I beg to differ on Our Lady of the Library’s views of White Goddess and Graves. I’m an AltHistorian but each to their own.

I do LOVE Hecate though. And she pronounces her name as I do.

As for Macbeth and/or Shakespeare. I can bore the tail off a flock/shoal/gaggle of donkeys with that.

By the Pricking of My Thumbs, Something Wicked this way Comes.

AND – mine own Lady Macbeth turned up again recently in comments.

When Shall We Three Meet Again?

You, me and UAP.

M’eh. Life’s too short for that depth of B.S.

Which Witch Is Which ?

A phrase spoken, written and video made of – to haunt an unsuspecting soul guided by Groa/Injiborg/Lady Macbeth.