BFF & I have a cunning plan.

We are both escaping real life, nicking a Campervan and finding a mountain and/or loch to live in the shelter off. Sans husbands, sans kids, sans drudge.

Her ancestry is wonderful. Welsh, White Jamaican, a teensy bit of Scottish and her Dad was born of a German Baron.

Why the Highlands? Nobody knows :o)

I’ve been watching these videos today in preparation for life in the wild mountainsides with a mad woman who has led me into many a madcap adventure since we were kids !!!

BTW : the image above is a Tartan Favour. My wedding cake was decorated with them and all the family was given a piece of MacGregor Tartan as a token of love and fidelity.

This one is MINE.

P.S. She may be half Red, Gold and Green.

I’m ALL Red, White and Green !

THE Bear & Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard is in my top 3 favourite films.


Whenever I listen to Owen talk about his time in un-Holy-Wood, I think of this film.

He is the opening scene. Dead in the water being watched from above.

I’ve been a fan of Swanson for half of my life. She lived the nightmare/dream.

And I love to call HIM (the director) Cecil B Demented.

Gloria was secure enough in herself to be portrayed on film as a washed-up, deranged, psychotic, stupid, desperate for love, suicidal old woman.

Watch the film. It’s very prescient.



  1. having or showing knowledge of events before they take place.

Necessity : The MOTHER of Invention

I had a task ahead of me yesterday. To cook something that we all love to eat. Hot or Cold. With or Without. Totally eater friendly.


So I frankensteined pizza for us all.

I already had two bags of special focaccia bread mix, passata, cheese, chorizo and pepperoni on hand.

My cooking motto has always been – when in a bind…..just chuck it all together and pray for the best.

OMG. Five different pizzas later!

From now on I HAVE to do homemade pizza with focaccia base.

Both boys are weirdos and they threw on about half a jar of jalapenos each.

Me and him stuck with the original —- apart from HIM squirting Heinz Salad Cream alles uber die platz.

I AM the mother of oddly shaped invention :o)


This video reminds me of The Crucible. An O’Level EngLit book from way back.

Arthur Miller. Once husband of Marilyn Munroe.



Words coming back to haunt someone?

As the daughter of a Scottish Presbyterian and an English Methodist – I need neither a church nor a priest nor a bell nor a book nor a candle.

He is me. I am Him.


Three Little Words

My Girl Monday came to see me this morning. She wants to learn how to crochet. So we had her first crochet lesson.

This girl is feisty and confident and totally open. But when she first learned that she had breast cancer, she (almost) gave up.

Weeks into her treatment, she’s now back. As sassy as always and totally unfazed about talking through her experiences. Which are already many and sometimes brutal.

6 hours a day in hospital getting chemo! Hence the need to occupy herself.

I, inadvertently, brought her to tears as she left. How?

I just told her the truth.

We love you.

An open mind and heart can cure so much.

Be truthful and honest. Don’t hoard every resentment inside. Face EVERYTHING, totally naked, and give thanks.

Bless her warrior heart :o)

The Smiling Rant

For me this is a little too little a little too late.

For others it is perfect.

I’ve no issues with Neil Oliver. Apart from on the historical timeline but that’s NOT his bad.

Neil Oliver – ‘…digital enslavement is coming…’

It’s been here for years, sweetheart. Digital Enslavement.

In my humble opinion, so much of the yt truther movement are using “facts” gained via films, games, TV and soi-disant BESTSELLER books.

So you see a film with two moons together, one of them with a perfect map of the earth on. Tahdah. Let’s make a video about how the “Elite/Phoenician/Bohemian Grove/RULERS have deceived us.


I’ve said this so many times because I’m also a casualty of my own choices.

I once chose to believe in someone who believed in playing games that were deliberately played to destroy one of us.


I’m not here to RULE THE WORLD. I’m here to protect those I love and care for.



Zombies thrive and live on the living because they are DEAD inside.

There is one woman that I can always go back to. My personal hero.

I have lived in Ulster twice. Once as a serving soldier. Once as a “wife of” a serving soldier.

