OK. His idea. I approved – Give it a go, son.

70% off for rural properties and a 30 day moneyback trial.

You know when you know that you REALLY don’t like a personality?

I don’t like Mr Musk. He seems like a very bored man with too much time and too much money and too much publicity. He is the archetypal Trickster/Anti-Genius.

So. Day 3 of 30 and the bastard thing has caused so many stressy moments amongst the 4 of us.

The latest being me finding out that this P.O.S. will cost us £70 a month. And it still doesn’t work.

Deep breath. Zen mode.

Thank God I have absolutely normal blood pressure 24/7/365.

My escape today is allowing others to say all the “bad” words I’m thinking but my sons hate to hear coming from their mother’s mouth.

Taking a chill pill as I think Fuck off Elon Musk, you sad, little, grubby, grasping, bastard freak.