Woohoo. The first Dog Rose has been planted. In a wind storm. In between downpours of rain.

Feeling sore but good.

My boy quizzed me on the plants I’m planning and prefixed the quiz with – You’ve GOT to look after the BEES.

Ahem. I’ve thought of that.

Many of the seedlings being grown indoors are native UK wild plants, herbs and flowers. Most of them are “pollinators.” They attract the bees, bees, bees and butterflies etc.

The wild sweet woodruff is growing already, under the magnolia tree, and will quickly spread into a low carpet of scented white flowers. The dog rose attracts insects but the vicious thorns provide a safe haven for our tiny garden garden birds like sparrows and wrens.

But a favourite today is the Wild Yarrow. The seedlings are going great guns and will soon need potting on.

A weed? Nah. This is Mother Nature’s Medicine Cabinet in a single plant.

If it was good enough for the god Achilles, it’s good enough for me.