The BEST Thing About Getting Older aka Turbo Cleaning

We were talking about Lee Evans the other day.

I must’ve been in a strop because I was turbo-washing up. Too knackered for anything else.

When younger, the bigger the strop, the more cleaning got done. I once did a whole oven inside and out until it sparkled. Ding!

I( NEVER, EVER ASK THE Question now….

Does My Bum Look BIG in THIS?

LOL :o)

P.S. I once nicked a shower cap from a hotel. Still feeling guilty !

Aonach Eagach Ridge

OMG & Jeebus. I felt sick and dizzy just watching this.

Way back in the 80’s we (our platoon from Londonderry) travelled to Stirling for a week of anti-glamping.

Somehow – I talked myself into climbing in Glencoe. Good idea at the time, yes?

NO, you twit.

If it was not this exact ridge we walked, it was one very similar. In our army boots, issue denim trousers and dinky t-shirts.

Half way across, I froze in absolute terror. The ground beneath my size 5 boots was only wide enough to walk by putting one foot in front of t’other.

Never been fond of heights since that day. FACT!

We survived. Though Carol, the only other girl with me, decided to do her descent through the scree, on her back. Ouch.

Poor lass was in agony for weeks after :o(

He Knows Me Too Well!


We watched the video below very early this morning.


My comment : 28 hours…I’d not even bother to sleep. Too much to see.

His Comment : You’d NEVER eat all that food.

His eyes were huge watching. Caviar on tap. Lobster. Caviar. And a whole caviar menu.


But French bread and saffron butter and croissants and Veuve Cliquot are nice!

I’d be so high on champagne, running up and down the whole train and looking into everything and quoting scenes from all three Murder on the Orient Express films + book that I may’ve been thrown off about 5 miles outta Calais.


P.S. One single word came up with us throughout the entire video.


Watch and see.

The Stupidity of EasyPeasyLemonSqueezy

I saw. I loved. I began to make.

The Verity Hope Dress above has been in my “basket” for months. So last Friday I bought the pattern and started the whole process….having already made the bloomers she wears in the image above.

Easy Peasy, said my brain.

We are Tuesday now and I’m still struggling with what I thought would take me just two days to make. Sigh.

But then, I’m high as a kite on ibuprofen for toothache and feeling slightly giddy :o)

P.S. Vic Reeves (real name Jim Moir) is a UK comedian best known for the Vic & Bob/Reeves &Mortimer loony shows :o)

Black Vaughan : aka Hound of the Baskervilles

The Red Book of Hergest – Read it.

Prayer of the Night Shepherd – Read that too.

Hound of the Baskervilles – Ditto.

The people of my country have wild and vivid imaginations. Our folk-lore is rampant and entwined through every tree and blade of grass.

Which Vaughan was Black?

The main candidate is Sir Thomas Vaughan circa 1400. If he actually lived and did what is said, then there were many who didn’t like him. Hence the Legend of Black Vaughan…..the Black Bull/Fly/Dog of ancient times.


Are we in Wales or England with this? Mmmn. Probably right on the Border Marches where “the veil” is thin and many a ghosty and ghouly roams.

Spooky whooooooh!

Bons Pantalons!

I’ve just made my first pair of trousers and only lost my temper about a dozen times. Yay!

D’y’all know how difficult trousers are to make?

Anyway. They are really culottes. Or wide legged trousers that look like a skirt when you stand still.

We used to wear mini culottes to play sports at school. Totally not needed piece of info there :o)

Mine are ankle length…a glimpse of stocking, shocking and all that.

They even have hidden hip pockets. OMG – the girl is getting all hoity toity here.


Why Size Matters!

This is all a little bit phallic but then – what isn’t.

I lived in the Burj Khalifa for a while. We had “the Leeloo Dallas Multi-Pass” that’d take us up to….right up to there. But NOT the top. Thank Goodness!!!!!

He knew that I was a bit squiffy about heights but I girded my girdle and went. UP!

Yay. Great view. Can we leave now!

I blame Euclid.

The Ploughman’s Lunch

We are all feeling a bit strange at the moment. Our skies are blue and a big yellow thing has been shining all day. Very bizarre!

So we decided to start on the good weather eating. And you don’t get much better than the original English Ploughman’s Lunch. As the name suggests it is a portable meal eaten by ploughmen in the field. Crusty bread, cheese, pickles, an apple, a boiled egg. Or somesuch.

