What’s the connection?

It’s amazing what can stick in my little brain cell for days. Doing chores with an audiobook on the other day, two names came up in quick succession. Dr. James and Walter Map. Both names that I know.

Montague James is better known to us as the writer of Supernatural Tales – M.R. James.

So WHY did he translate the 12th century manuscript of DeCuriousNuggetCake?

Sorry – can never remember the proper name. Hang on….

De Nugis Curialium

Well, apparently, this 12th century courtier, writer and traveller also had an interest in weird phenomena.

He writes about vampires, fairies, revenants, ghosts, zombies and such like. No wonder M.R. James translated the book from Latin to English.

Oh. And Walter Map also writes about Andronicus I Comnenus, Emperor of Constantinople.

If you want to know from whence many a fake youtube truther video originates, read Walter Map or go to church.