Do As I Say, Not As I’ve Done : A Heartfelt Warning

I’m about to enter Year No. 5 of internet abuse.

In all that time, those named above have denied ME the right to speak/Verbally Abused Me/Stolen my work/Banned/Publicly Humiliated and ABUSED.

The one thing that broke me was the name David Greig.

That was the name of my Dad who died in 2011. On my eldest son’s birthday. His funeral was on his own birthday.

I wrote about all this here 2018 – 2021

And some Thing decided (for shizz ‘n’ giggles) to appear on yt using my DEAD DAD’s name.

I wrote to Martin Liedtke to try and explain but his spliff intake must’ve been extra high and he ended up calling me EVIL.

OK. The names named above are the names of those who “secretly” visited MY yt channel.

Fighting back against them was useless. They are so entrenched in their own superiority.

When all is said and done – people like these are not worth the pain they will put you through. The more pain they cause, the more pleasure they take.

Step Away.


The Ghost of Christmases Past : Empirical Experiment

I did an experiment yesterday on a channel that I’m banned from.

I actually paid money and joined. OMG! Stunned speechless. Money talks but I can’t.


Within a few hours that Ghost from the Past returned.

Not weeks or months later – within a few hours.

So I unjoined. I’d rather jump off the Burg Khalifa :o)

That particular pile of abuse can stay where it belongs. Dead & Buried.

“She’s got it. Oh, BABY, she’s got it…!”

Killer In My Village

I have watched these for years.

This one just caused a BIG argument.

All I pointed out was that men have no bloody idea about women and sex.

When women get to a certain age (post man-o-pause) sex is usually NOT first, last, everything on their mind.

So a man in his 20’s is charged with rape and murder of a 72 year old woman. His defence?

She invited me in and paid me £200 for sex.

Yeh. So obvious. She is female, alone and obviously desperate.

C’mon. Puhlease – stop these self-generated/self-gratifying LIES.

People like me can see them from 66 million miles away.

The Great Awakening is all about other people seeing these lies right in front of their eyes.

And y’all are so very proud of being WOKE.

Snakes & Ladders.

On Remembrance Sunday – THE TALL POPPY SYNDROME.

Wake up.


Three Blind Mice

Yes. Another years old thing that I HAVE BROUGHT UP.

I called them this over 3 years ago.


FEB – crowdfunding a boat so that he can sail to islands and do stuff – on YOUR money.

JL – squillions of lovers and now so exhausted that he’s become a once a fortnight dude.

UAP – just loves to hook up with the nasty mob. Always has. Always will. And his apology means SHITE. Monkey see. Monkey do.

YES. This is BRUTAL TRUTH about your much loved “truthers”

They have run out of truth.

Squeezed the life out of truth.

Need mo’ money for spreading truth.

Gulls regurgitate half digested food for their infants.

Slap my wrist. Tut.

How VERY dare I?

The Big 4 & The Burden of PROOF


This was a hit piece from one annexe of the “truther” yt against another.

2 against one/4 against 2 is BULLYING.

And they’ve even placed the BURDEN OF PROOF on their victims.

Cambell, UAP, Beags and Bernard spent 2 and a half hours pissing all over Aewar and WN and then……AND THEN demanded that A and WN PROVE EVERYTHING or else they will be found guilty of something or other.

And they say women are bitchy. FFS.

What a crock of DISTORTED male egos.

And when Cambell is asked if being a man meant agreeing with the online truth told bya woman being maltreated/manipulated and destroyed by ML is his idea of being a man……..we get zero response.



The Curse Inside The Gift

Empaths walk into every single relationship, whether that be through friendship/work/romance/acquaintanceship/family et al with only ONE SINGLE MINDSET.

We see everyone as equal and good and kind.

Even when a few dark things happen (Red Flags in psych-speak) we always give the benefit of the doubt because everyone has bad days and down days.

Then we go – BAM! Oh shit. My stupid.

That smile that never quite reaches the eyes. That tone of voice. The coldness of the all-too-familiar turned shoulder. The sugar-sweet phrase spoken only to disarm and disguise.

But we’ve already invested so much of ourselves that to turn away is The Hardest Thing To Do. Why? Because we KNOW the utter pain of rejection.

And we will eat ourselves up with an unholy feeling of failure.

Kerching! The Narcs coin.

You are pathetic. I am so much better. Let’s keep dancing this wonderful tango of abuse and self-harm.

It’s so ugly.



Way back in October 2019 I wrote a post about CNN (Chicken Noodle News) in HongKong and got this comment from Ms. LOL@NO.COM


And I’m still getting these kind of BS GTFouttaHere comments to this day.


