Ceilidh – Happy St Andrew’s Day….Again

A couple of days ago someone clicked on a post of mine where I got salty about people from The Royal Kingdom of Fife being inter-bred…

I’m related to…

Samuel Greig married Sarah (1752–1793), daughter of Alexander Cook. Their union would give rise to children and grandchildren who later married into the Russian and German nobility.

Mmmn. In the 20th century the Greig’s and the Cook’s married again.

My Dad’s sister, Joy, married Archie Cook. Both of them local.

They had three daughters and the last time I went to a full Scottish Ceilidh was their eldest daughter, Fiona’s, wedding in Kinghorn. We don’t do pompous. FUN and Family are the Name of the Game

OMG. LOTS of men in kilts. Lots of music. Lots of dancing. My Dad even asked me for a dance but I was 8 months pregnant with my first son and felt like a heffalump. I couldn’t even toast the bride with a dram :o(

The Great Awakening : WHY?

Even my parents-in-law, who are from that generation that OBEYED orders from above, can see what is going on now.

They, too, have lost all faith in government and “news” and society as it is now.

The Great Awakening has many layers. There were those of us who always questioned authority. Even when I served as a teenager in H.M. Forces I had this innate knowledge that respect is EARNED not given just because y’all went to Sandhurst and had shiny decorations on your shoulders.

Then there are those who gave birth to the “truth” community. They have uncovered so much, so many lies………..!

Now we have a new wave of WOKE people who see right through the “truth” community…. and so many new lies!

But, much like those whom these Truthers denigrate and verbally spit upon, this same community is STILL incapable of taking account for what they have done. I.E. Trodden the same path as those they proclaim to despise.

There is no real love there. Just numbers – subs, views, videos produced, followers, believers (Hallelujah) and ways that y’all can make donations.

They are now being seen for what they truly are. And people like me – who questioned them years ago – are now Banned. Dead. Hidden. Abused. Threatened. Humiliated.


But y’all CANNOT stop those who come behind us and question. And debunk. And disbelieve. And need answers.



If not me or those of my ilk – there will always be others demanding answers that these truthers can never confront.


I’m Scottish. We do NOT kiss arse. We confront and challenge and operate under the Divine Law of TOUGH LOVE.


Can you survive or are YOU the weakest link?

These Are The Contents of MY head :o)

Woohoo. Another youtube BAN

Alt World Discovery has now banned me too.

Unable to comment on anything.

Mmmmn. There is a pattern here. A four year long pattern of the same people banning me.

Alt World Discovery is meant to be a team effort between Autodidactic, FEB and Dougal UAP.

All of these peeps are getting hit hard by people who call them out for what they are.

Like me.

But the “message” HAS to be continued. The “ride” has to go on. The EGO is still filling all of space and the worlds beyond !

Do As I Say, Not As I’ve Done : A Heartfelt Warning

I’m about to enter Year No. 5 of internet abuse.

In all that time, those named above have denied ME the right to speak/Verbally Abused Me/Stolen my work/Banned/Publicly Humiliated and ABUSED.

The one thing that broke me was the name David Greig.

That was the name of my Dad who died in 2011. On my eldest son’s birthday. His funeral was on his own birthday.

I wrote about all this here 2018 – 2021

And some Thing decided (for shizz ‘n’ giggles) to appear on yt using my DEAD DAD’s name.

I wrote to Martin Liedtke to try and explain but his spliff intake must’ve been extra high and he ended up calling me EVIL.

OK. The names named above are the names of those who “secretly” visited MY yt channel.

Fighting back against them was useless. They are so entrenched in their own superiority.

When all is said and done – people like these are not worth the pain they will put you through. The more pain they cause, the more pleasure they take.

Step Away.


The Ghost of Christmases Past : Empirical Experiment

I did an experiment yesterday on a channel that I’m banned from.

I actually paid money and joined. OMG! Stunned speechless. Money talks but I can’t.


Within a few hours that Ghost from the Past returned.

Not weeks or months later – within a few hours.

So I unjoined. I’d rather jump off the Burg Khalifa :o)

That particular pile of abuse can stay where it belongs. Dead & Buried.

“She’s got it. Oh, BABY, she’s got it…!”

Ego Death aka A Critique Partner

I have had the great fortune to be critiqued by some amazing writers.

A critique partner is the best friend who tells you that you smell – or your writing is absolute crap.

My writing and real life C.P’s became really good friends and mentors to me. They made me laugh. They made me cry. They MADE me learn.

I used to belong to a critique forum….many moons ago and I went word by word, line by line through someone else’s work and critiqued it. She was fine about everything but I got thrown off the forum for being too Critical and not a smoke-up-the-arse-blower (?!?!)

My BEST ADVICE to anyone is WRITE A BOOK. And get it critiqued. Your entire world/ego will collapse. Fact!


Ancient Egyptians in the River Humber, Lincs/Yorkshire

I’ve just been watching WN & A and was reminded of work I’d done years ago.

