Dead Stock

I’ve been lucky enough to find a company in the UK that sells Dead Stock.

THIS dead stock is fabric. When a company does a run of material for the public market, and not all of that run sells, it’s bought up by others for re-sale. At much lower prices.

I have a fantasy costume that I’m dreaming of making. I have the pattern. Now with access to much cheaper luxury materials (velvets/silks/brocades)… I’ll save up and challenge myself to make an historically accurate Safavid outfit.

Hard to explain but it’s an outer robe, an inner robe and a pair of trousers – as worn by 16th century Safavid women.

The video below is BS MS history about the Safavid Empire.

Jeebs. They were Turkish and Islamic and Byzantine but the “greatest” enemies of the Ottomans. Who were Turkish. Islamic. Byzantine.

Apparently the Sunni S’hia split has always been there. Yeh. OK. Whatever.


I Know HIM So Well

It’s OK.

Apparently he has a stalker. So the vid has been cropped at the point where he “actually” thanks me. First time ever….publicly.

But now Hidden History.

But I know him so well that I took a screenshot :o)

Get outta here y’all with dark thoughts.

Once a friend. ALWAYS a friend. Despite the timing being OFF!

No matter how much he annoys/angers/frustrates/makes me want to commit murder most foul. The stinking “expletive deleted.”

Mulligatawny Soup

I do it to myself every single day!

What’s for tea, Mother?

Dunno. What do you want?

Youngest spent most of his early/mid 20’s in the Middle East and has exotic food tastes. Brunch was raw carrot sticks and humus.

I just happened to mention Mulligatawny soup – Heinz cans are your Grandad’s fave meal ever.

I had to explain what it was and at the word “curry” he shouted – I’ll have THAT. With cheese on toast.


When his Dad and I were in Karachi we had freshly made Mulligatawny. OMG. To die for.

I’m not a fan of the Heinz kind so I’ve promised to make my own for all of us….Eeeek.

Some days I can be very stupid. Sigh.


Research Recipe.

Why? Why? Why? Mummy….!

I remember (vividly) the exact time that I had no answer for my children’s constant questioning.

Up to a certain age you have a perfectly valid and sane answer to their unending questions.

And THEN………

Comes THE question that blows your brain.

No. Not sex. It can be any question about anything that you are forced to answer with – I DON’T KNOW. If you are an honest, loving caring parent.

I remember VIVIDLY the day my eldest son said to me – “Mummy. Why can’t you answer my question? I thought you knew everything.”

Me. Being ME replied. “My lovely boy, some things are not answerable by me. YOU have to find your own answer.”

That’s why I went through years of distance from the grandparents for not having either of my boys “christened” in church.

Thankfully their father agreed with the total hypocrisy of it all (church christening with all the trimmings and BS) and let me let THEM choose their own faith.

They are both grown men now and I can still threaten to slap their bums. Even though they are much taller and wider than me :o)


And it makes for great, far-ranging, uncontrolled and immensely enlightening discussions!!!!!!

The video below is about teaching his son how to TELL TIME and the difference between Hour and Our.

Jeebuth. I love a person who loves words and how to dissect them :o)

P.S. I was told this morning that I have a mannerism for when I “angry” speak. I always preface with the word ERRRR.

As in Errr – not a hope in hell. Or Errr- Of course, my darling.


I STILL pick them up on words that have 2 T’s in but neither are enunciated.


Dancing in the Moonlight

The “mad, bad, dangerous to know” girl (my favourite traveller-in-crime) & I danced in the moonlight a few times. Paris. Rome. Dubai. Venice. On a plane. In a car in the Chunnel. In wales. On my kitchen table…………

The most memorable was about 2am. In Dubai. Walking from the bar to our rooms. Via the swimming pool.

Our feet were hot so we danced in the shallow end. Kicking water at each other.

Aaah. The crazy things we do.

Happy Birthday – my gorgeous girl :o)

The THEY Call Me Midas

but…But…BUTT…I’m not the person in year 3/4 still demanding a MEELYON$ from a certain yt channel.

