I made a bit of a boo-boo last week.

Dropping off youngest son in town on market day meant that I’d have to take my chance parking down Church Lane.

Oh. In fact – this is two boo-boos in one.

F1RST : William Marwood’s famous little cobbler’s shop down Church Lane was being worked on and I’d parked far too close to the scaffold van.

EyUp, love. Canya move back a bit?

Next time I’d parked the POLICE KEEP CLEAR bay beside St Mary’s Church. But got permission from the Verger – my son’s girlfriend :o)

Did you know that William’s wife (allegedly) never knew what his job was?

Even when he spent hours and hours and days away or alone working out how to stop Execution by Hanging from being the most brutal of deaths.

I beg to differ about William being the best known local. Alfred, Lord Tennyson Top-Trumps him by a million miles (?!)