That’s how long those council workers (husband included) will have our town centre closed off because they are doing work on the bridge in Bridge Street.

For the foreseeable future, to get into town, we have to use the bypass. Which is grid-locked. All day, every day.

So I came up with a plan of action on how to get home quicker. Aha!

This entails going out on the Boston Road and turning right into 40 acre.

40 acre?

It’s a local secret. A narrow, one lane farm track that takes you from town to the villages instantly.

Unless you have some Twat in a Mercedes who thinks he owns the entire tarmac and refuses to use one of the lay-bys to allow oncoming traffic to …. come on!

The bastard almost had me in a wheat field in my roof. FFS.

The only damage was all the shopping flying off the back seat to interior decorate the car as I slammed the brakes on.

And I was having such fun. Singing along to Tracy at a mind-dazzling speed of 40mph.

Rural Etiquette, mes braves.

Some people as so bloody selfish. Harumph :o(