Kitchen DVD Boxset of Today : Bottom

Yes. We do crass here. Get over it!

I experienced my very F1RST US vs UK show reactions at Checkpoint Bravo, Berlin in the early 80’s.

WE watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail one night shift and the Americans, two feet away from us, were perplexed. And rather vocally insulting.

It happened t’other way round too but I can’t remember what they were watching. And both the US and the UK ignored our French compatriots at the other end of the desk. Language difficulties only.

I’ve been blasted with certain US sitcoms recently. I’ve always enjoyed Cheers. Frazier is good. Everyone Loves Raymond makes me LOL. King of Queens, meh. And as for that one with Sheldon the geeky physicist… like ….WTF?



NOW. Bottom. Trash Brit Humour at it’s pinnacle.

Slime in this Ear : Alan Rickman : Southampton : Reg Varney

I just have to do the Eddie mime and they all know what I mean!

Every Saturday morning I’m treated (?) to crappy ancient UK TV comedy. Last Saturday it was On The Buses starring Reg Varney. Grand UK family entertainment – NOT!

Yes. This is about the 20th time that I’ve posted this video (see previous blog!) but – It makes me LOL every single time :o)

Effing Southampton……Been there.

Angels & Demons & Ambigrams

Dan Brown is very proud that his book titles are ambigrams.

Look it up!

I bought the DVD of this because my traveller-in-crime and I had not long come back from Rome. We made her mother sit and watch it as we shouted – BEEN THERE – and maybe drooled slightly over Ewan McGregor. We are NOT shallow and easily distracted. Oops!

CERN? My arse!

Real vs FAKE

It took a few seconds and a single sentence that I grabbed just out of curiosity.

FEB misquoted by me because I ain’t going back : I’m an empath. I THINK about how people feel.


Wrong. The empaths don’t THINK. We feel. And we don’t suddenly become an empath because some arse-kisser has told us that this is what we are. WE KNOW.

More than once I’ve sent personal messages to a close friend of FEB asking if he was OK. Because he sounds stressed on his video. 6

This is what we TRUE EMPATHS DO.

We do NOT join groups.

Or prostitute ourselves for MASS APPROVAL by folding a tee-shirt. 9

We walk equally with “royalty” and beggars.

We don’t enter a relationship with the intent to humiliate, undermine and ban our peers.

We are open to all types who carry grace and respect and dignity.

Mmmmn. Banned, humiliated, slimed and beheaded am I. BY THE False. Fake. Foney.

YaYa. Crack on :o)