The Historian, The Policeman & The Psychologist

I had time today – whilst unpicking about half of the Victorian garment that I’d almost finished – to watch this video.

I’ve never truly believed in the Whitechapel Murders. Great story but…..!

It took three very different disciplines coming together to make this. And I found them talking about a whole different view of this “mystery history.”

And it is VERY relevant to today through the role that Mass Media plays in swaying public perception.

P.S. I know all about Victorian, Georgian, Tudor pockets and cut-purses. I study the history of clothing too :o)

Watch and learn.

Gammon & Pineapple

Way back when I was a kid (around 11/12) my Dad was on a huge child murder enquiry that took him away from home for weeks.

At the time Mum worked in the restaurant (where I went to work aged 13) next door to us and every Thursday – her late shift – my brothers and I would come home from school, get washed and changed and go to the restaurant for our tea.

I ALWAYS chose gammon, pineapple and chips. Something we very rarely had at home.

On the menu tonight, plus the egg, plus petits pois, because I can…….

P.S. My traveller-in- crime girl is a pina colada fan. Whereas I prefer a Bloody Mary. Sweet is she. Sour am I :o)

Queen & Country

I pledged my life to my Queen & Country when I was 19 years old. And I served her.

Nothing will make me feel or say ill of Elizabeth the woman. She was our Queen. End of.

Just because I’m not a dyed-in-the-wool monarchist doesn’t mean that I had no respect. Far from it. Who in hell would EVER want her job?

Anyhoo and by-the-by…..I love my country.

So there.

P.S. The first thing you learn (just about) when you join HM.Forces is how to pronounce Ma’am.

Rhymes with Pam.

True Colours

The Beginning of “New Earth” was foreseen a long time ago.

The Age of Aquarius, anyone?

Sylvie from NEW EARTH chose her youtube name well. I’ve not been there for 3 years or so…SO…I have no idea where/how she developed her work.

WARNING : Incoming Rant.

For the Love of God.

We were all given a chance to make this life a better place but…!

Being the greedy, attention-deficit, easily manipulated, combative, ego-centric, power-hungry, money-grubbing species that we are – we effed it up. AGAIN!

Spiritual Warfare is now a CLICHE that many scoff at without realising that their morals/spirit/love/humanity is being attacked by many thousands of distractions every single minute of every single day.

We ARE the choices we make and True Colours ARE being seen.

Being “awake” or “woke” or “woken” has Sweet FA to do with seeing the evil that is being inflicted on us daily.

Being “awake” or “woke” or “woken” has EVERYTHING to do with being True and Honest and Kind and Understanding and Willing To Learn from our own mistakes.

Just my opinion. For what it’s NOT worth.


Nope. Not a German U-boat numbered 40.

In my life this had 2 meanings.

I’d just turned 18, been kidnapped from London by my own father and forced to live back with the parentals – on the condition that I got a job and paid rent!!!!!


Where Did I Go Wrong? (UB40 song)

I got a job and paid rent.

In my day it was called the DHSS. Department of Health & Social Security. AKA THE DOLE OFFICE.

Just off Chip Alley in Skegness.

UB40 was the form that you had to hand over before you got your weekly unemployment/dole cheque.

UB40 was also a band at that time.


Coryat’s Crudities

Well, now. Who’d’ve thought that research done over 20 years ago would come back to me right now?

Historical Fiction writers are unashamed plagiarist’s. They (or maybe just me!!) love to use personal accounts of the time like letters, memoires, diaries and travelogues.

I’d used Coryat’s travel impressions several times. Along with his patterns of speech and vocabulary.

For some unknown reason he is embedded in this new line of research. Not only via his timeline, his journeys, his patron… but also his closest friends.

The Game’s Afoot as Henry V said long before Sherlock Holmes :o)

Autumn & Apple Wood & Mongolia

A few days ago we were all sweaty and salty. Now the season has changed with a vengeance.

I put the wood burner on this morning and tried out the wood that himself had emergency rescued on a highway and/or byway of Lincolnshire.

I swear it’s apple wood. The smell is amazing. It fills the whole house.

Anyhoo. As the wood struggled to catch light and throw out anything close to Warm – we put Amazon Prime on and watched this.

I’m only wear 5 layers of clothing today :o)

Bel-Voir vs Beaver

Getting up at 4am with chronic heartburn has it’s compensations.