Today we have freshly baked bread (from the local baker), I cooked a ham, salad leaves, baby tomatoes, red pepper, coleslaw, potato salad, cheddar, pickled beetroot, piccalilli, some grapes and a slice or two of pineapple.

Plus an ice cold pint of Danish lager.

Simple but filling. Much like the Cornish Pasty that the tin miners would eat. Or the Scottish haggis. Or the pork pie.

P.S. I’ve never been to the Cheddar Gorge. It looks beautiful.

Why is Cottagecore so Gay?


I must’ve been “Gay” all my life and never knew it.

That’s a bummer.

I’ve done ALL that Rowan describes, all of my life.

OK. That’s me out of the wardrobe.


I’m also a huge Agatha Christie fan and she uses “GAY” to mean happy & “QUEER” to mean strange.

BTW : When I was 6 years old and we had to live with Nan for a while before moving to Scotland, I gathered all the fallen petals from her roses and squished them into a jar of water – to make rose water.

I made a jar full of stinky sludge :o)

Regan, Regan, Merrily

When real life and the supernatural (?) collide.

Yesterday was a bit disturbing to me for several reasons. I thought I’d laughed the dark away but apparently not.

It came back to haunt my dreams.

I have no memory of the dream but – as I was told this morning – I spent half the night talking in my sleep.

What did I say? I asked, warily.

No, bloody idea. It was like listening to Regan, speaking in tongues!

Oooh. Kay.

Regan |

My kind of Regan |

Merrily? Anna Maxwell Martin, Regan in King Lear also played Merrily Watkins in Midwinter of the Spirit.

I’m hecking good at this. The quote above is by Ashley Jensen, best known now for playing Agatha Raisin in the M.C. Beaton TV adaptations :o)


Poldark is quintessentially British. I have no idea if the books or the TV shows travelled and succeeded in other countries but, here, they are much loved.

I remember, vividly, watching the 1970’s TV with Robin Ellis as Ross and Angharad Rees as Demelza. Every Sunday evening with the parentals and my brothers.

I’ve never seen the latest 2015 series. Though the modern Ross Poldark is a lot ….. oooh la la :o)

Mum had the first 3 or 4 books which I pinched from her and read.

18th century Cornwell. With rugged men and scheming women and lots of action on the beaches !

I’m indulging in an hour on Cornish coasts with smugglers, tricorn hats and ne’r-do-wells.

Pride in One’s Own Achievements

Self-pride can be a really unattractive thing sometimes.

But I’m going to indulge myself in it.

OK. The dress is only half finished but….hecking hobbits….I’m soooo proud of myself.

Not bad for a girl who has not made a single clothe for nearly 2 decades and only started this at 7pm this morning.

And yes. It was once a linen bed sheet. Who needs Armani or Chanel or La Croix?

Smug as …


But NO ONE Has Seen Your Knees For Decades!

Not even me.

That is a Real Life quote. His reaction to my announcement that I was making myself a summer dress with my new (gifted) fabric.

Yeah. OK. He has no idea that the knees WILL still be hidden :o)

The colour is Mulberry. A faded, antique-kind-of red. I’m in love.

Always WASH your fabric before cutting out….was my sewing teacher’s mantra. The image above is it drying on the Victorian ceiling drying thingy that came with the house.

Double Cotton Gauze. So swish and so-fiss-tee-ma-cated.

BIG Beds & A Genius Brainwave

Aha! Problem solved by my leetle grey cell :o)

When eldest son hit 6ft 6ins tall and constantly complained about having backache every morning, his mother took pity on him.

Having a huge SuperKing Sized Bed (6ft wide and 6ft 6 ins long) she gifted it to him and reclaimed the old normal, Victorian bedstead double bed back. Ain’t she sweet!?

Being a lad and having no appreciate of the pure linen SuperKing bedclothes that I’d bought years ago, said son shoved them all in the airing cupboard.


The pile above will soon (?) become some spiffy clothes for his mother.

Sometimes I amaze myself :o)

Madeleine Vionnet

I set my standards far too high.

When I had my shop, selling Vintage Clothes, Vionnet was a woman who I studied almost as much as Chanel.

