is not a strong enough word for her replies to him.

I laugh a lot when she’s around. Which will be in a couple of hours.

Oh. And she’s not averse to putting me in my place either. I just tell her how much I missed her those years we spent apart *grin*

The Winchcombe Grotesques

Yes. I’m back with Phil Rickman/Will Kingdom and Night After Night.

To me – he is a perfect example of how to use local folk-lore and legend inside a work of fiction.

Right at the heart of Night After Night is a Nightmare experienced by one of the characters. She has a recurring dream about the many grotesques on her local church, St. Peter’s, Winchcombe.

I’ve never been there. Part of my extended family live in Tetbury but we parted ways over a decade ago through lies and deceptions that were nothing to do with us and everything to do with our money…and their greed.

There is a huge difference between gargoyles and grotesques if you take the time to research. (?)

OK,SO…Winchcombe is on my list (very long list) of places to visit.

Oh. P.S. Phil also uses the local Long Barrow as a character !!!

The Big Four

I’ve been listening to this book every night since last Tuesday.

It’s probably the 4th time (no pun intended) that I’ve listened. I fall asleep. Lose my place. Miss lots of stuff..

This is one of the few AC books that I didn’t read before watching David Suchet’s rendition on TV.

Uuurm. I have to say that I prefer the book.



P.S. Linked to image above – I was stupid enough to try Sophie Hannah’s “new” Poirot mystery. I didn’t get past chapter one. I may have to try again…sometime!

Remember, Remember…

At the bottom of the hill out of my village we have a huge placard announcing BONFIRE NIGHT celebrations in the field.

Penny for the guy?

My ward for nearly two years has his birthday on this day. Love him x

The 5th of November. Gunpowder. Treason & Plot.

OK Guido Fawkes – whomever you were. Yo’ failed badly. Parliament is still here


P.S. Don’t ever think that I’ve forgotten to remember you, Jason Hand. Noice Mask.


I’ve been publicly accused of being one of these many times on youtube.

Well. As 66.6% of my DNA is Scottish/Scandinavian…YAY. I’m an actually TROLL (!)

It’s 67 % but I’m doing the dramatica bit today :o)

Even as a kid in school, we had these crazy things on the end of our pens/pencils. Probably to stop deep thinking which usually ends up with a very chewed up pen/pencil top. Who wants a bunch of nylon in their teeth?

Ya man here has a rather sexy voice but I’m still figuring out the GIANT and the UNDER A BRIDGE link.

Where’s my pencil ? ? ?

Effing Prose Edda. Keeps haunting me.

P.S. Is it just me or is the image above of Trolls on pencils slightly DISGUSTING?

Am I writing a STREAM OF consciousness blog a la Virginia Woolfe?


After waking up to the usual ignorant piss take on youtube via Matt & UAP, I saw a comment that set my day in motion.


My husband and I set-up, owned and ran a multi-international, multi-million $ security company.

Many, many meetings in Aberdeen later… We started out in Port Harcourt, Nigeria with the complete and total support of STENA.

We protected their workers and their rigs.

We even escorted the DrillMax when it had left Scandinavia and reached the Gulf of “NEW” Guinea.

This was in the days when satphones were the latest OffShore Technology.

I was in charge of all the finances and had to pay the bills.


Satphones are crap and expensive and useless. IN REAL LIFE.

Especially after I’d have to pay over $250,000 to bunker every Nigerian ship we used…with the false tanks underneath for reselling the fuel that I HAD ALREADY PAID FOR!


Welcome to the DrillMAX.

THALIDOMIDE for Morning Sickness

I suffered from morning sickness. Badly.

With one child gingernut biscuits helped. With the second it was apples.

Much like Ariadne Oliver in Agatha Christie, I ate apples out of the wazoo.

My boys’ grandmother suffered too. She was offered a new drug called Thalomid that eased morning sickness. She refused. Thanks but NO THANKS, Doc!

In the 1950s and 1960s, thalidomide was used to treat morning sickness during pregnancy. But it was found to cause disabilities in the babies born to those taking the drug. Now, decades later, thalidomide (Thalomid) is being used to treat a skin condition and cancer.

