Once upon a time, when we lived in a secret location in Hampshire (Longmoor,) I had to get a job to help support the bringing up of two very young children.

Just down the road from our house was the NAAFI and one day I heard a rumour that they were looking for staff.

So I presented myself at the door and said Gimme a job.

I already knew the landlord and his Mrs and they knew me so I was employed. As a cleaner. 5 mornings a week.

But stuff developed and I also ended up behind the bar at the weekend. Shrug.

Anyway and by the by – Eunice and I HAD to clean the huge building (especially the men’s loos) to very loud music.

Back Beat, the word is on the street

Oh. P.S. We moved from Gibraltar to Bordon on the 17th of September 1993. I remember the date. My brother’s birthday and youngest son was 2 and half years old. We were there a year before we travelled a whole 2 miles to make home at Longmoor.


BTW : If you watch the old black and white film of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None, you will see where I got the exclamation FACT from. Many years ago.