Wow. I learned many things in the next 2 (quiet) hours.

This is so linked that it resembles a Gordian Knot.

I’ll explain more when I know more but for now…

Links include :

The Manners Family

George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham


Penelope Devereux, her brother, Robert Devereux – 2nd Earl of Essexand her son, Henry Rich



Titus Andronicus

Robert Dudley

Edward de Vere

Ivan Grozny

Elizabeth I Tudor

Sir Philip Sidney and his sister Mary

James VI & I Stuart

Silly Kate


And Belvoir (Beaver, please!) Castle

Oh. Let’s throw in a Witch of Three like in Macbeth :o)

Thoda Bweath aka Soda Bread

I’ve been promising for days now and finally got round to making it today.

I have Paul Hollywood’s book and love it.

Today we doubled all the ingredients to make a HUGE loaf.

Thoda Bweath?

Youngest and I couldn’t wait to taste so we ate some – straight out of the oven.

Ouch. Burn. Stupids :o)

P.S. I use semi-skilled milk (yup!) with a splash/dash of lemon juice to sour it….much like buttermilk.

P.P.S. The Irish say that you cut the cross in the top to bless it and prick all four quarters to let the fairies out. How wonderfully Christian/Pagan !


I love Aubrey Beardsley prints.

For a long time I was well into the Art Nouveau stuff. I even bought and sold it in my shop.

The pic above is Beardsley drawing Oscar Wilde’s One Act Tragedy Salome.

Which reminds me of Sunset Boulevard. Norma Desmond has written a screenplay about Salome which she “knows” will re-activate her film career via Mr. Cecil. B. Demented.

I’m ready for my close-up.

P.S. Never liked Rod. Fake Scot. Though I love his Handbags and Gladrags song as sung by Stereophonics.


Interesting : An Interesting Word

When I first started the REAL in-depth historical research life was very different.

I can even remember the date. 3rd of December 1993.

We’d moved back to the UK after over 2 years in Gibraltar on the 17th of September that year….I remember because it was my brother’s birthday.

The only resources I had were my own collection of books and the local library.

Micro-fiche was a bastard to use. Old newspapers were time consuming. Writing letters to book-searchers took weeks/months before (or IF) you got a reply.

That year I learned about the Inter-Library Loan System. Woohooo.

The ability to read a bibliography, go to the local library and ask them to search for a certain book was amazing. Weeks after asking, I’d get books from every corner of the UK.

Also lots of fines because you were only allowed to keep said books for 3 weeks.

It taught me patience and how to concentrate my research on the absolute necessary – without the fluff.

Fast forward to now when info is available at lightning speed and you get (OK – I get) brain overload.

So much is so fruitless, unnecessary and frankly UNINTERESTING.

If I’m uninterested within the first 3 to 5 minutes, I will leave.

Tempus Fugit and there is too much to do.

So – 99.9999999 % of youtube gets the UNINTERESTED/NOT INTERESTED vote from me.

Back to the beginning aka 1993. I’ll wait for the interesting and only engage with them :o)

SOUL FOOD : Great Success

Meatloaf is not really a UK traditional dish but I had all that I needed and was a bit brain dead. So I went back to Momma Cherri and her meatloaf.

Woohoo. 12 out of 10 on the scoreboard. Though I may’ve been a bit heavy handed with the Worcestershire Sauce :o)

Spicy. Like a Bat Out of Hell….?

P.S. Years since I saw the original programme. Momma lives in Brighton, on the south coast, methinks.

It Was The Best of Times. It Was The Worst of Times.

Great Expectations.

Nah. I know. But I’m having a Dickens of a day.

We have an “antique” shop in town called Great Expectations and I visited it for the first time in about 4 years this morning.

Jeebuth. What a mess. Replace Antique with JUNK.

But I did find the book above. An old accounts book with beautiful marbling, some pages missing but mostly empty.

I rarely go out and about anymore. It’s so hard to socialise and be what my parents taught me to be. Polite and friendly and interested. Though I can say the words and smile the smile whilst inside is silent and still and a hundred thousand miles away.

It’s quite sad to realise that the beauty of an old work book, the binding, the feel of the paper, the real ink page numbers written by someone long ago gave me more pleasure than any person did.

My family know me. They understand but get extremely frustrated at times like this. When “I” disappear and they are left with an automaton.