About 3 years ago when the hatred began against me on yt, a certain person made a video and in the live chat (after I’d talked here several times about Dolores) chatters were saying how a woman in the video looked so much like that girl from the Cranberries.

I may be a freaking freak but I have (like my father) a photographic memory.

Dolores O’Riordan was sexually abused by her local CATHOLIC priest.

Her mother refused to believe her.

I never told my parents about my abuse. I’d’ve been hit from here to kingdom come.

Dolores. I love her.

The Spear of Destiny vs The Spear of Longinus

I’ve spent too long doing this stuff. Just to have it all ripped apart by the “We Always Win” crew.

Nah. Not any more, mes braves.

Go back. Go way, way back to my posts from 2018/2019 when I tear the Romans apart. Especially Julius Caesar and all that crap.

HIS – story is real. It’s all HIS Story. When you dive deep into Fomenko and New Chronology and actually try to debunk them for over a decade. You’ll understand from whence I come.

Who drove a Spear into Christ’s side when he was on the cross?

And WHO one was of the killers of Julius Caesar?

Et tu Bruti?

Et tu Gaius Cassius Longinus?

And none of this has anything to do with Russia – the country as we know it today.

AEWAR has fallen down the same hole, methinks.

And yes. I’m overly sensitive right now. That’s the lot of a REAL EMPATH who FEELS every single knife/arrow/spear on their soul.

Apparently Herr A. Hitler was desperate to obtain the Spear of Destiny so that he could have magical power uber alles. And we all know how that ended. Follow a MYTH, disprove a myth.

NC postulates that the man known as Julius Caesar is a “reflection” of the myth known as “Jesus.”

I’m in my own private Circle of Hell chez Dante right now.

Or just keep on taking the piss out of me.

So over y’all :o)

P.S. Try looking into Wagner and Parsifal or Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Parzival or The Bleeding Spear of the Grail Castle or The Fisher King with his thigh stuck by a spear or Chiron the wounded or ? ? ?

The Road Less Travelled…

It’s been my lot in life (maybe my destiny?) to always choose the road less travelled.

So many years in Hidden History and New Chronology and now Clothing/Fashion History.

All these subjects are NEW. I have very few peers. So very little support or feedback or people to turn to when I’m stuck and despairing.

It’s unbelievably lonely here.

But – I was called to do this. So I will :o)

The Strangest of Strange Spanish Connections

Throughout my life it has been said that somewhere in the deep dark past, my mother’s family had Spanish blood. Hence the dark eyes and dark hair that we both share.

I was stunned when my DNA didn’t bring up a single sniff of a Spanish gene. So I dismissed this as family mis-information.



Via New Chronology, I ended up HERE : La història usurpada

My maternal family have been in Norfolk for centuries. We KNOW this via my second cousin Janet who did the whole family ancestry thing in church/parish/family/public records.

Why the excitement?

Ha. Twofold excitement.

I know a little about the History of my country. Even Roman History.

The ancient Catalans or Catalauni were one of the founding peoples of Gaul. However, in this article we will find that they were also from the British Isles. The supposed British tribe of the Catuvellauni or Catuvellans, is actually a branch of the people of the Catalauni or Catalans of Gaul that split due to the arrival of the people of the Belgians in their territory, in the area of the current Champagne (former Catalan or Catalaunian Plains).

The Catuvellauni were a Norfolk Tribe of “Ancient Brits”

Then we have the link with Norfolk and an ongoing obsession of mine (if you’ve been with me from the start, you’ll know this)

The Mabinogi.

Who’d’ve thunk, hey ?


Secrets of Pain vs Richard Dawkins

I’ve done my best to promote Phil Rickman’s Merrily books.

They are long and convoluted and revolve around a mother who is an Anglican Vicar and a daughter who is Pagan and their lives together in a village called Ledwardine.

Sounds boring? Nah. Rickman is one of the best “character” writers I’ve ever come across.

So many stand outs. Lucy Devenish dies very early in the series but she’s always there.

Gomer Parry – Plant Hire. Gomer is over 80 years old and will do all and anything to protect young Jane.

Lol )Laurence Robinson( one of Jane’s best friends, a shy and haunted folk singer/song writer who becomes Merrily’s lover and greatest love. And who now lives in the late Lucy Devenish’s cottage.