Part 11 of The Hidden History of The British Isles


Jacquelyn GreigThe Hidden History Project2 CommentsEdit”11) The Hidden History of the British Isles”

Messing about with Time

In 1937 two Yorkshire brothers found the remains of a very old ship in the mudflats on the north bank of the River Humber. The site was excavated by experts over the next year but then all work halted. World War Two had begun.

After the war, the brothers revisited their find and eventually, a decade later, the authorities agreed to carbon date their ship. The report came back. Egyptian galley c. 1400 B.C.

Fast forward to 1066 and 37 miles north of the final resting place of this Egyptian galley and there was a battle. The Battle of Stamford Bridge. It was here that King Harold II defeated an invading Viking horde just before sprinting south to Hastings and his fateful meeting with William the Bastard.

What connects these two events?


And another question.

Why did it take the all-conquering, fierce and mighty Norse around 2400 years to figure out how to build their infamous long-ships?

Such is the foundation upon which lies the history of the British Isles.

Having already taken 1000 years out of the story by examining Brutus the Trojan and Brutus the Roman, I’m feeling the need to steal another millennium – give or take a couple of centuries.

Phantom Battlefields and Paper Twins

Disclaimer: The following is not my research; it belongs to NC. And this is what I tried so  hard to debunk/ignore/unread.

 1066 – Albion/Britain  1204 – Byzantine Constantinople 
A great battle proved to be a major turning point in the history of the British Isles.A great battle proved to be a major turning point in the history of the Byzantine Empire.
1066 was the beginning of the invasion of Britain and the formation of the new Norman monarchy that continued until 1154.1204 was the beginning of the invasion of Constantinople and the formation of two new Empires. The Latin Empire and the Nicaean Empire.
Britain was invaded by a great fleet gathered from many countries.Constantinople was invaded by a great fleet gathered from many countries.
The Norman Dynasty lasted 88 years.The Latin Empire lasted 60 years.
The centre of power was London, the capital of Britain.The centre of power was Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire.
Harold II, legitimate heir and King of England died.Isaac II Angelos, legitimate heir and Emperor died.
Harold II ruled for less than a year.Isaac II Angelos ruled for less than a year.
Before Harold II, the King was Harold I Harefoot. He ruled from 1035 to 1040.Isaac II Angelos ruled twice. The first time was from 1185 – 1195.
The dead and conquered ruler is the second to bear that name – Harold II.The dead and conquered ruler is the second to bear that name – Isaac II Angelos.
The conqueror is the first to bear that name – William I.The conqueror is the first to bear that name – Theodore I Lascaris.
William I ruled for 21 years.Theodore I Laskaris ruled for 18 years.

Make of that what you will. But bear in mind that Britain was conquered because William I of Normandy was deprived of his right to inherit the throne after the death of Edward the Confessor.

Constantinople was conquered because Manuel Comnenus was exiled and denied the right to inherit the throne after the execution of his father Andronicus I.

Both battles were acts of vengeance.

Coincidence? Maybe. Or Paper Twins? A story repeated worldwide, just the names and dates and locations changed?

One story. One Empire. One Language.

From the 13th century Annals of Melrose Abbey, Scotland: “Now, for the first time the rumour appeared in our land that the godless horde of Tartari has ruined many countries.”

From the 13th century Chronica Sancti Edmundi: “The godless tribe which is called Tartarins, and which was rushed up from an Island, filled the whole surface of the earth, ruined Hungary and neighbouring areas.”

The late 13th/early 14th cc saw the huge expansion of the “Great Empire” outwards along all points of the compass. They fought, conquered, settled, built, learned and were taught. They transported all that they were and had into many lands. Including their language.

This is a complicated subject that I will expand on in the future but, for the time being…

There has been a long and varied study into the origins of language. (Not by linguists. They only appeared on the scene in the 18th/19th c.) It is becoming better known that the basis of all our languages is Slavic. It is also becoming better known that Latin is not actually ancient. Nor is English. Both (and many others including Ancient Greek) were created around the 17th century by ‘Reformers’ who were told that “the Empire must be forgotten forever.”

I could go on but – the Hidden History of the British Isles may, in fact, be the Hidden History of a vanished Empire. An Empire that has its roots in the 11th century. The same goes for your country too.

Ooops. There goes that last phantom millennium. Poof.

If any of the above is true, then, wherever we travel in our world – no matter the country, race, language, religion, colour – we should always be going home.

Going home to a warm welcome, good food and great company.

P.S. I didn’t want to see this but now that I can it explains a lot. The buildings, the technologies, the destruction, the confusion, the division, the recent unravelling of so many mysteries…the frantic to push towards another reset.

Of all the things that have been destroyed in the past, the one thing that has so far been indestructible is The Human Spirit. The Divine Spark. The Collective Consciousness. Whatever you want to call it.

That is our next big fight (?)

I’m feeling sad now :o(



If any of the above is true, then, wherever we travel in our world – no matter the country, race, language, religion, colour – we should always be going home.

Of all the things that have been destroyed in the past, the one thing that has so far been indestructible is The Human Spirit. The Divine Spark. The Collective Consciousness. Whatever you want to call it.