We went to Hong Kong to visit our office there. FACT.

I WAS the 49% owner and director of a multi/international UK Ltd (fully registered at Companies House – paying 70% Corporation Tax) Security Company along with my 51% husband.

YouTube HATES truth. True Truth.

YouTube IS Disney Fantasy Land where anyone can do, be, say anything that they want.

Greta Brookes was KILLED by youtube TRUTHERS.

And not a single ET TU BRUTI gives a flying fuck.

Shame on y’all.

We were given the chance to unite and fight against THE THEY. Some just fought against their own. Blue on Blue.

Sad but TRUE.

For once in my life I’ve got something to say
I want to say it now for now is today
A love has been given so why not enjoy
So let’s all grab and let’s all enjoy
If the kids are united then we’ll never be divided
If the kids are united then we’ll never be divided
Just take a look around you
What do you see

I Am BORED With Being a NON-Person

Yeah. The time had come for me to swallow every ounce of pride and independence that I possessed and ASK FOR HELP.

Needs must when The Devil Drives.

So I spent all of yesterday filling out an online application for ….. Universal Credit.

It was all going so well until I put my Big Truther Foot in it.

Yes. I’m married. Yes. I live with my husband and our children. Yes. The children are his. Yes. He works…….below minimum wage but after 4 years with no income he found work in 2019.

Ergo. This woman/housewife/mother/non-criminal/actual British citizen/with a mortgage is NOT VALID FOR ANY KIND OF GOV.yuk. HELP.

I’m invisible on the internet. I’m invisible in real life. Unless I forget to pay a bill or ignore a bill because I’m on the bones of my arse.

Go figure.

What is the point of this life if you end up as a NOTHING/NOBODY just for being honest and truthful?

Currently Under the Effect of SOD’S LAW

And I’ve no idea why!!!

I don’t look for the eff-ups in life.

I’m an optimistic, positive person who always expects optimistic, positive events.

Then – some total bastard up there suddenly decides to give mea kick up the arse. Just because they can :o(

It’s been almost a full week now of complete and utter disaster domino downfall derangement.

WTF? Craptacular.

The air turned blue here and everyone has a face like a wasp chewing a bulldog.

C’est la vie :o)

I’m NOT Reading Your Work. It Will Cause Me Cancer

This comment was published on FEB when my comment was taken over by a SHOUTER.

She was quoting MY WORK to me and when I picked her up on her spelling – Honourable (mine)

Honorable (hers)

I invited her to read MY original work.

WOW. Just one single comment from a commenter who whored herself around the yt troother/tartaria community got me called EVIL by Martin Liedtke. And there endeth my public persona. DAMNED by others. sent me a comment asking how a housewife had the nerve to comment on the goings on in Hong Kong. I told that when I went to Hong Kong I was the owner and director of a multi-national, international Security Company and there on business, not a jolly holiday.

Not a single person has ever believed a single word I’ve written. WHY?

Because they spend their entire lives in lies and can’t believe or see or comprehend a ABSOLUTE truth?

Everything that I’ve ever done via youtube has been twisted to the advantage of others. As I sat here at home reading email death threats against me and my children.

F A C T !

Somethings are unforgivable. In this life and the next.

Misery Loves Company

Most of us know this adage/proverb/quote….meme (!)

I’m not a fan of Stephen King but I’ve read a few of his books and seen a few of the films based on his books.

Green Mile and Shawshank stand alone as masterpieces.

Carrie was freaky. Christine. Salem’s Lot (m’eh) The SHINING – disturbingly wonderful.

For me – Misery with Kathy Bates is exceptional.

My brain says that King, either in or out of his cocaine binge, thought of the phrase Misery Loves Company and crafted an incredible story around these three words.

wiki ?fact? – The novel’s title has two meanings: it is the name carried by the central heroine of Paul’s book series, and King described such a state of emotion during the novel’s writing. He has stated that Annie is a stand-in for cocaine

T-Rex : Cosmic Dancer

THIS is how sick in the head these people are.

Over 3 years later and it’s still going on.

He and his dearly beloved (sob sob – the woman I love) formed a pact. He was the puppet. She pulled the strings.

OMG. The total horror of their combined malice. SMH.

She wanted me to be the 101st UK citizen to die of Covid. She called me a dinosaur and a LARP. She was connected with the Jon Levi debacle where he posted a video connected to MY work given to him by her. I complained in comments – got so much hatred, humiliation and insults – and STILL fought them all. Levi pulled the video there and then.