My thanks to three Wonder Walls :o)

P.S. I still have nightmares about double entry bookkeeping as taught to me when I was 21 and working in a hotel in Amesbury.


How To Build a Wonderful Story

The video below talks about a quite well-known piece of history.

My fave author (right now) took this and wrote an incredible tale called Night After Night.

Yup. Talked about it before but somethings never get old.

KP was 36 when she died. After giving birth to a daughter by her 4th (?) husband Thomas Seymour.

KP was the “survived” of the divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived wives of Henry VIII.

Her body was said to have been – urm – interfered with after it was disinterred.

Princess Diana, the late Princess of Wales and NOT our Queen Consort now, died at 36.

Trinity Ansell (fictional) died at 36.

Trinity was haunted by the ghost of KP.

One of the Big Other contestants was haunted by the ghost of Diana.

Another of the Big Other contestants had just turned 36.

Read the book.


A Savoyard History Blip

Don’t you love it when every route you take takes you back to where you’ve once been and sheds a little more light?

I do.

Recent posts here have talked about The Rusalka – Slavic mermaids, Vladimir Propp, my novel, N.C. etc etc.

On December the 31st 2019 I wrote this : The Many Hidden Mysteries of Tartaria.

A part of which contained –

Well, right now, all I have is many, many questions and many many subjects that I’m linking together. And all that I can give you, at this moment in time is a list of my mixed up knowledge and the way it is slowly (but ever so brightly) linking together.

Not a lot of this will make sense right now. These are just clues. Signposts.

But, PLEASE bear with me over the coming months as I gather in more information.

Right. Let’s take a look at the first Very Rough Guide to  —

The Greta Brookes, Hidden History Project, Guide to Grand Tartaria. 


To this day I am still linking stuff together.

We’ll start with a Weave a Garland of My Vows basic research fact. The marriages of the children of Henri IV Bourbon and Marie de Medici.

Louis XIII married the Spanish Anne of Austria, sister of Felipe IV of Spain.

Elizabeth married Felipe IV of Spain , brother of Anne of Austria.

Gaston married the Montpensier – richest woman in France

Henriette Marie married Charles I Stuart of England

Christine married Victor Amadeus I – DUC OF SAVOY.

Savoy is familiar to all as the resting place of the Turin Shroud. Which (according to New Chronology) could have originated in Constantinople and was rescued by the original owners who took it north during the Sack of Constantinople in 1204.

The image above is of a 17th century Savoyard suit of armour housed in the Royal Palace in Turin.

Another picture of the same armour :

Victor Amadeus I and his Savoyard troops took part in the 30 Years War, in Eastern Europe.

So why were his troops wearing armour not only decorated with the Slavic/Eastern European amulet of the Mermaid/Ruskala but also the Crescent Moon of the Ottoman?

We’ve been taught that the 30 Years War was a fight between Western European Catholics and Protestants.



This is a smell that was part of my life for a few years.

I was once told as a child that every country has it’s own smell. Well – UAE smells of oud.

Everywhere you go, they burn this incense. I bought loads home with me, along with charcoal blocks. My traveller-in-crime and I even got lost and abandoned in the souk in Old Dubai searching for the best oud. Absolute True Truth.

Recently I came across the product above on ama z on. Nag Champa has been my go to incense for almost a quarter of a century so I knew it’d be good.

WOW. The house smells like the Middle East right now :o)

I’m open to a NagChampa sponsorship vibe – LOL !

The Fourth Way

The Fourth Way addresses the question of humanity’s place in the Universe and the possibilities of inner development. It emphasizes that people ordinarily live in a state referred to as a semi-hypnotic “waking sleep,” while higher levels of consciousness, virtue, unity of will are possible.

Someone is now preaching togetherness. The same someone who has had me banned for 3 years from their channel. Mmmmn.


When I think of the Fourth Way – these three come to mind (after Abba of course)

It’s when a number of completely different people come together and make something bigger than the individuals could ever do alone.

Agnetha had a voice. Frida had a voice. Bjorn and Benny had the music. Together they made something unique and ever-lasting.

Clarkson, Hammond, May – on paper these three are a disaster waiting to happen. Something no one in their right mind would ever even contemplate….

