In August I had this lucid dream about the Lakota.

LAKOTA : 25th August 2023

This is only happening because a couple of nights ago, this crazy mind had a very lucid dream about the Lakota.

Don’t ask! I know nothing about them In Real Life.


Next Friday is my birthday. 24th November. I’m a loud, proud Sagittarian. All galloping ahead with arrow nocked on bow, ready to shoot.

Two things turned up today. The videos below.

An Heyoka is a Sacred Clown. She does NOT take herself seriously but plays her role in this greater scheme called LIFE.

Just loved how a rando commenter on FEB’s youtube channel tossed him the title HEYOKA. Which he took and ran with for these past 4 years.

A TRUE HEYOKA EMPATH is the most disliked underdog/outcast/reviled/feared/vilified/unwanted/ostracised/banned/deviant/unloved being to ever have existed. Worse than Lucifer himself.

Especially when she tells two players (4 years ago) on a “Truther” channel to just STFU with their silly private games because there was a whole world out here that needed healing.

I have posted here about Heyoka and Deviant Burials before. How this “witch-doctor” was buried outside the community as a deviant…with a severed head between their legs or with a stone in their mouths to shut them up. Most equate “deviant burial” with those so-called “vampires.”


P.S. One of the most HATED BY ME current trends online is asking others (strangers) to decide for the content creator. Should I do this/that/another ? WTF? Has everyone’s brain suddenly atrophied? What happened to self-determination? FFS!

P.P.S. I’ve not used my Twitter account since 2018 but it’s still there. With my subtitle – I Love. I Am Loved. Don’t Tell Me What To Think.