Researching History Takes YEARS!

Researching AltHistory takes even longer.

Right at the beginning, I knew that I was in for the LONG journey.


In around 1571, the 16 year old Ferenc Nádasdy married the 12 year old Erzsébet Báthory, thereby uniting the two most powerful families in Hungary.

The Nádasdy family motto was –  “Si Deus Pro Nobis Quis Contro Nos”

(“If God is for us, who can be against us?”).

The Nádasdy arms are very interesting. They feature the Goose.

I have a reference (which I CAN’T find at the mo’) which links the symbol of the Goose with the Tartarian Empire.

Anyhoo, the whole point of this being…

The Nádasdy/Báthory connection points very strongly towards the fact that in the 16th century, Hungary, Poland, Roumania, Wallachia, Transylvania etc were all fighting for the survival of the Great Empire and against the Western European Reformers.

And as punishment these two families, along with the Drăculești, have become tainted with a bloody (cuss word) bloody (blood-soaked) reputation. (?)

BTW. Ferenc Nádasdy aka The Black Knight (!) was also “supposedly” fond of impaling!!

BTW again. Ferenc Nádasdy died in mysterious circumstances whilst away fighting…


Another self quote from the 31st of December 2018 : THE MANY HIDDEN MYSTERIES OF GRAND TATARIA.

Have you heard of Grand Tartaria?

Did they teach you about this immense Empire at school?

Do you know where it was?

I’ve known about Tartaria/Tartary for quite a while now but it stayed on the outskirts of my research until about 6 months ago. Then all of a sudden, everywhere I look, I’m finding mentions of this Empire. It is being deeply investigated right now by many amazing researchers, from multiple angles.

So – where do I come in?


For any of this information here to be understood, you HAVE to KNOW

that our whole history has been deliberately falsified.

This is a MAHOOSIVE area of study and the subject of future posts.

Well, right now, all I have is many, many questions and many many subjects that I’m linking together. And all that I can give you, at this moment in time is a list of my mixed up knowledge and the way it is slowly (but ever so brightly) linking together.

Not a lot of this will make sense right now. These are just clues. Signposts.

But, PLEASE bear with me over the coming months as I gather in more information.

Right. Let’s take a look at the first Very Rough Guide to  —

The Greta Brookes, Hidden History Project, Guide to Grand Tartaria. 


  • Grand Tartaria existed but has been deliberately wiped from our knowledge.
  • Grand Tartaria was a HUGE, interlinked Empire that covered much of the known and unknown world.
  • Anything concerning Grand Tartaria is -today- reported by the mainstream ‘know-it-all’ establishment NEGATIVELY.
  • The structure of this society has been systematically erased over the last few centuries. On the ground as well as on paper.
  • What are the reasons for all the above?


  • The truth about WHO WE REALLY ARE.
  • The truth about religion.
  • The truth about why our history has been put into the washing machine, cleaned, rinsed, spun about and then hung out on the line all shiny new, muddled up, and smelling sweeter (!)
  • Andronicus I Comnenus (killed in Constantinople)
  • Byzantine Empire
  • Crusades
  • Kievan Rus
  • Magnus Barefoot, King of Norway (killed in Ireland)
  • Harold Hardradr, King of Norway, Magnus Barefoot’s Grandfather (killed at Stamford Bridge in England)
  • Anne of Kiev.
  • Vladimir the Great and his wife.
  • Yaroslav the Wise
  • Elisiv, daughter of Yaroslav the Wise
  • St Magnus of Norway
  • Yaroslav Osmomysl of Galicia
  • Thrace
  • Phrygia
  • Paphlagonia
  • Anatolia
  • Kashka people
  • Aromanian
  • Romean
  • Vlachs
  • The Tsar of the Slavs
  • Margaret of Scotland
  • White Mummies found in Western China
  • The Fisher King and his wounded thigh
  • The Sack of Constantinople 1204
  • The Turin Shroud
  • The Mandylion
  • Constantinople=Jerusalem=Rome=Troy
  • The Haga Sophia/Temple of Solomon
  • Vlad the Impaler
  • Elisabeth Bathory
  • Red-haired, blue eyed people.
  • Trebizond
  • The Vatican
  • Great Fire of London
  • Romanov book 1648 “Book about Faith”
  • The Number of the BEAST 666
  • Birth by Cesarean Section
  • Pantera the Roman Soldier
  • The Comet, Solar Eclipse and Earthquake of 1185
  • Resets
  • Mud Floods
  • WHY, in Jean de Courcy’s Global Chronicle pictures are the FOUNDERS of TROY wearing WOOL LINED WINTER HATS WITH EAR FLAPS????

