These two women stand tall in Ancient British History.

Why is there so little known about their real names/real lives/real history?

I’m not qualified to answer that but I have an opinion based on decades of Mainstream History Teachings.

One was a Freedom Fighter. One was a TRAITOR!

One was “Queen” of the land of my Maternal Lineage – Iceni, Norfolk.

One was “Queen” of a much larger landmass – Brigantes – South Scotland down to nearly London.

Take the Woad, Jack. OK. I laughed.

P.S. Here we have a strange correspondence between Viking and Celtic – TATTOOS.

Did the Vikings tattoo themselves? Did the British Celts?

My Dad had tattoos on his arms (he was a Royal Marine) but they were all blue…(Imitation Woad on a Scotsman?)

My husband has tattoos on his arms but they are multi-coloured.

It’s only in recent times that tattoos have NOT been done in BLUE. Check it out.

P.P.S. I have no tattoos but when I was in Karachi it was Eid, the end of Ramadan, and I got a full Mehndi. Hands, arms, palms, feet, legs.

Anyhoo and moving on.

I love J.Draper.