She wasn’t finished. The fake name death threats into my email box. The fact that my dead father’s name suddenly became a very regular commenter on Martin Liedkte’s channel.

The fact that – for two solid years – EVERY SINGLE comment that I made on yt was liked and replied to. EVERYTHING. From history to gardening to urbex to tarot to astrology to whatever.

SHE knew that Christmas Eve is always a really hard time for me. I lost my child on Dec 24th and, four years later, buried my mother on the same date. So SHE and HE collaborated to bring out a Christmas Eve video. About GRAVES. And graveyards. And DEATH.

Now the effing dinosaurs are back. Yes. I’m over 50 and she and he ain’t. Hence the recent reptilian/dinosaur/fake history shit.

BTW – She called herself Venus. His other obsession is MARS.

Go f’kin’ figure at what their lives are really like. BARF.


Mine are NOT.

I’m sticking to REAL, living, breathing, feeling, loving, flawed but wonderful friends and family.

Tubeway Army.

My most painful times have been down the YoutoobwayArmy of haters.

Yuk. Disgusting, cowardly, bitch and run entities. Apart from less than a handful.

Gary Nu- then what life would be like.

Sparrowhawks and Dracula

OK. This is year 3 or 4 of Sparrowhawks in our garden.

Amazing birds but (like Dracula) birds of prey.

Peep.Peep.Peep.Peep. All day and all night.

The garden is now sans (without) sparrows, tits, wrens. The blackbirds are skitty. The pigeons too. And the baby rabbits need eyes in the top of their heads and their behinds. Hawk or cat.

Where am I going?

Well. The peep peep is insistent. I wake up in the night and thrash around and somehow make the audiobook go from Poirot to Bram Stoker.

All roads lead to Transylvania. Done this too many times to take myself seriously.

Today I’ll be a UnBovvered/Irreverent Historian.

Woof says Van Helsing. One could write a song called Woof, yes?

P.S. When I posted here about my Shamanic Journey with Leslie Kenton and meeting a my totem animal – a WOLF – UAV had such fun with this fact over more than one platform.

What goes around, comes around. WHICH WITCH IS WHICH?

I gave all my support to a totally vile and undeserving person and gained 4 years of hell and damnation.

Gotta love a “Christian.”

Wrong person

wrong place.

Wrong time.

LEARN THE LESSON and move on up (?)

OH! Dr Beeching

I’ve just had a rant to my son about stuff.

HE brought up the subject of a train from here to Woodhall Spa or Spilsby or Lincoln. Which would be fantastic. I totally agree. The A158 is a live/die lottery.

He knows that I know where our town’s railway station was.

Even when we lived in a secret location in Hampshire (Longmoor Camp) we could see the old railway sleepers lying about just beyond our garden.

Dr Beeching was tasked by UK gov. to save money by destroying all the district/rural lines. The upshot was concreting our country with tarmac and motorways and traffic jams and road rage and the up/down price of petrol.

Go figure. Forward planning or what?

To this day I love to travel by train. I’ve done first class, reserved seat, standing in the aisle, standing in the baggage compartment squished against many smelly peeps.

A railway gauge of around 5 ft is DEMONSTRABLY narrower than a four lane motorway. Or have the they changed all measurements recently?

Today We Will Look Through the TRIANGLE Window

A couple or three years back I sent a private email to a yt channel creator and begged…..yes, I BEGGED him to stop his subs evil yt Hate Campaign against me.

I was ignored. Totally. And – to this day – ALL of them are still playing their “evil” We Always Win game.

Go back to playschool, people. Y’all’ll never grow up and mature.

Le Mal des enfants who use YOUR haters against YOU….then sit back and LOL into their jelly & ice cream with sugar sprinkles.

The Satanic Panic

Not much has changed since the 1980’s. It’s just Fundamentalism, then and now.

Fundamentalism – in my humble opinion – is just a fancy word for BLINKERED or PROGRAMMED or Shit Scared etc

Plant a lie and watch it grow. Speak a truth and watch it die – Jackie Greig 2022.

Mazes and Monsters and Dungeons and Dragons and FundaMENTALism in all it’s gory stupidity.

Electric Cars & Fuel Prices

I spoke my thoughts out loud the other day and expected the usual response.

Expletives Deleted but basically – don’t be such an arse.

Surprised that he listened, I expanded my theory. About electric cars and where we are going in the future.

Long story short – Get an electric car and the onus is on you. Y’all have leccy at home – use it. And if you run out of juice – you can’t blame anyone else.

A bit like online shopping. You bought it. I described it perfectly. CAVEAT EMPTOR. Buyer beware so go forth and multiply.