All I see now are far too many damp squibs. Sadly.

The BEST Place To Learn…

…is a quote. From a member of the Truth Community.

From a handsome (quote) clever (quote) good-looking (quote) Mr Man.

He lika da girls. Lots of them. He made them Moderators.

He da Cowboi shooting from da hip.


Heyho. Such is life.

And, thank you, my Lord. Silence is GOLDEN :o)

Killer In My Village

I have watched these for years.

This one just caused a BIG argument.

All I pointed out was that men have no bloody idea about women and sex.

When women get to a certain age (post man-o-pause) sex is usually NOT first, last, everything on their mind.

So a man in his 20’s is charged with rape and murder of a 72 year old woman. His defence?

She invited me in and paid me £200 for sex.

Yeh. So obvious. She is female, alone and obviously desperate.

C’mon. Puhlease – stop these self-generated/self-gratifying LIES.

People like me can see them from 66 million miles away.

The Great Awakening is all about other people seeing these lies right in front of their eyes.

And y’all are so very proud of being WOKE.

Snakes & Ladders.

On Remembrance Sunday – THE TALL POPPY SYNDROME.

Wake up.


Handbags & Gladrags

I LOVE this song.

‘Specially the Stereophonics version. My boys will tell you. I might’ve played it a bit too loud, a bit too often.

I’m not a fan of rod Stewart but props for this song.

The handbags and the gladrags
That your poor old granddad
Had to sweat to buy you, baby

Paternal grandad, Sam, was a tanner by trade.

Maternal step-grandad (didn’t know the real one, Clarence) was called George. A steel-worker by trade.

I asked for not a penny when they were alive and got not a penny when they died.

I have a wonderful cardboard box full of old photos of them though.

Money comes and goes. Memories are everlasting.

P.S. I’ve worn Armani suits, Manolo Blahnik shoes. Carried a Chanel handbag. That I HAD WORKED TO PAY FOR.

They mean NOTHING to me now.


Three Blind Mice

Yes. Another years old thing that I HAVE BROUGHT UP.

I called them this over 3 years ago.


FEB – crowdfunding a boat so that he can sail to islands and do stuff – on YOUR money.

JL – squillions of lovers and now so exhausted that he’s become a once a fortnight dude.

UAP – just loves to hook up with the nasty mob. Always has. Always will. And his apology means SHITE. Monkey see. Monkey do.

YES. This is BRUTAL TRUTH about your much loved “truthers”

They have run out of truth.

Squeezed the life out of truth.

Need mo’ money for spreading truth.

Gulls regurgitate half digested food for their infants.

Slap my wrist. Tut.

How VERY dare I?

Necessity : The MOTHER of Invention

I had a task ahead of me yesterday. To cook something that we all love to eat. Hot or Cold. With or Without. Totally eater friendly.


So I frankensteined pizza for us all.

I already had two bags of special focaccia bread mix, passata, cheese, chorizo and pepperoni on hand.

My cooking motto has always been – when in a bind…..just chuck it all together and pray for the best.

OMG. Five different pizzas later!

From now on I HAVE to do homemade pizza with focaccia base.

Both boys are weirdos and they threw on about half a jar of jalapenos each.

Me and him stuck with the original —- apart from HIM squirting Heinz Salad Cream alles uber die platz.

I AM the mother of oddly shaped invention :o)

The Big 4 & The Burden of PROOF


This was a hit piece from one annexe of the “truther” yt against another.

2 against one/4 against 2 is BULLYING.

And they’ve even placed the BURDEN OF PROOF on their victims.

Cambell, UAP, Beags and Bernard spent 2 and a half hours pissing all over Aewar and WN and then……AND THEN demanded that A and WN PROVE EVERYTHING or else they will be found guilty of something or other.

And they say women are bitchy. FFS.

What a crock of DISTORTED male egos.

And when Cambell is asked if being a man meant agreeing with the online truth told bya woman being maltreated/manipulated and destroyed by ML is his idea of being a man……..we get zero response.



“He Has ALL The Skills & ALL The Knowledge”

OMGiddy Aunt.

I’ve not seen this episode for years.

I love Rishi. She’s like me a few years/decades/centuries back….totally innocent and credulous.

BTW : Tomorrow is a New Moon in Scorpio and a partial SOLAR ECLIPSE. Not as stated today on a yt “truther” channel. NOT a lunar eclipse.

Solar is male. Lunar is female.

Gotta love a hater. They need a special kind of loving :o)

John Pierpont Morgan Sr.

Every damn thing is linked.





Two Barclays accounts. £ & $

Guess who our $ account was owned by???

Yup. The name showed up on every single transaction.

OMG. I know far too much for a stupid British housewife to know. I must be a fantasist/larp/npc……………………………..!!!


Yup. Few know about this con.

We know because we were caught right, smack in the middle.

Two Barclays Business accounts.

A GPD account.

A USD account.

And we got bottom pain…..butt hurt.

