The late M.C. Beaton was very disappointed when she sold the rights of her Hamish Macbeth books to TV.

In the books Hamish is a well over 6ft tall, gangly Highlander with flaming red hair… and they cast the 5ft 7inch Glaswegian, Robert Carlyle in the role.

Not that I have anything against Robert Carlyle.

They also chose to shoot the series in Plockton. A very picturesque village often used as the “perfect” Highland village.

In Death of Scriptwriter, Marion (M.C.Beaton) gets her revenge on the film company that bastardised her books and made them all twee and pretty.

Lochdubh village is the love of Hamish’s life and his nemesis, the Glaswegian Inspector Blair who calls all Highlanders Teuchters, wants this constable out of his cosy police station and onto the grimy, drug and blood soaked streets of Strathbane.

But by fair means or foul, Hamish blocks Blair at every turn.

These books are called Cosy Mysteries. A bit of light entertainment. But I love them :o)