Ichthys and Melusine

In my crazy head these two make perfect sense.

Ichthys (the fish) is the sign of Jesus. Melusine is half female half fish.

This legend is so old. It connects with Lorraine in France.

Lorraine connects with a virgin…Jehanne.

Jehanne connects with Rene d’Anjou.

Rene connects with Nicolas Flamel.

I could go on forever but NC connects Melusine/Sirens/Kelpies/Rusalka/The Little Mermaid with Mary – Mother of Christ.

Half woman/half ichthys (?)

If y’all actually believe in humans who live under the sea then…God help y’all.

This video is not as effed up as I want it to be.

Egypt IS important here. So are the Romany/Romani/Romean as seen in the earlier post.

But wtf do I know?

I’m just a hoosewife :o)

P.S. The image above is deliberate. Finding Nemo.

NEMO means either Nobody OR The Man.

Chew on that one !

Out of My Head With the ENVY!

How gorgeous.

Yes. It may seem frivolous and totally pointless but who doesn’t love a good old pointless frivol every now and again?

I LOVE French breakfasts. And a glass of Prosecco is OK too :o)

BTW : Walking in a floor length gown takes practice. Spending my life with men, being a girl in HM Forces, I’m used to matching a man’s stride. Nothing dainty and feminine in that, sadly.

A whilst back I spend a day in one of my Historical Costumes and nearly fell A over T about 42 times.

Note to Self : The word is GLIDE not STRIDE.


Thank you, Taylor :o)

La Rochelle

I came at this Siege via many different angles when writing my novel – Weave a Garland of My Vows

This was the first of a five part series, indie published in 2014 and a total bomb blast for me. It’s made me a fortune of about £40 in 8 years.


George Villiers was brilliant character to write. To me he was Marie de Rohan’s counterpart. Two sides of one coin. Friends and cohorts but never lovers. She saw right through him….and vice versa.

After Marie (the protagonist) Wat Montagu was my all time favourite person to write. He was Villiers’ spy, friend, punching bag and a man who fell in love at first sight of Marie de Rohan. He’d’ve died for her and almost did (more than once.)

Wat was in France when the Siege of La Rochelle happened. He watched Richelieu commanding the French army and felt torn.

Whilst Marie (French) was nominally Catholic, her uncles were Huguenots or Protestant, like Wat. And she did whatever she had to do when in France or England. No worries either way.

Eventually Wat left England and became a Catholic priest in France. Richelieu’s influence, brilliance, razor-sharp mind had obliterated all of his younger self. England, Marie, his family, Protestantism – none of that mattered to him anymore. Although he still supported and tried to help Henriette Marie after the execution of Charles I Stuart and her exile from England under Cromwell.

People are so effing complex.

That’s why I’m a writer :o)

Poets Day –  La Belle Cordière 

Louise Labé

I’ve just been reminded that it’s POETS DAY.

Piss Off Early Tomorrow’s Saturday. Which means that I have to pick the worker up from work at 3pm and not 4pm.


I came across Louise in the 1990’s. I have a book of her poetry.

I live, I die: I drown and I burn,
I endure at once extreme heat and cold;
Life is at once too soft and too hard,
I feel boredom mingled with joys.

A whilst back someone posited a thesis that Louise ( a member of La Pléiade) was actually a man.

She/He translated the above poem as …..

Louise Labé (1524-1566) is one of the very rare authors of the XVIe century. Despite the tenuousness of her work, surprising in energy and sensuality, celebrating love, she is today one of the best known, most read and most popular poets of the French Renaissance. Some of his verses stand out in memory far beyond the circle of scholars. « I live, I die: I burn myself and drown. / I am very hot while enduring coldness: / Life is too soft and too hard for me. comes in songs. « Fuck me again, rebaise me and fuck: / Give me one of your tastiest, / Give me one of your most in love: / I’ll give you four hotter than embers » sounds familiar to many modern ears. Today, Louise Labé is entering the “Bibliothèque de la Pléiade”, at Gallimard 

No lady would ever say such words – forsooth.

Coco & The Duke

Chanel had a real penchant for English Aristo Men.

Boy Capel – who died in a car crash. Several others. But her biggest haul was the Duke of Westminster.

She had delusions of Duchess-ness. Bless her. But said Duke, Bend’or, was a serial husband.

Some say that she REFUSED to marry him……!

Make your own mind up.

P.SS. I’m taking nothing away from Coco. I wear Coco Mademoiselle perfume and admire her enormously.