BTW : She told me this IRL. To my face when I was pregnant and very nauseous. Not via a computer etc.

The Lowest & Vilest of Internet Abuse

They all know EXACTLY who I am. FACT. They’ve all abused me online.

And they are all too closely watching my work for this to be co-inky-dinks. Especially not after almost 3 years.

I know. They know. But still they keep doing it.

But I’m banned from here, there and much everywhere in the yt “Tooth Fang Viper Truth Community.”

Please, y’all. Just Carry On. Every day MY penalties get lighter as Y’all’s Get Heavier.

Sláinte , mes braves :o)




I came across this many years ago. It peaked my interest for many reasons.

I’d read The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, The Da Vinci Code, Rennes-le-Chateau and many other books around this subject.

I am and have always been a fan (since childhood) of my local boy, Alfie Tennyson.

The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail was a research book for me because it mentions not only Jehanne d’Arc but also Claude, Duc de Chevreuse…the husband of Marie de Rohan.

The year is 1622 and Marie de Rohan, disgraced and exiled from the Bourbon court, will do anything to keep her vow. She will protect the unhappy and neglected Anne of Austria, Spanish-born Queen of France.
Beautiful, subtle, witty and fearless, Marie plans her future in the full knowledge that her greatest enemies are also the most powerful and influential men in the country.
‘I think I am destined to be the object of the folly of madmen.’
With France overwhelmed by the domination of Spain and an impending marriage of Charles Stuart of England to the Spanish Infanta, Marie de Rohan is unaware that a brilliant but flawed Englishman, George Villiers, Marquis of Buckingham, has plans of his own for her. And for Anne of Austria.
Louis XIII of France, James Stuart of England, Philip IV of Spain and an intense, wily churchman called Richelieu, politic, promise and then prepare for war.
Yet before three years have passed, the whole of Europe is speaking one name – Marie de Rohan.

Dan Green – Dunno. But this is extremely interesting :o)

Melissa West

Melissa West

1 day agoThat scene where the two wizzards get dat s#!+ built…classic UAP style right there!!! I love it 😀4


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UAP1 hour agoI was crying laughing as I made it1REPLY

Melissa West

Melissa West

1 hour ago @UAP  I love classic Dougie style 😀REPLY

Dj Monatomic

Dj Monatomic

1 day agoi live in Lincoln UK – it is a fucking palace man! its AMAZING and was once the worlds tallest building taller than the great pyramid in egypt hundreds of years ago but the wooden thing at the top fell off(like what?) so wasn’t anymore lol and if you walk past it you can see half a window poking out mud flood stylee at ground level – JOHN LEVI , PAUL COOK, MICHELLE GIBSON, UAP ETC YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING ON LINCOLN CATHEDRAL UK!!!1


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UAP1 hour agoI might, it did look interesting! So many buildings were once “the tallest in the world”. I wonder if it has Kennedy or booth synchronicities too? LOL but I really wouldn’t be surprised based on how crazy often the same patterns emerge all over from the script/code/hologram/aether.

Three Six Nine

Did this so so long ago.

Tesla is a hero of mine.

Love this song.

Used the goose in my book. Wat Montagu HATES the goose and the greasy pole.

Rome was saved by a flock of geese.

Geese migrate from the UK in autumn.

Elizabeth Bathory’s (The Blood Countess) husband, Ferenc Nádasdy had a goose on his family coat of arms.

Hungary anyone?

Re-Inventing the Already Re-Invented ?

Of all the BS that has happened to me over the past three years, my biggest (professional) heartbreak comes via the people who destroyed MY PERSONAL links to the New Chronology Team of Anatoly Fomenko.

I used to work closely with, sharing information in private.

Anyway – and whatever – I can still offer up totally disgraced and dissed perspective of the 1,000 years.

To clarify, today we use an established ‘new era’ chronology. However, we should treat it only as a purely notional timeline. One of many possible. As it becomes clear, in the ‘beginning of the new era’, i.e. circa 2010 years ago, no significant event, the accounts of which survived, ever took place. Moreover, no data whatsoever survives from that distant epoch. More specifically it is incorrect to call this era as the Christian era, as we do today. As according to our results the Nativity of Christ took place nearly a thousand years later. Namely in the XII century according to the conditional ‘new era’.

