Surrounded by CHARMERS

THE Charmer…

The Charmer was a 1987 British television serial set in the 1930s, and starring Nigel Havers as Ralph Ernest Gorse, a seducing conman, Rosemary Leach as Joan Plumleigh-Bruce, a smitten victim widow and Bernard Hepton as Donald Stimpson, Plumleigh-Bruce’s would-be beau, who vengefully pursues Gorse after he has conned her.

I remember watching the whole series. Very enlightening!

I KNOW a SNAKE when I come across one.

They are also called KARMICS.

Karmics come into our lives to teach a necessary but extremely CRUEL lesson.

You have to thank them for the warning that cobras ARE poisonous. And it’s quite daft to ever go near another one.


Ego Death aka A Critique Partner

I have had the great fortune to be critiqued by some amazing writers.

A critique partner is the best friend who tells you that you smell – or your writing is absolute crap.

My writing and real life C.P’s became really good friends and mentors to me. They made me laugh. They made me cry. They MADE me learn.

I used to belong to a critique forum….many moons ago and I went word by word, line by line through someone else’s work and critiqued it. She was fine about everything but I got thrown off the forum for being too Critical and not a smoke-up-the-arse-blower (?!?!)

My BEST ADVICE to anyone is WRITE A BOOK. And get it critiqued. Your entire world/ego will collapse. Fact!


Why The DA VINCI Code?

There are many answers to this question but I’ll stick with the one.

Around 1994 Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince wrote a book together called Turin Shroud: In Whose Image? the Truth Behind the Centuries-Long Conspiracy of Silence.

Whilst I disagree with their conclusions, they made a revelation that is pertinent to today’s researching of AltHist. The subject?


To quote Picknett and Prince :

On a side note and meaning nothing – Lynn Picknett has been a Facebook friend of mine for years. She has even answered some of my annoying questions :o)

Spanish Train

Back with The Black Madonna/Virgin.

Occitan, a suppressed language. Like the Gaelic. And Catalan.

The Languedoc in Southern France and Catalonia in Northern Spain are so connected. Between them they have many of these mysterious icons.

When you play chess with the Devil…..

And far away in some recess
The Lord and the Devil are now playing chess
The Devil still cheats and wins more souls
And as for the Lord, well, he’s just doing his best

The Filth & The Fury

There are many things that I love about John Lydon.

He’s an historian and a Shakespearean.

He’s a Gooner – supports Arsenal.

He blames himself for Sid Vicious’ death.

He spent many years caring for his late wife when she had dementia.

He KNOWS life is shit/hard/painful but still cracks on.

He outed Jimmy Saville years before anyone else.


I never did the safety pin, grunge, spit, foul-mouth (though I’m getting better at that) mohawk haircut thing BUT ONCE A PUNK …etc :o)

The F1RST Immaculate Conception

Isis and Osiris.

Long story short Set hated his brother Osiris. Cut him to pieces and threw them all over the place. Isis, the wife of Osiris, was pretty angry and upset so she searched for all parts of her lover, all over the place.

She found every part of him except one.

Then she had a child, Horus. Without ….urm….just without “that” part of her man.

End of story.

Sound familiar???

Carry On Dick!

Three Blind Mice

Yes. Another years old thing that I HAVE BROUGHT UP.

I called them this over 3 years ago.


FEB – crowdfunding a boat so that he can sail to islands and do stuff – on YOUR money.

JL – squillions of lovers and now so exhausted that he’s become a once a fortnight dude.

UAP – just loves to hook up with the nasty mob. Always has. Always will. And his apology means SHITE. Monkey see. Monkey do.

YES. This is BRUTAL TRUTH about your much loved “truthers”

They have run out of truth.

Squeezed the life out of truth.

Need mo’ money for spreading truth.

Gulls regurgitate half digested food for their infants.

Slap my wrist. Tut.

How VERY dare I?

“He Has ALL The Skills & ALL The Knowledge”

OMGiddy Aunt.