What he’s done to bring that on him is not my business. But something WAS done that PROVOKED a blackmail.

If you don’t do xyz, I WILL DO ZYX.

Nowt to do with me. I’m a giver not a taker. And I’ve NEVER BLACKMAILED anyone in my life.

Some have tried it on me. I came back with the good old – PROVE IT.

And they Ran AWAY. Like a flock of seagulls denied a free meal


We have Love-Joy-Midas-Music-Seagulls-COWARDS here.

Jim Leonard, Lovejoy’s old mentor, asks for his help in a plot to sting greedy Dutch art dealer Hans Koopman, who once cheated Jim’s wife’s Judy’s late father. At a weekend house party where Tinker poses as a lord and Eric as a gentleman farmer, they persuade Koopman to buy a fake Klimt painting in exchange for a parcel of diamonds, but on Monday morning Lovejoy discovers that Koopman is not the only person whom the Leonards have deceived.

Look & learn. Or not. YOUR CHOICE, mes not-so-braves.

I-RAN. Our Iranian friends are back in touch. The father and the daughter. Constant comms. FACT!

 “To Harlequin the invisible”

Another day of boring chores but my mind has been elsewhere.

In audiobooks and the gold I’ve found therein.

I’m such a lover of Agatha Christie stories but my knowledge has proved to be extremely limited. Do you all know about Mr. Quin and Mr Satterthwaite?

Apparently they were two of Agatha’s fave characters…and she even dedicated her book of short stories – The Mysterious Mr Quin – as shown in the title above.

I’m on only my second story with these two and a thought just struck me. POW!

Harley Quin (Mr Quin) IS the aged Mr Satterthwaite’s subconscious mind.

Harlequin the Invisible appears and disappears at strange times in the old man’s life. And propels Satterthwaite in deep and mysterious adventures.

I’ve not watched the video below yet.

I don’t want any spoilers :o)

Mirages of Europe : New N.C. Book

Yay. I’ve been waiting for this new book from New Chronology.

Hopefully it’ll be available in English soon.

The authors have processed important blocks in the history of Europe and Byzantium in the 11th-17th centuries. The famous Byzantine figures – Vasily Bogomil and John Ital – turn out to be vivid reflections of the emperor Andronicus-Christ, that is, Prince Andrei Bogolyubsky from the 12th century. For example, the famous gospel story is clarified: why two “thieves” were crucified next to Christ on Golgotha. It turns out that the Prudent Thief symbolizes the disciples of Christ, who continued to honor Him after the judgment. And the Mad Thief is the image of the disciples who refused Christ. Records of the trial of Christ discovered. The story of the famous Jeanne d’Arc and the French King Charles VI is a phantom reflection of the biographies of Empress Elena Voloshanka (Esther) and Tsar Ivan the Terrible (Artaxerxes). The biographies of the English kings Henry VI and Richard III (including those in Shakespeare’s tragedies) are based on the “Roman biographies” of Khan Ivan the Terrible and Khan Boris Godunov. The famous English war of the Scarlet and White Roses is a western reflection of the war of the Oprichnina and the Zemshchina in Russia-Horde in the second half of the 16th century.

I’ve posted about Andronicus & Charles VI & Jehanne d’Arc & Henry IV and & Richard III & Shakespeare & Elena & The Wars of the Roses soooooo many times. And also the Bogomils via the Cathars.

Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by this sun of York.

Oooh. I did that off the top of my head. All this Shakespeare stuff is sticking to my little brain cell – LOL.

I’ll leave the possible shape of our world and NelsonMadelaEffect and the never-ending cry of ALL HISTORY IS A LIE to the masses of masses who are “woke.”


Learning New Skills

I’m feeling very S M U G today.

For about 2 weeks George, the car, has had no water in the windscreen water washer thingy.

Yup. I’ll do it tomorrow.


Yup. I’ll do it tomorrow.


So I did it. Bearing in mind that I had no idea how to get under the bonnet of a very old Ford Mondeo. FIRST job to figure out.

