Sometimes it takes watching something through another’s eyes to GET the bigger picture.

Spencer and Daniel have been watching The Cornetto Trilogy, three films that our family have loved for a long time.

Shaun of the Dead – MY personal Fave.

Hot Fuzz – a m’eh

The World’s End – better than Fuzz, not as good as Shaun. In my humble opinion.

BUT : everyone concentrates on the “Cornetto” (an ice cream in the UK) part of the filming. Yet there is an underlying theme to all three films that has being played out before our very eyes since 2020.

Shaun – zombies aka Death taking over.

Fuzz – for the “greater good” aka Death of the community.

World’s End – replacing aka killing to Death mankind with obedient BLANKS and blue blood. The Stepford Wives on steroids.

Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright wrote comedy three films that predicted our future.


A girl in Tesco this morning was asking me if I’d heard xyz on the news last night. And wasn’t it awful. And how could it happen. And … I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about.