I’ve not seen this episode for years.

I love Rishi. She’s like me a few years/decades/centuries back….totally innocent and credulous.

BTW : Tomorrow is a New Moon in Scorpio and a partial SOLAR ECLIPSE. Not as stated today on a yt “truther” channel. NOT a lunar eclipse.

Solar is male. Lunar is female.

Gotta love a hater. They need a special kind of loving :o)

John Pierpont Morgan Sr.

Every damn thing is linked.





Two Barclays accounts. £ & $

Guess who our $ account was owned by???

Yup. The name showed up on every single transaction.

OMG. I know far too much for a stupid British housewife to know. I must be a fantasist/larp/npc……………………………..!!!

Stonehenge : where Virgins LIE!

So many give so much away by the tone of their voice when they speak.

Long time ago a yt “truther” did something about Stonehenge in Wiltshire (used to be en route to my place of work) and he quoted the Where Virgins LIE sentence with such V enom & disgust in his voice that it could only come from somewhere deeply personal and painful.

Not long ago the same person brought up Stonehenge again and one of the comments stated – with UTMOST AUTHORITY – that Stonehenge was built in the 1950’s.

Wow. And thousands will now believe that.

Way back in 2021 I wrote : ROBERT NEWDYK : OWNER OF STONEHENGE

Not my first mention of this monument by a long way but, like all my work, if it doesn’t work for the them, it will be ignored. FACT!

As we are now in June and less than three weeks away from the Summer Solstice, my thoughts have turned to Stonehenge – a place I used to drive past twice a day and have visited several times. Though never on Midsummer’s Eve or Night. Cue Shakespeare?

Close :o)

Titania, Titania. Wherefore Art Thou, Titania (?)

We are in 1620.

Did you know that George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham, best mate of both James I Stuart and his son Charles I Stuart (and nemesis of one Walter Montagu!) offered an obscene amount of money to buy Stonehenge from it’s owner, Robert Newdyk?

Newdyk declined but “the King’s Favourite” still stomped all over the property doing archaeological digs and helping James to remove an altar stone that was subsequently taken to St James’ Palace, Westminster.

Strange but true ?


Funny how not a single one of them likes a single that is ACTUAL HISTORICAL RESEARCH.

Shake my Head.

PERFCT Analogy of the Youtube “TRUTH” Movement

Wrong person. Wrong menu. Refusal to listen. Refusal to change. Refusal take accountability. Refusal to do THE WORK needed.

Tons of blagging/boasting/arrogance by people who talk themselves up to a “top job” but without a single qualification.

Lack of interest. Absolute NEED for attention.

And what do they serve to us ?


And then they have the damn nerve to turn on those who point all this out and BLAME them.

Yay for fake.


Oooh. Aaaah. Cantona

Himself is a die hard Man U fan.

I used to be a die hard Arsenal……until Arsene left. Weep :o(


I quite liked watching Eric Cantona.

Around 25/26 minutes on the previous Lily Savage video – there is a reference to THAT infamous kick.

I watched it live on TV…..tied to the sofa by my husband who was trying to wean me off Arsenal. OK. I may’ve embellished a bit there :o)

Years later. Cantona (who appeared in the film Elizabeth with Cate Blanchett btw) reflects on his passionate outburst.

Phoenix : The Muse of Fire

I’ve long been a fan of Sir Philip Sidney. He pops up through many avenues along my decades of research without shame or warning!

Right now I’m trying to research his only child. She seems to’ve been forgotten/neglected/overlooked/rejected :o(

Because she killed herself with poison? Or because her father and her aunt (Mary Sidney) were too famous in their own lifetimes as well as now?

Poor lass. She needs a voice.

Dark Angel & Revisionist History

I’d been watching a “documentary” about Mary Ann Cotton and got very bored with all the salacious details. So I did a bit of my own research.

MAC is best known as Britain’s First Female Serial Killer. Juicy fodder, yes.

