True fact.

One day I had the in-laws staying over and we’d gone into town for a mooch. Coming back home I found access down the lane to my house blocked by TV cameras.

Long story short. Crow’s Eye Productions is an all female local film company. I was due to play an extra in this film but m-i-law chose to have a nervous breakdown on the day of filming.

Anyhoo Moving on..

My local Garden Centre (down the hill) was Crowders – est. 1789. It was bought out by a national garden centre about 5 years ago but we locals still call it Crowders.

The church, a step or two away from my house, has memorial plaques to the young family members who perished in WWI.

In memory of Remembrance.

BTW : The first scenes of this film are of MY village and my neighbours. It’s not UnHollywood or CGI. This is a village of white-washed thatched cottages and flower gardens and a red brick village school/ hall and a village water pump. Population : just over 700.

It’s so sad that the Poppy has been hijacked as a another war. In a Foreign Field . To make money for Drug Traffickers.

D’y’all not see the threads of terror being woven before your own eyes?

Massacre of the Innocents happens Time After Time.