Flip the badge on the radiator grill, insert ignition key, half turn left followed by half turn right.

Couldn’t be simpler!!!!!

Then youngest son came out and “helped.”

We need more oil, Mother. More stuff for the radiator (?) and something else that went right over my head and into never-neverland.

Clarkson, May & Hammond would be proud of me…..LMFAO :p

P.S. Running out of fuel was a chargeable offence in H.M. Forces. Fact!

Why Does It Always Rain On Me?

Is it because I lied when I was 17?

Oh. The BIG UK day has been a bit of a wash-out :o(

AND – I left my washing on the line overnight!!!

Heyho. It’s been washed again.

At one point I went with the flow and opened the kitchen wide to smell and feel the rain. Glorious :o)

BTW: Love this band. Hi, Franny!

Nvr 4g3t

Never forget where you’ve come here from
Never pretend that it’s all real
Someday soon this will all be someone else’s dream
This will be someone else’s dream


Because not one single person has had the balls to tell me why I’m so hated in utoobia, I’ll think mine own thoughts.

Because I KNOW exactly where I come from. I KNOW my family history and I’m incredibly secure in that knowledge.

I KNOW my DNA – which just comfirmed what my own family had told me throughout my life.

36% Scottish.

29% Scandinavian

11% English

The rest Russian/Italian/German/Caucasian.

I can trace family into Russia, Italy and Germany. The Caucasus….now that’s the smoking gun :o)

I’m a peasant. Always have been. Always will be. Brought up with the worth ethic.

I came here from generations of underclass/poor/persecuted/working ancestors.

How to Have a GREAT Good Mental Health Day.

Well. This has worked for me today….

Quick shop in town for bread and milk.

Start new project at 6am this morning and carry on with it as you listen to a favourite audiobook, alternated with some wonderful music.

Say that you’re NOT feeling the cooking a meal vibe.

Order a pizza delivery.

Suddenly find out that it is now 4:30pm.


The only real stress I’ve had all day is when I suddenly discovered that the trousers I’m currently hand sewing had back to front AND upside down in-seam pockets.

I must’ve got to a good part of the book and zoned out :o)

Bons Pantalons!

I’ve just made my first pair of trousers and only lost my temper about a dozen times. Yay!

D’y’all know how difficult trousers are to make?

Anyway. They are really culottes. Or wide legged trousers that look like a skirt when you stand still.

We used to wear mini culottes to play sports at school. Totally not needed piece of info there :o)

Mine are ankle length…a glimpse of stocking, shocking and all that.

They even have hidden hip pockets. OMG – the girl is getting all hoity toity here.


I’m Your Best Friend……!

Oh Happy Day.

Is that a song?

Whatever. I’m feeling happy/content/serene/calm/fulfilled.


I need a little madness. I’m used to madness. Madness is my middle name.

OK. That’s not true. Anne is my middle name. After my maternal grandmother.

After Haaans Gruuuber – this is my favourite Alan Rickman performance.

See below, below. Even Eddie (Ade) is an Alan Rickman fan :o)

Negative Space & Bleak House

When we lived in Gib I took watercolour lessons in Bleak House. Our tutor was a huge fan of Betty Edwards.

I learned about Negative Space.

I’m still learning :o)

Bleak House? Have I made that up? Nope. We lived at Europa Point and the big mansion called Bleak House was home to the local library – where my boys and I would spend many a happy hour – and also night school classrooms. And much more.

I’m not a fan of Dickens but I understand his place in the History of Literature.

Monty James : Oh! Whistle and I’ll come to you, my lad.

I’ve been brought to this story by circuitous routes.

I have MR James in book and audio form…a long-term project. This is one story that totally sticks with me.

“Quis est iste qui venit?”

Parkins, the protagonist, is a young Cambridge University professor on holiday in the town of Burnstow (a fictionalized version of FelixstoweSuffolk), on the southeast coast of England. He resides at The Globe Inn for the duration of his stay, and has promised to investigate the grounds of a nearby preceptory for a colleague during his stay, with view to his colleague further exploring the site the following summer.