Barry – ex-SAS who is Landlord of the Swan pub and key player in this story about retired SAS soldiers.

And the wonderful DI Franny Bliss. Liverpudlian, lapsed Catholic incomer to the West Mercia Police Force.

I’m on my third go around with Secrets of Pain. Shit. How did I miss so much on the other two reads? ? ?

Merrily is having nightmares about Richard Dawkins. Even she thinks that she’s wasting her time propping up an archaic institution that is now more political than Christian.

BTW – Merrily is a Deliverance Minister aka Exorcist for the Diocese of Hereford. She KNOWS that there are more things in Heaven and on Earth than are dreamt of in our philosophy, Horatio.

I may not be a Churchian or a Bible-tarian. But I have a deep and unmoving faith in the knowledge that WE are not the be all and end all of everything.

I don’t do “science” either. As my exams results say :o)

P.S. The audiobook has music. Lol singing the songs he’s written………!

Love Is a Stranger & Kelvin Kyte

Annie and Dave are fabby famous. So this song is Known by many.

Kelvin Kyte? And why bring him into it?

PAY ATTENTION to the music video. Read the below. And work IT OUT yo’self. FFS.


Nah :o)

Just words.

T characters are real people with real issues and the mysteries are dissected and solved in ways that make sense for a crime fiction story. However, the books are also heavily steeped in the supernatural.

Rickman, the author, understands religions and lore and folktales, and whatever he doesn’t know he researches thoroughly. This shows in The Cold Calling.

The series revolves around the experiences of Bobby Maiden, Marcus Bacton, Sister Anderson, and Cindy.

Cindy is a cross-dressing Shaman. When readers encounter him in the first novel (The Cold Calling), Cindy is certain that a landlady’s daughter was killed by the same person who took the life of William Rufus a long time ago.

Because of a lack of concrete evidence, no one gives Cindy’s ramblings any consideration and that, in turn, drives Cindy to undertake his own investigation.

Bobby Maiden is one of the police officers that choose to ignore Cindy’s claims, and for good reason. Bobby’s life is unraveling. Not only did his marriage implode but he discovered evidence pinning his boss to a corruption case.

When the boss in question retaliates, Bobby actually dies, only to revive a little while later. For Sister Anderson, death is nothing new. And as far as she knows, most people that return to the world of the living typically report visions of a bright light.

But for Bobby, the afterlife was a nightmare, and even after he revives, he cannot find peace. Terrible dreams torment him. If that wasn’t enough, Bobby knows that his boss will orchestrate another accident the first chance he gets.

So when Sister Anderson, a nurse that was miraculously healed and whose own healing powers brought him back to life, offers him sanctuary, Bobby accepts.

It is through Anderson that Bobby meets Marcus, a student of the supernatural, and Grayle Underhill, an American journalist who writes a New Age column in the New Yorker.

Grayle, Cindy, Bobby, Anderson, and Marcus must band together to overcome the mystical source of their respective challenges.

The Cold Calling series tells their story. Each novel follows the distinct journeys of the individual characters as they pull away from one another and then snap back together, forced to reconnect by unexpected circumstances.


These novels are most commonly commended for their magnetic characters and grounded exploration of incredible paranormal occurrences, with some of the best books in the series including:

The Cold Calling: Marcus lives in the ruin of an ancient castle. His life is hardly ordinary. After all, his housekeeper saw the Virgin Mary at a prehistoric burial mound.

When a television archaeologist buys the burial mound and then attempts to acquire the ancient castle, Marcus wants to fight back.

However, distractions keep pushing their way into his life. Chief amongst them is Bobby Maiden. The DI was killed by his corrupt boss. But then sister Anderson, a nurse, and alternative healer brought him back.

Now he is plagued by frightening dreams. Anderson brings Bobby to Marcus because she thinks he can help the police officer.

Meanwhile, Cindy, a ventriloquist, is certain that a serial killer is on the loose. However, he has no proof and no one will listen to him.



I have not counted the number of times that Phil/Will has had a pop at Richard Dawkins in his many novels.

But enough to tell us what he thinks of this #famous person/darwinian/atheist.