Fast forward to today. Mmmn. I’ve spent the entire day relearning such basics as flat fall seams, French seams, bias cut……and how to use my sewing machine’s very nice needle threader.

Yes. I actually had to watch a video to learn how to thread my machine needle without swearing out loud :o(

I’ve gone slightly mad on the freebie pattern downloads. has some STUNNING patterns that contain THE magical word —— FREE!

A word of advice when using digital download patterns. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO STICKY TAPE THEM TOGETHER WHEN YOUR CAT HAS THE ScattyCat DEVIL IN HER!!

Fabric Store then Vionnet.

She Is Going Back in Time!

Having a modicum of dressmaking abilities, a house full of stuff that needs to be clutter-cleared i.e. Old Clothes and also having the tiniest budget – I’m going back to the past to make my own clothes.

Everything changes including lifestyle and body-shape. I no longer need tailored suits, evening wear, the latest fashionable fashion. Jeans just now look like instruments of torture.

Enter the Capsule Wardrobe.

There are basic basics that we all need. T-shirts, long sleeved or short, thick woolly jumpers and outer garments, something that’ll not shame you in front of the in-laws during the warmer days etc.

I know what I like, what feels comfortable, how my days are going to be, what colours are MINE, how I can get very cold in an instant, how I deplore being all creased and sweaty … and I’m not a huge fan of ironing.

Natural materials. Simple lines. One to wear, one to wash, one for spare.

The lovely girl below is going on a vintage cruise and needs a new, simple, light wardrobe to take with her.

Let’s pick up some tips and stop giving money to wear, wash and throwaway clothing companies, yeah?

Bizarre Theory Afoot!

I’m teaching my self Eco-Printing on paper. The results are amazing and beautiful so – thought I – as I have some spare calico cotton left, how about seeing if it can be done on fabric.

Yes. It can.


But I also saw something else here. Too bizarre NOT to share.

All the materials used have to be natural. Plants, paper, alum, fibres. And part of the process is the boiling in water for a while.

You then end up with a negative image on the cloth………..

Look. In my simple mind, this makes sense. Fact!

On the Cusp of The Tempest : And No Birds Sing

I always know when we have a storm approaching. The many, many trees outside start going all bendy and floppy. The windows of the house start to rattle. And…

…No Birds Sing.

The Sedge has Withered From the Lake and No Birds Sing – Keats, methinks. La Belle Dame Sans Merci.


We had no wind and sunshine earlier on. The rabbits, squirrels, pheasants, birdies were all galivanting about loudly. Now – Nothing.

Animals know when to hunker down and they don’t even have a telly to watch the weather forecast on.

We may be in for a rough couple of days.

POETS DAY : Muse of Fire

I wrote recently about Sir Philip Sidney. For whom I have great admiration. And a bit of a girly crush (ssssh)

Historical Timeline Stuff can go by the wayside when he’s around :o)

I first began to really appreciate him when researching my novel. It was his link to Penelope Rich, the mother of Henry Rich … who was the lover of Marie de Rohan and by whom she had a daughter – born in London.

Sheesh. The Stuff that went on in that Tudor Court would put Hollywood to shame :o)

What I DON’T Like About Living In the UK

OMG Amanda – I’m a Brit and we connect so well :o)

I’m a lazy thing too – incapable of packing my own bag, talking to the Checkout Girl/Guy about the weather and fumbling for my debit card/cash all at the same time. Sheesh. Stress?

Oh. And I’ve been to the US twice. New York. New York. And watched the TV. WTF? More adverts than shows. Even yt does the same thing now. Cutting off a video narrator mid-word for an advert. By the time the video comes back – I’ve lost interest!

P.S. Amanda. Go and live in the Middle East for a while and watch endless cartoons or Arabic re-runs of UnHolywood Films with all the good bits cut out. Those films last about half an hour.

She lives in a city? Amanda – come here. We have wild-life outta the wazzooooooo.

Do NOT talk to me about house-prices. Fingers in ears. Lalalala

GMT, love. GMT ?

Go To Paris for parking. Every car is battered by other parkers. Fact :o)

Redemption for Amanda…. xxx

Sarcasm. Wit. Insults & Innuendos. Yup. British Humour. You got it girl :o)

Some see it as sly and rude and ugly – m’eh!

Thanks, lassie.

No Rest for the Wicked…LOL :o)

Bite Size Chunks is all I’m allowed lately.