While investigating a cavity within what he believes to be the base of a ruined Templar platform or altar for his colleague, Parkins finds an ancient bronze whistle. Parkins pockets his find and returns to the inn, noting as he walks along the desolate beach that a “shape of indistinct personage” appears to be making great efforts to catch up with him in the distance, to no avail.

Everything has a link in this infinite chain :o)

AND – Bonus View.

The incomparable Mark Gatiss aka Mycroft (Horror Fan just like me) tells us a story about Monty James.

BTW : I’ll be taking this Ghostly (Banquo) vibe even further today. YAY

1845 vs 1897

What’s the betting that Bram read many a penny dreadful ?

Carmilla was serialised in a magazine. Even Arthur Conan Doyle started his Sherlock Holmes stories in serial magazine format.

Let’s go back to Varney the Vampire…..see previous post???

SHOCK SHOCK HORROR HORROR : Yay. I’m a huge fan of Gothic Literature. I ain’t dissing it one little bit.

The Welsh Viking & The Mad Clothing Historians

After a long and very painful journey – I have found MY soul tribe.

These women are amazing. ALL of them.

And the Welsh Viking is a fan of them and they are a fan of him and I’m a fan of them all.

Deep Breath. Feeling Giddy.

Ah Like Wha’ah Like an’ I Schneeze On Wha’ah Dinna.



What they all have in common is deep knowledge and a less than serious approach to it. AKA – they are fun to be around :o)

Tarragon/Dragon & The Myth of Artemis

Tarragon is a herb : Artemisia dracunculus.

Said to be the herb of Artemis the Huntress and also a cure for snake bite and rabies.

All I know about it is…I grow it. I use it with chicken.

Chicken Fricassee – with tarragon.

Chicken Pie – with tarragon. Today’s meal.

The first time I ever tasted chicken and tarragon together was via a sandwich in a cafe inside the Natural History Museum in London when my boys were toddlers and their mother was edu-ma-cating them!

HERBS……Will always and forever remind me of this programme :o)

Why is Cottagecore so Gay?


I must’ve been “Gay” all my life and never knew it.

That’s a bummer.

I’ve done ALL that Rowan describes, all of my life.

OK. That’s me out of the wardrobe.


I’m also a huge Agatha Christie fan and she uses “GAY” to mean happy & “QUEER” to mean strange.

BTW : When I was 6 years old and we had to live with Nan for a while before moving to Scotland, I gathered all the fallen petals from her roses and squished them into a jar of water – to make rose water.

I made a jar full of stinky sludge :o)

A Train Writes History

I have such a love for train travel.

Maybe because my Dad did not learn to drive until he joined the Civilian Police aged 30.

We went everywhere by train until I was 8 years old.

From Devon to the Arbroath, East Scotland – From Arbroath to Lincolnshire and all train stations in between.

From the age of 17 to 21, I was still travelling everywhere by train, plane, ferry.

Of all the train journeys in existence, the one from London to Istanbul and back is my DREAM.

On the train that Wrote History :oP

P.S. It’s been almost a week and I’m still only half way through this but I’m on a train vibe today…….Sherlock incoming

Dial M for Murder & Psycho

I’m having a Hitchcock Happy Horror Holiday-Day.

Much of my young teens were spent baby-sitting which I always said YES to.

Not just for the money but for the luxury of NOT having my GoggleBox watches controlled by the parentals.

I got to watch stuff like Dracula, Hammer Horror and Hitchcock.

These are two of my favourite Hitch films. Along with THE LADY VANISHES.

I’ll come back to Miss Froy!

Just Not Feeling IT Today

I hear this every morning.

I’m just not feeling it today. Go to work for me.

Err. Nope. I’ve my own stuff to do.

I’ve been working since 5:30am. On things and whatever. They will NOT be shared for others to use and profit from like so often in the past.

SHE (IT) tried to make everyone believe that The Red Shoes were always mine.

They have NEVER been near my feet.

Even a Near Death Experience caused by IT’s energy could not destroy what I TRULY am.