Back to Annie and Dave AND Stranger Danger. Gotta love past insults :o)

Writing The Hero’s Journey

I am first and foremost a writer.

I’ve studied both the art and the craft of writing for decades but everything I’ve read and/or written boils down to one single Universal Truth.


This is the meaning of life. To live that journey.

Joseph Campbell was a great mentor via his books. Robert Graves too. And Myth & Legend. And the Tarot.

Everything in our lives is predicated on The Journey and how we choose to travel.

This journey ALWAYS starts with THE FOOL. The blithe young soul wearing the motley, with a bindle on his shoulder, the rose of love in his hand and a faithful dog at his heels as he steps over the cliff into the unknown.

The Journey always ends with The World. A circle. A Naked Woman and the Tetramorph (the four elements or the Four Evangelists or…)

It is a completed cycle.

Within this journey we face so much. So many trials. The Magic. The Spirit. The Love. The Strength. The Forward. The Backward. The Death. The Rebirth. The Devil. The Angel. The Destruction. The Rebuilding. Justice. Judgement. Light. Dark. Hope. Failure. Loss. Gain.


George Lucas wrote Star Wars based on Joseph Campbell’s Hero With a Thousand Faces.

Luke is the fool. The little man with a strange voice (Obi wan?) is the Magician. Leia is the High Priestess. Darth is just one letter away from DEATH. And Vader is an anagram of RAVED.


I see this within my own life. Though – I just keep going back to The Sacred Fool (Heyoka) and Death is a given.

Don’t Bring Me Down…….

Thanks :o)

2 vs ONE

That’s how it started for me.

Narc + Narc ua-vs Little ME.

Then it GREW.

Hundreds of Narcs vs Little ME.

There is too much darkness in this world but one small light will always shine. FACT!

My greatest weapon was used the day that I revealed my EMPATH Soul. In 2019.

LOL. It brought them ghosties, ghoulies and long legged beasties right into – not just MY life but also – my most dearly beloveds’ lives.

And for that single eff-up…I HAVE become extremely Old Testament.


Destroy me all y’all want.

Leave my loved ones alone.

Thank you.

My light left on is NOT for demons. It’s for the love we bear each other.

NO – THING will destroy that.

Get it. Got it. GOOD :o)

Whirling Dervish

I may be incorrect here but – my one brain cell seems to remember that Sufism is the only branch of Islam that venerates both dance and music.

Please, feel free to put me right if I’m wrong!

I’ve seen a Dervish dance. In the Arabian Desert.

It’s extremely hypnotic and enhancing to witness the dance of man and music and energy and totality in reality.

My entire life has been touched by music and dance and I seem to have connected with my inner SUFI :o)

And All the Roads We Have to Walk are Winding

And all the lights that lead us there are blinding.

I’m walking down an extremely winding road with signposts taking me from Sufism to Gurdjieff to Morris Dancers to Tumuli to The Old Straight Track.

I’ve been all these places before.

I seem to’ve missed something that needs to be re-researched

Meanwhile – I’m in an Oasis Rumi-nating :o)

RUMI – a Sufi mystic poet?

Run from what’s Comfortable……Oh. Never mind.

Karmic Relationship vs Sacred Relationship

Wowzers. I must have some VERY deep wounds.

Please may I have less karmic and more sacred?

Thank you very much :o)

BTW : IMHO, a Twin Flame is nothing more than the worst of ALL karmic relationships.

They PRETEND to be sacred but are actually cursed to death.

You Shall Not Pass! You who have no heart.

You who have no heart – ergo – have no soul.

My heart belongs here. With my dearly beloveds & me.

Walk on…. :o)

Don’t Look Back in Anger

Our Past is becoming Our Future. Personally. As a family.

Enough time has passed to enable us to build some bridges and repair broken connections.

That’s more cryptic than you’ll ever know. It relates to the death of my Dad, our work and beyond.

For me/myself/I : this is a lesson I’m still having to learn.


The BS still rains/reigns.

Don’t look back in anger, I heard you say.

Sorry. BUT | Raw. Bleeding. Wounds.