I started at 6am and I’ve just gone back to the beginning of my formulating hypothesis, theory, doobery whatnot.

I’m NOT up on the Shakespeare Sonnets. A part of his works that I’ve neglected for a long time. But I was sent back to them at stupid o’clock this morning. Also to something that I’d read a couple of days ago…see quote below :

Please note that all researchers of the “Shakespearean question”, including I.M.Gililov, are absolutely convinced of the stability and correctness of the general picture of the events of the 16th-17th centuries, drawn to us today by Scaligerian textbooks. They think that the mysteries surrounding the identity of the Great Bard concern only him, and are built into the generally reliable history of the 16th and 17th centuries. But they do not understand that in reality the entire historical building of the 16th-17th centuries is very shaky and needs to be substantially rebuilt. Moreover, starting from the foundation! For example, for Shakespeare scholars, trained in Scaligerian history from childhood, the identity of Queen Elizabeth does not raise any doubts. There was, they say, such a real famous queen on the island of England. But after all, we already understand that the “English Elizabeth” is, basically, a phantom reflection of the Russian-Horde queen Sophia Paleolog. And that a significant part of the “English island events” actually unfolded in a completely different place – in the metropolis of the Great Empire, in Russia-Horde. The same should be said, for example, about Henry VIII, see chapter 5. And about Catherine of Aragon. And about Mary Stuart…

As we have shown in this book,

Shakespeare’s works are even more important and interesting than is commonly believed. 

That is, their high assessment adopted today should be strengthened. After all, many of his texts turn out to be not just plays on “very ancient themes”, but in fact – chronicles of the formation and development of the Great = “Mongolian” Empire. For example, the poet talks about Andronicus-Christ (calling him Hamlet), Judas Iscariot (Timon of Athens), the Virgin Mary, John the Baptist, King Herod (Macbeth), Queen Herodias, Sophia Paleologus (Cordelia and Catherine of Aragon), Ivan the Terrible (Henry VIII ), stories of Esther (Anne Boleyn)… Shakespeare scholars did not even suspect this, since the true essence of some of the poet’s fundamental works was distorted by later layers.


They have a point, NC. We are all so conditioned to fit our theories around the “SOLIDITY” of the History that we’ve been taught.

Did the likes of Scaliger know, when he was first commissioned to rewrite HIS- story, that he was creating a HYDRA that would grow a million heads throughout the decades and centuries without him?

Was that the plan?

To fiddle with the compass bearings and just sit back and watch the chaos of their descendants’ travels?

I so badly want to debunk the theory that Rutland and Elizabeth Sidney were the man we call Shakespeare but… I have so much more work to do :o)

Meanwhile – whomever wrote the words – here is something beautiful.

Belvoir Castle vs Shakespeare


I’ve just come across another NEW candidate for the “authorship question.”

Who wrote Shakespeare?

The name MANNERS immediately set me frowning. I KNOW that name!

Yes. I read the entire article and searched even deeper to the when, where, why etc

It all led me here. To Belvoir Castle.

That will be pronounced BEAVER and not BEL- VOYEUR or whatever.

Silly Kate is the clue. But the path is too long and winding for me today.

I’ll just post a lovely video made by the Duchess of Rutland about her home and all the lovely stuff they do there.

P.S. We’ve had so much wildlife hiding in the garden over the past weekend. Why? Because the rich bastards have been out in the field across the road shooting anything with a feather or fur.

FOR FUN &/OR Money!!!!!!

Full Moon/Scatty Cat Vibe

NEVER underestimate an animal’s ability to feel the energy.

Maud has been a pain ALL day.

Every rug in the house has been “rearranged.”

She has been so determined to sit either on my keyboard or on my newly glued project that I’ve had to have words with her about boundaries and respect.

She has even gone so far as to walk across the top of the piano and (accidently on purpose) inch my large, antique Chinese Ginger Jar perilously close to the edge of destruction.

Oh. and she decided that the Sausage Pasta Bake I’ve made for us is now HERS.

Thank goodness she’s worn out and sleeping in her fave cardboard box (yes…expensive cat beds are beneath her) beside the wood burner.

Life is….Fun ? ? ?

Sweet Little Lies

Not only will my gorgeous friend be here next week, but also her baby brother.