Take it or leave it or continue to promote fear and confusion and hatred and distrust and to make yourselves rich and famous.

I’m NOT BIBLE -coded. Or a Churchian. I’m an Historian who tried to help bring light on 400 years of Total Bullshit.

And I’ll keep on doing this until the day I die. Which BTW will be decided by a much Higher Power than the turds who’ve sent me Death Threats. FACT!!


P.S. Last message that I got from NC was that the team were doing a full DNA study on the links between Scotland, Scandinavia and Russia. Based on MY DNA!

Royal is MY Race ?

Knights Templar in Scotland

There are two old facts (or maybe myths) that the Knights Templar fought not only with the Bruce at Bannockburn but also with Jehanne d’Arc across France.

Both these battling events happened not only after the Templar Trials in 1307, but also after their Papal Suppression in 1312. And way, way after the Templars escaped from Castle of Le Bézu

In 1128, the cousin of St Bernard of Clairvaux, Hugues de Payens, met King David I in Scotland.

The Order established a seat at Balantrodoch, now Temple, Midlothian on the South Esk (River Esk, Lothian). In 1189, Alan FitzWalter, the 2nd Lord High Steward of Scotland was a benefactor of the Order.

Who knows?

I have my own ideas about this subject but I like playing with MS History :o)

Death In The Clouds

There are very few people who INSPIRE me now. As in, they make me move forward.

I’m about – hang on, just checking, 50 minutes into the latest Owen Benjamin stream and BLOW DART hit home.

WOW. He’s one effing switched on man. In my humble opinion.

Most others just make me go SIGH. Really. Same Old. Same Old.


This great OH. HELLO . Girl gives away no spoilers.

Y’all’ll have to read the book. And then Agatha Christie taking the piss out of herself via Ariadne Oliver about the length of the BLOW DART.

Shrug. Only a few can make the links.


Diving Deeper : St Maggie of Antioch. Beheaded.


Same old. Same old.

Orf with her head. The Highland Curse.

Maggie was one of Jehanne d’Arc’s Saints. Those angels who spoke to her as a child.

If you watched the Dan Green series of videos previously shown, or anything else posted today, or have followed me from Day Dot (under a n other name) you will know that I live in a tiny village not far from Lincoln and the church that borders our garden is Saint Margaret’s.

Or not.

Catch me if you can :o)

Le Trésor Maudit

The Accursed Treasure.

It is ALL about HOW you read the book The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail. In my humble opinion.

Cathars. Merovingians. A Sacred Marriage. Jehanne d’Arc. The Bible.

I Have Been doing this for decades and the utter BS that has come out of just two books is INEXPLICABLE :o)

And this will NOT clear up centuries of confusion for most people. FACT!

Blind Man’s B(l)uff

Way back in the mists of time. When I had a career and an audience. I wrote a novel.

The below was one of the early scenes. A set-up scene.

The pay-off came much later.

I LOVED writing these 3 characters. OK. I loved every single character because writers write out the many parts of themselves.

I WAS Wat (he was just 19 in this scene) and I WAS taught by many George Villiers.

The lesson here is BELIEVE IN YOURSELF even when playing blindman’s b(l)uff.

P.S. My sources told me that in the 17th c the runners wore bells to confuse IT!

Blind man’s buff is played in a spacious area, such as outdoors or in a large room, in which one player, designated as “It”, is blindfolded and gropes around attempting to touch the other players without being able to see them, while the other players scatter and try to avoid the person who is “it”, hiding in plain sight and sometimes teasing them to influence them to change direction.[1]

When the “it” player catches someone, the caught player becomes “it” and the catcher flees from them.

May 1622 – Whitehall Palace, London. 

George Villiers, Marquis of Buckingham, had decided, for reasons known only to himself, to hold a jingling match in his rooms at the palace of Whitehall. And it was Wat Montagu’s task to set out the arena. 

‘We need more rope,’ said Buckingham, yawning in his chair. ‘If the enclosure’s too small then it’ll be over before it’s begun. Come on, Walter of my heart. More enthusiasm is demanded. Shake a leg.’ 