When Fiction & Reality Collide


I googled Lol Robinson – Heavy Medication Day.

If you don’t know the books – this is Laurence Robinson’s Redemption song in the Merrily Watkins books.

Lol spent time in a psych ward after being falsely accused of raping an underage girl. His (fictional) song Heavy Medication Day tells of the torment that Dr. Gascoigne put him through with drugs to shut him up.

As the series progresses, bit by bit, we see Lol redeem himself through music and his Boswell (Lute of the Frome) guitar.

With the help of Merrily and Jane and the dead Lucy Devenish – who introduced Jane to Lol and was a mentor to both of them.


Laurence Robinson (fictional) via Phil Rickman (real) sings.

P.S. Hazey Jane was…oh, read or listen to the books. I recommend the Merrily books read by Emma Powell.

Acceptance & Moving On : The Painful Truth

Not even Near Death – Jan 30th 2019, collapsed on the kitchen floor and all but gone – stopped me from trying.

But there comes a time when we all have to face An Inconvenient Truth.

Even if I had died there and then, no one outside of my family would be bothered. It’d’ve change NOTHING. Apart from giving me the peace I so desperately seek.

A Word of Advice : NEVER, EVER give help and advice away free gratis and for nothing. YOU will end up paying the price until……

Eliphas Levi

As the image of one of my bookshelves above shows – I don’t google my knowledge, I read deeply and have done all my life.

Eliphas Levi is an enigma to me.

Supposedly worshiped by the Templars and said to be the Horned God of the Witches Sabbat, Baphomet was the inspiration for the devil figure in the film The Devil Rides Out (A DENNIS WHEATLEY BOOK!!!!!!!!). This items are based upon the illustration of Baphomet which appeared in the book Transcendental Magic by the 19th century occultist Eliphas Levi. Levi describes the image thus:- The Sabbatic Goat. The Baphomet of Mendes.

A pantheistic and magical figure of the Absolute. The torch placed between the two horns represents the equilibrating intelligence of the triad. The goat’s head, which is synthetic, and unites some characteristics of the dog, bull and ass, represents the exclusive responsibility of matter and the expiation of bodily sins in the body.

The hands are human, to exhibit the sanctity of labour; they make the sign of esotericism above and below, to impress mystery on initiates, and they point at two lunar crescents, the upper being white and the lower black, to explain the correspondences of good and evil, mercy and justice. The lower part of the body is veiled, portraying the mysteries of universal generation, which is expressed solely by the symbol of the caduceus.

The belly of the goat is scaled and should be coloured green; the semicircle above should be blue; the plumage, reaching to the breast, should be of various hues. The goat has female breasts, and thus its only human characteristics are those of maternity and toil, otherwise the signs of redemption.

On its forehead, between the horns and beneath the torch, is the sign of the Microcosm, or the Pentagram with one point in the ascendant, symbol of human intelligence, which, placed thus below the torch, makes the flame of the latter an image of divine revelation.


I feel that he was trying to bring true knowledge to us all. Sadly his works have been read and re-directed towards “the dark side.”

Say Baphomet to any one and they’ll all cry out in horror…..Get Thee Behind Me, Satan.

Yet – Baphomet and the Green Man of British legend are (maybe) one and the same.

I have a clay depiction of The Green Man hanging on my kitchen wall. To me he is the essence of nature, healing, freedom, love and beauty.

Why is his image carved into so many of our churches and cathedrals?

Why horned? Why Horny? Who was Herne the Hunter? Why is he so closely associated with Robin Hood?

D’ya not all have a teeny hint that we’ve been programmed against the Good, The True & The Beautiful? (BB quote)

I need to live another 10 lifetimes, methinks.

Oh. Pish. I’m already too tired :o(

Just Not Feeling IT Today

I hear this every morning.

I’m just not feeling it today. Go to work for me.

Err. Nope. I’ve my own stuff to do.

I’ve been working since 5:30am. On things and whatever. They will NOT be shared for others to use and profit from like so often in the past.

SHE (IT) tried to make everyone believe that The Red Shoes were always mine.

They have NEVER been near my feet.

Even a Near Death Experience caused by IT’s energy could not destroy what I TRULY am.

