OK. I didn’t. But I was one of those who asked them to review Paul.

This film has such a special place in my heart. To this day the husband has zero memory of watching it. Or the backstreet Italian Restaurant we ate in afterwards. Or the fuss I made when he ordered a squiddy/fishy/stinking to high hell pasta diash.

21st Feb 2020 : PAUL

I saw this movie in a cinema just off Trafalgar Square one New Years Bender totes Pissing Off The Savoy Hotel.

Burger King Wrappers in the new room we’d been assigned after complaining about the SHODDY service. First room had a plaque thing on the bedside saying something about Elton John staying there, in that room. WTF? Couldn’t swing a kitten!

Funny – we got a Suite facing the London Eye and a BUTLER made famous by a TV programme about the Savoy. Just to say STFU.

He was smarmy and weedy and…..!

Anyhoo. Back to Paul. Sat in seats in cinema and as the filum started, the whole row behind us (a family) created mad chaos ‘cos one of ’em had dropped their eye-phone under my seat.

I might’ve missed the f1rst 5 mins of this one.

Still a fluffy, funny film. Love the drug scene. That was me the one and only time I smoked a spliff :o)


I’m either an extremely clever liar. OR (????) I TELL THE TRUTH

Thank you Daniel & Spencer. Not stopped smiling all the way through this video of yours :o)