Heck. Brutal as…

HE and Me have had one of those reflective mornings. Looking back at the past and all the stupid mistakes we made – individually and together.

You Live. You Learn.

I was 20 years old and he was 21. Berlin. We worked a night-shift together and never stopped laughing from beginning to end.

Oh. And. He never proposed to me. We were sat on the floor eating and He TOLD me. I’m Going To Marry. I said, M’eh. Okay.

OMG the romance of it.

Our mistakes have been multiple and (on the whole) destructive to our family. Although both of us operate from giving, loving hearts.

MY biggest personal mistake was to believe that I had a Twin Soul out there in the world who would complete this Hole In My Soul …. yesterday’s posts?

I thought I’d found someone with whom I could work on my Hidden History Project.

The utter shame in myself is endless. I got #banned #trolled #hatemail #SweetFuckAll.

He even quoted the song below trying to excuse himself. What a fag!


You complete you. I complete me. If we find a partner to travel this life road beside us – we should count every blessing, every day. I have three. A husband and two wonderful sons.


I Ran. WTF? I Was Smeared with all the shit from his previous relationships with women.

All That She Wants? Coming next. Absolute true truth – this song was thrown in my face.

I Ran is a song from my past that I like. 1982.

Oh. P.S. to all across the Atlantic – We say Ee-Rahn. Not I Ran. Or we just call it Persia = as in Persian Gulf :o)