Notre Dame de Paris with Juicy Lucy

I’ve been here a few times. I own a rosary bought inside Notre Dame and I got mugged not far from it.

It’s imprinted clearly on my mind.

Juicy Lucy (private story) and not appropriate for a UK BBC TV History icon. I apologise. Lucy Worsley has been following the renovation of Our Lady of Paris for 3 years.


I’m in the wrong job ?!?

Defense de Fumer, mes braves.

Did I just crack a joke in French?


L’addition, sil vous plais

Picture this. Me and three other gals in a restaurant just off the Place Vendôme, Paris.

We had finished an amazing meal (restaurant is upstairs) and needed the bill. The waiter came over and chatted in English. One of them asked out loud how to ask for the bill in French. I mumbled something about an addition.

The waiter was wonderful. He said – I love the English accent speaking French. Absolute truth.

So I said…..

I love the French accent speaking English.

BTW: Castiglione is the restaurant. Amazing food. Been there about 4 times. OK. 3 times. One time me and partner in crime were waiting outside, sat at a table when an older man hoved into view and started his chattychit. The waiter whispered in my ear… come back later – when the letch had gone. We didn’t go back. Creepy vibes.

Cour des miracles

Way back when I was writing my novel about Marie de Rohan – Weave a Garland of My Vows

…I came across the Cours des Miracles and got side-tracked for as long as it took to write a synopsis, character profiles and an outline for another – purely fictional book – about a murder in 17th century Paris that had the Theatre and the Cour des Miracles as major characters.

Still got the notes!

Also wrote a post about it in 2020


Professional Beggar vs Real Beggar

Wednesday, 6 May 2020, 16:38

Oh. Revelation.

Trying to find a pic on the internet to show beggars in Karachi, I had to trawl through all the professional beggar images first.

This reminded me of all the research that I’ve done into the history of the poor.

Especially the Cour des Miracles in Paris in the 17th c.

I almost fell for the MS history CRAP apart from one thing that I KNOW.


Another completely FAF MS History crock of Sideswipe to pervert and control the masses?

Just HOW FAR BACK does this shit go?


I’ve just turned on the TV in the front room and gone straight to yt and
THIS was in my recommended.

OK. Thanks for reminding me of a Simple Minds song :o)


When I had my shop, I bought about 10-15 copies of ORIGINAL L’Illustration magazines from the 1930’s.

Why? Because I loved the style.

They are still in the original shipping package and I’ve been humming/hawing about cutting them up to craft with because they contain some drop-dead gorgeous gilded colour pictures.

I Just Can’t Do It!

I can’t massacre these.


Can’t. Cut. Won’t. Cut.

Esclarmonde de Foix

Also Known As : Esclarmonda de Fois in the Occitan Language or the Langue d’Oc.

Esclaramonde means Clarity (Light) of the World.

MSHistory places her in the late 12th and early 13th century. She, apparently, turned to Catharism on the death of her husband and became especially connected with Château de Montségur. Her manner and date of death are not known for sure but she has been despised by the Catholic Church for quite a long time.

It’s a little weird to find that her story is an almost perfect reflection of that of the newly born (via Dan Brown etc) Mary Magdalene. Esclaramonde, too, spent years living in caves in the South of France and Northern Spain (Catalonia) …trying to escape her enemies!!!!

O.K. Whatever the mainstream say.

P.S. If you don’t understand the significance of the image above, go back to my old blog and several posts made in 2019 about the Red and Yellow Striped Flags and Coats of Arms.

Thank you :o)

Carnage a Trois

No. Not me & her & she (aged 13) in Gosport trying to sail. Although we did strand at least 4 boats on the mudflats :o)

It’s the other trois.

17th of December 2021 – premiere.

Oh. Poop, spelled backwards.

Getting up at 4am – because of his untimely and totally annoying hours of work just lately – has fried my single brain-cell.

I write every day in a planner with all the days and dates in BIG LETTERS right in front of me….and still have no idea what day or date we are on.

I’ll have to watch it at stupid o’clock tomorrow :o)

C’est la vie, mes braves & bravessesses sur la/le/les pont(s) d’Avignon.

Mystery History

The video below will make sense of this…maybe :o)

Apparently on the day stated (in the video below) Anne de Montmorency was honoured by Henry VIII with the Order of the Garter.

So what?

Well, Anne (male btw) was the grandfather of Henri II de Montmorency about whom I know quite a bit. He was a friend of Marie de Rohan and Anne of Austria (Queen of France) as well as the brother of Charlotte de Condé – Marie’s eternal rival.