NDE : I played it down but it was fecking horrific.



Panic Attack of a Lifetime

Friday, 31 January 2020, 11:50


Yesterday was intense. And sad. And hurtful.

Then this morning I woke up and read something.

I was accused of being EVIL. In public. Online. And that comment was agreed upon by others.

An hour later, I found myself on the kitchen floor, in agony. Unable to breathe. Being sick. Sweating. And my pulse, when taken, was off the scale.

And as all this is going on, I had to fight the one and only person who has ever seen me like this – about calling 999.

I Don’t need no Doctor Drugs. Thank you very much!!!

I knew what was happening. But the force of it was…well, I’m still, hours later, recovering :o(

If this makes NO SENSE to you, it makes no sense.


P.S. I’m only telling you this to encourage you. It will be OK.

If it happens to you – Don’t Panic :o)

It will be OK. Trust Me?


It felt like my heart was being ripped in half by invisible hands. I’d rather go through childbirth than ever experience THAT again.

Nowadays the sun shines and I know that the wheel has turned, turned, turned.

Yay :o)

Let’s Return to the Gallowglas

I’ve done this so many times but I’m on another EGO-SELF-BOOST today.

Who the eff needs outside validation by the masses?

ME :

A Brief History of the Gallowglas

That’s how I know them. Most write Gallowglass but…whatever. We are all Different.

I’M NOT :o)

Sorry. That’s my immediate response to the phrase, We are All Different.

Anyway and whatever. Let’s go to the font of ALL Knowledge for a description.

The gallowglasses (also spelled galloglassgallowglas or galloglas; from Irishgall óglaigh meaning foreign warriors) were a class of elite mercenary warriors who were principally members of the Norse-Gaelic clans of Ireland between the mid 13th century and late 16th century. Originally applied to Scots, who shared a common background and language with the Irish, but as they were descendants of 10th-century Norse settlers who had intermarried with the local population in western Scotland, the Irish called them Gall Gaeil (“foreign Gaels”).


That’d be Scottish. Norse. Irish. Warriors.

And Albrecht Durer? ? ?


Bruce is with The Bruce who knew all about the Gallowglas and went to them for help way back in 1315 (or so they say!)

Whatever timeline or name or place or whatever – the essence is ALWAYS the same.

When in need – Call 0800 VIKING/GAEL/SCOT to fight for y’all :o)

The Unbearable Heaviness of Being

The quote above belongs to ME now. As in, I’ve come to fully own it through experience.

And I WILL stand by it.

To be hated for what we ARE is so much better than the lie. In my opinion.

Something that I’ve never talked about fully is being psychic, or whatever label you want to call it. I prefer the old label – SEER.

Clairsentience is real.

It is also a road to hell when you blurt out unwanted truths…like me. All the time. Ooops.

Growing up with other family members who denied their “real” because they were too afraid to step away from Societal Norms might’ve made me swing the pendulum a bit too far the other way.

When you are having a wonderful conversation with someone and you suddenly, innocently blurt out – How many Children Have You Had? Things start to get very tricky. Very fast. That’s how I know about her appalling childhood.

It opened a wound deeply buried yet still raw and bleeding at the time.

She’s all but healed from it now that it’s no longer a dark secret. TRUTH.

I’d rather be hated or avoided than FAKE LOVED. Thank you :o)

I Will NVR4GT Glencoe

Right at the beginning of Bruce’s video below is a perfect picture of the mountains I climbed aged 20.

See the narrow ridges along the tops? Some were only wide enough for two x size 5 feet in Army boots to walk. Around 10 inches across.

See the flanks? They were all dry, midsummer scree. We descended in less than a quarter of the time it took to get up there. Brutal Landscape.

But the views from the top are AWESOME :o)

BTW : I am Lady Glencoe IRL (along with zillions of others!!)

I bought this Highland title about 15 years ago for £100. Why? Because I now own about 1 square foot of the land and there is a tree growing there with my name on it. FACT


Groos & Snowdrops

Our garden and the cemetery that borders it are covered in snowdrops.

I love and adore these little flowers. They survive Everything Winter can throw at them and just pop up to remind us all that Spring is about to arrive.

