A life is made up of many things, good and bad.

I choose to dwell on the good and whenever I see Dog Roses in a natural hedgerow, this heart sings.

They were so very common in my childhood.

Today I had a phone call from a company that I’d ordered 6 bare root Dog Roses from a while ago. They were due for delivery at the end of November but the call was to clarify that my double order was right.

Oh. No. Paypal went wobbly first time so I tried again. It’s meant to be just one order.

Very nice man.

The plan is to plant them across the hedgerow that separates our garden from the churchyard. It will benefit all. We often get people in the cemetery in remembrance of their loved and lost.

In my crazy modern world, it pays to stop and smell the roses :o)

A True Fact : When I went to QEGS (Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School – the Tudor Betty by the way) we were always served a glass of rosehip syrup with our school lunch. God’s Honest.

See below the video below !