Then I recently found this TV drama series called Dark Angel. What made me sit up was the Distribution Company – Endemol Shine.

The same TV company that contacted me about making a TV Drama series from my book. All negotiations fell through when they learned that I owned ALL RIGHTS. I’d’ve cost them a bloody fortune in fees.

The beginning of this drama is so far away from any of the yt Real Crime docs about her.

She lost four children in four years – hence she was a murder. Go figure!

P.S. The women’s clothing is fascinating :o)

How To Build a Wonderful Story

The video below talks about a quite well-known piece of history.

My fave author (right now) took this and wrote an incredible tale called Night After Night.

Yup. Talked about it before but somethings never get old.

KP was 36 when she died. After giving birth to a daughter by her 4th (?) husband Thomas Seymour.

KP was the “survived” of the divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived wives of Henry VIII.

Her body was said to have been – urm – interfered with after it was disinterred.

Princess Diana, the late Princess of Wales and NOT our Queen Consort now, died at 36.

Trinity Ansell (fictional) died at 36.

Trinity was haunted by the ghost of KP.

One of the Big Other contestants was haunted by the ghost of Diana.

Another of the Big Other contestants had just turned 36.

Read the book.



This is a smell that was part of my life for a few years.

I was once told as a child that every country has it’s own smell. Well – UAE smells of oud.

Everywhere you go, they burn this incense. I bought loads home with me, along with charcoal blocks. My traveller-in-crime and I even got lost and abandoned in the souk in Old Dubai searching for the best oud. Absolute True Truth.

Recently I came across the product above on ama z on. Nag Champa has been my go to incense for almost a quarter of a century so I knew it’d be good.

WOW. The house smells like the Middle East right now :o)

I’m open to a NagChampa sponsorship vibe – LOL !

Vladimir Propp

I bought this book decades ago. A 1975 secondhand version for about a £1.

It’s served me well :o)

A first reading when right over my head, even though I knew about Grave’s White Goddess and Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey.

It’s worth all the brain-ache …in my humble opinion. Especially if you are a writer studying your art and your craft.


I had no idea just how deep this went. Until yesterday.

The Rusalk(a)i. Mermaids. Myth and Folk-lore. A MASSIVE horizon of connections that spans the whole world.

It’s the Divine Feminine being manipulated via FAKE history. It’s also the Virgin Mother.

I’ll start with a cartoon and end with N.C. And Vladimir Propp/Maria Tatar. Sometime soon :o)

Think Siren, Mermaid, Selkie, Baba Yaga, Mother Earth….SNAKE!

The Older I Become…

…The less royal I am.

Not exactly a full-blown Republican but, getting closer.


This will impact the whole world in so many ways. Good or bad – Shrug. No Idea.

My son and I have been guessing which name Charlie will take. Why? Because he’s on record as saying that King Charles is an unlucky name. Kinda – No Shit, Sherlock vibe.

It’s not a good thing. She’s a victim of her birth and has been here all my life.

Strange Times Ahead, methinks :o(

The Spear of Destiny vs The Spear of Longinus

I’ve spent too long doing this stuff. Just to have it all ripped apart by the “We Always Win” crew.

Nah. Not any more, mes braves.

Go back. Go way, way back to my posts from 2018/2019 when I tear the Romans apart. Especially Julius Caesar and all that crap.

HIS – story is real. It’s all HIS Story. When you dive deep into Fomenko and New Chronology and actually try to debunk them for over a decade. You’ll understand from whence I come.

Who drove a Spear into Christ’s side when he was on the cross?

And WHO one was of the killers of Julius Caesar?

Et tu Bruti?

Et tu Gaius Cassius Longinus?

And none of this has anything to do with Russia – the country as we know it today.

AEWAR has fallen down the same hole, methinks.

And yes. I’m overly sensitive right now. That’s the lot of a REAL EMPATH who FEELS every single knife/arrow/spear on their soul.