The £25 transaction finder fee for Barclays to “find” a transaction ? Times that by at least two a month over 6 years and you get a whole lot of nothing for a whole lot of anguish.


The “in plain sight” LONG CON.

LOVE RATS : Series 1 Episode 1

I made Himself watch this one this morning after yet another “discussion.”

He said : Yehyeh. Nigerians. Car accident. Love Rat. Asks for money. I’ve been down Scam Street in Lagos.

I then got very antsy. Yes. Our first company office was in Port Harcourt, Nigeria and we were put through many a money scam. The favourite at the time had to do with bunkering the ships we needed for the off-shore close protection of gas and oil workers.

At $250,000 a time….that would suddenly go missing and then necessitated my many hours on the phone to the bank (after paying the standard £25 fee) to ask for a money trace and getting nowhere……….FACT!

It didn’t take too long to find out the scam. The fuel all went into a hidden bunker under the bunker and then we’d have to pay again to fuel the ship. Easy money. $500,000 later.

So. This scam is quite normal to us and I told him to watch and learn how the long, complicated con can be worked. Way outside Scam Street.

As if I’d be so stupid enough to show him something common and all too well known.


This Hustle is truly brilliant. Sadly.

P.S. We were paid in $. And paid out in $ converted to GPB. At the daily exchange rate. I became an expert XE watcher and had to send many an email to a nasty employee accusing me (personally) of stealing their wages from them…..with me pointing out I DON’T CONTROL THE INTERNATIONAL BANKING SYSTEM.


Everything comes down to money, money, money.

A Mile In MY Shoes

How many miles do we walk in a lifetime?

How long does it take to walk just one mile?

Uncontrolled Historian has now been ABUSED off youtube. Much like her former self Greta Brookes.

This blog – like the dead one – HIDDEN HISTORY is my life writ large.

Well over 11,000 posts since 2018. Not to mention every other blog I’ve written on WordPress since 2001.

Who’d ever even think of trying to walk in someone else’s shoes. Let alone give them anything other than abuse for being TRUE TO MYSELF ?

DM? Divine Masculine?

The biggest psy-op EVER.

There is no such thing as male and female/brother and sister/friends of the opposite gender/heiros gamas/soul mates/TWINS.

That whole thing is a total crock of crap. FACT!

Stonehenge : where Virgins LIE!

So many give so much away by the tone of their voice when they speak.

Long time ago a yt “truther” did something about Stonehenge in Wiltshire (used to be en route to my place of work) and he quoted the Where Virgins LIE sentence with such V enom & disgust in his voice that it could only come from somewhere deeply personal and painful.

Not long ago the same person brought up Stonehenge again and one of the comments stated – with UTMOST AUTHORITY – that Stonehenge was built in the 1950’s.

Wow. And thousands will now believe that.

Way back in 2021 I wrote : ROBERT NEWDYK : OWNER OF STONEHENGE

Not my first mention of this monument by a long way but, like all my work, if it doesn’t work for the them, it will be ignored. FACT!

As we are now in June and less than three weeks away from the Summer Solstice, my thoughts have turned to Stonehenge – a place I used to drive past twice a day and have visited several times. Though never on Midsummer’s Eve or Night. Cue Shakespeare?

Close :o)

Titania, Titania. Wherefore Art Thou, Titania (?)

We are in 1620.

Did you know that George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham, best mate of both James I Stuart and his son Charles I Stuart (and nemesis of one Walter Montagu!) offered an obscene amount of money to buy Stonehenge from it’s owner, Robert Newdyk?

Newdyk declined but “the King’s Favourite” still stomped all over the property doing archaeological digs and helping James to remove an altar stone that was subsequently taken to St James’ Palace, Westminster.

Strange but true ?


Funny how not a single one of them likes a single that is ACTUAL HISTORICAL RESEARCH.

Shake my Head.

PERFCT Analogy of the Youtube “TRUTH” Movement

Wrong person. Wrong menu. Refusal to listen. Refusal to change. Refusal take accountability. Refusal to do THE WORK needed.

Tons of blagging/boasting/arrogance by people who talk themselves up to a “top job” but without a single qualification.

Lack of interest. Absolute NEED for attention.

And what do they serve to us ?


And then they have the damn nerve to turn on those who point all this out and BLAME them.

Yay for fake.


The Curse Inside The Gift

Empaths walk into every single relationship, whether that be through friendship/work/romance/acquaintanceship/family et al with only ONE SINGLE MINDSET.

We see everyone as equal and good and kind.

Even when a few dark things happen (Red Flags in psych-speak) we always give the benefit of the doubt because everyone has bad days and down days.

Then we go – BAM! Oh shit. My stupid.

That smile that never quite reaches the eyes. That tone of voice. The coldness of the all-too-familiar turned shoulder. The sugar-sweet phrase spoken only to disarm and disguise.

But we’ve already invested so much of ourselves that to turn away is The Hardest Thing To Do. Why? Because we KNOW the utter pain of rejection.

And we will eat ourselves up with an unholy feeling of failure.

Kerching! The Narcs coin.

