To this day it stuns me when Rapping Black Americans find Abba.

This band saved my teenage self. When life was bad, music helped.

From Abba to Sex Pistols to Mozart to Marc Bolan to Thin Lizzy to The Carpenters to Blondie to Beethoven.

Hole in Your Soul?

We all have a gaping hole in our soul/psyche. It depends how we fill that hole up to make us WHOLE.

Love will fill that hole. Love’ll break it wide open again but a wound heals quicker the second/third/fourth time round with some TLC.

WOW. A black dude driving with Abba on the car boombox?


You feel bad, let me tell you, we all get the blues
Sometimes life is a burden, way down in your shoes
When it’s bad, worse, worst (And when you’re feeling so bad)
And you think you’re cursed (And you’ve got it sad)

Frida’s Boobs?