Another ever-lasting, unbelievably stupid, totally bad idea that is still alive and well and much loved by many :o)

The Demolition of New York’s “Tartaria” Buildings

I’ve known this for a long time but kept quiet. Waiting for someone else to work it out.

Oh. Well.

The architect, the millionaire and the showgirl.

Stanford White is a name known by the TartariaGang on yt. He’s the man who designed many of the Gilded Era Mansions in America and is an easy go to for those who poo-poo his credentials as architect and big-up the “fact” (BARF) that these mansions were ancient , antiquitech structures built by a previous civilisation and destroyed to hid the “truth” (BARF.)

The real story is much more prosaic. It’s all about a man who had a penchant for very young girls and lots of sordid skulduggery in the bedroom.

Not a single one of these three come out of this well.

Oh. And btw – it was plastered all over the newspapers at the time, has many court documents/prison records to corroborate the happenings and two of the actors in the whole dirty mess wrote books about it.

Hence the destruction of a few iconic New York buildings.

Annie Something – As the Boy Called Her

Lennox, son. Lennox.

And the album that I tortured you with was Diva.

Mmmm. We are in need of about £30,000.

The hole in the roof has had babies. They are now Holes – plural. And we’ve run out of buckets.

C’est la vie. Que sera, sera.

I saw Annie and Dave live in a tiny backstreet club in Berlin. They were at the height of their fame but chose that over the Olympic Stadium which was right beside our RMP Unit and had hosted the likes of U2, Michael Jackson, Bowie etc.

As the Jocks say – It’s pishing it down :o(

Slap Me With a Splintered Ruler

Back with the music.

Eldest and I reminiscing about his childhood…..via music.

I really miss our old huge-mungous stereo system. Record player on top. Radio beneath. Cassette player. Equaliser……6 CDs stack CD player. We can pinpoint the year by the music.

Him : That bloody woman called Eddi and a song about Angels. NOT Robbie Williams. You played her all the time. And Annie something. And that bloody Canadian woman too.

:o) I’ve done my job well.

Two things (for me, personally) can bring back a motion/emotion-filled, technicolour moment in time. A Song. A Smell.

Do I Stress You Out?

The Elephant in the Room

If she’s been mentioned in the past week, I missed it.

OK. She may’ve been a blue-blood, entitled, sixpence-short-of-a-full-shilling but I kind of understood her.

All she needed was love. A true and faithful love.

Himself (the husband) met the survivor of THAT crash. They were in the same business and Trevor (to this day) is very close-mouthed about everything.

Katie wears Diana’s engagement ring.

I’ve done the “was she murdered?” research crap. I’ve spent time in the Ritz, Paris (3 times.)

She’d be in her 60’s now.

P.S. I didn’t watch the wedding. I was working double-shifts.

It’s All Gone Tits Up…

…as my mother-in-law is so fond of saying.

Let’s go back in time to 2019…….


Jacquelyn GreigUncategorizedLeave a commentEdit”YT Men Only Club : December 2019″

See above.

I called them out then.

The Three Blind Mice.

UAP (Douglas)

Martin Liedtke (FEB)

Jon Levi.

ALL of whom are recorded as viewers of MY yt channel. UAP, FEB, JL

Along with their fave subs.

Gracie Dain told me, in a live chat, to Just Fuck Off then.

La Poetessa faked her joining dates and stole my POETS DAY and posted lots about the Cathars and the Languedoc.

Sarah Tonen gave MY work to Jon Levi to promote and had a song written to her by UAP.

Tartarian Zephyr is #worthless. IMO

Aye P Weakly smacks of Amada B who has to say AYE in every other comment.

The Blue….Blue was the name of my DEAD Cat. Fallyn Blue?

As for David Greig…what EVIL, sick, effed in the head, POS, Canute would steal my DEAD father’s name as a yt channel troller?

See why I have ZERO respect for ANY SINGLE ONE OF THEM?

2019 was the year that I called The Great Schism in the youtube truther community.

That’s why you can’t see me there with Levi, Liedtke and UAP. I’m banned.


It’s been a long and lonely road.

But I’m still standing.

How NOT To Defrost a Freezer

Switch it off.

Open it up.

Attack it with a hairdryer, a wooden spoon and an iron mallet.

Eldest and I had great fun.

The freezer is about 15 years old and has deep frozen at least one mammoth and two sabre toothed tiger’s at the bottom. Leaving no room for anything else.