You are pathetic. I am so much better. Let’s keep dancing this wonderful tango of abuse and self-harm.

It’s so ugly.


Felix vs Phoenix

The OC, having lost two technicians that morning, decided on “Phoenix“. This was misheard as “Felix” by the signaller and was never changed. The other possible reason is that the callsign for RAOC was “Rickshaw”; however, the 321 EOD felt it needed its own callsign, hence the deliberate choice of “Felix the Cat with nine lives”. 321 Coy RAOC (now 321 EOD & Search Sqn RLC) is the most decorated unit (in peacetime) in the British Army with over 200 gallantry awards, notably for acts of great bravery during Operation Banner (1969–2007) in Northern Ireland.[12]

I knew them as Felix. From my time in Londonderry. We’d often call in Felix – the Cat With 9 Lives.

Absolute God’s Honest Truth.

If The Kids Are United…

It was so lovely last evening.

Knock on the door. Son opens and I hear a manly hug and back slap.

His mates walk into the kitchen, arms wide open for a hug from me.

And it was a proper hug. Held for ages.

When we upgraded the pigsty to a man cave/bar and all these kids would be here every week…it was a place to speak their minds.

Aka – that actual bar was painted white with lots of felt tips in a jug on top.

The drunken messages written were brilliant. One I remember more than the rest. It started at the top with – “My Mum is better than your Mum”

Everyone chipped in.

Kids today would NEVER EVER EVEN think of writing that.

Every morning I was there with sweet hot tea, Alka Seltzers, Anadin or a bacon sandwich. Depending on the level of the hangover.

Some Ties Bind Stronger Than Others.

Thank you, kids. Love you all :o)


Lily was my paternal grandmother. Born and bred in the Gorbels of Glasgow.

But this goes deeper than that.

I was 20 years old before I knew what these were :

1 A prostitute

2 A transvestite

I learned one day on the Ku’Damm in Berlin, caught in a traffic jam on duty as an RMP, when the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen started talking.

I said to Mick – my oppo – Oh. Wow. She has a very deep voice.

Absolute truth.

This is why I find Lily Savage so funny. She reminds me of the trannies on the Kurfürstendamm in Berlin and the time that my all male platoon took me to the Poof-Poof Club for a night out.

To this day I don’t understand why they wore those gas masks with the long hose in porn films.

STEEP learning curve :o)

The Smiling Rant

For me this is a little too little a little too late.

For others it is perfect.

I’ve no issues with Neil Oliver. Apart from on the historical timeline but that’s NOT his bad.

Neil Oliver – ‘…digital enslavement is coming…’

It’s been here for years, sweetheart. Digital Enslavement.

In my humble opinion, so much of the yt truther movement are using “facts” gained via films, games, TV and soi-disant BESTSELLER books.

So you see a film with two moons together, one of them with a perfect map of the earth on. Tahdah. Let’s make a video about how the “Elite/Phoenician/Bohemian Grove/RULERS have deceived us.


I’ve said this so many times because I’m also a casualty of my own choices.

I once chose to believe in someone who believed in playing games that were deliberately played to destroy one of us.


I’m not here to RULE THE WORLD. I’m here to protect those I love and care for.


Gammon & Pineapple

Way back when I was a kid (around 11/12) my Dad was on a huge child murder enquiry that took him away from home for weeks.

At the time Mum worked in the restaurant (where I went to work aged 13) next door to us and every Thursday – her late shift – my brothers and I would come home from school, get washed and changed and go to the restaurant for our tea.

I ALWAYS chose gammon, pineapple and chips. Something we very rarely had at home.

On the menu tonight, plus the egg, plus petits pois, because I can…….

P.S. My traveller-in- crime girl is a pina colada fan. Whereas I prefer a Bloody Mary. Sweet is she. Sour am I :o)

Interesting : An Interesting Word

When I first started the REAL in-depth historical research life was very different.

I can even remember the date. 3rd of December 1993.

We’d moved back to the UK after over 2 years in Gibraltar on the 17th of September that year….I remember because it was my brother’s birthday.

The only resources I had were my own collection of books and the local library.

Micro-fiche was a bastard to use. Old newspapers were time consuming. Writing letters to book-searchers took weeks/months before (or IF) you got a reply.

That year I learned about the Inter-Library Loan System. Woohooo.

The ability to read a bibliography, go to the local library and ask them to search for a certain book was amazing. Weeks after asking, I’d get books from every corner of the UK.

Also lots of fines because you were only allowed to keep said books for 3 weeks.

It taught me patience and how to concentrate my research on the absolute necessary – without the fluff.

Fast forward to now when info is available at lightning speed and you get (OK – I get) brain overload.

So much is so fruitless, unnecessary and frankly UNINTERESTING.

If I’m uninterested within the first 3 to 5 minutes, I will leave.

Tempus Fugit and there is too much to do.

So – 99.9999999 % of youtube gets the UNINTERESTED/NOT INTERESTED vote from me.

Back to the beginning aka 1993. I’ll wait for the interesting and only engage with them :o)


This is a smell that was part of my life for a few years.