It’s such an easy cop out. In principal. In reality………?!?

Doing 90mph in the outside lane of the motorway and the electrics fail. Massive pile up. Multi tragedy.

Push the blame elsewhere and then… AND THEN…. bring out the Global Warming Card. Which is ALSO YOUR FAULT.

Just saying :o)

PIE vs Pie ‘n’ Mash

I have and always will live and die on my HATRED of those who abuse children.

HATE – a word I don’t often use. But apposite here.

I’ve seen too much, known too much, felt too much, heard too much to ever turn a blind eye.

MAG PIE – see image above.

Bill Maloney is a hero of mine. William Lilly 17th century astrologer- wow. What a sync.

Bill & Lily

And Hollie shares my family name.


Bless them all.

P.S. There is a LAW and a JUDGEMENT much higher than ours.

The Church (Court) Triumphant……read about Joan of Arc ? She answered to a higher judge.

P.P.S. We could go even deeper here. I have magpies in my garden. They chatter. They are BLACK & WHITE. Forget 666 or MM or 33 y’all. That’s infant school thinking………FFS.

The Most Dangerous Job in History : Whistle Blower

“Quis est iste qui venit?”

Who is this who is coming?

Oh Whistle and I’ll Come to You, my lad.

Guess what?

I’ve done this before but today it is VERY apposite.


I’ve blown so many whistles these past few years and have been given MASS HATRED.

I mean. C’mon. Just how many peeps are far too scared of the truth? And why?

The WHY? is easy. True Truth completely exposes their lies and deceptions and fakery and that is uncomfortable. To be faced with your own shitty actions.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m so far from perfect. I’ve effed up many a time but……..I’ll always take the punishment.

What I will NEVER take is the false, foney, fakery of others who place their blame on me and – wilfully and with malice aforethought – spend years destroying MY life. MY reputation. MY work. MY honesty. MY everything.

SHAME on y’all.

Complete and Utter SHAME ON YOU.

And The Insults Just Keep Rolling In!

Yesterday I took part in a live chat with a channel that I like and respect.

He was talking about music and musical festivals and I, very innocently, told of the time that BFF and I blagged our way into Hammersmith Odeon as teenagers.

Well. That lit a fuse on a well-known Tartaria, Flat, Muddy, Melted commenter.

He (or she or they) immediately and publicly called me out as a groupie.

When I said that BFF and I had been virgins and groupie was way outside of our understanding – He (she or they) said that I was then a perfect person to be let into a concert at the Hammersmith Odeon because (by his/her/their) implication, we were only there to F**K the band.

How nice3. SMH. Projection. Much?

I’d hate to know about the world that King Snurgle Viking lives in. Sounds very sad :o(

I raise KingViking aka Flying Monkey…. an octopus on the head and a custard pie in the face!

Cheers, mate :o)

Cathars & Bogomils the True Christians

Way back in 2019 I wrote The Hidden History of the Cathars.

I’ll post it here again – even though certain people refuse to read my posts because “it may cause me cancer” That is an actual quote from an actual yt commenter to me.

The Hidden History of the Cathars


Greta Brookes

This article is based partly on the New Chronology[1]and also my own extensive research into 17th Europe.

It will examine:

  • The “official histories” of the Cathars and the Albigensian Crusade of the 13th century,
  • What exactly was happening in Europe in the 17th
  • The connections between both of these eras and events.

The Cathars and the Albigensian Crusade.

We have been told that the Cathars (Cathari) were a Christian religious sect based mainly in the south of France during the 12th and 13th centuries and that their heretical practises were so offensive to the Church of Rome and all other good citizens of Europe that they had to be exterminated in a Christian Crusade. Their heresy was dualism. The belief that two principles lie at the root of everything – Good and Evil.

July 1209 – Arnaud Amalric: “Kill them all. God will know his own.”

The four main Cathar dioceses in Southern France were Agen, Albi, Carcassonne and Toulouse and the main castles were at Carcassonne, Montsegur, Queribus, Puylaurens, Roquefixade, Peyrepertuse, Termes and Puivert. This whole area of France is known as the Languedoc or Roussillon



If you don’t know about the Cathars and the Albigensian Crusades there are mega-tons of information out there but for a quick “official” starter there is WikiWhatever.