Wat threw down a handful of silk pennants onto pale marquetry wood and came to stand over his patron, fists on hips. 

‘Jesus wept.’ It came out as an undignified squawk. ‘A goose and a greasy pole would’ve been easier. Shall I move the walls too?’ 

Buckingham wafted. ‘No, leave the walls for now. But a greasy goose, yes. I’m liking that idea.’

‘The pole is covered in grease,’ said Wat flatly. ‘Not the goose. And you only like the idea because you know how much I hate those damned birds. Vicious, horrible, treacherous things.’

‘We need more rope,’ repeated Buckingham. He pointed upwards, towards the far wall. ‘Time passes on swift moving wings. And mighty Rome was once saved by a flock of geese. Damned, vicious things.’ 

Wat scooped up the slippery pile of small flags and, stomping back the way he had come, he threw them at an occupied carpenter. After a whole morning of it, hours… long, teeth-clenching hours of it, he finally let loose and cursed in English, French, then, whole-heartedly and with great relish, in German.  

‘I can hear you, Walter,’ Buckingham called.  

It was another punishment. Weeks after returning from Paris, Wat was still being punished. But he was learning. His report from those early April days had contained every word listened to and every sight seen. He had even included that meeting with Robert at the cabaret, the beef marrow pasty, the fight, and how uncomfortable his room had been. The weather, how many post-horses, the state of the roads. Every penny, sou and pistole spent was meticulously receipted and accounted for. The strange, secret package had been nursed all the way home and delivered intact.

And what did this unbearable cock-alley do? This man who liked to act as if he had been born in the middle of the week and was forever looking both ways for Sunday? After five full minutes of lawn shirt, double silk doublet busting laughter, Buckingham – sponsor, patron and self-proclaimed saviour of Walter Montagu, second son of Viscount Mandeville – had torn the report into tiny pieces and showered it all over Wat’s head. 

‘And now this is all he thinks I’m good for,’ said Wat under his breath. 

One day. One day soon he would be free of every part of it. 

 ‘Bells.’  The word echoed around the room.  ‘Walter,’ shouted Buckingham, on his feet now, hands flapping. ‘Forget the rope. Tinkle, tinkle. Where are my bloody bells?’ 

One day soon. Wat let his arms droop uselessly as he re-crossed the room. 

‘Your bells are behind you. In that lumpy bag,’ he said. Then, catching a colourful movement at the corner of his eye. ‘Oh, bloody no. Not him. Not now.’ 

He obviously was not learning quickly enough. His mouth still sometimes spoke regrettable thoughts. A useless spy. It was too much to hope that this patron from hell could miss the slip. 

‘Henry Rich. Welcome and warm welcome to my most favourite person in the whole world.’ Buckingham glowed. ‘Look, Walter, it’s our best friend, Henry.’ 

‘We need more rope,’ said Wat. 

Buckingham grabbed hold of Wat’s arm and held him still. ‘You,’ he called, pointing across the floor. ‘Yes, you over there with the hammer. Fetch another coil or two.’ 

Henry Rich was smiling all over his facile, gorgeous face. He carried his expertly tailored, high mode clothes and eye-busting jewels with practiced grace. Ambergris came into Wat’s nostrils, all the way down to his stomach. Sickening. Wherever he goes, he looks who looks. Buckingham slapped Henry’s back. 

‘I’m thinking of putting the bells on Walter first.’ He was bright, iridescent. Slightly baleful. ‘Do you think he’s quick and clever enough, Henry, to escape blindfolded fools?’ 

Wat suffered Rich’s long up and down glance in wooden silence and stiffened. Yes. Oh my God. Yes. He understood now. Another test. The shredded report, the insults, the humiliations. All of it.  Even the unspoken expectation that Wat Montagu wanted to resign his post. Put bells on me, master, and laugh.  Jaw unclenched, stomach righted, Wat raised his head to look Buckingham straight in those part night, part day eyes.  His reward came in a short, knowing nod.  

At last. Walter of my heart. Now, stop doubting yourself. 

‘I want to put bells on Lucy Hay too,’ said Buckingham to Henry.