More to come…….

Happy New Year to ALL x


Even then – in 2018 – I KNEW that Vlad and Elizabeth Bathory were a huge part of this HIDDEN HISTORY.

Yesterday I was researching the Cossacks. That most feared and remembered front-line of The Horde.

I found this….


Regarding the name GUZ = KAZ = KAZAK, let’s add the following. O. Suleimenov in his book “Az and I” drew attention to the fact that KAZAK = KAZ-AK, translated from Turkic, means “white goose” or “white swan” [823].

It has been beyond obvious to me that Vlad the Impaler aka Dracula and Elizabeth Bathory aka The Blood Countess were fundamental to the Hidden History of Tartary.

Their families were HIGH RANKING Hordians. Cossacks. Fighters. Loyalists.

And they have been destroyed by history.



Mmmn. Tesla was Serbian. Tesla wrote about 3,6,9.

Shirley sang about the Goose.


And to be called unworthy and pre-schizo is not nice.


So. Keep your condemnations to yourself. Thanks.

Always the 3

Of all the scenes in Bram Stoker’s book (and there are many that freak me out….Renfield?)

The THREE Weird Sisters (get it?got it?good!) that Harker meets on his exploration of the castle is uber creepy.

Why 3? 1 would do. IMHO.

But then Stoker is well-known for picking bits from here and there. Like we all do.

It’s called RESEARCH.

But that scene always reminds me of Macbeth’s Witches.

P.S. Done this before but the BEST audiobook book for this book is narrated by Greg Wise and Saskia Reeves. Just saying :o)


Vampires and blood-sucking aside – for me – Renfield is the MOST DISGUSTING character in Bram Stoker’s book Dracula.

Read the book. Or not. I recommend the audiobook narrated by Greg Wise and Saskia Reeves. Effing brilliant.

A description of Renfield from the novel:

R. M. Renfield, aetat 59. Sanguine temperament, great physical strength, morbidly excitable, periods of gloom, ending in some fixed idea which I cannot make out. I presume that the sanguine temperament itself and the disturbing influence end in a mentally-accomplished finish, a possibly dangerous man, probably dangerous if unselfish. In selfish men, caution is as secure an armour for their foes as for themselves. What I think of on this point is, when self is the fixed point the centripetal force is balanced with the centrifugal. When duty, a cause, etc., is the fixed point, the latter force is paramount, and only accident or a series of accidents can balance it. — From Dr. John Seward‘s journal

BTW : I don’t remember watching a single film starring Nick Cage. I’ve never rated him. Just my own personal opinion.

P.S. Mr H has just scrubbed the video I shared earlier about AH and The Talented Mr. Ripley. Mmmmn. OK.

Bugs in the web?

My Team of ONE!

Am I the only person in the whole, wide world who gets sorely riled every time I see yet another “BloodCountess” video?

Same with Vlad Tepes. Neither can ever be discussed without the BLOOD/VAMPIRE/MURDERER label. Just because they came from powerful families (or possibly the same powerful family) in a particular country who had strong ties to a particular empire.

Hey. I love a good Gothic Horror as much as the next Gothic Horror fan but fact and fiction are two different beasts.

No offence to this channel. I enjoy her work. And Elizabeth probably did die as the MS story tells us. It was not an uncommon form of punishment.

1845 vs 1897

What’s the betting that Bram read many a penny dreadful ?

Carmilla was serialised in a magazine. Even Arthur Conan Doyle started his Sherlock Holmes stories in serial magazine format.

Let’s go back to Varney the Vampire…..see previous post???

SHOCK SHOCK HORROR HORROR : Yay. I’m a huge fan of Gothic Literature. I ain’t dissing it one little bit.

Poor Elizabeth!!!

I believe, but I’m not 100% sure, that Bailey was the first to do one of these kinds of videos.

Absolute genius.

I tend to watch Danielle, the Brummie with the Criminology Degree, but Bailey is SOOPERDOOPER famous. Over 700 MILLION views.

Such a shame that this is the first of her work that I’ve seen.