Fortunately the dang thing is near the back door so as the boy is hacking the ice, I’m chucking it out the door.

We almost killed Dave the postie with a block of ice embedded with peas and sweetcorn….oops.

Hey. Not everything has to be a boring chore. Right ?


Vladimir Propp

I bought this book decades ago. A 1975 secondhand version for about a £1.

It’s served me well :o)

A first reading when right over my head, even though I knew about Grave’s White Goddess and Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey.

It’s worth all the brain-ache …in my humble opinion. Especially if you are a writer studying your art and your craft.

Mean Spirit

This is the follow up to Cold Calling which I finished about 2 weeks ago. Third time listening.

Who is stalking Seffi Callard, the world’s most fashionable celebrity medium, now a paranoid recluse at her father’s home in the Costwolds? Her old mentor, Marcus Bacton, editor of an ailing journal of the paranormal, sends his assistant, Grayle Underhill to find out – unaware that he’s thrusting them both into a nightmare… and the attentions of a vicious career-criminal for whom getting rich is less important than never getting dead.

I’m two weeks into listening to this at night. Yup. It takes me forever because I’m so knackered at the end of the day. And next night have to go back at least 10 chapters.

Mine own humble review of Mean Spirit :

The team from Cold Calling (minus Glaswegian Gobby Nursing Sister Andy Anderson – middle aged woman) is back together.

Grayle Underhill, the New York journalist, has decided to stay in St. Mary’s. Close to Marcus Bacton whose magazine The Phenomenologist is sinking fast and Grayle is helping to revive it as The Voice.

The gorgeous and cool Persephone Callard, of a black, late mother and a living upper-class white Sirship father, is a famous medium who has known Marcus since she was a child, attending the school where he once taught.

Cindy Mars-Lewis, South Wales Shaman and Cross-Dresser with his totem bird/puppet Kelvin Kite, is now on TV twice a week hosting The National Lottery.

The late, but revived by Sister Anderson policeman, Bobby Maiden is in line for promotion to Detective Chief Constable. Bobby had a very negative NDE (me too) and is still very wary of anything beyond the 3D.

Bring all these together with a famous TV hypnotist, a bloke who makes the Kray Brothers look like Nuns, an extremely bent high-ranking policeman forced (!) into retirement by Bobby and a huge “haunted house” once owned by a seriously deranged Victorian Spiritualist and things go somewhat awry.

Cindy is slammed by the public for taking the piss out of lottery winners who buy Barrett homes and BMW’s and “suddenly” all die. Marcus has a heart-attack. Grayle takes on a pseudonym after thinking that she’s killed a man and Seffi (Persephone) is haunted by a stinking, scarred, dead gangster who was once the best friend of reformed and now TV famous London Gangster.

I’m NOT a fan of Seffi. For me, she stands out as a cold and calculating madam who uses Marcus, Cindy, Grayle and Bobby without conscience or regret. All of whom then find themselves facing death by trying to help her.

Even the ending, and what happens to Seffi does not warm her one little bit.

We have no video for this post. All I can come up with is the one below.


Marcus Bacton is a short-tempered, foul-mouthed, but strangely loveable character who calls EVERYONE – apart from Persephone – by their last name.

Underhill. Maiden. Lewis. Anderson. Everyone else is just BASTARD :o)

Madness : One Step Beyond

Yesterday my eldest and I got to talking about music. I mentioned Travis.

Him : Something about 17.

Me: Bad lyric singing – Is it because I lied when I was 17

Him (when he’d taken his fingers out of his ears) : That was on the radio when we drove in Salisbury before moving up here.

WOW. The lad has a great memory.

Then we got into Bob Marley/Reggae/Ska.

Him : Mother! You like Marley? The Specials? Madness?

Me : Two Tone, son. Two Tone.

The farther/further I run away from the NEO-mainstream BS, the more Madness I embrace.

“Run from what’s comfortable. Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious. I have tried prudent planning long enough. From now on I’ll be mad.”

Ska came after punk and before the New Romantics in my life :o)

Ichthys and Melusine

In my crazy head these two make perfect sense.

Ichthys (the fish) is the sign of Jesus. Melusine is half female half fish.

This legend is so old. It connects with Lorraine in France.

Lorraine connects with a virgin…Jehanne.

Jehanne connects with Rene d’Anjou.

