I was weeks into my Patreon Account and suddenly found out that I was #banned. Some Thing had hacked it and changed the password. The same person who sent emails to my friends and family pretending to be me ?

I can NEVER prove anything.

Anyhoo. Hacker.

My husband has long had a not-s-secret-pash for Carol Kirkwood. A very blonde, busty, Scottish BBC weather forecaster.

I like Carol too.

Carol likes Hacker. Hacker likes Sue Barker. I like Wimbledon (went several times to see McEnroe, Borg, Lloyd, Billie-Jean, Chris Everett, Jimmy Connors, Arthur Ashe, Ilie Nastaste etc)

But there is another kind of hacker. As John Cleese knows.

Shout. Shout. Let it All Out is the very BEST thing about growing older. LOL…we don’t give a flying eff :o)