If you’ve been with me since the beginning, you’ll know that I’m very protective of Elizabeth Bathory (and, also, her distant relative Vlad Dracul)

I truly believe, through my years of research into them both, that they’ve been used as Historical Puppets to divert us all away from the TRUTH of their origins and activities.

Both Elizabeth and Vlad have traceable links to the “TARTARIAN” (blarf) history that has been and is still being SO BADLY MISREPRESENTED. In my opinion….for whatever that is worth.

No offence meant towards Ms. Sarian, who is researching the mainstream research of today but – – whenever I hear these oft quoted “facts” about Elizabeth (which have ZERO actual EVIDENCE to support them – mainly because all of the original Bathory family records have mysteriously disappeared!) I get incredibly Salty.

Imagination is a beautiful thing. Until it goes too far into Dark Fantasy.

Denn Die Todten Reiten Schnell

Bram Stoker stole a lot of stuff to write his most famous book.

The saying above comes from an 18th century text called Lenore. Even Edgar Allan Poe stole words too.

The Raven….Once Upon a Midnight Dreary.

Besides the point. This is about clothes. Historical clothes. PEASANT clothes.

I have a pattern for a peasant shirt. I love the style…being quite poor and peasantish myself. It uses very little material and was once constructed very quickly and easily.

Four rectangles and some string to pull in the gathers. And then fancy it up as and how.

A bit of Bram….

 I did not sleep well, though my bed was comfortable enough, for I had all sorts of queer dreams. There was a dog howling all night under my window, which may have had something to do with it; or it may have been the paprika, for I had to drink up all the water in my carafe, and was still thirsty. Towards morning I slept and was wakened by the continuous knocking at my door, so I guess I must have been sleeping soundly then.I had for breakfast more paprika, and a sort of porridge of maize flour which they said was “mamaliga”, and egg-plant stuffed with forcemeat, a very excellent dish, which they call “impletata”. (Mem., get recipe for this also.)I had to hurry breakfast, for the train started a little before eight, or rather it ought to have done so, for after rushing to the station at 7:30 I had to sit in the carriage for more than an hour before we began to move.It seems to me that the further east you go the more unpunctual are the trains. What ought they to be in China?All day long we seemed to dawdle through a country which was full of beauty of every kind. Sometimes we saw little towns or castles on the top of steep hills such as we see in old missals; sometimes we ran by rivers and streams which seemed from the wide stony margin on each side of them to be subject to great floods. It takes a lot of water, and running strong, to sweep the outside edge of a river clear.
Tired of reading? Add this page to your Bookmarks or Favorites and finish it later.At every station there were groups of people, sometimes crowds, and in all sorts of attire. Some of them were just like the peasants at home or those I saw coming through France and Germany, with short jackets, and round hats, and home-made trousers; but others were very picturesque.The women looked pretty, except when you got near them, but they were very clumsy about the waist. They had all full white sleeves of some kind or other, and most of them had big belts with a lot of strips of something fluttering from them like the dresses in a ballet, but of course there were petticoats under them.The strangest figures we saw were the Slovaks, who were more barbarian than the rest, with their big cow-boy hats, great baggy dirty-white trousers, white linen shirts, and enormous heavy leather belts, nearly a foot wide, all studded over with brass nails. They wore high boots, with their trousers tucked into them, and had long black hair and heavy black moustaches. They are very picturesque, but do not look prepossessing. On the stage they would be set down at once as some old Oriental band of brigands. They are, however, I am told, very harmless and rather wanting in natural self-assertion.It was on the dark side of twilight when we got to Bistritz, which is a very interesting old place. Being practically on the frontier–for the Borgo Pass leads from it into Bukovina–it has had a very stormy existence, and it certainly shows marks of it. Fifty years ago a series of great fires took place, which made terrible havoc on five separate occasions. At the very beginning of the seventeenth century it underwent a siege of three weeks and lost 13,000 people, the casualties of war proper being assisted by famine and disease.

Hey. Say what you see :o)

The Welsh Dracula ?

Anyone who has been around my work for a while knows about my journeys with Vlad and Transylvania through some strange Hidden History paths.

To me, he has always been bigger and more important than Gothic Horror or Bram Stoker. I wanted to know why he (and also Elizabeth Bathory) had been given such deeply disturbing Mythical histories.

The earlier conclusions and whatever else that was uncovered are available to read on the other blog.