Main Cathar Strongholds in the Languedoc

Europe in the 17th Century

From the end of the 16th century and rolling deep into the 17th, the history of Europe is full of turmoil. The Reformation, Continent-wide Wars, Civil Wars, massacres, regicide, executions. For example:

  • St Bartholomew’s Day Massacre, Paris – 1572
  • Murder of Henri IV, King of France, Paris – 1610
  • The Time of Troubles, Russia and establishment of Romanov rule – 1613
  • Start of the Thirty Years War, Europe – 1618 or before
  • The Defenestration of Prague – 1618
  • Richelieu unites Catholic France with the Protestant Swedes thereby bringing France into the Thirty Years War – 1629
  • Henri II, Duc de Montmorency executed, France – 1632
  • The Wars of Three Kingdoms – England, Scotland, Ireland begins – 1639
  • The Fronde Civil Wars in France begin – 1648
  • King Charles I of England executed – 1649
  • Ottoman war against Hapsburg Hungary – 1663
  • Second Anglo-Dutch War – 1665
  • Russian-Turkish Wars begin -1676

The complete list is very long. Here is just a fraction of the timeline to show the general climate of Europe at this time.

What does any of this 17th Century stuff have to do with the Cathars?

If you are familiar with New Chronology (NC) you will know that, for the past 40 years plus, a team of Russian mathematicians have been doing in depth investigations into the hiding, editing and re-arranging of the history that we have all been taught.

I will explain no more about their work here other than to say that it consists of many thousands of pages and is worth investigating.

Okay. That said, NC research suggests that the annihilation of the Cathars did not take place in the 13th century as we have been told. It actually happened in the 17th century.

From a personal point of view, this makes sense. I have spent many years steeped in 17th century Europe in order to write a fictional account of the life and times of Marie de Rohan, and I may have completely rejected the NC version of Cathar history if not for Henri II, Duc de Montmorency, a close friend of Marie’s. I have put him in the timeline above for reasons that will become clear later.

What is the Hidden History of the Cathars?

It is interesting to note that “Cathar” is a name imposed by outsiders on this religious group. They only ever called themselves “Christians” or “Good Christians.” Bons chrétiens.

It is equally interesting to know that the Cathars of Northern France and elsewhere were called Bulgares. That is, Slavs from the Volga Region.

Locations of Cathars in Europe

As the map above shows, Cathars were not confined to the Languedoc in the South of France but they were spread across the continent of Europe and also Africa and America amongst many other lands. It is not inconceivable, therefore, that the true origins of the Bons chrétiens, is linked with the Horde/Great/Tartarian Empire (also known as Scythians) which expanded across most of the world during the 13th to 15th centuries. This can be amply illustrated by looking at their crosses and their flags.

Cathar Crosses

 Cathar Cross

Celtic Cross in Ireland

Christ with a Cathar Cross behind

It is not widely known but the Cathar flag consisted of equal width, repeating, vertical yellow and red stripes.

Drawing of the monument at the mountain where Montsegur Fortress stands ruined

The inscriptions say – in Occtian

“Als Catar als martyrs del pur créstian”

“To the Cathars, to the martyrs of pure Christian love”

And in French –

“L’héritique n’est pas celui que brûle le bucher mais celui qui l’allume.”

“A heretic is not the one who burns at the stake but the one who lights it.”

And beneath the monument is a Cathar flag made of yellow and red flowers.

This symbol of the old religion is not just confined to the Languedoc or Roussillon, it’s other name.

Aragon (1582-1624)

Arms of Catalonia (listing Valencia, Naples, Sicily, Jerusalem, Sardinia, Navarre, Aragon)

Italy  (1640)

Sicily (1635)

Dalmatia (1640)

Belgium (bottom right…with the double-headed eagle of the Horde/Empire)

PART TWO WILL FOLLOW SHORTLY (i.e. When I’ve put it all together) :o)

[1] The Development of America by The  Russian-Horde:  G.V.Nosovskiy, A.T.Fomenko V6 Book2 Chapter 1


Remember my recent post about the new NC book?

The authors have processed important blocks in the history of Europe and Byzantium in the 11th-17th centuries. The famous Byzantine figures – Vasily Bogomil and John Ital – turn out to be vivid reflections of the emperor Andronicus-Christ, that is, Prince Andrei Bogolyubsky from the 12th century. 

I KNOW that I’m not the only person in the world who understands this. I’m just one of a VERY small minority.

WE – the minority – much like the “history” of the Cathars and Bogomils are here to be burned alive.

Time to STOP the BS, peeps :o)

P.S. Big shout out to Amanda Boiarry or whatever she is. She took my Cathar post and made herself the yt Cathar expert. Also she became Scottish and has a famous historical family….for which there is yet to be evidence proved.

So – from whence does Amanda B come? She who proclaimed that Hamlet married an Aussie and then told Static that she’s just some MOD on the UAP channel – a single Mum of 3 kids living in Australia.