We had so much in common at 11 years old. Fathers in the military. Two younger brothers exactly the same age.

Her little brother is travelling from Mostar in Serbia/Bosnia/Yugoslavia as I type for his step-mother’s funeral.

I told my girl that I’d LOVE to see him again…he agreed.

The link?

The step-mother and Fleetwood Mac on MAX VOL all day in the house.

That family musically programmed me :o)

Time To Enter the Labyrinth : The Name of the Rose

I have had this novel on my shelves for more years than I am willing to admit.

I know more about Umberto Eco than this book. I’ve read several of his non-fiction works.

OK. I may be old enough now to handle this :o)


The name of the central character, William of Baskerville, alludes both to the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes (compare The Hound of the Baskervilles – also, Adso’s description of William in the beginning of the book resembles, almost word for word, Dr. Watson’s description of Sherlock Holmes when he first makes his acquaintance in A Study in Scarlet) and to William of Ockham (see the next section). The name of the narrator, his apprentice Adso of Melk is among other things a pun on Simplicio from Galileo Galilei‘s Dialogue; Adso deriving from “ad Simplicio” (“to Simplicio”). Adso’s putative place of origin, Melk, is the site of a famous medieval library, at Melk Abbey. And his name echoes the narrator of the Sherlock Holmes stories, Watson (omitting the first and last letters, with “t” and “d” being phonetically similar).[16]

The blind librarian Jorge of Burgos is a nod to Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges, a major influence on Eco. Borges was blind during his later years and was also director of Argentina’s national library; his short story “The Library of Babel” is an inspiration for the secret library in Eco’s book.[17] Another of Borges’s stories, “The Secret Miracle“, features a blind librarian. In addition, a number of other themes drawn from various of Borges’s works are used throughout The Name of the Roselabyrinths, mirrors, sects and obscure manuscripts and books.

The ending also owes a debt to Borges’ short story “Death and the Compass“, in which a detective proposes a theory for the behaviour of a murderer. The murderer learns of the theory and uses it to trap the detective. In The Name of the Rose, the librarian Jorge uses William’s belief that the murders are based on the Revelation to John to misdirect William, though in Eco’s tale, the detective succeeds in solving the crime.

The “poisoned page” motif may have been inspired by Alexandre Dumas‘ novel La Reine Margot (1845). It was also used in the film Il giovedì (1963) by Italian director Dino Risi.[18] A similar story is associated with the Chinese erotic novel Jin Ping Mei, translated as The Golden Lotus or The Plum in the Golden Vase.

Eco seems also to have been aware of Rudyard Kipling‘s short story “The Eye of Allah“, which touches on many of the same themes, like optics, manuscript illumination, music, medicine, priestly authority and the Church’s attitude to scientific discovery and independent thought, and which also includes a character named John of Burgos.

Eco was also inspired by the 19th century Italian novelist Alessandro Manzoni, citing The Betrothed as an example of the specific type of historical novel he purposed to create, in which some of the characters may be made up, but their motivations and actions remain authentic to the period and render history more comprehensible.[19]

Throughout the book, there are Latin quotes, authentic and apocryphal. There are also discussions of the philosophy of Aristotle and of a variety of millenarist heresies, especially those associated with the fraticelli. Numerous other philosophers are referenced throughout the book, often anachronistically, including Wittgenstein.


I’ve also chosen not to watch the film until I’d read the book.

Let’s enter :o)

Temple Bruer, Lincolnshire

I’ve long wanted to visit this place but it’s in a foreign land, aka North Kesteven. I live in East Lindsay.

Our county is divided into 7 different districts/councils/foreign places

OK. I’m being fatuous. This place is just north of Lincoln.

Temple Bruer Preceptory is a historic building in the civil parish of Temple Bruer with Temple High GrangeNorth KestevenLincolnshire, England. It is one of the few Knights Templar sites left in England where any ruins remain standing. Its name comes from its Templar ownership and its position in the middle of the Lincoln Heath, bruyère (heather) from the French language current at the time. It was founded in the period 1150 to 1160 and the order was dissolved in 1312.[1][2] The site is located between the A15 and A607 roads, 2.5 miles (4.0 km) north from Cranwell. The site has been excavated twice, firstly by the Rev Dr. G. Oliver, the rector of Scopwick in 1832–3, and in 1908 by Sir William St John Hope.