Today is just another one of those SMH/Shrug My Shoulders days.

The info below makes such sense to me and further validates the past posts :o)

OK. The Welsh Dracula…

And if that is all too crazy for you, think on this…

…The British Royal Family is extremely proud of their lineage. They are related to the Welsh Tudor dynasty via Owen Tudor who married Catherine of Valois, the widow of Henry V of Agincourt fame.

They are also delighted with their blood (pun intended) links to Vlad the Impaler.

We ALL know this. Yes?

Ruth Ellis : Hostess With The Mostess & Dracula

She was not a woman who lived a “good” life. She had many desires that she followed without conscience.

But on Judgement Day – she told the Absolute Truth.

That is admirable.

I’ve no idea where my brainbox is going today but I’ll follow :o)


They should be renamed Hostesses. Like Ruth Ellis they greet peeps to live chats with WELCOME….as if they own the effing channel.

Hostesses look good. Smile at the “importants” and say nice nice words. Ignore the less importants and/or sneer.

Whenever I see a female “mod” welcoming their dearly beloveds (always the same gang) to chats – It reminds me of Dracula welcoming Jonathan Harker into his castle.


“Welcome to my house! Enter freely. Go safely, and leave something of the happiness you bring!” The strength of the handshake was so much akin to that which I had noticed in the driver, whose face I had not seen, that for a moment I doubted if it were not the same person to whom I was speaking. So to make sure, I said interrogatively, “Count Dracula?”


I have been known to welcome myself into a live chat ‘cos no other would do it :o)


Even Albert Pierrepoint was impressed by Ruth. And he hanged her!!!

Back With The Blood Countess : For the Millionth Time!

No offence intended to Dr. Kat.

The fact that I watch her means that I have respect for her knowledge of our “history.”

But – there are certain subjects that totally get my Dander Up!

 Erzsébet  Báthori is one of them. She is, to me, in the same MS History mould as Vlad the Impaler aka Dracula.

I’ve posted about both Beth and Drac many, many times. I’ve posted MY research into their backgrounds and the links, hinted at by others better than me, that I’ve made.

In my humble opinion both Elizabeth and Vlad are the best known subjects of the 17th century re-write of History – that OLD CIVILISATION that once existed and whose name I will not type because it’s been so bastardised by so many.

To take a slight diversion – I’m also an armchair psychologist and Psychic Vampires are another favourite subject. Blood is energy. Sucking either is theft/bodily intrusion and WRONGWRONGWRONG.


Check out the althist of dragons? Or heraldry? Or Bram Stoker’s sources? Or the Basarab? Or Gary Oldman?

? ? ?

Oh. Yes. Immortal Beloved……aka A New Vampire like Lucy Westenra.

I’m ranting. Again. Ooops :o)

Oublier (To forget) Indicatif présent – French Verb Conjugations

I have vivid memories of watching Louis Jourdain play Dracula one night when I was baby-sitting a neighbour’s baby.

BTW – I still meet the “baby’s” Dad now and again in town. He’s Matt and his son is Simon. I was about 13 or so.

Going home to bed after midnight, I could not sleep for remembering the “scary” film. So…instead of counting sheep, I conjugated French Verbs. Go figure. I must have had an upcoming French exam !

Isn’t it weird that after centuries, these horrific holes in the ground are STILL called oubliettes?

The first one I ever saw In Real Life was the infamous oubliette at Warwick Castle. Oooooh. Spooky as – !

Je suis. Tu est. Nous sommes. Voulez vous?

ça ne fait rien…Non, je regrette rien.


Let’s Go Back : Way, Way Back

Way, Way Back to January 2019 : OG POST – Ecsedi Báthory Erzsébet aka Elizabeth Bathory

Over a decade of research, done by myself and all alone, I sorta/kinda linked both Elizabeth and Vlad the Impaler with…

The Most…

Over-used, Hijacked, Freely Spouted, Modern Money Making, Mis-represented, Mis-appropriated, Mis-understood, Maligned and Degraded subject of the past 3 years.


And I’ve just noticed that the girlie who did the Isaac Newton video posted earlier has DONE THIS!


Y’all were warned. But refused to listen. *M’eh. Whatever.

Tartary and Grand Tartaria are now JUST ONE BIG JOKE. Much like Flat Earth.

Nice one, comrades and trail-blazers.

Nice one :o(