31st of January 2020.




Yesterday was intense. And sad. And hurtful.

Then this morning I woke up and read something.

I was accused of being EVIL. In public. Online. And that comment was agreed upon by others.

An hour later, I found myself on the kitchen floor, in agony. Unable to breathe. Being sick. Sweating. And my pulse, when taken, was off the scale.

And as all this is going on, I had to fight the one and only person who has ever seen me like this – about calling 999.

I Don’t need no Doctor Drugs. Thank you very much!!!

I knew what was happening. But the force of it was…well, I’m still, hours later, recovering :o(

If this makes NO SENSE to you, it makes no sense.


P.S. I’m only telling you this to encourage you. It will be OK.

If it happens to you – Don’t Panic :o)

It will be OK. Trust Me?


After many an incident like this on youtube since 2018. Many times seeing my work stolen, skewed and produced in a video or a comment or 20. The times waking up to find myself banned again and again. My Patreon hacked and destroyed. My DNA and life-story – and even my dead father’s name – possessed by strangers – I have one shining memory.

Dear Mr Aewar once spoke my name out loud and said that I was “interesting.”

Thank you.

I’m upwards of 30,000 posts here and on the defunct Greta Brookes blog but no-one knows about me.

30,000 and more moments of my life spent writing about Life and Hidden History but with only a lonely blog to speak for me.

I once told someone in a comment that they’d chosen the Wrong Person, in the Wrong Place, at the Wrong Time.

That still stands solid and TRUE.

So much work is now small and private. No more trying to educate and elevate. They chose their own choices.

I’ll just talk bollocks here and mend my bruised but NEVER BROKEN spirit.

Sláinte. Highlanders are made of fire and steel. FACT :o)