I was “ordered” last night to watch this bloke (he’s a Johnny Depp lookylikey) who does stuff about places around here.

Quote : I’ll take you to the Demon Church at Skidbrooke. You can spent the night there, ghost-hunting.

I said Thanks and then told him EXACTLY where to put himself :o)

Anyhoo : Johnny Depp at Temple Bruer.

The Christmas Cosy Mystery : Who Nicked the Salmon?

You might’ve guessed that I’m a huge fan of Cosy Mysteries. Hamish Macbeth being a point in case. Even Agatha Christie started off in this genre.

I have the perfect plot for one of my own!

One of my boys is definitely a foodie Black Sheep. He doesn’t eat Sunday lunch or the Full Christmas Dinner stuff, so, we bought him a special meal for today that included extremely expensive salmon slices. Freaking weirdo child.

Anyhoo : this Xmas day has been a disaster, dahlings.

Someone has stolen, misplaced, teleported said child’s fish. He’s devastated and had a better Sarah Bernhardt moment than I have EVER produced.

Apparently he will either starve to death or have a bowl of Ready Break for Christmas.

Psssst. I blame his mother for the Am Dram bit. Oh, yes.

So – first off. A better title than Who Nicked the Salmon? is needed.

Second off. Even I don’t know the outcome. Which is a very bad way to start a novel :o(

Local Legend ?

This is beyond supernatural to me!

I’ve talked about “Lady Godiva” several times in several different ways. The latest was December the 8th 2021

We have a local legend that she comes from Bucknall – a small village a few miles from here. Is this “legend” being brought into mainstream now via youtube?

I have no idea.

Just beyond Bucknall are the ruins of Tupholme Abbey. I know this road very well. Not only is it the the “back road” to Lincoln, it was also the route to the home of the girl that we had all accepted as the future daughter-in-law. Long story, very private.


Bizarre painted onto bizarre :o)

The Hunting of the Snark : An Agony in 8 Fits

I’ve always love Lewis Carroll since I was a child living with my family of 5 and my grandparents in their tiny 3 bed semi in a little village.

I had the box room. Enough room for a single bed and a bookcase. My brothers had the big bigger back room. My parents, the biggest front room. Because of Grandad’s injuries, he and Nan slept down stairs in what was supposed to be the posh dining room.

I also love Jeremy Iron’s voice.

Hey – I’m thinking that I could write pretty good nonsense verse :o)

Oh. Snark. Been doing that already for years. Heyho !

Dangerous Sports

BUJO Update : Day 3

I’m hating the whole Dang Thing!

A book is now telling me…in my own handwriting…to do STUFF!

What a bloody nerve.

At 7:30 am, in an attempt to keep warm in this cold house and to stop my own words Screaming at me – I engaged in a Very Dangerous Sport.

The pile was almost higher than me!!!!

Dwarfie Stane

I could go so deeply into this but I’m all organised out, right now.

Maybe tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.

Dorothy Dunnett : King Hereafter.

Ken Bran being Gorgeous (why did I NOT meet him?)

Phil Rickman’s obsession with healing barrows and stone thingamebobbies.



Dry Stane Walling – I grew up with this phrase and will forever use it.


……OK. I can’t help myself and my yearnings. Ken first….and always :o)

Side Note : Is there not another story of a rock chamber and a boulder somewhere in history?

Noli Me Tangere.


My first ever REAL Travellers Notebook.

Omgomgomg. Palpitations of joy.

It’s not perfect – much like my photography!

For 1 : It’s a cheap version. Not a Midori or a Chic Sparrow (they are gorgeous, btw. Chic Sparrow Outlander Claire is on my bucket list.)

For 2 : It’s not my size. I think this is called Standard size. The same height as a5 but narrower. So only special inserts work and not my moleskines.

For 10 : I’ll have to get creative and make my own dashboards and notebooks.

For 6 : I don’t care. So go away and leave me to my own tiny happy as a happy person moment :o)

Not Quite Glamping In My Time

WELL. They were not Army DPM 12 x 12 tents so we “glamped” in Stirling in 2-man (girl) wooden huts with Male/Female communal washing facilities. The height of HM Forces sophis-ti-macation.

The day we spent in Glencoe. OMG. See they them mountains at about 36 seconds in the video below ?

