I’m binge watching this young man and loving it.

Not that I’m into stravaiging anymore. The older you get, the more “based” you become. Fact!

Between 2000 and 2014 every member of our little household had travelled (either together or individually) to Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Nepal, Tibet, Dubai, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi, Pakistan, India, Mauritius, Africa (lots of it), Cyprus, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Italy, France, Wales, Haiti, Florida, New York, Washington…and the grandparents went all the way to Hawaii.

We now appreciate our home so much more. And comfort.

But this guy is young and fit and willing and free and has the same love for the soil of the land of MY father and fathers before.

I’ve done the tent sleeping, fire building, wild food gathering gig. It sucks. Cold. Wet. Dirty. And full of creepy crawlies and long legged beasties.

Nevertheless. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL LAND :o)