Cheers, UAV for taking my life from me. Copycat or Real Deal?

PURE EVIL aka The False Prophet and the Devil’s Daughter.


Watch and learn ?

Nah. Y’all prefer to steal and use.

Metropolis, anyone?

Hansel & Gretel : Following The Breadcrumbs

There was a Sherlock episode based on this story.

Anyhoo. I’ve followed these breadcrumbs for 4 years. In the vernacular they look like this….

Heart everything I comment. Reply. Communicate. More Hearts. BAN. BAN. No communication. UNBAN. Heart. BAN. IGNORE. DENY. KILL.


Look back at the GRIMM fairytale. Why were the breadcrumbs placed there? And what was the intent?

And WHO WAS KILLED in the Disney Gingerbread Vault / Which Witch Is Which?

Thanks, mes braves. NOT

Demonic Energy & The People of the Lie

There is too much evidence collected over the past 3 and a half years (and stored for future use) to make any of this mere coincidence or synchronicity.

No matter where I go on yt – I’m followed by demons whose sole aim is to destroy every single connection I make.

The one below happened a couple of days ago.

And every single time I publicly warn the channel owner – I AM TRASHED TO HELL.

Hey y’all – TRASH me in public and you WILL get revealed in public.

Greta Brookes’ name was made shit and unwanted….Now Uncontrolled Historian’s name is going the same way.

EVERY SINGLE PERSON on yt now gives me the STINK EYE.


Because I’ll NOT take this disgusting, diabolical, demonic dissing FROM ANYONE.

Never have. Never will.

I’ve lost too many friends and colleagues to sit quietly in a corner, sucking my thumb and screaming for Mummy.

Watch the video below and SEE YOURSELVES AS I SEE YOU.

Thank you

The Scold’s Bridle Times 2

I’d’ve been made to wear this – if was real historical fact.

Yeh. I’m what we call here…a bit gobby. As in say stuff that no one wants to hear.


I’ve read the book, seen the TV adaptation (Miranda Richardson aka Queenie in Blackadder)

A world of hurt and silence aka STFU, Jackie.

Once more. Same as before.

That’s why I’m banned from speaking in the yt troother community.

We Call It Skeg-Vegas

Lived there with the parentals for over a year. Worked in the Dole Office, a Restaurant, a Sunday waitressing job in a hotel and a season at a Holiday Camp (Derbyshire Miners)

Left Skeg-Vegas and joined the army…..ended up in Berlin.

Came back to get married in the tiny church across the road (as himself has always called it – The Public Toilet!)

We’ve taken the kids there many a time. But….it’s truly a shitty place. In my opinion.

BRACING Skeggie means it’s cold and windy.


The image above is Chip Alley….full of chip shops.

16 Reasons The Narcissist Blocks You – (Blocking Part 1)

V ery interesting!!!

Only one youtube truther has me blocked now (as far as I know)

He’s blocked me from youtube, twitch, vimeo and patreon. And probably his email.

Patreon tells me that it’s because of my bullying.



I’ve only ever blocked one person in my life on social media. FEB. Because of his disgusting behaviour towards me.

So – whyfore am I blocked across his entire presence?

Let’s see :o)

Karmic Relationship vs Sacred Relationship

Wowzers. I must have some VERY deep wounds.

Please may I have less karmic and more sacred?

Thank you very much :o)

BTW : IMHO, a Twin Flame is nothing more than the worst of ALL karmic relationships.

They PRETEND to be sacred but are actually cursed to death.

You Shall Not Pass! You who have no heart.

You who have no heart – ergo – have no soul.

My heart belongs here. With my dearly beloveds & me.

Walk on…. :o)

From Metropolis to Radio Gaga

I’d sit alone and watch your light
My only friend through teenage nights
And everything I had to know
I heard it on my radio

You gave them all those old time stars
Through wars of worlds invaded by Mars
You made ’em laugh, you made ’em cry
You made us feel like we could fly

So don’t become some background noise
A backdrop for the girls and boys
Who just don’t know, or just don’t care
And just complain when you’re not there

You had your time, you had the power
You’ve yet to have your finest hour
Radio (radio)


Watch the video and You’ll understand this……


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Jacquelyn GreigLove to All1 CommentEdit”Metropolis 1927″

This film has fascinated and freaked me out in equal measure for many years.


A screenshot from the film (!!)

Saturday, 26 January 2019, 15:57.

Take it away, Doug o)

Monster Mash : 1962 vs 2022

Still doing the vibe.

