Changes afoot in our little town. One of the main garages, and the one nearest to us, closed down about 2 months ago. Right now (Thursday the something-th of November 2023) that garage/petrol station, the workshops, the two storey home the owners lived in – is levelled and cleared.

Apparently Asda supermarket chain bought them out.

This is the garage that set our BMW on fire and then knocked out all the electrics on said car. They also did a rescue of MY Landrover Defender when it broke down half a mile out of town and quoted us £200 for the fix.

A month and a bill of £1,500 later, my Defender was still unroadworthy and the owners did weekly “PAY US or ELSE” visits to our home.

We did not have £1,500 and they were told where to go and put themselves. Anyhoo. We’re not the only ones at this nasty end of their tactics.

And yet : they’ve just been given a couple of million for their business/land.

Ergo : Crime DOES pay.

That Defender was the only vehicle I’ve ever, in my whole life, owned outright. I LOVED her and cried when we were forced to sell. It stank of wet dog and dead pheasant, had a leaky roof, manual window handles, bi-polar heating and a turning circle of half a mile. Sigh. Schwoon.

Heart-rending sobs and weeping violins in the background, please.

Jokes aside.

WTF? How? Why?