What day is it today? This week has flown away in a flurry of Classics.

My tasks are all done with an audiobook on in the background and it’s The Labours of Hercules.

By Agatha Christie.

Only I’ve listened to them backwards and today came to the first of his 12 labours. Which is OK.

This story sticks in my mind because of an episode of Lewis with Kevin Whately and Laurence Fox called The Lions of Nemea. The entire plot hangs on knowing astronomy, astrology and the classic First Labour of Hercules.

Side Note : My fave labour is The Stymphalian Birds and bronze castanets. OMG. So much sense when this “myth” is updated to the modern day. Fecking Boirds (Father Ted quote!)

As said in the first few pages of this Christie book – Everyone Must Study The Classics.

P.S. The channel below has all the 12 Labours of Hercule Poirot. Fabulous :o)