I was once told as a child that every country has it’s own smell. Well – UAE smells of oud.

Everywhere you go, they burn this incense. I bought loads home with me, along with charcoal blocks. My traveller-in-crime and I even got lost and abandoned in the souk in Old Dubai searching for the best oud. Absolute True Truth.

Recently I came across the product above on ama z on. Nag Champa has been my go to incense for almost a quarter of a century so I knew it’d be good.

WOW. The house smells like the Middle East right now :o)

I’m open to a NagChampa sponsorship vibe – LOL !

Vladimir Propp

I bought this book decades ago. A 1975 secondhand version for about a £1.

It’s served me well :o)

A first reading when right over my head, even though I knew about Grave’s White Goddess and Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey.

It’s worth all the brain-ache …in my humble opinion. Especially if you are a writer studying your art and your craft.


Way back in October 2019 I wrote a post about CNN (Chicken Noodle News) in HongKong and got this comment from Ms. LOL@NO.COM


And I’m still getting these kind of BS GTFouttaHere comments to this day.


We went to Hong Kong to visit our office there. FACT.

I WAS the 49% owner and director of a multi/international UK Ltd (fully registered at Companies House – paying 70% Corporation Tax) Security Company along with my 51% husband.

YouTube HATES truth. True Truth.

YouTube IS Disney Fantasy Land where anyone can do, be, say anything that they want.

Greta Brookes was KILLED by youtube TRUTHERS.

And not a single ET TU BRUTI gives a flying fuck.

Shame on y’all.

We were given the chance to unite and fight against THE THEY. Some just fought against their own. Blue on Blue.

Sad but TRUE.

For once in my life I’ve got something to say
I want to say it now for now is today
A love has been given so why not enjoy
So let’s all grab and let’s all enjoy
If the kids are united then we’ll never be divided
If the kids are united then we’ll never be divided
Just take a look around you
What do you see

Ulster Fry

We watched this this morning and I learned something new!

Katina eats an Ulster Fry….a big one. Yeah. Whooopppeee. It makes her famous.

Way back in the day when eldest was 18 months old and we lived in Ulster and Himself was in charge of the G.O.C’s protection team, working a 20 hour day……..me and the little ‘un used to go exploring.

OMG. Nobody told me at the time that taking the train from Lisburn to Belfast for a jolly day out was #banned by a “wife of.”

Me and my baby son did it regularly.

He’s just had a truly explosive moment about my life without him in Ulster. YOU DID WHAT?

Baby and I loved it. But in those days an Ulster Fry was sausage, bacon, eggs, beans in a separate bowl (NEVER on the plate) and soda bread.

The NI peeps have strange customs. NEVER had a waste bin in the house. Kitchen bin always outside the back door. Didn’t display knick-knacks in house. Never tainted a meal with baked bean juice. Loved the colour ORANGE (check that out???)

I loved Belfast. The people were great. The city is awesome………….oops :o)

Note to Self : Buy some Bicarb of soda to make soda bread next week.

Nichola de la Haie

She’s a bit of a hero of mine. A local girl.

Sherriff of Nottingham? Nah. Nichola was Sherriff of the WHOLE OF LINCOLNSHIRE.

I’ve see the Magna Carta here. And walked the battlements trying to envisage just how Nichola defended her castle from the enemy.

Quite easily actually. The view is awesome. On a clear day we can see Lincoln Cathedral from here – 21 miles away. And the castle is just opposite the Cathedral.

Note to Self : Build your Castle/Home up on high ! ? !

Thank you, Neil :o)

I Am BORED With Being a NON-Person

Yeah. The time had come for me to swallow every ounce of pride and independence that I possessed and ASK FOR HELP.

Needs must when The Devil Drives.

So I spent all of yesterday filling out an online application for ….. Universal Credit.

It was all going so well until I put my Big Truther Foot in it.

Yes. I’m married. Yes. I live with my husband and our children. Yes. The children are his. Yes. He works…….below minimum wage but after 4 years with no income he found work in 2019.

Ergo. This woman/housewife/mother/non-criminal/actual British citizen/with a mortgage is NOT VALID FOR ANY KIND OF GOV.yuk. HELP.

I’m invisible on the internet. I’m invisible in real life. Unless I forget to pay a bill or ignore a bill because I’m on the bones of my arse.

Go figure.

What is the point of this life if you end up as a NOTHING/NOBODY just for being honest and truthful?

The Holy Grail but NOT As Y’all Know It.

Done this absolute true life thing too many times before.

MY first viewing of this film was on a night duty at Checkpoint Bravo in Berlin.

This was the entrance into Berlin from Checkpoint Alpha in Helmstedt (did duty there too!) via what we called The Corridor. Which was a long autobahn with no speed limits. YAY. Drove it. Scared myself stupid at over 100 miles an hour.

At Bravo there was a long desk. Us Brits (two) were at the beginning. Two US MP in the middle. Two French MP at the end of the desk.

Mick – my oppo – brought in a portable TV one night and we all watched.

Mick and I were laughing.

The US were sneering.

