Take On Me (?)

I have such vivid memories of the first time that I heard this song. We’d just moved to Chichester. In those 2 years there, on the Roussillon Barracks Training Camp, quite a bit happened.

1986 – Ukraine got GOT by something nuke-you-lar. Oh. Another boring roundabout story.

1987 – BBC Weather ASSURED us that there was NO HURRICANE coming to England. Absolute fact.

Yeah. I’ve never believed a weather person since. We were trapped inside the barracks by huge old trees all over the place.

Boyce doing A-Ha.

Alcohol Warning – NEVER drink Russian Vodka in a Russian Hotel in East Berlin. Been there. Done that. No wonder they call it a SHOT. I was dead the next day!!!

Jolly Girls Outing

THIS SONG. Brings back memories :o)

Traveller-in-crime and I were given a stop-over in Abu Dhabi. No work. No meetings. No BS.

The drive from Dubai to Abu Dhabi is around 2 hours. We had my fave employee as our driver. He comes from Gilgit. A wonderful man. Who played a cd of 80’s music throughout the drive.

THIS song I remember so well from that journey. Sun. Desert. Air-conditioned car. Adventures ahead :o)