Apparently Herr A. Hitler was desperate to obtain the Spear of Destiny so that he could have magical power uber alles. And we all know how that ended. Follow a MYTH, disprove a myth.

NC postulates that the man known as Julius Caesar is a “reflection” of the myth known as “Jesus.”

I’m in my own private Circle of Hell chez Dante right now.

Or just keep on taking the piss out of me.

So over y’all :o)

P.S. Try looking into Wagner and Parsifal or Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Parzival or The Bleeding Spear of the Grail Castle or The Fisher King with his thigh stuck by a spear or Chiron the wounded or ? ? ?

The Strangest of Strange Spanish Connections

Throughout my life it has been said that somewhere in the deep dark past, my mother’s family had Spanish blood. Hence the dark eyes and dark hair that we both share.

I was stunned when my DNA didn’t bring up a single sniff of a Spanish gene. So I dismissed this as family mis-information.



Via New Chronology, I ended up HERE : La història usurpada

My maternal family have been in Norfolk for centuries. We KNOW this via my second cousin Janet who did the whole family ancestry thing in church/parish/family/public records.

Why the excitement?

Ha. Twofold excitement.

I know a little about the History of my country. Even Roman History.

The ancient Catalans or Catalauni were one of the founding peoples of Gaul. However, in this article we will find that they were also from the British Isles. The supposed British tribe of the Catuvellauni or Catuvellans, is actually a branch of the people of the Catalauni or Catalans of Gaul that split due to the arrival of the people of the Belgians in their territory, in the area of the current Champagne (former Catalan or Catalaunian Plains).

The Catuvellauni were a Norfolk Tribe of “Ancient Brits”

Then we have the link with Norfolk and an ongoing obsession of mine (if you’ve been with me from the start, you’ll know this)

The Mabinogi.

Who’d’ve thunk, hey ?


Weird Patterns : From Sparta to Scotland

I watched 300 and had to smile. I had no idea who Gerard Butler was but his Scottish accent kept slipping through.

Himself (the man about the house) just threw me googly by saying that he ACTUALLY missed eating Jock Pies.

Jock Pies recipe.

We used to be able to buy them here, in town. I said WTF? I grew up on them.

When Lily and I went to get the messages, she’d always buy us a Scotch/Jock Pie from the Butcher. Or Baker. Sheesh. It was a long while ago :o)

I’ve made my own but…..:o(

Been There. Done That : The STIRLING MONUMENT.

Braveheart is one of my favourite films. I love it….even knowing that it’s a so historically inaccurate that it falls into the category of It Looks
So Fake

It Must Be REAL.

Opinions aside. When I went there many moons ago, this was called The Stirling Monument.

Can y’all see the POWER (power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely) of HOLLYWOOD FILMS?

William Wallace was a bandit. An outcast. A lowly thief and robber. But Neo-History will NEVER tell you such a despicable truth.


Goodnight Sweetheart

I saw something a while ago on yt about a new film that has an Asian bloke waking up from some accident and finding out that he’s out of time.

Mmmn. Y’OK.

Life on Mars was a UK BBC series from about 2006, about a modern bloke who has an accident and wakes up in 1970’s Manchester.

1993, BBC gave us Goodnight Sweetheart.

In one episode of which Gary is back in wartime Britain (something he can do quite easily – ‘specially as he has a girlfriend there) and playing Beatles songs on the pub piano. Much to the delight of the regulars.

Goodnight. Sweetheart :o)

Sick Building Syndrome

I’m a Brit.

I’m a TYPICAL Brit – as in, we always complain about the weather!

One of my own personal pet-hates is AC.

When he and I spend a night in a hotel anywhere in the world we have a constant fight.

Him : AC on full blast. Also the TV.

ME : Turn it all off.

Him : Shout and cuss and turn it all back on again.

And so on and so on.

I swear to God that AC, to me, means INSTANT ILLNESS. From blocked nose to thumping headache to sore throat to fatigue to full-blown flu.