Rene connects with Nicolas Flamel.

I could go on forever but NC connects Melusine/Sirens/Kelpies/Rusalka/The Little Mermaid with Mary – Mother of Christ.

Half woman/half ichthys (?)

If y’all actually believe in humans who live under the sea then…God help y’all.

This video is not as effed up as I want it to be.

Egypt IS important here. So are the Romany/Romani/Romean as seen in the earlier post.

But wtf do I know?

I’m just a hoosewife :o)

P.S. The image above is deliberate. Finding Nemo.

NEMO means either Nobody OR The Man.

Chew on that one !


Way back in October 2019 I wrote a post about CNN (Chicken Noodle News) in HongKong and got this comment from Ms. LOL@NO.COM


And I’m still getting these kind of BS GTFouttaHere comments to this day.


We went to Hong Kong to visit our office there. FACT.

I WAS the 49% owner and director of a multi/international UK Ltd (fully registered at Companies House – paying 70% Corporation Tax) Security Company along with my 51% husband.

YouTube HATES truth. True Truth.

YouTube IS Disney Fantasy Land where anyone can do, be, say anything that they want.

Greta Brookes was KILLED by youtube TRUTHERS.

And not a single ET TU BRUTI gives a flying fuck.

Shame on y’all.

We were given the chance to unite and fight against THE THEY. Some just fought against their own. Blue on Blue.

Sad but TRUE.

For once in my life I’ve got something to say
I want to say it now for now is today
A love has been given so why not enjoy
So let’s all grab and let’s all enjoy
If the kids are united then we’ll never be divided
If the kids are united then we’ll never be divided
Just take a look around you
What do you see


OMG. These two were so beyond beautiful.

Steve Mc Queen and Faye Dunaway.

Vicki and the police stake out the cemetery, where they watch one of the robbers make the drop and they wait for Thomas to arrive so they can arrest him. However, when his Rolls Royce arrives, she sees that Thomas has sent a messenger in his place, with a telegram asking her to bring the money and join him – or if not, “you keep the car”. She tears the telegram to bits and throws the pieces to the wind, looking up at the sky with tears in her eyes. Crown flies away in a jet.


Someone is calling in old mates/lovers/mods but they’ve torn up the telegram (?)

When you are alone – you ARE ALONE. Live with it or just sit in the memory of The Moulin Rouge and all that it blew in whilst I played the Ruy Lopez opening move!


I had no idea just how deep this went. Until yesterday.

The Rusalk(a)i. Mermaids. Myth and Folk-lore. A MASSIVE horizon of connections that spans the whole world.

It’s the Divine Feminine being manipulated via FAKE history. It’s also the Virgin Mother.

I’ll start with a cartoon and end with N.C. And Vladimir Propp/Maria Tatar. Sometime soon :o)

Think Siren, Mermaid, Selkie, Baba Yaga, Mother Earth….SNAKE!

Ulster Fry

We watched this this morning and I learned something new!

Katina eats an Ulster Fry….a big one. Yeah. Whooopppeee. It makes her famous.

Way back in the day when eldest was 18 months old and we lived in Ulster and Himself was in charge of the G.O.C’s protection team, working a 20 hour day…… and the little ‘un used to go exploring.

OMG. Nobody told me at the time that taking the train from Lisburn to Belfast for a jolly day out was #banned by a “wife of.”

Me and my baby son did it regularly.

He’s just had a truly explosive moment about my life without him in Ulster. YOU DID WHAT?

Baby and I loved it. But in those days an Ulster Fry was sausage, bacon, eggs, beans in a separate bowl (NEVER on the plate) and soda bread.

The NI peeps have strange customs. NEVER had a waste bin in the house. Kitchen bin always outside the back door. Didn’t display knick-knacks in house. Never tainted a meal with baked bean juice. Loved the colour ORANGE (check that out???)

I loved Belfast. The people were great. The city is awesome………….oops :o)

Note to Self : Buy some Bicarb of soda to make soda bread next week.


I’m all for clean air. FACT!

That’s why I live in the middle of not a very interesting place surrounded by fields. And farmers. And the strange smells that farmers make on their fields.

I’m also a bit of a petrol-head.

A silent car that runs on invisible juice from out of a plug is anathema to me.

Eco-mentalists/Eco-terrorists have a role to play.