I was working in the lab, late one night
When my eyes beheld an eerie sight
For my monster from his slab, began to rise
And suddenly to my surprise

He did the monster mash
(The monster mash) It was a graveyard smash
(He did the mash) It caught on in a flash
(He did the mash) He did the monster mash

From my laboratory in the castle east
To the master bedroom where the vampires feast
The ghouls all came from their humble abodes
To get a jolt from my electrodes

They did the monster mash
(The monster mash) It was a graveyard smash
(They did the mash) It caught on in a flash
(They did the mash) They did the monster mash

The zombies were having fun (Wa hoo, tennis shoe)
The party had just begun (Wa hoo, tennis shoe)
The guests included Wolfman, Dracula and his son
The scene was rockin’, all were digging the sounds
Igor on chains, backed by his baying hounds
The coffin-bangers were about to arrive
With their vocal group, ‘The Crypt-Kicker Five’

They played the monster mash
(The monster mash) It was a graveyard smash
(They played the mash) It caught on in a flash
(They played the mash) They played the monster mash

Out from his coffin, Drac’s voice did ring
Seems he was troubled by just one thing
He opened the lid and shook his fist and said
“Whatever happened to my Transylvania Twist?

It’s now the monster mash
(The monster mash) And it’s a graveyard smash
(It’s now the mash) It’s caught on in a flash
(It’s now the mash) It’s now the monster mash

Now everything’s cool, Drac’s a part of the band
And my Monster Mash is the hit of the land
For you, the living, this mash was meant too
When you get to my door, tell them Boris sent you

Then you can monster mash
(The monster mash) And do my graveyard smash
(Then you can mash) You’ll catch on in a flash
(Then you can mash) Then you can monster mash

Easy Igor, you impetuous young boy (Wa hoo, monster mash)
(Wa hoo, monster mash)
(Wa hoo, monster mash)
(Wa hoo, monster mash)
(Wa hoo, monster mash)

Just keep on keeping on, peeps.

What The Dark Does To The Light

I know too much about this subject.

I’ve talked about it before. I was lucky. A woman extremely close to me was not.

I held her in my arms as she told me her story.

Horrific and disgusting as that was – if I ever experience this with a man as the child victim…..!

Bicker about who makes the bestest yt troother videos or WAKE UP.

Just saying.

How To Start & Build a LIE

It started for me in 2018. I’d spent almost a year watching videos by certain yt creators. Then I joined the “trooth” community via FEB in January 2019

Stuff went viral. See image above.

Woohoooooo! Not :o(

I was given the label of Desperate Chick on yt in search of a babe.

It got so much worse from there. Banned. Trolled. Insulted. Threatened. Humiliated. Ignored. Ghosted. Blocked. Demonised. Hated. Patreon account destroyed. New website destroyed. Work destroyed.

Some of ’em even quoted MY OWN WORK at me and called me evil.

Y’all can see how my life turned from a respected writer to a toxic know-nothing nobody.


Here’s what I’m still seen as all these years later …A Desperate Housewife.

Yay. That’s me. Married to the same man since 1483 and now searching for a yt boy toy.


Let The Girl Speak!

I’ve been on the receiving end of this person too.

It ended with me on my kitchen floor wanting to die.

The girl had it even worse than me – I’ve never even met the man, though I’d supported and shared his work for a long time.

Mine was all through his yt comments and emails.

There are always two sides.

He’s got a side too.

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

It was well gone midnight when himself got home today. The last ER was a motorbike accident. The rider survived but his young teenage female passenger did not.

Way before you get this close (video below) to the scene of a fatal in my county, there will be another barrier. Put up by people like my husband. Two cars, orange lights flashing and a total barricade. ROAD CLOSED.

Last night they faced an entitled person who ignored EVERYTHING.
He HAD to go down that road. It was his RIGHT to drive down the road.

So he crashed through the barriers, entered the scene of the accident, drove straight through, goggling at the dead girl in the road and destroying ALL the forensic evidence. Two minutes later he’s being chased by 3 police cars, blues & twos blaring containing several totes PISSED OFF policepeeps who threw the legal book at him.



I’m so bored with these people who truly believe that they are more important than all & everything else.

Respect is a dead word.


Oh. Hello…Ranty Review by Books Like Whoa

I was caught by an advert today for this film. Much as I looooove KenBran, French & Saunders, any film with Russell Brand in is an IMMEDIATE GTFouttaHere vibe to me.

He’s NOT a nice person.

But then, being NOT NICE is what everyone aspires to now…It totally fills up the bank account, yes?

P.S. You know those faces (R.Brand) that you just want to slap from here until next 12th of Never? ? ?