When was the last time you saw a Bedouin on his camel humping (!?) around an AC unit?

AND – did you know that Bedouin and all other desert dwellers cover themselves from head to foot in either linen or WOOL?

OMG. How do they survive?

Don’t bother answering.

P.S. I have a huge fondness for the kind of bathing suit shown above. So much sexier than budgie smugglers :o)

Legionnaires’ disease, anyone?

August Bank Holiday Weekend…Yay (?)

It’s a given in the UK that any Bank Holiday will be a wash out.

I was up at 5am this morning and it was raining. Almost 12 hours later, it’s still raining. Which is – in all honesty- a blessed relief.

All week the main road has been full of caravans on the way to the coast. Just for this weekend. And they are not piddly little boxes on wheels…….these are huge plush, all mod-cons fitted, able to sleep 8 people boxes on wheels.

I’m not a fan of caravans. A few horrible experiences in the past !

Maybe tomorrow the sun will put his hat back on again.


We’d Be German But For the Good Ol’ US of A ?

My Dad was a Royal Marine Commando. Yes. He played in the band but he still did the full training and in a war sitch he and his fellow band members were trained MEDICS.

His brother, Jim, was Navy.

My Mum was a WRENS – Women’s Royal Naval Service. She and Dad met in Deal, Kent.

My younger brother was a Royal Marine Commando. He served for years in Poole, Dorset with the SBS as CommsLog.

My youngest brother was Royal Navy.

My great uncle was Royal Navy – and got medals.

I joined the Army :o)


America Won WW2.


By the way – the Clan Donald (Lily’s Clan) motto is shown above. The Royal Marine Commando motto is –

Per Mare, Per Terram

I’m the weakest link. That’s why I chose the Army.


Which – of course, along with an intolerance of haggis and whisky – makes me a FAKE SCOT & a FAKE VIKING.


I’m so happy that we are still BRITS only because of the US of A

Thank y’all

Elephant’s Breath & London Smoke

I spent over an hour in my local fabric shop with a new friend called Lulu.

Long story – a new 1800’s gown in the prep stage. Colour chosen (finally) deep wine red cotton.

Anyhoo and by the by. Through a different source I was recommended a book to read called Elephant’s Breath and London Smoke.

I knew immediately that this was about colour. My youngest and I painted his bedroom Elephant’s Breath.

WAY back in 2009 I wrote a post about 17th century fabric colours.

17th Century Textile Colours

One of my first ever research projects was on 17th century costume.
I got a beautiful old, old costume book from the library and much to my disgust – I can’t remember the name of it.

Anyway – from that book I made a note of the names used for textile colours in that era.
They are so evocative and always set the imagination running.

















And colours to try and get our minds around.

I’ll have a go…

I love the idea of SICK SPANIARD – a yellowy olive.


TEMPS PERDU- I see this as a pale violet.

ANGRY MONKEY- Is red brown too obvious?

APE’S LAUGH- Again, a reddy colour. But only if they were always being pedantic

RESURRECTION – Oh Gawd! A blue-grey????

KISS ME DARLING – Pale pink, maybe.

MORAL SIN – Love this. A deep, vibrant, singing red.

TRISTAMI – Sorry, can only think of pepparami here. Oops.

SCRATCH FACE – Purpley (if there’s such a word)

SMOKED OX HAM COLOUR – Pinky, purpley (if it’s not a word, it should be!)


CHIMNEY SWEEP – Too obvious????

FADING FLOWER – Mmmn. Pastel. Maybe like ashes of roses.

DYING MONKEY – Black, brown….ish

MERRY WIDOW – Deep Purple – nearly black but not quite.


This new recommendation looks wonderful.