The French ignored us all :o)

The Spear of Destiny vs The Spear of Longinus

I’ve spent too long doing this stuff. Just to have it all ripped apart by the “We Always Win” crew.

Nah. Not any more, mes braves.

Go back. Go way, way back to my posts from 2018/2019 when I tear the Romans apart. Especially Julius Caesar and all that crap.

HIS – story is real. It’s all HIS Story. When you dive deep into Fomenko and New Chronology and actually try to debunk them for over a decade. You’ll understand from whence I come.

Who drove a Spear into Christ’s side when he was on the cross?

And WHO one was of the killers of Julius Caesar?

Et tu Bruti?

Et tu Gaius Cassius Longinus?

And none of this has anything to do with Russia – the country as we know it today.

AEWAR has fallen down the same hole, methinks.

And yes. I’m overly sensitive right now. That’s the lot of a REAL EMPATH who FEELS every single knife/arrow/spear on their soul.

Apparently Herr A. Hitler was desperate to obtain the Spear of Destiny so that he could have magical power uber alles. And we all know how that ended. Follow a MYTH, disprove a myth.

NC postulates that the man known as Julius Caesar is a “reflection” of the myth known as “Jesus.”

I’m in my own private Circle of Hell chez Dante right now.

Or just keep on taking the piss out of me.

So over y’all :o)

P.S. Try looking into Wagner and Parsifal or Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Parzival or The Bleeding Spear of the Grail Castle or The Fisher King with his thigh stuck by a spear or Chiron the wounded or ? ? ?

La Rochelle

I came at this Siege via many different angles when writing my novel – Weave a Garland of My Vows

This was the first of a five part series, indie published in 2014 and a total bomb blast for me. It’s made me a fortune of about £40 in 8 years.


George Villiers was brilliant character to write. To me he was Marie de Rohan’s counterpart. Two sides of one coin. Friends and cohorts but never lovers. She saw right through him….and vice versa.

After Marie (the protagonist) Wat Montagu was my all time favourite person to write. He was Villiers’ spy, friend, punching bag and a man who fell in love at first sight of Marie de Rohan. He’d’ve died for her and almost did (more than once.)

Wat was in France when the Siege of La Rochelle happened. He watched Richelieu commanding the French army and felt torn.

Whilst Marie (French) was nominally Catholic, her uncles were Huguenots or Protestant, like Wat. And she did whatever she had to do when in France or England. No worries either way.

Eventually Wat left England and became a Catholic priest in France. Richelieu’s influence, brilliance, razor-sharp mind had obliterated all of his younger self. England, Marie, his family, Protestantism – none of that mattered to him anymore. Although he still supported and tried to help Henriette Marie after the execution of Charles I Stuart and her exile from England under Cromwell.

People are so effing complex.

That’s why I’m a writer :o)

Take On Me (?)

I have such vivid memories of the first time that I heard this song. We’d just moved to Chichester. In those 2 years there, on the Roussillon Barracks Training Camp, quite a bit happened.

1986 – Ukraine got GOT by something nuke-you-lar. Oh. Another boring roundabout story.

1987 – BBC Weather ASSURED us that there was NO HURRICANE coming to England. Absolute fact.

Yeah. I’ve never believed a weather person since. We were trapped inside the barracks by huge old trees all over the place.

Boyce doing A-Ha.

Alcohol Warning – NEVER drink Russian Vodka in a Russian Hotel in East Berlin. Been there. Done that. No wonder they call it a SHOT. I was dead the next day!!!

Elephant’s Breath & London Smoke

I spent over an hour in my local fabric shop with a new friend called Lulu.

Long story – a new 1800’s gown in the prep stage. Colour chosen (finally) deep wine red cotton.

Anyhoo and by the by. Through a different source I was recommended a book to read called Elephant’s Breath and London Smoke.

I knew immediately that this was about colour. My youngest and I painted his bedroom Elephant’s Breath.

WAY back in 2009 I wrote a post about 17th century fabric colours.

17th Century Textile Colours

One of my first ever research projects was on 17th century costume.
I got a beautiful old, old costume book from the library and much to my disgust – I can’t remember the name of it.

Anyway – from that book I made a note of the names used for textile colours in that era.
They are so evocative and always set the imagination running.

















And colours to try and get our minds around.

I’ll have a go…

I love the idea of SICK SPANIARD – a yellowy olive.


TEMPS PERDU- I see this as a pale violet.

ANGRY MONKEY- Is red brown too obvious?

APE’S LAUGH- Again, a reddy colour. But only if they were always being pedantic

RESURRECTION – Oh Gawd! A blue-grey????

KISS ME DARLING – Pale pink, maybe.

MORAL SIN – Love this. A deep, vibrant, singing red.

TRISTAMI – Sorry, can only think of pepparami here. Oops.

SCRATCH FACE – Purpley (if there’s such a word)

SMOKED OX HAM COLOUR – Pinky, purpley (if it’s not a word, it should be!)


CHIMNEY SWEEP – Too obvious????

FADING FLOWER – Mmmn. Pastel. Maybe like ashes of roses.