My brother’s wonderful wife planted everlasting snowdrops around our mother’s grave when she was interred. She KNOWS!

You can think and say what you want about graveyards. Ours is beautiful. Yew trees. Daffodils, snowdrops, bluebells and carpets of primrose in spring. It is a living calendar of time.

So :

Don’t Bring Me Down.


There Is So Much We Can Learn From Iago

OK. This is NOT just another excuse to post a KenBran clip (!?)

Life is just full of the IAGO archetypes – once you understand the character and his pattern, you can’t unsee.

I’ve just experienced yet another one IRL. I swear they are lining up to spit poison – just because they feel like it.

Anyway. DID YOU KNOW that there has been a huge revival in the appreciation of Shakespeare’s works?

Mmmmn. How strange.

First Ken doing the bad guy.

Put Money in Thy Purse.

Followed by a guy talking about the Bard.

I’m all smiley :o)

To Dream of the Dead

I’m onto another listen of this Phil Rickman book.

Maybe my third listen/read.

That’s why I love this writer soooo bloody much. You miss 99% first time and 59% next time.

BTW : I get stretches of time to do this stuff here that last from seconds to maybe 20 minutes. I’ve been watching BB since about 8 am and we are now almost 4pm. He’s triggered me again.

WHO T F is Richard Hawkins?

Phil Rickman hates him….via his characters.


TO DREAM OF THE DEAD is the latest instalment in this series set in Ledwardine, a fictional Herefordshire village in the Welsh borders featuring female vicar and local exorcist Merrily Watkins and her pagan teenage daughter Jane.

As the book opens in the run up to Christmas, the river is starting to burst its banks, and Ledwardine is in danger of flooding. Village tension is also mounting, as the excavation of historic standing stones is putting a spanner in the works of local bigwigs’ plans to redevelop Coleman’s meadow for executive housing. Bumptious TV architect Blore plus camera crew are in charge of the excavation, and Jane and the local council are shut out. In the meantime, a local politician is found dead in a particularly gruesome manner in a deserted Hereford monastery, with traces left on the body related to another historical find, the Dinedor serpent. As this local politician approved the building of a new road on the site of the serpent, the local environmentalist and pagan community come under suspicion. Merrily’s old friend, DI Franny Bliss however suspects rather more prosaic motives are behind the murder, and despite his superior officer, “Ice Maiden” Annie Howe’s disapproval, starts to cast around the political fraternity for further information. Despite herself, Merrily becomes involved in the investigation as the victim’s widow is a friend of her colleague, diocese secretary Sophie, and because the police see her daughter Jane as a vital source of information regarding the pagan community under suspicion. Merrily also feels under professional pressure when she finds out that an aggressively atheist author in the mould of Richard Dawkins has moved into the area under a false name.

TO DREAM OF THE DEAD has a slightly different feel to earlier books in the series as the emphasis is more upon the police investigation than upon Merrily’s unusual work as the local exorcist. But in other respects it is business as usual. Phil Rickman manages to neatly reconcile the various strands of plot to provide a satisfying, dramatic conclusion, and characterisation and dialogue are sharp and witty; the author provides a neat satire on village life in the “new Cotswolds” and the relationships between local inhabitants and the newcomers who attempt to gentrify the area. I look forward to further books in this series, but do hope that the next book has more of a focus on Merrily and the spiritual and potentially supernatural elements behind crime and traumatic events.

Laura Root, England
January 2009


Personal Disclaimer : I have utter faith in FAITH. I don’t do RELIGION.

Whoooa. Rick Daw has hit a bit of a wobbly point in so many today?


On the bones of my arse – as the saying goes :o)

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Slàinte Mhath x

Tainted Love : 1981

On a beach in Benidorm in November. After celebrating my birthday with a bunch of “Old Age Pensioners” whom I’d couriered from here to East Midlands Airport to Spain and was meant to keep an eye on.

OMG. They almost killed me :o)

Startling memory of the morning after the night before and listening to this song.

BTW : I’ve pissed something off BIG TIME.

The F1RST time ever on here when I’ve had ZERO visitors.

That’ll learn me to STFU (?)