Have you ever read about a Victorian dress, and wondered: “What color, exactly, is heliotrope?”Did you ever read an Elizabethan novel and say: “Did anyone really wear Puke?”When Chaucer wrote: “his eyen bright citrin” – did you wonder about what color is citrin?This book will tell you about color in history – the names of colors, when they were used, how they were used, what they looked like, and where they came from. There are dye recipes, paint ingredients, poetic language and general commentary – all in the words of period writers. Along with the glossary of color names, you will learn about mourning colors, the effects of artificial light on color, advice on what colors to wear, the colors found in cosmetics and theatrical make-up, and the names of the colors of horses. You can read about symbolism in colors, heraldic colors, and complaints about the names of colors. I have studied fashion magazines, books of dye recipes, art books, painter’s manuals, mineralogy guides, tomes on color theory, metaphysical texts, poetry and fiction, but especially period dictionaries and encyclopedias. Any resource that might give a hint on what a color looked like or how it may have been used was examined, from Chaucer to Chemistry Journals. Most of the entries were printed in English, American, Canadian and Australian publications from around 1380 to 1922. Because, French was the language of fashion, many of the English terms are French words. I have tried to explain those colors, too.This dictionary endeavors to define color names in the words of the English speaking people who used those colors. It is especially aimed at women’s fashion, but artists will also find it useful. Now in its second edition, “Elephant’s Breath and London Smoke” has more than 600 new and updated entries. If you are curious about color, you will want this book.

BTW. It’s coloUr. Too many letters in the word ? ? ?

HA! We Have Taller Bread Than Y’all :o)

I’ve been following the Midwest Americans since they arrived.

After watching Magic Geekdom and ItsJPS, my feed (!) is bringing up tons of these videos.

They all have one common feature…..BRITISH FOOD. Always fish & chips and always our supermarkets.

Today the Midwesterns are in a M&S. Again with the taller UK bread.


Once upon a long time ago I’d go to the M&S Food Hall in Lincoln and treat us all to some fancy food.

You can’t beat a Marks & Sparks Lamb Shank

I’m NOT Reading Your Work. It Will Cause Me Cancer

This comment was published on FEB when my comment was taken over by a SHOUTER.

She was quoting MY WORK to me and when I picked her up on her spelling – Honourable (mine)

Honorable (hers)

I invited her to read MY original work.

WOW. Just one single comment from a commenter who whored herself around the yt troother/tartaria community got me called EVIL by Martin Liedtke. And there endeth my public persona. DAMNED by others. sent me a comment asking how a housewife had the nerve to comment on the goings on in Hong Kong. I told that when I went to Hong Kong I was the owner and director of a multi-national, international Security Company and there on business, not a jolly holiday.

Not a single person has ever believed a single word I’ve written. WHY?

Because they spend their entire lives in lies and can’t believe or see or comprehend a ABSOLUTE truth?

Everything that I’ve ever done via youtube has been twisted to the advantage of others. As I sat here at home reading email death threats against me and my children.

F A C T !

Somethings are unforgivable. In this life and the next.

An Alien Invades Our Garden!

Washing up at 7pm this morning, I do the usual and look out of the window to the back kitchen garden to see who is visiting today.

We’ve had pigeons, sparrows, tits, blackbirds, mallards, muntjac deer, pheasant, quail, owls, sparrowhawk, buzzard, partridge, RATS (!!) & rabbits galore.

This morning we had an alien enter.

About the size of a 6 month old kitten with dark brown almost black fur, cat like tail, upright ears and…..a white BANDIT mask around the eyes.

Three of us have been playing guess the alien. We tried ferret, stoat, mink, pine marten.


It is a – – –

A Girl After My Own Heart

It’s a running joke in this family….Me & My Aprons.

They are like an arm…or a brain cell. I CAN’T live without them.

I always have to have an apron with pockets. Why? Well, when you get asked for something obscure like a pencil/an AA battery/a lighter/pair of scissors/Local Chinese Restaurant Menu etc……you can go TahDah.

As for the wiping of the hands bit. From feeding the wildlife to checking the oil level on the car to dishwashing to cleaning the wood burner to cutting logs – an apron is a best friend.