Meanwhile – back with the very nice Oh. Hello :o)

The Most Hated…

I’m back with Danielle. Why?

Yesterday I was “accused” of putting on make-up. Purple eyeshadow on my right eye – to be precise.

Yeah. Symbolism everywhere.

I actually, factually walked into the bathroom door in the middle of the night and gave myself a black (a nice shade of purple now) eye.

The video below is DK’s take on an infamous case that happened quite recently in the UK. I remember going through all the emotions too, as every day, everywhere, we were given “facts” about what had happened.

I didn’t watch that infamous Press Conference live. Thank God.


Dis-effing-gusting people.


Reset : What Reset?

Get out of the macro and into the micro, peeps.

When you have owned and renovated and decorated :

A 1790’s building

A 1600’s building

An 1830’s building…

You get to wondering wtf are these “reset/1850” personas actually talking about. Honestly. It boggles my mind.


Rewind. Repeat.

Who writes history? The buildings? The grass? The sky? The antiquetech?

Nope. THE EFFING PEOPLE write/record history.

Oooh. I have a picture of some demolished buildings. The inheritors came in after Noah and re-wrote the Bible.

Yuh. K. M’eh. #SoBeItBecauseY’allSaySo aka AMEN.

All three of the buildings that I’ve owned have come with REAL PEOPLE with REAL life stories about their REAL family history. With photographs.

Mr Lawrence gave me a photo of his mother and aunts playing tennis on our back lawn around the 19 teens. All wearing those gorgeous white, flowing Edwardian gowns.

A REAL LIFE PHOTOGRAPH – un-poh-hoto-shopped by computer.

I’d despair if I could be bothered. I’m just here to give y’all THE MESSAGE.

But yt knows best :o)

Clothing History : My Safe Place (?)

Nope. Nah. Not any more :o(

I retreated so far from the NEO-Mainstream Historical BS found on yt to my private safe place. Where I’ve always loved to spend time.

Yarns. Knitting. Crochet. Dyeing. Fabrics. Clothing. History of – etc

I’ve been posting about this, stuff that I’ve done since childhood, quite a bit over the past few weeks.


The troothers have jumped on it too. Now. With all the bravado of newborn experts.

They wore wool in xyz America in the 1850’s in summertime.

OK. Yah. And that comment from someone who uses other people to promote her own bank balance account on Etsy.


These peeps are so low vibe and shitty. DARK ACADEMIA pretending to be CottageCore.

Transparent as their own cobwebs.

The Stranger Stalker

I’ve had 4 years of this.

They never give their name or press LIKE or comment. Unless it’s an abusive one.

They send anonymous death threats via untraceable email accounts.

They are here – today… Every day, almost.

It no longer threatens me. I find it sad. She’s never even met me. Just watched and stolen my entire life for her own narc benefit.

Followed my every comment on yt for 4 years and posted humiliating and disgusting replies.

I tried to warn others but no one believed me. Heyho. That means she’s still free to stalk and destroy.

What goes around, comes around, hen :o)

My Own Personal Opinions on Reptilians : Energy or Reality

I feel that David Icke got the “reptile” thing spot on.

Reptiles are cold-blooded. They have to steal warmth from outside because they are incapable of being warm on their own. They spend much of their lives basking in the sunlight.

This is a METAPHOR. And one that got hijacked and taken into SillyVille by so many.

Like the Devil, Reptilian is an energy. A state. A vibration.

We all fall into Devil Energy. I’ve done it many times. Pursued lust and money and fancy pants for that HIT of instant gratification. Who Has Not?

The Cold, Cold Blood of a Reptile is the same thing. It needs warmth to live. It steals warmth and light and energy just to survive.

What this modern metaphor is NOT :

This is not about Human Beings turning into LIZARDS before our eyes.


A shapeshifter can also be called a TURNCOAT.

A TURNCOAT is a medieval herald who wears a reversible tabard. The coat of arms of one King on one side. Coat of arms of his rival on t’other side. A quick flip, a turning of the coat and he’s able to live another day.

Reptiles are NARCS. They are cold to the bone, have zero conscience, zero remorse, zero ability to accept any type of blame. They just ARE. They exist. They feed off others in order to keep existing.


The Celtic Boii Tribe

Hey. Some things just HAVE to be done.

I’m just showing. SHE (IT) took and used all of ME and my work for her own self-glorification.

I’m related to the man in the image above. Uncle Jim even went to his tomb in Tallin, Estonia.

Here we have a video from yt with BOII in the title.

CopyCat or REAL DEAL, you cocky bastard?

And this is a PUBLIC personal message to two people who have LIED about everything.