NDE : I played it down but it was fecking horrific.



Panic Attack of a Lifetime

Friday, 31 January 2020, 11:50


Yesterday was intense. And sad. And hurtful.

Then this morning I woke up and read something.

I was accused of being EVIL. In public. Online. And that comment was agreed upon by others.

An hour later, I found myself on the kitchen floor, in agony. Unable to breathe. Being sick. Sweating. And my pulse, when taken, was off the scale.

And as all this is going on, I had to fight the one and only person who has ever seen me like this – about calling 999.

I Don’t need no Doctor Drugs. Thank you very much!!!

I knew what was happening. But the force of it was…well, I’m still, hours later, recovering :o(

If this makes NO SENSE to you, it makes no sense.


P.S. I’m only telling you this to encourage you. It will be OK.

If it happens to you – Don’t Panic :o)

It will be OK. Trust Me?


It felt like my heart was being ripped in half by invisible hands. I’d rather go through childbirth than ever experience THAT again.

Nowadays the sun shines and I know that the wheel has turned, turned, turned.

Yay :o)

The Brit Chinese Takeaway

Is soooooo expensive now but…

Once in a Blue Moon we treat ourselves. And this Friday night will be Chinese Night.

Me and him are so predictable.

Him : Prawn Curry (no onions) Special Fried Rice, Chips.

ME : Beef Chow Mein, Fried Rice, Chips, Curry Sauce.

The boys are weird and unpredictable but somewhere along the line we get Chicken Balls with Sweet and Sour Sauce.

When I was pregnant with Dan….Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls from Harmony Hill were my go to. After ginger nut biscuits and apples. I had 8 months of Morning (all day) sickness.

My earliest early childhood was full of Chinese food in Singapore. Mother made the best Nasi Goreng ever.

Real Chinese peeps HATE Brit Chinese Food.

Yuh, whatever.

Future prediction…Saturday morning I will be learning how to make a Victorian Corset to hold in the multiple body wobbles. Hai wike noodwles :o)

I Dreamed A Dream

I’ve never watched Les Mis. On film or in theatre.

When my traveller-in-crime and I went to Paris (in between getting mugged and interviewed by Les Gendarmes and spending a million hours in the British Consulate) I MADE her go to Le Place Royale with me.

There was a house that I HAD to walk inside. It once belonged to Marie de Rohan, about whom I wrote a novel. Little did I know that it is now Victor Hugo’s house.

She went all berserker on me. The original hand written book pages were there and lots more. AND – she sang to me, quite a lot.

This is her fave ever musical. And the dream she had dreamed since childhood was to be in musical theatre.

I’m more Evita…movie and theatre. Or Mamma Mia…movie and theatre.

Ruthie is fab-u-lous.

BTW – I ain’t gonna talk about my latest dreams except to say that The Orient Express turned into a slave train full of demons. Go figure (?)

P.S. Did I do a Les Mis New York post recently?

Ella Harp : Singer, Songwriter, Dressmaker

It’s that magical word again…..FREE.

And free as in all connotations of the meaning.

I’ve been gifted funds to buy some linen. Which is stunningly apposite considering that I was whining about the outrageous price of it the other day :o)

Some sources are so unexpected. I stumbled across Ella and her free dress pattern and then realised that she is a multi-talented lady. With a lovely voice.

This dress is so ME. Chuck it on and go to work in comfortable style. Cool in summer, layered with tee-shirts, scarves, cardigans, leggings and my Bovver Boots in winter.

Yay! A dress for all seasons.

The Difference IS Night & Day

I’ve been in the wrong place long enough to know…I’m in the right place now.

Good old Eddi Reader – my muse and mentor.

After so long in a place full of pure toxicity, ego, pride, negativity and truly nasty vibe peeps, everything has shifted for me. Woohooooo

I’m back with a childhood love and skill and the doors are all opening into light filled rooms with wonderful people who want nothing more than to help me. Such a beautiful release.

I tried EVERYTHING humanly possible to flip the script of a certain arena but the bulls were RAMPANT and completely closed off to my vibe. Heyho. You live. You LEARN.

