Pantry Renovation Still Ongoing.

I chose The Cornish Milk Mineral Paint in the colour Thrift for several reasons.

I live in a house with 3 blokes so pink is not seen very often.

This paint is fantastic and has so many uses. Wood. Plaster. Ceramic. Metal. Plastic all can be painted with it.

Some of my favourite life memories include the plant Thrift or Sea Pink.

They are small and look far too delicate to grow in sand dunes, by roiling seas, in salt air, salt water and harsh winds. But they do.

As I spent so much of my childhood on north east Scottish beaches, I grew familiar with these sweet pops of dainty colour.

After the first coat went on my brain went O M G that is PINK. VERY PINK. Um. Er. Oooh.

Guess what – the blokes all love it.

Shrug and smile :o)