Greta Tunaberger has a role to play.

I’m perfectly happy with my 20 year old car (George) and driving around at 30/40mph. Thank you.

P.S. Any faster than that on our country windy wiggly roads and George goes into the shakes and punishes us by drinking far too much petrol.



JRRRRRR Tolkien was a clever chap.

One could even go so far as to say…. A Visionary (?)

“One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.” 

For the past two years that ring was an invisible crown that bound us all.

This week we have a new head for an old crown.

And it’s all STILL a 3 ring circus.

The HAVE-A-LOTS. The HAVE-MORE-THAN-YOU but not as much as the have a lots. The HAVE NOWTS.

Let the show go on.

King Charles

OK. We have a King now.

I feel for Betty’s family. I know what it’s like to lose a mother…two grandmothers. It’s a lifelong trauma, no matter what age you are.


Charles has always been a loose cannon. His father despised him. His first wife wasn’t too keen on him either!

Laurens Van der Post, guru and philosopher, was the young prince’s mentor. And if you remember the scandals before “the divorce” Charles was (allegedly) phone-hacked and recorded telling Carmilla that he wanted to be her permanent tampax.

Oh. And he still needs help to face the day. Someone runs his bath. Someone places his towels out. Someone lays his clothes out. Someone dresses him. Someone places a cup of tea in his hand. Someone cuts the head orf his breakfast boiled egg. Someone opens doors for him……….!

Where are we heading now?

Nichola de la Haie

She’s a bit of a hero of mine. A local girl.

Sherriff of Nottingham? Nah. Nichola was Sherriff of the WHOLE OF LINCOLNSHIRE.

I’ve see the Magna Carta here. And walked the battlements trying to envisage just how Nichola defended her castle from the enemy.

Quite easily actually. The view is awesome. On a clear day we can see Lincoln Cathedral from here – 21 miles away. And the castle is just opposite the Cathedral.

Note to Self : Build your Castle/Home up on high ! ? !

Thank you, Neil :o)

I Am BORED With Being a NON-Person

Yeah. The time had come for me to swallow every ounce of pride and independence that I possessed and ASK FOR HELP.

Needs must when The Devil Drives.

So I spent all of yesterday filling out an online application for ….. Universal Credit.

It was all going so well until I put my Big Truther Foot in it.

Yes. I’m married. Yes. I live with my husband and our children. Yes. The children are his. Yes. He works…….below minimum wage but after 4 years with no income he found work in 2019.

Ergo. This woman/housewife/mother/non-criminal/actual British citizen/with a mortgage is NOT VALID FOR ANY KIND OF GOV.yuk. HELP.

I’m invisible on the internet. I’m invisible in real life. Unless I forget to pay a bill or ignore a bill because I’m on the bones of my arse.

Go figure.

What is the point of this life if you end up as a NOTHING/NOBODY just for being honest and truthful?

The Older I Become…

…The less royal I am.

Not exactly a full-blown Republican but, getting closer.


This will impact the whole world in so many ways. Good or bad – Shrug. No Idea.

My son and I have been guessing which name Charlie will take. Why? Because he’s on record as saying that King Charles is an unlucky name. Kinda – No Shit, Sherlock vibe.

It’s not a good thing. She’s a victim of her birth and has been here all my life.

Strange Times Ahead, methinks :o(

Beam Me Up, SNOTTY

John Sullivan’s words, as delivered by Delboy, are now a huge part of our language here.

The one in the title is a personal favourite.

Going back a day – the law of SOD is still operating.

I just sent a polite snot-o-gram to an ebay seller I’ve used many times saying that I’ve not received my order. It’s 5 days late.

Ten minutes later I open the back door to hang out the washing and there is a parcel on the doorstep. MY PARCEL.

WTF? The front door was wide open so the postie snuck around the side and silently placed it there……on purpose. Because why ?


I’m in the process of drafting a Victorian reform dress in the style of the Aesthetic Movement as championed by Oscar Wilde, of all people.

The artistic, aesthetic, dress reform movement was all for beautifully draped, embellished and free clothing. A fashion anarchy against the corsets and bustles and strait-jacket-rigours of the usual Victorian clothes.

Many gift the likes of Chanel with freeing women from the shackles of whalebone and bustle and crinoline. Few know about Wilde’s contribution.

Yeah. Beam me up, Snotty indeed.