A sniff and a nod came. ‘Your enclosure is a bit small,’ Henry said, frowning. ‘I know that most people give twenty minutes per game but have you ever considered a half hour, George?’

‘Brilliant.’ Buckingham jumped up and twirled. ‘One belled quarry, eight blind hunters. No, no. Six hunters. And fewer bells. Henry Rich, you’ve saved my night’s entertainment. The King will love it. Sweet, dear Jamie has been very down these past few days and I’ve despaired finding ways to make him happy again.’ 

Wat closed his eyes for a very short but profitable moment on Henry’s high scorn. When he opened them again, it was to see Buckingham rooting and jangling behind his chair. They were silver bells with a high and perfect pitch.  A hand emerged. 

‘Tinkle, tinkle,’ said George Villiers, Marquis of Buckingham, straightening. ‘I’d string them on you too, Henry darling, but you’re much too pretty. Ah, I have it. How about Gondomar and his fistula? Reesk yer life an’ darrrre to die.’ 

Henry smiled, showing perfect teeth. ‘Your Spanish accent, George,’ he said, ‘needs working on.’ 

‘So does Gondomar,’ Buckingham said, somewhat soberly. He poked Wat’s chest. ‘When the illustrious Ambassador of Spain and sweet Jamie stop playing the two Diegos and drinking from the same bottle, you and I shall lure the Lord Count Serpent Gondomar into my library with the promise of fino and obscure Latin texts.’ 

‘Is that with or without his bells, Sir?’ asked Wat Montagu.

BROOKES, GRETA (2014-01-28T22:58:59). Weave a Garland of my Vows: The Life & Times of Marie de Rohan . Unknown. Kindle Edition. 

Hot & Cold at the Same Time?

Peppermint (Menthol) Essential Oil, an ingredient of Tiger Balm, is BOTH hot and cold at the same time when applied to your skin.

This is my fave thing for upset stomachs. Amongst a zillion other things.

A drop or two of peppermint oil added to a palm full of oil oil (coconut, grape seed, olive oil) and rubbed on the belly is…. :o)

Try it!



I wrote this almost 3 years ago : Amazon Warrior Women were Tartarian Wives

Amazon Warrior Women were Tartarian Wives

Friday, 1 March 2019, 7:41

In the 16th century book Kronika Wszystkiego świata by Marcina Bielski (Chronicle of the Whole World) the author has a chapter called…


They rode and fought with their men as equals.

No kidding!!

But – as another name for Tartarian is Scythian. And Scythian is another name for Scandanavian; these stories have come down to us via the Norse Sagas about Warrior Viking Women.

I’ve tracked down a copy of the above book. But I can’t read Polish. D’oh.

What happened to these women?

Their biggest fights now are with other women for the next Nail Appointment or Fancy Handbag or Good-Looking BDE Man.

Sheesh. What a crock……!

P.S. I can’t watch this film without crying. FACT.

The Hidden History Consequences of WATERLOO

After 1775 there were three nations running to rule the New Empire.

British, French, Russian.

Enter Napoleon and then the Bolsheviks.

Napoleon fought both the Russians and the English as America was finding it’s “new” feet as a World Power.

The Brits won the Empire from the French. How?

Or a Pact was made. Why?

I may be totally wrong in my wanderings here but it is WELL KNOWN that the British Royal Fam is not only related by blood to the Romanov (the debacle of Anna Anderson) but also to Vlad the Impaler.


Then the Brits (being a pissy little island with nothing to offer) could not play in the battle of the Big Dicks. We are only 900 miles long and about 300 miles wide.

Enter the SUPER POWERS i.e. biggest land masses Here On Earth.

USA vs Russia :o)

Mind/Memory Palace

I’ve “investigated” Giordano Bruno for many years. Also SHERLOCK.

In MY Mind/Memory Palace there is a Bloody Corridor. Bloody as in blood covered.

In this bloody corridor lies the memories of all those who have and all those who will STEAL and use my work. My research. My thoughts. MY ENERGY for their own gain.

This will happen very soon …yet another major theft for fame and fortune with zero props given to the giver. FACT :o)

Check out the link at the top of here named July 2018 to August 2021 and search for either Frances Yates or Giordano Bruno (?)