All the Montmorency were Governors … RULERS of the Languedoc which was considered an autonomous state within the state of France.

The Languedoc was the centre of the Cathar faith and also the centre of the Albigensian Crusades of the ?12th? century.

Strange that Simon de Montfort (killer of many a Cathar) married Alix de Montmorency. Yeah – like she’d just sit around and allow her husband to burn thousands of her fellow country-people !

If both N.C. and Sylvie of New Earth are right – the real date for the Albigensian Crusade was the 17th century.

And so we go back to Anne de Montmorency and his grandson Henri II.

Louis XIII and Richelieu had Henri II executed in 1632. Or so they say. With his death and the fact that he had no children by his wife, the ancient family home of Chantilly passed to his sister Charlotte. Whose husband, Condé (a cousin of Louis XIII) took possession…effectively bringing Chantilly (and the Languedoc) into the hands of the royal family of France.

Deep breath.

OMG. It is so much easier to just put an i or j in front of a date and add 1000 years. That’s much less taxing on a brain :o)


Oublier (To forget) Indicatif présent – French Verb Conjugations

I have vivid memories of watching Louis Jourdain play Dracula one night when I was baby-sitting a neighbour’s baby.

BTW – I still meet the “baby’s” Dad now and again in town. He’s Matt and his son is Simon. I was about 13 or so.

Going home to bed after midnight, I could not sleep for remembering the “scary” film. So…instead of counting sheep, I conjugated French Verbs. Go figure. I must have had an upcoming French exam !

Isn’t it weird that after centuries, these horrific holes in the ground are STILL called oubliettes?

The first one I ever saw In Real Life was the infamous oubliette at Warwick Castle. Oooooh. Spooky as – !

Je suis. Tu est. Nous sommes. Voulez vous?

ça ne fait rien…Non, je regrette rien.


She-Wolf of France


Daughter of Philip the Fair who (allegedly) murdered the Knights Templar.

She married Longshanks’ son. She may have had a hand in murdering Edward II. Tccch.

She took, as her lover, a Hereford man, Roger Mortimer – who may or may not have been homophobic.

She was OK for a She-Wolf married to a bi-sexual. She gave birth to a King of England and a Queen of Scotland amongst others.


Effing Unholywood.

But I still love this film :o)

Urbain Grandier

I have this book. I’ve read this book. It was part of the research for my novel. Apparently (?) Wat Montagu (a fave character) witnessed the burning of Urbain Grandier in 1632.

And (so they say) this was what finally turned him from an English Protestant to a French Catholic Priest. In the mould of a Cardinal Richelieu.

His father and brother disowned him.


He was a very close friend of Marie de Rohan, Anne of Austria and Henriette Marie. And also became one of Buckingham’s roving spies at the age of 19. Some sources say that he and Marie de Rohan were lovers but I never believed that. They were comrades. Marie understood him all too well because, although her immediate family were Catholic, she also supported her Huguenot uncles – de Rohan & Soubise – with whom she shared exiles from France.

One day I will figure out this story of Loudon. I believe that it’s false. It took place right at the apex of the Counter-Reformation and during the 30 Years War.

Catherine of Valois

She didn’t have much luck, poor lass.

Born to a MAD King, Charles VI of France, and a nympho, self-serving Queen, Isabeau of Bavaria.

She was given in marriage to Henry V of England after Agincourt and to seal Isabeau’s Treaty of Troyes wherein she sold out her own son and gave the throne of France to the Englander (pissy little island with delusions of grandeur) Henry.

Damage done. Enter Jehanne d’Arc a few years later to get rid of Les Roast Beoufs.

Although Cate did end up marrying a strapping Welsh man called Owen Tudor whose descendants gave us an entire Tudor (Twdwr) Dynasty that ended with Betty 1. Or so they say.

Y’all know where this will go next. Sigh. I’m so predictable…Once More Unto the Breach :o)

The Man in the Iron Mask

I travelled deeply into this subject when writing my novel. So many theories.

The main one being that Anne of Austria finally got pregnant after more than 20 years of marriage to Louis XIII ergo – she’d found a lover ‘cos Louis hated her and was woodless (?)

Some say it was Richelieu . . . stopping to LOL . . . but whomever, she actually gave birth to twins and one of them had to be hidden.

This is the BASIC BS story.

Anyway, if this was true (unladylike snort) then the Man in the Mask would look pretty ugly after 30 odd years wearing iron on his boat race.

There is a lesson here somewhere, methinks :o)

P.S. Oh Pish. Pignerol was one of those StarForty things ? ? ?