DYING MONKEY – Black, brown….ish

MERRY WIDOW – Deep Purple – nearly black but not quite.


This new recommendation looks wonderful.

Have you ever read about a Victorian dress, and wondered: “What color, exactly, is heliotrope?”Did you ever read an Elizabethan novel and say: “Did anyone really wear Puke?”When Chaucer wrote: “his eyen bright citrin” – did you wonder about what color is citrin?This book will tell you about color in history – the names of colors, when they were used, how they were used, what they looked like, and where they came from. There are dye recipes, paint ingredients, poetic language and general commentary – all in the words of period writers. Along with the glossary of color names, you will learn about mourning colors, the effects of artificial light on color, advice on what colors to wear, the colors found in cosmetics and theatrical make-up, and the names of the colors of horses. You can read about symbolism in colors, heraldic colors, and complaints about the names of colors. I have studied fashion magazines, books of dye recipes, art books, painter’s manuals, mineralogy guides, tomes on color theory, metaphysical texts, poetry and fiction, but especially period dictionaries and encyclopedias. Any resource that might give a hint on what a color looked like or how it may have been used was examined, from Chaucer to Chemistry Journals. Most of the entries were printed in English, American, Canadian and Australian publications from around 1380 to 1922. Because, French was the language of fashion, many of the English terms are French words. I have tried to explain those colors, too.This dictionary endeavors to define color names in the words of the English speaking people who used those colors. It is especially aimed at women’s fashion, but artists will also find it useful. Now in its second edition, “Elephant’s Breath and London Smoke” has more than 600 new and updated entries. If you are curious about color, you will want this book.

BTW. It’s coloUr. Too many letters in the word ? ? ?

HA! We Have Taller Bread Than Y’all :o)

I’ve been following the Midwest Americans since they arrived.

After watching Magic Geekdom and ItsJPS, my feed (!) is bringing up tons of these videos.

They all have one common feature…..BRITISH FOOD. Always fish & chips and always our supermarkets.

Today the Midwesterns are in a M&S. Again with the taller UK bread.


Once upon a long time ago I’d go to the M&S Food Hall in Lincoln and treat us all to some fancy food.

You can’t beat a Marks & Sparks Lamb Shank

I’m NOT Reading Your Work. It Will Cause Me Cancer

This comment was published on FEB when my comment was taken over by a SHOUTER.

She was quoting MY WORK to me and when I picked her up on her spelling – Honourable (mine)

Honorable (hers)

I invited her to read MY original work.

WOW. Just one single comment from a commenter who whored herself around the yt troother/tartaria community got me called EVIL by Martin Liedtke. And there endeth my public persona. DAMNED by others.

LOL.com sent me a comment asking how a housewife had the nerve to comment on the goings on in Hong Kong. I told LOL.com that when I went to Hong Kong I was the owner and director of a multi-national, international Security Company and there on business, not a jolly holiday.

Not a single person has ever believed a single word I’ve written. WHY?

Because they spend their entire lives in lies and can’t believe or see or comprehend a ABSOLUTE truth?

Everything that I’ve ever done via youtube has been twisted to the advantage of others. As I sat here at home reading email death threats against me and my children.

F A C T !

Somethings are unforgivable. In this life and the next.

Misery Loves Company

Most of us know this adage/proverb/quote….meme (!)

I’m not a fan of Stephen King but I’ve read a few of his books and seen a few of the films based on his books.

Green Mile and Shawshank stand alone as masterpieces.

Carrie was freaky. Christine. Salem’s Lot (m’eh) The SHINING – disturbingly wonderful.

For me – Misery with Kathy Bates is exceptional.

My brain says that King, either in or out of his cocaine binge, thought of the phrase Misery Loves Company and crafted an incredible story around these three words.

wiki ?fact? – The novel’s title has two meanings: it is the name carried by the central heroine of Paul’s book series, and King described such a state of emotion during the novel’s writing. He has stated that Annie is a stand-in for cocaine

The Long Good Friday

The timing wasn’t the best. He’d watched it years before and there was I recovering from the birth of first born, we were a couple of weeks away from going back to a country we’d both served in as “the enemy” and this was the evening film.

I love Ulster. Even after working the borders, expecting the “baddies” at every turn. The Irish are wonderful peeps.

Plus Bob Hoskins talking to Barry Norman in 1982 about how greed destroyed London.

P.S. Second born appeared in Ulster. Lagan Valley Hospital :o)

Orientated vs Oriented

I once read an Amazon book review by an American of a book written by a Brit.

The review was scathing and centred around the word ORIENTATED.

He basically said that the author had made this word up just to sound fancy.

In MY Life on yt – I’ve had people disrespect the ENGLISH/BRIT language by saying that the ENGLISH/BRIT people use far too many letters….Y’all it jus’ m’ke’um soun’ clvr.



The “greatest” So -up -er Power in the world gives us what?

Fast food. Fast Fashion. Fast txt speak. Here-today-gone-tomorrow mindset.

Billy then George aka FAST KILL.