I’ve always said that I’m a peasant. Sometimes, something comes along to remind me just how peasant-ish I am :o)

Baleen NOT Whalebone

We’ve all heard of whalebone corsets, yes?

This is a misnomer. Moby Dick et al were hunted for their cartilage, not their bones.

I have never made a corset/stay before so have never had to use any kind of slim, flexible, robust bodice shaper.

Today we use plastic. Go figure. Some thrifty sewers even use zip ties…Note to Self #cheap.

I’ve gone for 5 metres of plastic. A further round of research may reveal a better, more friendly, modern alternative to baleen. Or plastic. Yes?

Posture : Nothing Is as Simple as we Think

For some reason (?) the subject of posture has been relevant here for several days.

It began when eldest son stood up straight as…and I went to hug him. My head fit perfectly under his armpit. Oooh.

Then I watched a yt video about fitting a Victorian dress toile and was told that all original Historical Garments have the shoulder seams so far back that they will now lie behind a modern shoulder. ‘Cos we are lazy slumps.

I listened to a Miss Marple (Agatha Christie) book and was told that Jane Marple spent her girl hood school years using a back board to straighten her posture.

I’ve studied the Alexander Technique which teaches us to imagine a thread coming out of the very centre of our cranium and pulling the neck up and the chin level. The shoulders then automatically fall into place. Well. They should. But we have had our skeletal nature disformed by modern gadgets.

A head weighs – urm – a lot. And today we are all slumped/hunched, head forward, eyes on a screen etc.

I’ve always suffered from bad headaches/migraines. As a teenager I was once laughed at for my straight posture. Look at any dancer. Straight and aligned.

Himself gives me unexpected shoulder massages most days. My language can get fruity because of the pain involved but…..they are very welcome. In a strange way (!)

Sewing is a posture crippler and I’m all too aware of the fake history about Richard the Third.


T-Rex : Cosmic Dancer

THIS is how sick in the head these people are.

Over 3 years later and it’s still going on.

He and his dearly beloved (sob sob – the woman I love) formed a pact. He was the puppet. She pulled the strings.

OMG. The total horror of their combined malice. SMH.

She wanted me to be the 101st UK citizen to die of Covid. She called me a dinosaur and a LARP. She was connected with the Jon Levi debacle where he posted a video connected to MY work given to him by her. I complained in comments – got so much hatred, humiliation and insults – and STILL fought them all. Levi pulled the video there and then.

She wasn’t finished. The fake name death threats into my email box. The fact that my dead father’s name suddenly became a very regular commenter on Martin Liedkte’s channel.

The fact that – for two solid years – EVERY SINGLE comment that I made on yt was liked and replied to. EVERYTHING. From history to gardening to urbex to tarot to astrology to whatever.

SHE knew that Christmas Eve is always a really hard time for me. I lost my child on Dec 24th and, four years later, buried my mother on the same date. So SHE and HE collaborated to bring out a Christmas Eve video. About GRAVES. And graveyards. And DEATH.

Now the effing dinosaurs are back. Yes. I’m over 50 and she and he ain’t. Hence the recent reptilian/dinosaur/fake history shit.

BTW – She called herself Venus. His other obsession is MARS.

Go f’kin’ figure at what their lives are really like. BARF.

Ah-fter-Noon Tea

This is a wonderful tradition. Every one loves afternoon tea.


…I never eat breakfast at home. I snack about 10/11am and then we eat tea (our main meal) about 4/5 pm.

Unlike the Victorians who had about 17 meals a day. Afternoon Tea included.

I cannot eat a full meal after (at the max) 6 pm. Unless it’s a “special” occasion and we go out to a restaurant for dinner.

Anyhoo – enough about my weird food preferences :o)

Ah-fternoon Tea.


When I come across someone who CAN – it always helps me to up-my-game. To try new skills. To improve.

V. Birchwood hand sews everything, just like I do. She is also a living, breathing Cossack/Tartarian posting on youtube.

A Bashlik is on my “to-do” list as of right now :o)