We climbed one of them. That’s when I first developed my fear of heights. On a ridge near the top just wide enough to one foot in front of the other.

Woohooo. Adrenaline rush :o)

5* Hotel? Posh Gits.

Light & Dark, Night & Day

Once Upon Forever Ago (2018) : I felt this tremendous light in some one and fell head over arse.

Time passed and that light burned so bright. . . for a very short time. And then died. Darkness reigned. Also obsession, possession and misdirect-ssion.

Look. It had to scan properly, OK. I’m telling y’all a real story hear so stop criticising me!

Where was I?

Oh. Yes.

Now there is only a faint shadow on a dark wall and a limitless depth of sorrow and pain. A life full of no life. A soul broken on the wheel that no longer turns.

Meanwhile : Back at the ranch :o)

When I Was 17…It Was a Very Good Year

September, the start of the 6th Form, we had a new pupil in the Common Room called Jim.

We all had great fun. He was a comedian then. At the end of term, Christmas, I dropped out of school and left home to earn a living “down south.”

We met again when I was almost 18, walking home from my job in a local restaurant. A car squealed to a halt beside me and he jumped out, leaving his parents bemused. We had a quick chat, he’d just got the job as our local theatre manager. Weeks later he came to my 18th birthday party. He met my Mum and flattered her to heaven and back and then, on the 3rd of January, I left to join the army without telling him.

The Kid Did Well. He was always meant to be a Star :o)

Sweet to reconnect with old and much loved mates.

Triggered? Moi?

Fife. The Royal Kingdom of Fife? Inbreeding?

How very bloody dare he?

I’m related to…

Samuel Greig married Sarah (1752–1793), daughter of Alexander Cook. Their union would give rise to children and grandchildren who later married into the Russian and German nobility.

He was father to Alexey Greig, admiral of the Imperial Russian Navy, who would go on to have his own spectacular career in the Russian Navy. Alexey Greig would become a privy counsellor and knight of all the Imperial Russian Orders.

Greig was father-in-law to Scottish science writer and polymathMary Somerville who was a distant cousin of his. Somerville had married Greig’s fourth son, Captain Samuil Samuilovich Greig (1778–1807), who was the Russian Consul in London. They had two sons before Greig died in 1807, one of whom, Woronzow Greig (1805–1865) became a barrister and scientist.[2]

Another son, Ivan Samuilovich Greig (1776–1802), traveled to China but was never heard of again.

His grandson Samuil Alexeyvich Greig (1827–1887) was the Russian Minister of Finance 1877–80. A general-lieutenant, he took part in the defence of Sebastopol during the Crimea War. He is buried in Smolenskoe Lutheran Cemetery in St. Petersburg.


My grandad was called Samuel. My dad, David Samuel. Both born in Kinghorn whereas Sir Sam was born 12 miles away in Inverkeithing…. Is that “inbreeding?”

The Green Man

I have a small plaster cast of The Green Man hanging on my kitchen wall.

I believe in him and his GREENery.

The Cold Calling by Will Kingdom audiobook has been on hold for a few nights.

It is a brilliant book with brilliant characters. I’ve fallen in love with Marcus Bacton, the over 60 year old ex-English teacher who is now owner and proprietor of the sadly “not very well known” Phenomenonologist magazine. Who lives with an elderly housekeeper and natural healer, in a house attached to a ruined castle, whom he calls My Old Love. Who owns a dog called Malcom. And whose bad language and bad temper deteriorates with every page he appears on.

BUT : the main villain is called The Green Man.

Cindy Mars-Lewis, a crazy old spinster (?) writes to Marcus constantly from Pembrokeshire and wants him to publish every letter in the magazine is intriguing too. Marcus hasn’t met Cindy yet…. ooooh!

Anyways. Last listen was all about Bobby Maiden’s NDE and it gave me nightmarish lucid dreams where I’m screaming but not screaming.

I’ll try again tonight. Go figure.

Little Question : Canopic Jars

If you watched the previous video about Catherine of Valois, did you notice that this French Princess and Queen of England ALLEGEDLY had an Ancient Egyptian Funeral Rite?

Her dead body was divested of all internal organs, wrapped in cloth and lead and put into a wooden box. All her internals were then placed in (canopic) jars.

Can-OH-pic in English English. Thank you!

Is it just me or are Historical Timelines being mixed up EVEN MORE now?