Today is another day. Today is LIGHT & LOVE & FRIENDSHIP :o)

Scottish Vikings : Who Ever Heard of Such a Stupid Thing?

Err. Me !

I’ve spent so many years now with a different Chronology that I struggle sometimes to watch “History” stuff.

It’s not the programmes’ fault. It’s what we’ve all been taught for generations and these teachings run deep.

I’ll always watch Bruce though 😮 )

P.S. Did you know that the Callanish Stones on Lewis align with the sun and the moon at specific times?

P.P.S. Did Diana Gabaldon research Callanish when writing Outlander?

P.P.P.S Anyone see the Celtic/Cathar or even Odin’s Cross in the image above? ? ?

I Will NVR4GT Glencoe

Right at the beginning of Bruce’s video below is a perfect picture of the mountains I climbed aged 20.

See the narrow ridges along the tops? Some were only wide enough for two x size 5 feet in Army boots to walk. Around 10 inches across.

See the flanks? They were all dry, midsummer scree. We descended in less than a quarter of the time it took to get up there. Brutal Landscape.

But the views from the top are AWESOME :o)

BTW : I am Lady Glencoe IRL (along with zillions of others!!)

I bought this Highland title about 15 years ago for £100. Why? Because I now own about 1 square foot of the land and there is a tree growing there with my name on it. FACT


Groos & Snowdrops

Our garden and the cemetery that borders it are covered in snowdrops.

I love and adore these little flowers. They survive Everything Winter can throw at them and just pop up to remind us all that Spring is about to arrive.

My brother’s wonderful wife planted everlasting snowdrops around our mother’s grave when she was interred. She KNOWS!

You can think and say what you want about graveyards. Ours is beautiful. Yew trees. Daffodils, snowdrops, bluebells and carpets of primrose in spring. It is a living calendar of time.

So :

Don’t Bring Me Down.


There Is So Much We Can Learn From Iago

OK. This is NOT just another excuse to post a KenBran clip (!?)

Life is just full of the IAGO archetypes – once you understand the character and his pattern, you can’t unsee.

I’ve just experienced yet another one IRL. I swear they are lining up to spit poison – just because they feel like it.

Anyway. DID YOU KNOW that there has been a huge revival in the appreciation of Shakespeare’s works?

Mmmmn. How strange.

First Ken doing the bad guy.

Put Money in Thy Purse.

Followed by a guy talking about the Bard.

I’m all smiley :o)

POETS DAY : Muse of Fire

I wrote recently about Sir Philip Sidney. For whom I have great admiration. And a bit of a girly crush (ssssh)

Historical Timeline Stuff can go by the wayside when he’s around :o)

I first began to really appreciate him when researching my novel. It was his link to Penelope Rich, the mother of Henry Rich … who was the lover of Marie de Rohan and by whom she had a daughter – born in London.

Sheesh. The Stuff that went on in that Tudor Court would put Hollywood to shame :o)

Mad. Bad. & Dangerous To Know

I adore Byron.

I adore this quote about him.

The Big Bear reminds me of George Byron – in essence but not actuality – MB&DTK.

This world needs people who kick the “normal” out of shape. They usually do it naturally and willingly because that was why they were born. And they know this.

As Rumi said : “Run from what’s comfortable. Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious. I have tried prudent planning long enough. From now on I’ll be mad.”

P.S. Youngest son’s new fave phrase is SPICY. It can mean hot or cold or fighting talk or ….. :o)

Gong Hei Fat Choy

Being born in Singapore and being a Water Tiger – February the 1st this year is MASSIVE for me.

Welcome to the YEAR of the TIGER :o)

BTW : 9 hours ahead of GMT…they’ve already celebrated. Via the virtual !

Enjoy this spectacular virtual fireworks to welcome the Lunar New Year – Year of the Tiger at Chinatown, Singapore. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are no traditional fireworks scheduled to be let off in Singapore. So to keep spirits up, here is a virtual one to usher in the new year. Huat ah!

Stupid dem-panic :o(