I’ve done this one before.


I know him as Caradoc – his Welsh name.

Does ANY of this lesson make any sense to y’all?

And his son Linus supposedly became the first Bishop of Rome.

Caradoc was a FREEDOM Fighter (?) who got caught. Silly Briton, How Dare He ?

There is a link here with Shakespeare. Cymbeline? And the nursery rhyme Old King Cole (Coel Hen – Caradoc’s father/relative?)

P.S. She was Cartimandua, Queen of the Brigantes…in my head :o)


Cartimandua was Caradog’s (pronounced Caradoc) bolt-hole saviour.

When them pesky Romans (allegedly) triumphed over this leader’s homeland tribe (Catuvellauni) and then followed him to Wales where he became leader of the Silures and Ordovices )basically all of Wales( – it was a full on I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here moment.

What did dear Cart(i)man do?

P.S. Listen to the video below talk about Ancient Rome. Not dissimilar to today. Vatican? Takes lands, takes souls, takes money. WANTS EVEN MORE!

Just saying :o)